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St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Sydney, Australia.A regular podcast from Pastor Richard Schwedes and guests at St Paul's Sydney Lutheran Church, Australia.


2nd Sunday after Pentecost - Jesus - Life Giver - Real Sabbath Liver
In this week's reading from Mark 2:23-3:6 we see Jesus refocussing us on what is important about the Sabbath, moving the focus from the rules about the Sabbath to the blessings of the Sabbath.  This week we explore what living the Sabbath means for us today, the blessing the Sabbath brings and why it is important to be blessed and not burdened by the Sabbath.  Support the Show.
31:34 6/2/24
Trinity Sunday - Triune God - God's focus is LOVE
This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday with probably the most well known bible verse, John 3:16-17...For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.   Now the back story to this is a man came seeking clarity about God to Jesus, Jesus response was not to give him more rules, but to reveal the real focus and character of God....Love.  In our worship at Redeemer we will explore what God's love means for us today, whilst at St Paul's Open Doors will be sharing with us how God is loving Christians who are persecuted around the world.  The presentation was given by Joyce Chew from Open Doors. Support the Show.
40:45 5/26/24
Pentecost Sunday - Listening to the Spirit
This Sunday we get to celebrate a great celebration of the church, Pentecost Sunday.   We celebrate the gift of God's Spirit for us, that helps us in our Christian journey of knowing Jesus and growing in relationship with Jesus.  Not only that the Spirit unites people with differing view points, bakcgrounds and cultures together focussing them on God and his love. Support the Show.
24:48 5/19/24
Ascension Sunday - When Jesus disappears or does He?
Have you ever felt Jesus has disappeared?  Perhaps you are going through a difficult patch and nothing is working out.  Perhaps you have a feeling of unsettledness.   This week we are celebrating Ascension Day on Sunday (it actually took place on Thursday), in Germany the day is called Himmelfahrt (meaning goes to heaven), the day when Jesus left this earth to sit at the right had of His father.   We will explore why the disciples were joyful when this happened, and why Jesus needed to leave earth.     Support the Show.
21:50 5/12/24
6th. Sunday of Easter - Easter Living - Bearing God's fruit of love
Some years ago in discussion with a nonChristian friend, they asked the question.....What is the central meaning of Christianity?   At the time I hadn't give a lot of thought to it, because I had grown up in the church, but since then I have been asked this question or questions along the same line, and my response is that it is all about God's love, God loving us and God loving others through His church, people like you and me.  One theology even went onto challenge His students to say in theology we can discuss and study a lot of things, but if God's love is ever missing then there is a problem with your theology or hearing what the bible says.   God's love is the focus of Jesus' discussion with the disciples that he continues in John 15:9-17, through us engaging with God's love, we are led to a life of not just being loved but loving others.   Support the Show.
28:52 5/5/24
5th. Sunday of Easter - Easter Living - Relying on Jesus for a fruitful life
What are you connected to?   What are you listening to and taking notice of for life?  In our Gospel reading for this week from John 15, Jesus encourages us to be connected to Him and allow Him to be affecting us so we can the Godly fruit of love.   This week are exploring how Jesus helps us to be fruitful.  Support the Show.
20:54 4/28/24
4th. Sunday of Easter - Easter Living - Jesus our Good Shepherd
This week is Good Shepherd Sunday, and in our reading from John 10, Jesus shares with us what it means for Him to be our Good Shepherd. The message was prepared and presented by Anthony Fawcett.Support the Show.
08:12 4/21/24
3rd. Sunday of Easter - Easter Living - Jesus is present
In our Gospel reading this week from Luke 24:36-48, Jesus comes unexpectedly amongst His disciples, and helps them understand what the scriptures are on about....forgiveness and that they will be witness of this forgiveness from God....this week will explore the significance of Jesus' presence in our lives and what it means for us to be witness of the forgiveness God gives us. Prepared by Richard Schwedes and presented by Dr. Dan Mayer.  Support the Show.
08:12 4/14/24
2nd. Sunday of Easter - Easter Living - Peace, Doubts and Belief
Easter Sunday changes everything.....the resurrection of Jesus gives us a life where peace and belief can exist beyond amongst the troubles and difficulties of life...because we have a life to look forward to....and this then changes how we live today.   Our focus this week comes from the Gospel of John 20:19-31  Support the Show.
10:17 4/7/24
Easter Sunday - Easter - a life giving life
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17:04 3/31/24
Good Friday - Easter - a journey with Jesus
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04:45 3/29/24
Maundy Thurs - Easter together
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16:24 3/28/24
Palm Sunday - A Journey of True Love - PRAISING saving humility
Our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), continues with this week, Palm Sunday, as we focus on Praise, Praising God for not only what He has done, but also what He is doing and will do!  Support the Show.
24:52 3/24/24
5th. Sunday in Lent - A Journey of True Love - A Life of SERVING
Our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), continues with this week with an emphasis a life of serving, focussing on the service of Jesus and how this then affects us.  Support the Show.
27:00 3/17/24
4th. Sunday in Lent - A Journey of True Love - It's all about Jesus
Our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), continues with this week with an emphasis of it's all about Jesus, our District's theme for this synodical term.   Support the Show.
34:22 3/10/24
3rd. Sunday in Lent - A Journey of True Love - Being Cleansed
Our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), continues with this week we are focusing on being cleansed by Jesus, based on John 2:13-22.    Support the Show.
31:19 3/3/24
2nd. Sunday of Lent - A Journey of True Love - Discovering Commitment
As we continue on our journey of true love (our Lenten theme), we move from discovering the blessings of repentance to discovering commitment,  based on Mark 8:31-38.   And this week we seek how the commitment that Jesus has for God's mission of saving the world, impacts our lives in at least two ways.    If you haven't picked the 2024 Lenten Devotion...Understanding Grace, you can  download a copy 2024 Understanding Grace address.pdf - Google DriveSupport the Show.
34:23 2/25/24
1st. Sunday of Lent - A Journey of True Love - Discovering the blessings of repentance....
This week we began the season of Lent, our journey to Easter with Jesus and each other.   Our focus is On a Journey of true love, and this week as part of that journey we discover the blessings of repentance, based on our Gospel reading from Mark 1:14-15.  Support the Show.
31:22 2/18/24
Ash Wednesday - A Journey of True Love
Our Bishop Rev Rob Bartholomaeus presented the message for our Churches of Sydney Ash Wednesday service based on  Isaiah 58:1-12.Support the Show.
12:07 2/14/24
Transfiguration Sunday - Seeing God differently
Have you ever changed the way you look at someone or something because of an event or interaction with someone?    Well this week is Transfiguration Sunday, we see that the disciples understanding of God begins to change as a result of seeing only Jesus, and seeing him in a different way.  We are exploring how God helps us see him differently when we focus on Jesus, based on our readings from Mark 9:1-9 and 2 Corinthians 4:3-6.    Support the Show.
27:55 2/11/24
5th. Sunday after Epiphany - Thankfulness is always possible !!!
This week we focus on being thankful in all circumstances, based on the reading from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.   We are exploring how thankfulness is important in having a healthy earthly and spiritual life.  Support the Show.
19:51 2/4/24
4th. Sunday after Epiphany - Jesus - loving authority
Mention the word authority to people, and you get different reactions.  Some like to be clear of who has authority, others associate it with power (and some even the misuse of power) and most of the responses people have to the word authority is are rules and law.   However this week's focus from Mark 1:21-28 highlights that the authority Jesus has is not based on rules or law but something else, which we will be exploring in our worship this week.    Support the Show.
23:51 1/28/24
3rd. Sunday after Epiphany - Changing what fuels your life.
From time to time God has an impact us that alters how they see God and how we relate to others.  This week we see one of those impacts as we look at the Conversion of Paul, previous known as Saul, and how God's interaction with him moved him from focussing on God's law as the most important thing to focussing on God grace for all people as what is important.   Come and discover what this story means for us today based on Acts 9:1-22.   Support the Show.
26:56 1/21/24
2nd. Sunday after Epiphany - Following Christ
Throughout the New Testament, Jesus calls people to follow Him, and this week we explore one of these calling stories, based on John 1:43-51. Today's sermon was written and presented by Anthony Fawcett. Support the Show.
13:36 1/14/24
1st. Sunday after Epiphany - Discovering King Jesus
The Christmas story continues as we celebrate Epiphany. This is significant as God makes it clear that he came not just for one select group of people, but for all people. And this week we focus on discovering King Jesus, based on Matthew 2:1-12.   Today's message was prepared by Pastor Richard Schwedes and presented by Neil Modra. Support the Show.
09:41 1/7/24
1st. Sunday after Christmas - God is Here......Giving us contentment.
Content makes the poor rich; discontent makes rich poor, is a famous quote that rings true in many situations...people who are content enjoy life, see the blessings and not only have joy for themself, but also share it with others/  This week in our service we will explore what it means to be content with God and all that He has given us, based on Galatians 4:4-7.     Todays sermon was preached by NSW Bishop Rob Bartholomaeus. Support the Show.
11:32 12/31/23
Christmas Day - God is here with us......Now
Gifts are an important aspect of Christmas.   And it is important for us to remember that Jesus is the most important (and most expensive) gift of Christmas.  As our readings remind us this Christmas, God becomes human to be with us and to do whatever it takes for us to be able to grab hold of His love.  (see John 1:1-14)  And what is great about Jesus is that He is a gift that keeps on giving in many different ways.  Support the Show.
16:34 12/25/23
Christmas Eve - God is Here......Surprising us
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05:41 12/23/23
3rd. Sunday in Advent - GOD is here with us joy
This week we explore what it means to have joy from God, even when life is difficult, based on Isaiah 61:1-9. Support the Show.
20:55 12/17/23
2nd. Sunday in Advent - GOD is here with us......calling us back
 Our focus is God is here calling us back...just like in life we need to be redirected back on the right path, God has placed in our lives people like John the Baptist who calls us back to Him and his way of life.  And as part of the service this week we will explore how much we benefit from responding to God's call to be back with Him and His way of life.  As Bishop Rob Bartholomaeus was ill Anthony Fawcett presented a sermon he had prepared.Support the Show.
16:38 12/10/23