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From the therapy room of a registered psychotherapist and certified functional medicine practitioner, you will be witness to intimate conversations with experts in the field of health, mindset, parenting, relationships and habit change. Let’s just say I Think, I Can has just reached a whole new level. New episodes premier every Tuesday.


How Following Your Passion Leads to Success with Melanie Avalon
Melanie Avalon is a SAG-AFTRA actress, health influencer, author of "What When Wine: Lose Weight and Feel Great with Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, and Wine," host of "The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast" and "The Intermittent Fasting Podcast" with Cynthia Thurlow, top iTunes app creator (“Food Sense Guide”), and founder of the supplement line AvalonX. Melanie was a featured speaker in Dave Asprey’s 2021 Biohacking Conference and has appeared in numerous publications including USA Today, Forbes, LA Weekly, and Entrepreneur.   Today you will be able to hear how Melanie healed herself from toxic mold exposure, chronic anemia, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), sleep disturbances, and more! She is a woman on a mission to create optimal wellness not only for herself through the art of biohacking, but for her audience as well. In today’s discussion, we not only discuss health but also take a deep dive into intermittent fasting and how this relates to one’s tendency to identify as a moderator and an abstainer when it comes to food intake.     If you enjoy the I Think, I Can Podcast, I’d love for you to subscribe, rate, and give a review on Apple Podcasts. I really appreciate any feedback you have for me!      Relevant Links | Social Media:   Use Code melanieavalon for 10% off (subscriptions get 15%off):   AvalonX Email List:  
88:06 10/04/2022
What Staying Power Means in a Relationship
In this solo episode, I discuss what staying power means when it comes to maintaining a relationship. One might substitute the word resiliency, but I personally feel it means something different. I am speaking towards finding the power from within, tapping into the true concept of self, and not using the judgment of yourself or others in order to stay true to your goal.  Enjoy the show. If you enjoy the I Think, I Can Podcast, I’d love for you to subscribe, rate, and give a review on Apple Podcasts. I really appreciate any feedback you have for me!    Relevant Links | Social Media:
45:54 09/27/2022
Authenticity, Social Media, Coaching, Mindset and More
In today’s episode, you will hear me speak on what it means to be authentic and genuine, how I was scared to use social media as well as the benefits of using social media, how I distinguish coaching vs therapy, the power of your thoughts, and much more Enjoy the show.    If you enjoy the I Think, I Can Podcast, I’d love for you to subscribe, rate, and give a review on Apple Podcasts. I really appreciate any feedback you have for me!    Relevant Links | Social Media:
54:04 09/20/2022
Healthy Retirement Done Holistically with Nancy Schwartz
Nancy Schwartz is the Founder and Transformational Strategist of Envision Healthy Retirement. After spending her career in corporate leadership roles, she decided she wanted to do life differently, and subsequently founded the successful retained search company, SearchExecution. Nancy’s innovative and solution-oriented approach to solving complex issues is what has earned her high praise and recognition to date. Interestingly, Nancy is a classically trained ballerina who has worked for nationally known ballet and modern companies. Nancy has thus used her skills in nuanced movement, discipline, artistry, and the importance of balance. In summary, why I invited Nancy to the podcast is because she is such an advocate for personal growth and enrichment, and has done the work to create more tools in her toolbox to help women transform, including certifications from Tiny Habits®, Retirement Options, HeartMath, and the Health Coach Institute, to name a few.   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
50:56 09/13/2022
Clinical Manifestations of PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance With Dr. Felice Gersh
I had the pleasure of welcoming back Dr. Felice Gersh, a multi-award-winning physician with dual board certifications in OB-GYN and Integrative Medicine. She is the founder and director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, based in California, USA. Dr. Gersh is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to understanding women’s physiology. She doesn’t treat women’s health with a silo mentality, but instead as an intricate system of organs. She understands that the body has an amazing method of self-healing and repair when we simply use the right tools.   In this podcast episode, we review common symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and how it takes two out of the three criteria to provide a clear diagnosis, how taking contraceptives can complicate diagnosis, and the considerations a woman needs to be aware of if considering pregnancy. We also summarize a few of the seven steps outlined in Dr. Gersh’s books, PCOS SOS and the PCOS SOS Fertility Fast Track. Also, just a reminder, her latest book Menopause: 50 Things You Need to Know, is now available on Amazon.    Relevant Links | Social Media:  
65:18 09/06/2022
How Self-Judgement Can Weigh on Your Relationship
In today’s episode, I explain how the notion of unworthiness or not being enough can have a profound impact on your romantic relationship. In my series on Improving your relationship by improving yourself, I describe how being self-judgemental falls under the ‘perfectionist’ personality type.   As a perfectionist, you not only torment yourself on a daily basis to the point of mental exhaustion, but you are also judging your partner. You find yourself living in constant fear of making a mistake, yet making a mistake is a human quality, state, or essence. Life is not black or white, we are constantly living in a spectrum of good and bad…we have joy, then we have sadness, we have energy and then we have fatigue, we say intelligent words, then we say words we regret. Life is full of a lot of grey.   The solution is in the power of awareness. To find out more about how to create a habit of thought awareness, sit back and listen.   Be sure to check out the catalog of video episodes on the Luella Jonk YouTube channel, and if you enjoy them, please like, share, and subscribe. It lets me know you enjoy the content.😊   Relevant Links | Social Media:
51:53 08/30/2022
Procrastination: How it Relates to Lacking a Deeply Connecting Relationship
When it comes to why couples struggle to maintain or establish a relationship, procrastination is not normally the first thing that comes to mind. However, it can be an underlying cause to why couples are having difficulty in achieving the kind of relationship they have longed to achieve with their partner.   In this episode, I discuss the true reason why people procrastinate (and it has nothing to do with laziness or not caring). I also suggest a laddered approach to overcoming procrastination and what your partner could do to help you to overcome your challenges. Lastly, I touch on the limiting beliefs of yourself that might be keeping you at a level of mediocracy rather than overwhelming joy.  Be sure to check out the catalog of video episodes on the Luella Jonk YouTube channel, and if you enjoy them, please like, share, and subscribe. It lets me know you enjoy the content.😊   Relevant Links | Social Media: 
46:16 08/23/2022
How to Best Create the Relationship You Crave
In today’s episode, I describe my personal approach to creating a better, more connective, more fulfilling relationship in a way that guarantees your own personal success by rebuilding a new version of yourself. Whether or not your partner will grow with you is unknown at this time. However, if you are ready to step up to the plate and guarantee your own happiness in life, by use of this proven method, this episode is for you. It explains how I help women rid their old debilitating versions of themselves and replace it with the true, authentic, and genuine versions of themselves which I call the "new concept of self". I speak about how the unhealthy version came about, what I do to get rid of it, and why the program allows you to actually make the change happen.    Enjoy the show!  Be sure to check out the catalog of video episodes on the Luella Jonk YouTube channel, and if you enjoy them, please like, share, and subscribe. It lets me know you enjoy the content.😊 Relevant Links | Social Media: 
58:10 08/16/2022
It is Not Your Dinner, It is Your DNA with Dr. Aaron Goldman
Today’s guest, Dr. Aaron Goldman, Ph.D. sheds light on the importance of knowing your genetic make-up to take specific health action toward living optimally and promoting longevity with nutrition, exercise, and specific lifestyle choices. Dr. Goldman goes through the results of my specific DNA results and describes the many different categories of genetic testing included in this test. LoveMyHealth is a nutrition/lifestyle test that can identify many health factors, including Food Sensitivities, Physical Fitness, Brain Health, Obesity Risk, Preference for Dietary Fat, Eating Behaviour, Regulation of Appetite, Hormonal Health, Detoxification Efficiency (including Estrogen Detoxification), and so much more! Dr. Aaron Goldman is a co-founder and Chief Science Officer of DNA Labs Canada, a genetic testing company. Aaron oversees all aspects of genetic test design, interpretation, and implementation of such tests. He oversees all aspects of genetic test design, interpretation, and implementation, as well as provides scientific and technical support to marketing and business/strategic planning initiatives. Relevant Links | Social Media:  
76:56 08/09/2022
Love and Happiness From the Inside Out with Robert Mack
Robert Mack is an Ivy League-Educated Positive Psychology Expert, Inspirational Speaker, and Published Author.    His work has been endorsed by Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Lisa Nichols, and many others.     In addition to serving as Celebrity Love Coach for Famously Single on the E! Network for two seasons, Robert also worked as Consulting Producer and On-Camera Expert for Mind Your Business on the OWN Network and Executive Producer and Host of Good Morning LaLa Land on Apple TV and Hulu.     He has been featured on television shows like Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, and Access Hollywood and in magazines like GQ, Self, Health, Cosmopolitan, Well + Good, and Glamour.    Robert's first book--Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment—is celebrity-endorsed and critically acclaimed.  ​  His most recent release--Love from the Inside Out: Lessons and Inspiration for Loving Yourself, Your Life, and Each Other--is a best-seller.    Relevant Links | Social Media:  
59:14 08/02/2022
The Power of Regulating Your Emotions with Dr. Shyamala Kiru
Today I welcomed Dr. Shyamala Kiru. Shyamala is an ex-therapist turned Leadership Mentor, obsessed with the connection between our emotional intelligence and our capacity for success, both personally and professionally. She works with high-performance, female entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to master their emotional intelligence and unlock embodied leadership, so they can execute their mission at a whole new level.   Shyamala is also an author, podcaster, and mom who is based out of Toronto.  I personally feel this topic is not discussed enough and perhaps it is because people do not realize that it is possible to regulate your emotions. To have agency over how you think and act.   It is possible when you are willing to look at the underlying scripts and paradigms that you have going on in your head at any given time.   These habits of thought, beliefs, and ways of thinking are essentially hijacking your ability to choose your higher emotions; joy, guiltlessness, humor, vibrancy, liberation, energized or your lower emotions; guilt, shame, procrastination, rumination, and hopelessness.     Relevant Links | Social Media:  
43:21 07/26/2022
What it Means to Embody a Thought and Age Gracefully with Dr. Nicole Marcione
Welcome today’s guest, Dr. Nicole Marcione. She identifies herself as an Empowered Aging Coach, a Body-Brain Longevity Specialist, a Board-certified Health Coach, and the founder of Integrative Aging.   Her work bridges science and magic, helping woman deepen their connection to their health, body, and intuition. Her Ph.D. doctoral research at the University of Southern California (USC) focused on mind-body exercise effects on cognition and mobility in older adults. She has her B.S. in Lifespan Health and M.S. in Gerontology from USC. She works with clients all over the globe helping them to feel engaged, powerful, and confident at every age. She has presented her research worldwide at workshops and scientific conferences.   Her mission is to shift the paradigm around aging... from the current anti-aging BS to embracing growing older! You'll find her living life to its fullest every day in Hermosa Beach, CA.    Relevant Links | Social Media:  
47:06 07/19/2022
Breast Cancer PREVENTION: What to do and what NOT to do with Dr. Susan Wadia-Ells
Susan Wadia-Ells is the author of Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Body and also the founder of a Busting Breast Cancer Education Project. Her goal is to help everyone understand how and why the new metabolic approach to cancer can finally explain why so many women develop breast cancer, while others may never develop the disease. Susan has a degree in energy economics and a Ph.D. in women's studies.   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
77:00 07/12/2022
How Yoga Helps to Master the Mind with Shirlee Williams
Today I welcome Shirlee Williams. More than 30 years ago Shirlee found herself on a yoga mat breathing deeper than she had ever had before. From that moment on, Shirlee knew things would be different. Curiosity led her down a spiritual path of yoga, meditation, and entrepreneurship. She ran a brick-and-mortar yoga studio for 14 years. In the last few years, Shirlee has transitioned to the online space. Shirlee believes that combining life coaching and yoga is the key to empowerment.   When we bring the unconscious conscious and embody it with movement, breath, and meditation we can align to what it is we truly desire. She is the host of her own podcast called Becoming - real conversations for living an unapologetic life, as well as a variety of online programs to help guide you to your most extraordinary life. She leads international retreats that empower women to show up for themselves. Shirlee believes that each and every one of us deserves to take up space in the world. You have a gift that needs to be shared!   Relevant Links | Social Media:    
49:31 07/05/2022
We All Think Differently and Here is How to Use It To Your Advantage with Libby Kemkaran
Today I am happy to welcome my guest and friend, Libby Kemkaran to the podcast. Libby is a wildly successful business coach who has leveraged and branded the idea of using individualistic thinking styles to grow successful businesses for entrepreneurs.   If you love the idea of being authentic whilst still attracting highly motivated clients with similar thinking patterns and styles as you do, then listen on.   Libby is a peak performance Neurocoach and accredited Flow Consultant for senior leadership and entrepreneurs. She trains multi-million-dollar companies in Leadership/Management, Communications, and Mindset for Success and blends together bullet-proof Strategy with Behavioural Psychology and Neuro-associative Conditioning. Libby was the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 in the Global Women Awards.    Relevant Links | Social Media:  
52:25 06/28/2022
Solo Episode: What Success Means to Me
In today’s solo episode, I discuss the concept of worthiness. Many people lack self-worth and to me, it is the foundation of success.  I think we all have moments where we feel a sense of lack, doubt, and unworthiness. Fear is common, and fear often translates to feelings of lack, so perhaps it might be helpful to ask yourself “ What am I fearing?” or “Would I act differently if I knew I wouldn’t make a mistake?” Fact be told, success comes from acting with fear. Success comes from having trust in yourself, and faith in your abilities, without evidence of knowing you will be successful. If you do this repeatedly in life, you will likely make mistakes, you will likely fail at times, but you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. When it is all said and done, no one remembers your mistakes, not even you!  You will look back and wonder how to do it until you wonder how you did it. I credit Melanie Ann Layer for teaching me this.  Get creative when deciding what you want. What does success mean to you? Use your imagination to envision your dream. I define imagination as dreaming with intention. Imagine it until it becomes your reality. Be intentional with your thoughts and desires.  That is what success means to me.    Relevant Links | Social Media:  
54:03 06/21/2022
Martine Janta-Polczynsk: The Story of a Flemish Woman’s Destiny
I wanted to share a simple story with you of a woman I met in Tuscany. Martine Janta-Polczynsk invited us over for a beautiful dinner one evening. The view from her home was gorgeous and her energy was equally as attractive. If you want to see some images of that evening with Martine, be sure to visit my Instagram page. I just connected so well with Martine because I could tell she was a woman that embodies her spirit and leads her life from her desires, rather than toward her desires. One cannot just ‘think’ of what they want, they need to ‘be’ what they want before they experience it. For example, Martine needed to act as if she already had what she desired in order to have what she longed for…this is also so true in terms of attracting your soul mate. Begin to ‘be’ what you desire in your soulmate, rather than ‘naming’ what you want. Embody the energy of what you so long for in your life, and it will come to you. It is law! Enjoy.   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
50:00 06/14/2022
Trusting You Made the Right Decision after Separation with Kristina Rizzo
This interview with Kristina came at the perfect time as I am about to hold a Masterclass on the topic Should I Stay or Should I Go. Separation and divorce are known to be one of life’s top three stressors, but it doesn’t necessarily need to continue that way. The pain can be temporary and Kristina Rizzo’s interview shows us this. Not all divorces need to be nasty and divisive. Changing your perspective on past experiences can change how you lead your future life.   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
61:32 06/07/2022
A Taste of Organic Farming in Tuscany with Alessio Maina
While still on a bit of a high from my trip to Italy, I had the privilege of interviewing Alessio Maina, an organic wine and olive farmer in the province of Arezzo, Italy. In this interview, Alessio and I discussed organic practices applied to his small acreage and why it is more a matter of quality than it is quantity when it comes to harvesting local crops. This is of course much different than the agriculture practices we are exposed to in the prairie provinces. Quantity over quality. Local, high-quality regional foods are the norm for the locals of Arezzo and other neighboring provinces of Italy. Other topics discussed in the interview include ancient wheat varieties making a comeback, local honey, forestation as a farming practice, mushroom foraging, olive oil extraction, and more. One topic that was not discussed but is worth noting is the quality of water found in the region. Because the land is somewhat rocky, sandy, and of higher altitudes, it makes for a natural filtration system for the water, thus the locals are also blessed by having access to these artesian wells. One could bottle and sell the water they drink. We end the conversation by touching on the topic of the context in which the food is eaten. Let’s just say Drive Through’s are a foreign concept in Tuscany and surrounding areas. Enjoy.   Relevant Links | Social Media:
62:45 05/31/2022
A Conversation About Mommy Guilt and Enabling Adult Children with Dr. Lauren Behrman
Join me today as I have a candid conversation with Dr. Lauren Berhman. Dr. Berhman and I discuss how oddly common it is for collaborative family law professionals to have shared the burden of emotional fragility as it relates to separation and divorce and the pain that accompanies these life-changing events. However, it is this common thread that allows us to provide the empathy and understanding to help our clients move through these times as easily and swiftly as possible.   Secondly, we — two female therapists — after having spent the majority of our lives acting as both professionals and caregivers, came to the realization that it is time to give ourselves permission to just do ‘you’. In other words, start living our own life through intention and purpose, rather than living life through what others need of us. Both Dr. Berhman and I felt that this topic is one that needs to be discussed more openly and honestly amongst all women of all professions and it was for this reason that I invited her back to the podcast for Episode 26.  Enjoy the show!   Relevant Links | Social Media:    
58:07 05/24/2022
How 5 min Zen Breaks Can Rid Anxious Thoughts Rather Than Distract with Roberta Hughes
Roberta Hughes is the Founder and lead instructor at PeaceFull Living, a boutique hybrid studio that conveys a delicate and personalized Peaceful Living instruction through customized Pilates, Meditation, and Yoga classes. Peaceful Living grants clients a way to filter out life’s pressures through a delicate and highly personalized approach through its live streams and on-demand classes. Its nurturing and customized approach guides clients who desire to change their relationship with stress. We often hear how slowing the mind down allows us to speed up in life. What I liked about today’s interview was how Roberta described how simply checking in with ourselves throughout the day can allow us to check the thoughts that drive feelings that can sometimes cause anxiety or unwanted energy. Roberta provides great tips as it relates to managing real-time stress moments, as well as how to both fall asleep and remain asleep, so as not to be highjacked by our thoughts during sleep. She also describes the similarities and differences between Pilates and yoga. Learn more by visiting and follow Roberta on Facebook @robertapeacefullliving and Instagram @roberta_peacefullliving. Use Code “THINK30” to get 30% off of Roberta’s Courses! Enjoy.    Relevant Links | Social Media:  
64:58 05/10/2022
Dr. Felice Gersh: Ageing Gracefully Through the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women.
Today I have a repeat offender, Dr. Felice Gersh. She was first on the show a few months ago when she discussed the importance of the female reproductive cycle in terms of long-term health. If you haven’t listened to Episode #7, I highly suggest you do so.  Felice Gersh, M.D. is a multi-award-winning physician with dual board certifications in OB-GYN and Integrative Medicine. She is the founder and director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, a practice that provides comprehensive health care for women by combining the best evidence-based therapies from conventional, naturopathic, and holistic medicine. She taught obstetrics and gynecology at Keck USC School of Medicine for 12 years as an Assistant Clinical Professor, where she received the highly coveted Outstanding Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award. She now serves as an Affiliate Faculty Member at the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, through the University of Arizona School of Medicine, where she lectures and regularly grades the case presentations written by the Fellowship students for their final exams.   Felice Gersh, M.D. is the bestselling author of PCOS SOS and the PCOS SOS Fertility Fast Track, and her newest book, Menopause: 50 Things You Need to Know, is now available on Amazon. She has also had numerous scientific articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals. She is a prolific lecturer and has been featured in several films and documentary series, including The Real Skinny on Fat with Montel Williams and Fasting with Valter Longo, Ph.D.  In this episode, we discuss the importance of hormones past the reproductive years. Dr. Gersh made some excellent points about how the use of bio-identical hormones helps women age gracefully. She reminds us that this is no different than repairing the aging process when it comes to cataract surgery – as seen so commonly in aging, just as a hip replacement would be, or medications for fighting autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and breast cancer, all which are a result of hormone loss or imbalance that comes as a result of menopause.   So why are we looking at HRT with such a cautious lens? I think it is worth a conversation with your physician who hopefully works closely with a nearby compound pharmacy and who can educate/offer you the option of bio-identical hormones.    Relevant Links | Social Media:
65:07 05/03/2022
How to Better Communicate With Others by Improving the Communication with Yourself, with Kass Thomas
For anyone who wants to better communicate with THEMSELVES then Kass Thomas is your go-to! Kass is a U.S. native now living in Rome, who realized that some communication issues are a result of misconceptions or ambiguities – and has seen that this often begins within ourselves. How might this flaw show up to you? If you find yourself moving towards self-doubt and self-judgment – then you likely need to improve the communication channel from within.   Kass helps others understand others’ perspectives, to accommodate someone’s ability to hear you, to invite people to greater possibilities, to open opportunities to obtain your goals, and to get clear about what you want from every encounter.   Kass Thomas is a global businesswoman and communication expert whose work to transform the negative into positive, even in limiting situations, has crossed global barriers. She is a successful business entrepreneur and speaker. The depth of her career experiences inspires people to explore more choice and change.   Relevant Links | Social Media:
62:25 04/26/2022
Dr. Lauren Behrman: Shining Light on Collaborative Law; What Co-Parenting after Divorce Could Look Like if Done Well.
Lauren Behrman earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and began private practice in 1985.  She completed Postdoctoral Training in Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health in 1990.  She has evaluated and treated children and families since 1976 at Schneider Children's Hospital, Nassau BOCES, and was Chief Psychologist at the Child Development Center of the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services from 1985 to 1994.  She has taught and supervised doctoral candidates and was an adjunct professor in the graduate psychology departments at Long Island University, Yeshiva University, and New York University.   Dr. Behrman has focused on developing services for children and families in the process of divorce since 2000, training in High-Conflict Co-parent Counseling, Parent Coordination, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Practice, and Mediation.    In 2002, Dr. Behrman led an effort to create a New York Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). She was the first co-president of AFCC-NY and a Board Member for 13 years.  She also served three terms as a board member of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals (NYACP) and serves multiple roles on Interdisciplinary Divorce Teams.  She trains professionals in Basic Collaborative Divorce Practice. Dr. Behrman has presented extensively at national and international conferences and is the co-author of  “Loving Your Children More than you Hate Each Other”, and numerous chapters and articles.  Dr. Behrman is in independent practice in Manhattan and Westchester, NY.    Relevant Links | Social Media:
68:42 04/19/2022
Dr. John Demartini: Determination Is More Important Than Motivation In The Pursuit of Goals.
Dr. John Demartini tells a beautiful story of how he went from wearing the dunce cap in the classroom, having a physical disability and a childhood speech impediment, to later creating, developing, and employing a value system used by many individuals, entrepreneurs, schools, and corporations. Everyone will get a different lesson from listening to this episode but for me personally, the most important message is the power of belief and words, especially the words uttered from a parent’s mouth to their children. John’s mother communicated her belief and love to her son, and that is all it took for him to change the trajectory of his life. Relevant Links | Social Media:
69:23 04/12/2022
Ginny Gane: No More Excuses Humans! We Have a Lot More Power to Control Our Destiny Than We Think.
For more than a decade, Ginny Gane has been working intimately with manifestors and empowering women around the world to leverage the law of attraction and become the most powerful authentic versions of themselves, so they can align with their true purpose and experience a life of wild love and freedom. Enjoy this conversation with Ginny, and be sure to share it with friends and family!   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
66:21 04/05/2022
Former Pro Athlete Brad Kearns Speaks On Sports, Nutrition, Happiness, Beliefs, and Mindset.
Brad Kearns is a New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record setting professional Speedgolfer, #1 ranked USA age 55-59 high jumper, and former US national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. He hosts the B.rad podcast covering healthy living, peak performance, and personal growth with his carefree style and lively sense of humor.  Brad's main message is to pursue peak performance with passion throughout life, establishing age-appropriate fitness and lifestyle goals that promote health, good-spirited competition, happiness, and longevity. Be sure to check out Brad's signature morning exercise routine! It's an elaborate flexibility/mobility/core and body strengthening sequence that sets the tone for a focused, productive day and an athletic lifestyle. You can learn more about this and his other endeavors at   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
65:44 03/29/2022
How a Passion Becomes a Business, a Brand, and a Lifestyle You Love: Jenna Rae Cakes
Today I have with me two powerful women, two twin sisters, Ashley and Jenna from Jenna Rae Cakes, a delectable family-owned bakery housed in Winnipeg, Canada. However, if you don’t live here, not to worry, they ship internationally as well! These women took a passion and made it into a rapidly growing business. Jenna needed a medium to express her design skills and it turns out that watching an episode of Cake Boss was all it took to solidify her purpose. She used the mindset I Think, I Can to create beautiful delectable sweet treats. Ashley’s eye for style and design helped her sister market her skills and build a brand that makes these sisters shine on Instagram. Their most recent accomplishment is writing a beautiful recipe book of their most sought-out treats, so all bakers can get a taste of their unique creations. Enjoy the show.   Relevant Links | Social Media:  
57:08 03/22/2022
Catherine Burdett - Getting Up Close and Personal with your Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions.
Join me today for a powerful heart-felt ☺ episode with a woman who knows what it is like to become aligned with her feelings and use this ‘heart energy’ to get behind her thoughts. We often speak of how one must align with one’s own core values and beliefs to become our true authentic self, but what does this look like exactly? It seems like an enigma, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be – listen and get inspired! Catherine Burdett believes in the power of the heart to access insight and guidance on some of the most pressing personal questions that may arise in our lives. While she didn't understand the science of a coherent heart/mind connection at the time, she knew how it felt to be out of sync with her values - the emotional push and pull, of desiring to be home full-time with her new young family and the joy and reward of leading teams and contributing in the workplace. She chose to follow her heart 21 years ago, resigning her beloved role as a senior leader with a well-known hospitality brand, and hasn't looked back.  Catherine is a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation, a trainer and master facilitator specializing in the skills and competencies of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and resilience. As a solopreneur and CoFounder of The Alignment Project, she has enjoyed global travel working with diverse cultures and organizations. She is a member of both the Canadian Management Centre and HeartMath Institute's training, coaching, and facilitation rosters.    Relevant Links | Social Media: Enter code "10%Save" at checkout for 10% off:
64:56 03/15/2022
Using Technology as a Window Into Your Physiology: Your Body’s Response to Diet and Lifestyle is Unique with Molly Downey
Molly Downey, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN) who specializes in glucose control, metabolism, and weight loss. She graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington and currently works as a nutrition manager at Nutrisense, a health technology company that leverages continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to optimize diet, health, and overall wellbeing. Molly explains to us how using a continuous glucose monitor is what personalized health care means. A CGM is a device worn on the back of your arm and measures your blood sugar in real-time. This is unlike what you would extract from blood work requisition during your yearly check-up. Blood sugar regulation is not important to only those suffering from diabetes, it provides a window to how your body responds to stress, food, sleep, hormone regulation, weight loss and so much more. If you want to fine-tune your health, tune in to this special episode.   Relevant Links | Social Media:
55:09 03/08/2022