Show cover of Badass Business Owners:  Tips for Small Businesses Serving their Communities

Badass Business Owners: Tips for Small Businesses Serving their Communities

Badass Business Owners are Small Business Owners serving their local communities who are tired of living job to job and want to grow their business income & their personal income. If it seems like the harder you work, you still can't seem to grow your profits as fast as you want, I'm here to help. So, if you are ready to MAKE MORE MONEY IN YOUR SMALL BUSINESS then you are in the right place!


How Much Should You Have as an Advertising Budget in Your Small Business 13:48 01/24/2022
Should You Expand Your Service Area? | The 5 Mile Rule 10:48 01/17/2022
You're a Fraud 13:23 01/10/2022
Are You a Flawed Business Person? 08:03 01/03/2022
Your First Priority Each Morning as a Business Person 06:34 12/27/2021
This One Sales Hack Can Create More Profit & Sales in Your Small Business 12:24 12/20/2021
Small Business Owner Pain Points | Which Pain Point Are You Experiencing? 20:30 12/13/2021
Does Customer Service Even Matter? 07:31 12/06/2021
Time to Get Rid of that Extra Inventory! 09:31 11/29/2021
You Might Not Be as Profitable in Your Small Business as You Think 11:03 11/22/2021
What Is It You Do? | The Answer Might Surprise You 12:06 11/15/2021
Yes! You Do Have Cost of Goods in Your Business! 17:13 11/08/2021
Your Business Taxes – Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did! 15:58 11/01/2021
Make More Money in Your Business – Know Your Business Numbers 11:13 10/25/2021
3 Ways to Boost Your End of Year Sales 08:52 10/18/2021
Start 2022 Strong in Your Business by Focusing on these 3 Areas 15:54 10/11/2021
Time to Check Your Prices! 09:28 10/04/2021
Why Aren’t You Paying Yourself? 09:05 09/27/2021
What Does Your Customer Want? 09:49 09/20/2021
An Easier Way to Set Business Goals | Try the 12 Week Year Method 14:03 09/13/2021
Sales Do Not Mean Someone is Profitable 10:51 09/06/2021
Answer the Damn Phone! 11:22 08/30/2021
The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs 06:55 08/23/2021
Passionate Business Owner You vs Business Minded You 12:22 08/16/2021
5 Mistakes Costing Small Business Owners Thousands in Profits Dollars 14:19 08/09/2021
Increase Profits without Increasing Sales 16:29 08/02/2021
Check Your Pricing | Here is What to Look for When Reviewing Your Pricing 14:26 07/26/2021
What Are Your Business's Weaknesses? 12:31 07/19/2021
There is NO ONE to Hire! 20:53 07/12/2021
Do You Have Raving Fans 11:51 07/05/2021