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Each week Boston Comedian Ken Reid and his guests discuss a specific issue of TV Guide. They debate, consider and discuss the difficult viewing choices of our past.


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 622: Mike Watt
June 13-19, 1970 This week Ken welcomes legendary bass-man, and all around punk rock royalty, Mr. Mike Watt to the show. Ken and Mike discuss San Pedro, first meeting D. Boon, moving to San Pedro in 1967 from Navy Housing, living in the projects, saying no to Alameda, George being from Brocton, strong accents, how all the Minutemen were transplants to San Pedro, D. Boon's mom, how trippy the Summer of 1970 was, Blue Oyster Cult, UHF stations, Wild Wild West, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, not having a color TV, how The Prisoner is Mike's favorite show, M*A*S*H, All in the Family, D. Boon's love of Johnny Carson because his dad was from Nebraska, WWII movies, T. Rex, local horror hosts, the origin of "D." in D. Boom, Steve McQueen, The Sand Pebbles, B-Movies, Svenghouli, Elvira, The Stooges, Vampira, local kid shows, LA's Seymour, Fright Night, opening for The Butthole Surfers, how Gibby Haynes' father was a children's TV Show host called Mr. Peppermint, the JFK assassination, Gumby, Alan Watts, Alex Cox's book about The Prisoner, Ice Station Zebra, Patrick McGoohan, The Honeymooners, Green Acres, stupid characters, My Favorite Martian, Non coms, The Phil Silvers Show, F Troop, punk rock, Ed Sullivan, Robert Mitchem, The Space Race, Mad Magazine, Star Trek The Motion Picture, subscriptions to Scientific America, the importance of learning, serious topics, drunks, Johnny Cash, variety shows, Kirk Douglas, Edward G. Robinson, Two Weeks in Another Town, Carol Kaye's Wild Wild West bass line, Mission Impossible, Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Director's control, Kubrick, watching YouTube, The Outer Limits, Soldier, Demon with a Glass Hand, and loving Offbeat Cinema. 
56:03 2/26/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 621: Esther Ku
March 17-23, 1990 This week Ken welcomes old friend, comedian Esther Ku. Ken and Ku discuss how long it has been since they've talked to each other, starting comedy in Boston, moving to NYC, how we all have a different path, working in marketing, growing up in Chicago, Last Comic Standing, how dues are different, hosting the AVN Porn Awards, working blue, dirty jokes, not taking advice, how what you talk about on stage is way racier than how you live your life, playing piano, growing up in an evangelical home, Sharpie, The Simpsons, Simpsons stuffed animals, St. Patrick's Day, The Franklin Mint, bootleg Jesus, manipulation, Foxy Boxing, Readers Digest and Time magazine, Loveline, The Real World, The Jamie Foxx Show, Once Bitten, being an extra, not talking to Jim Carrey, improv lessons, Micah Sherman, interviewing writers from the Simpsons, loving Lisa Simpson's feminism, pitching an animated show, writing dirty songs on your ukulele, Religious outrage of big budget movies, Titanic, Love & Lies, Ken's tape trading year, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, Hungry Hungry Hippos, The Rock a Fire Explosion, Roller Blades vs Quads, Ken's time on Sex Life, Real Sex, America's Funniest Home Videos, 90 Day Fiancé', and way too much about K-Y Jelly. 
63:04 2/19/24
TV Guidance Counselor 10th Anniversary Special
Somehow it's been ten years! Ken goes solo on this one and does a year in review, for 2014. How has it been ten years??
86:32 2/7/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 619: Jack Sholder
June 19 - 25, 1953 This week Ken welcomes professor, writer, producer and director Jack Solder (Nightmare on Elm St. 2, By Dawn's Early Light, The Hidden, 12:01, Alone in the Dark) to the show. Ken and Jack discuss growing up in Philly, growing up playing trumpet, being a classical musician, realizing you're good but not GREAT at something, becoming an editor, the rhythm of cuts, working at New Line Cinema, Caroline Biggerstaff, poses vs pauses, editing The Burning, learning by doing, creating suspense, revival art house cinema, the genius of Buster Keaton, exploitation films, Ed Sullivan, Uncle Milty, 1950s music shows, the cultural scene of the 1950s, Uncle Pete Boyle, Chief Halftown, kids shows, Life of Reilly, Magnavox, The DuMont Network, newspapermen, The Big Story, The Big Picture, the strangeness of modern day network TV, the personal nature of TV, working with Harvey Keitel, swapping India for Eastern Europe, the fake Indian word for "Roll 'em" Easta Sasusaway, never being Mr. Wizard, Big Top with Jack Sterling, Wrestling, boxing, You Asked for It, Fearless Ed, Variety Shows, New York Socialites and Intellectuals, Dinah Shore, representations of gay people on TV, Ernie Kovacs, Red necks, Farmers, how your car key fob is more powerful than the computer that sent men to the moon, the world after cell phones, Alan Funt, Candid Camera, Kids Say the Darndest Things, UHF stations, Dragnet, American Bandstand, 12:01, The Hidden, the gayest Nightmare on Elm St film, Robocop, working with Jake the Dog, and the strangeness of The Omen The Series pilot. 
96:14 2/5/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 618: Henry Normal
All the way from the UK, this week Ken welcomes writer, poet, and television producer Henry Normal to the show. Ken and Henry discuss his tea just arriving, what builders drink, Baby Cow, how being a poet was essentially the same as being a stand up in the UK, The UK's alt comedy revolution, Craig Charles, selling merch, punk rock, American stand up comedy, class based society, character comedy, Jack Benny, vaudeville, The Max Brothers, Mort Saul, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Working Men's Clubs, bad blue collar, racism, Dave Allen, Monty Python, Spike Milligan, not punching down, The Comedy Store, Manchester, nightmare gigs, The Black and White Minstrel Show, competing with slot machines, touring with Pulp, The Mock Turtles, Steve Coogan, The Young Ones, Nigel Planer, The Comic Strip, putting all your friends on TV, The North South Divide, being the reigning Daily Mail Young Comic of the Year, Packet of Three, Bamboozled, US v. UK TV, The Royle Family, US Remake of UK shows, Red Dwarf, working class people, The Rockford Files, Sgt. Bilko, Frank Skinner, the trauma that leads to comedy, deaths in the family, Caroline Ahern, Graham Duff, Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible, Marion and Geoff, Human Remains, Ideal, Julia Davis, Rob Brydon, Jonathan Ross, Alan Partridge, why you should always wear a suit, BBC3, Fat Boy Slim, Brain Candy, Alan Car, Robin Ince, Nighty Night, unlikable main characters, The Might Boosh, The Banana Splits, I Am Not An Animal, Peter Baynham, Canadian football fans, making ugly television, making good stuff, things that nobody will ever seen on television, Jessica Hynes, Lizzie and Sarah, Mr. Inbetween, hired killers, and how weird stand up comics are. 
80:27 1/29/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 617: Dan Frischman
May 16-22, 1987 This week Ken welcomes actor, magician, host of the new show "Head of the Senior Class" and all around solid dude Dan Frischman to the show. Ken and Dan discuss growing up as magic nerds, Fred Kolb, being a magician at an early age, asking how the tricks are done, Ken's mastering of mediocrity, buying magic at Macy's in New York, magic on TV, Doug Henning, Mark Wilson, Harry Blackstone Jr., Ricky Jay, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Head of the Class, pitching to Henry Winkler, fake biohazards, doing stand up in NYC, growing up in New Jersey, Sea Monkeys in the tub, Dennis Miller's prop comedy days, driving out to LA, living on Sunset Blvd, Jimmy Brogan, guest spots on Facts of Life, being a returning character on Its a Living, living with seven other comedians in the Crest Hill House behind the Comedy Store, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Wacko, being Carl "Pizzaface" Price, George Kennedy as a Chocolatier, Howard Hesseman's displeasure, Sledge Hammer, not wanting to play a nerd, when Head of the Class shifted from Mr. Moore to the kids, filming in Soviet Russia, Head of the Class's musicals, Little Shop of Horrors, getting the seal of approval from Rick Moranis, watching your own shows, being confused for the OTHER Dan Frischman who is a little person, getting beaten in tennis by Billy Jean King, Harry Anderson, Circus of the Stars, Warm Up Comics, Billy Connolly, performing as Steve Martin, performing FOR Steve Martin, reusing the hallway set from Head of the Class, the time Ken had to wear borrowed pants at The Magic Castle, Seinfeld, loving Madmen, the Sopranos, and I, Claudius, stealing Bob Newhart's newspaper, Kenan & Kel and the practical joke circle of life.
73:52 1/22/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 616: Brian Trenchard-Smith
This week Ken welcomes esteemed, accomplished director and author of the field guide/memoir "Adventures in the B-Movie Trade", Brian Trenchard-Smith to the show. Ken and Brian discuss the weather in Portland, Brian's travels around the world, his appreciation for everything he's gotten to do, visiting Soviet Russian in 1968, falling in love with cinema after seeing a Hitchcock film, how you should see a local movie in the native language in every country you visit, developing your taste in film, how the world is smaller, but not as substantive in many ways, forgetting your Italian accent, strange double features, taking acting classes with Barry Manilow, being only able to play a British Army Officer, knowing from age 13 you want to make movies, the closed show that was the British Film Industry, Australian television, editing Hammer Horror films, working for the ABC, editing sex and violence filled TV promos, sort of forging a recommendation letter, Raymond Burr, Ironsides, Number 96, Prisoner in Cell Block H, learning how cinema production worked, Beauty pageants for girls AND cars, Concourse Del Ellgance', stunts, making documentaries, Bruce Lee, Man from Hong King, Stunt Rock, why every young filmmaker needs a calling card, Hong Kong Cinema, cannibalizing your own films, World of Kung Fu (which no longer exists), Kung Fu Killers, editing news film and the pressure of it going down to the wire, news directors wanting to kill you, Japanese Cinema, Seven Samurai, Rashomon, being OBSESSED with trailers growing up, The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, visiting the set of Shatter, Roy Ward Baker, finding financing, hopping on a trend too late, the Bruce Lee clones, being bored by love scenes in films, parody, being subversive, hang gliders, Dead End Drive In, having to watch three hours of Once Upon a Time in the West so you can cut the trailer, Leprechaun in Space, enjoying the days when you physically handled film, enjoying your films with an audience, the 1988 Mission Impossible, Sahara with Jim Belushi, directing Flipper, being proud of different films for different reasons, Seconds to Spare, diehard on a train, replacing Dolph Lundgren with Antonio Sabato Jr, Happy Face Murders with Ann-Margaret, and the awe of making and watching Omega Code 2. 
59:27 1/15/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 615: Mike Doughty
February 16-22, 1980 This week Ken welcomes musician, author and man behind the new lp "Ghosts of Vroom III", Mike Doughty. Ken and Mike discuss how 1980 was a good poignant television year in Mike's life, being a military kid, how a year of no Mork & Mindy leads to a year of no TV at all, The American Forces Network, the outro credit song on WKRP in Cincinnati, finding out what music you like from Sitcoms, Angel Witch, the consistency of television, moving a lot, how we'd all be better off as accountants, the exciting and elusive world of commercials, Zapping your Zinger, living in Germany, specific PSAs made for AFN by the original cast of SNL, how TV reporters made the world worse by trying to sign off impressively, The Superbowl, learning about American culture via Commercials, Norman Fell, six ways to cry, dramas spun off from comedies, Lou Grant, Cop Rock, Quincy M.E., Skag with Karl Malden, Last Resort, CHiPs, dripping in Orchestral disco, how analog synth lasers make everything better, theme songs that chart, Starsky and Hutch, Mr. Smith, the prevalence of Orangutans and apes in television and movies, CB Radios, BJ and the Bear, Citizen's Band, pretending to be a doctor, how comedy never works on live music shows, how music often DOES work on comedy shows, avoiding OJ Simpson's acting work, Alice, Linda Lavin, the 70s shows that went well into the 80s, the horror of the word "booger", being Dr. Johnny Fever, Barney Miller, seeing TV sitcom actors on Broadway, coded gay characters, The White Shadow, Goldie and Liza Together, Bob Newhart's sketch comedy special, Real People, how the death of disco lead to mud wrestling and wet t-shirt contents, being confused for a real people person when you're a Real People person, when political debates became roast battles, Dragnet, The Rockford Files, young Powers Booth, old fashioned typewriters, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, The Hulk Out List, doing Bill Moyers, dueling Merv Griffins, the made for-TV movie Detour to Terror, buses, photos of Lorenzo Lamas, and recommending Blacke's Magic. 
67:27 1/8/24
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 614: Sovereign Syre and Ela Darling
January 3-9, 1987 This week Ken welcomes adult entertainers, entrepreneurs, and incredibly smart hosts of the fantastic must listen "Ill Repute" podcast, Sovereign Syre and Ela Darling. Ken, Sovereign and Ela discuss time zones, mountain, Central time, the weirdness of January TV, when VHS rentals first eclipsed theatrical ticket sales, how the Adult industry innovates all entertainment technology, the incredible strangeness of the streaming business model, the movie "The Girl on the Bridge", French films, corporate structure, not knowing what you own as a company, Ela's experience as a Librarian, why Libraries are punk rock, piracy, growing up poor, The ALA Library Bill of Rights, scammers, Merv Griffin, J.Z. Knight, sleazy talk shows, new age scams, Carson, named hosts, meeting Jerry Springer, being built your own tiny house, empowering women, getting drunk underage on a flight to France, Gates McFadden's life advice, Star Trek, the dark Jim Henson Universe, practical effects, Eastern Promises, David Cronenberg, mother's advice about what irons to buy, Ken's friends in 80s print ads, 20/20, a live exorcism on network TV, bad actors acting badly, post Vietnam hope, horses, being a sales person, the murder of Rebecca Shaffer, stalking, how sometimes nothing ever changes, same sex couples fostering healthy happy children, how PSAs could more damage than good, people being literally Institutionalized, PTSD, gangs, and the Ill Repute Podcast. 
79:09 1/1/24
BONUS! TV Guidance Counselor: Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley LIVE! at NorthEast ComicCon
In this very special BONUS episode here is the complete audio of Ken's chat with Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald of The Kids in the Hall. This was recorded LIVE last month at North East Comic Con in Boxboro MA.  If you were a patron  you would have gotten a video of this as well! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
50:21 12/28/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 613: 2023 Year In Review
As is (now at least) the tradition, Ken flies solo for a warts and all, behind the scenes, stream of consciousness, week by week, episode by episode review of 2023, and anything else that pops into his head. 
94:52 12/20/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 612: Sooz Kempner
November 17-23, 2001 This week Ken welcomes UK coomedian, actor and official member of the Doctor Whoverse, Sooz Kempner to the show. Ken and Sooz discuss being outside of the zones of London, Gatwick Airport, how nothing good is ever on TV on Sundays in the UK, Omnibuses, Eastenders, Gladiators, Wolf's gyms, This Morning with Richard Not Judy, Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, Richard and Judy, getting away with stuff on kids shows, Pooh, Ken's Mr. Show bowling shirt, recording babies' dreams, Brexit, how homelessness is a bigger problem than fresh veggies, how UK and Canadian comics always want to make it in American despite being successful in their home countries, traveling to Maine to visit your German Grandfather, Stephen King, nice versions of Threads, Watership Down, David the Gnome, When The Wind Blows, visiting New York city with no money but seeing as many Broadway Shows as you can, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Sting's amazing Broadway musical, singing waiters, Ken's 1st and only Thanksgiving not in America, John Edwards Crossing Over and trying to communicate with the victims of 9/11, prank calling Abu Hamza, the boon of live concerts on TV post 9/11, Brittney Spears, being completely overwhelmed by TV Guide, Showgirls, Skinemax, The Simpsons, satellite TV, Sky Digital, Lenox's Pooh Pantry, sad teddy bears, sexy Lucy Lawless on The X-Files, the weird post 9/11 horniness, Comic Sans font, Seven of 9, Jeri Ryan, Down to You, She's All That, all the millennium pushing teen movies nobody cares about anymore, Soul Man, the nature of tangents, Giuliani, hating ferrets, porcelain eagles, all bears on deck, how hands replaced with bear is never a funny pun, Take That, Boy Bands, how violence is perfectly ok in TV, Coaches vs Cancer, NSYNC, and how It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an amazing cure for temporary depression. 
69:41 12/18/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 611: Adrien Behn
This week Ken welcomes podcaster, writer, and world traveler Adrien Behn to the show. Ken and Adrien discuss New York City, growing up in Western MA/NY, people who have never left their hometown, pregnant hippies, life long friends, perusing a life in creative arts, being worldly, having more chickens than neighbors, Lake George, hating touristy spots, teenage identity crisis, doing study abroad programs, Czechs, Prague, Stalin, living in former Soviet Republics, interesting art and beauty, the first place you go to outside of your own country, the film industry in Prague, the "adult" industry in Prague, growing up without cable, Nickelodeon, MTV, binging in college, 9/11, when news takes over all channels, national disasters, negative shared experiences, naming your younger sibling Jessica after Mambo No. 5, all five Spice Girls at once, 30 Rock, Sex in the City, comfort TV, the shows that America exports, Exporting Raymond, the worldwide success of The Big Bang Theory, telenovelas, Croatian soaps, Turkish Soaps, enjoying being places that are not drenched in American culture, Japan, making bad and dangerous decisions while traveling, Albania, action flicks, how comedy doesn't travel, fleeing winter via Mexico City every year, Luchadores, Blue Demon, all soccer all the time, lack of passports in the US, America as a young patchwork culture, the strangeness of Patriotism, traveling to Canada for the first time, not speaking the language, watching Spanish TV so you can read and and hear it at the same time for educational purposes, Narcos, how you crave certain movies and shows, being in the mood to watch certain things, Anthony Bourdain, Obama's pho trip, Vietnam, and how we ALL need to travel more. 
70:37 12/11/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 610: Paul Morrissey
March 12-18, 1983 This week Ken welcomes comedian and man behind the new Blonde Medicine Comedy lp "Ice Cream vs. Everything", Paul Morrissey. Ken and Paul discuss Paul's excitement being on the show, why he picked 1983, the early 80s mix of famous people guest stars, The Love Boat, Smokey and the Bandit, Paul Williams, Milton Berle, cocaine, 70s Variety Shows, Solid Gold, Tim Thomerson, Top of the Pops, Steelers Wheel, miming, Richard Marx's Lionel Richie debut, cigarettes, David Bowie playing with Mott the Hoople, Robin Williams, Gen Xers vs. Boomers, buying awful products from TV Guide, horrifying children's decor, having to pay massive fines for ruining a VHS tape, Diff'rent Strokes, video games, Silver Spoons, Jason Bateman, Teen Wolf, how massive Bob Hope was, Jackie Gleason, never flying, Voyagers, the death of Jon Eric Hexum, on set accidents, getting bumped on Letterman so many times it becomes an inside joke, dry cleaning The Jeffersons, Newhart, Fritz Leiber, Jay Thomas, Square Pegs, production values, Little House of the Prairie, The A-Team, Happy Days, James Bond, Remington Steel, Pierce Brosnan, The Celtics vs. The Sixers, the Celtics 80s team, Facts of Life, baby death, Very Special Episodes, Fred Willard, Magnum PI, Vietnam, CHPs, Franken and Davis, Saturday Night Live, when everything was on Ice, Benson, Knight Rider, K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R., Stephen Tobolowsky, Morgan Fairchild, $20k TVs, the power of the mustache, roasts, Beverly Hills Cops, action comedies, and why Real Genius is the greatest comedy of all time. 
84:42 12/4/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 609: Joe Pera
October 2-8, 1999 This week Ken welcomes certified comedy superstar, and man behind the new comedy special "Slow and Steady", Joe Pera to the show. Ken and Joe discuss tiny computers, Wargames, Buffalo New York, wings, Anchor Bar, Zoomer goofs, preppers, toilet paper, Joe Pera Talks with You. Jo Firestone, Y2K, cover stories, going mobile, post-Nuke dads, 90s posture, Melissa Joan Hart, Melissa Ethridge's Glamor Shots, the "99 face", Verne Troyer, High School Senior Portraits, photographers, Margaret Cho, Tom Green, awful stand up comedian pilot concepts, oil, mailing post cards to your own depression, Hocky Night in Canada, getting Canadian TV, racist sports announcers, MTV, Red Green, watching movies that look awful, journalism, TV Guide's journalism pedigree, hot Mr. Spock, Charlie Chan, Cousin Skeeter, Couch Taylor from Friday Night Lights, Early Edition, stopping subway murder, Homicide, vigilante nudity, Jim Henson's creature shop, Animal Farm, Kelsey Grammar's pig love, Disney's flirtation with Satan, H.E. Double Hockey Sticks, Tweety Bird Collector's Plates, Oriental Trading Company, Sticky Hands, King of Queens, Home Improvement, The Simpsons, Air Force One, Fresh Prince, Harrison Ford's earring, Johnny Tsunami, smelling donuts a mile away, Smart House, Sci-Fi Channel, The Sentinel, Shasta McNasty, wondering if the blowfish has a sister, the worst joke construct of all time, everyone hating Bill O'Reily, Norm McDonald vs Pokemon, Buffalo movies, Rick James, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Buffalo Sabers, Snow Day, and soothing YouTube travel shows. 
83:37 11/27/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 608: Mark Guyer
October 18-24, 1997 This week Ken welcomes author Mark Guyer. Mark and Ken discuss living in upstate/Central New York, how New York State isn't New York City, Halloween viewing, Nostalgiamares Series, Phantom Delivery, classic youth horror books, Fear Street, having your own TV, being a tween, not remembering your childhood Halloween costumes, how dressing as Darth Vader can help with bullying, Due South, Burgess Meredith, Nothing Sacred, Hot Priests, Gene Siskel so Horny, what Siskel did to Betsey Palmer, how awful Saturday Night Fever is, Guides to Halloween episodes, Blackula, Gregory Hines Show, The Night Stalker, Nosferatu, ABC Sitcoms, anti-Trick or Treating, how 21st Century Kids don't get to truly enjoy Halloween, how the world is NOT more dangerous for kids now, the purity of Halloween, how working in retail makes you hate Christmas, Team Knightrider, The Real World Boston, The Tonight Show, bringing Kenan and Kel together again, SNICK, failing the All That! challenge, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, why some 80s actors don't work much these days, Deadly Friend, Wes Craven, VHS rentals, when younger people are smarter and more insightful than you, how rare it is to have a young child as a protagonist, Stephen King, how Horror is inherently left wing, hopeful sadness, Hey Arnold!, Cybill, Alex Mac, how Tuesdays were all about Buffy and Angel, living Annie Potts and Tim Curry, Spin City, being replaced by Charlie Sheen, Baywatch, Meego vs. Boy Meets World, the end of TGIF, You Wish, Teen Angel, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Dee Snider, Millennium, dying standing up, Nash Bridges, and a Cheer in a very negative week. 
90:01 11/20/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 607: Dermot Ward
October 16-22, 1999 This week we travel to Ireland to talk TV with The Try Channel's own Dermot Ward.  Ken and Dermot discuss why Dermot is even on the show, bad ideas, Dermot talking people out of liking him, Big Trouble in Little China, being a Martial Arts nerd, Ireland's national martial art, awful Boston Irish stupidity, The Streets, the origins of Corned Beef and Cabbage, The 50 Greatest TV Characters Ever, being totally overwhelmed by TV Guide listings, Letterman, weird commercial breaks, prescription drugs, the English, Fifish Finkle, Picket Fences, Joan Collins, Hawk, PBS Mystery, Prime Suspect, Father Ted, AbFab, Roseanne, Cheer, High School, The Avengers, Emma Peele, Taxi, The Prisoner, swears on American TV, NYPD Blue, Comedy Central, Soap, Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, Man in the Moon, Andy Kaufman, The Simpsons, Friends, The Wonder Years, Full House, visiting weird American states, Ballykissangel, sexy priests, Win Ben Stein's Money, the late 90s gameshow boom, Baywatch, how prime time US shows are afternoon children's shows in Ireland, sleeping on Baywatch Nights, It's a Wrap, Everybody Loves Raymond, Veronica's Closet, the hell of TV tapings, Buffy, Angel, Shasta McNasty, The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeifer, Homeboys in Outer Space, loving crossover episodes, The Addams Family, Must See TV, and loving Ghostbusters. 
93:39 11/13/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 606: George Higby The Antique Nomad
November 3-9, 1973 This week Ken welcomes antiques expert, and fellow TV kid, The Antique Noman himself, George Higby to the show. Ken and George discuss George's YouTube Channel, referencing the stuff on sets, moving around a lot as a kid, living in Cleveland when this TV Guide came out, Washington State, Raytheon TVs, looking for the thing that's the same, being a car and sports guy, Philco, Cigarettes, concept cars, trying to reverse engineer a color TV for free, shared experience, Emergency!, how weird it was that shows not for kids were merchandised to kids, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, topical TV, sad TV shows, the odd cultural moment of the early 1970s, Norman Lear, how the 1970s may have been more progressive, niches, The Committee Against the Public Authority of Maine, antiquing in New England, Time Tunnel, corded TV remotes, Newport Jazz Fest, Lucy, Get Smart! in Spanish, variety shows, Antiques: Make the Most out of Your Hobby with NOT George Michael, the early days of Antique collecting, nostalgia, The Girl Most Likely To, Joan Rivers, Night Gallery, failed pilots, TV preservation, Benny Hill, local edits of TV, Standard Oil, big business, why Debbie Reynolds was NOT allowed in George's house, early Don Johnson, Sandford and Son, trying to get your antiques and collectibles back after you already sold them, The Odd Couple, hating Room 222, passing up The Brady Bunch, buying the Brady House, Sonny and Cher with Douglas Fairbanks, dogs playing poker, Vincent Price, purpose made collectibles, and how Major Nelson's house from I Dream of Genie is George's dream house. 
64:07 11/6/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 605: Josh Spiegel
August 5-11, 1978 This week Ken welcomes The Horror Timelines guy himself, author, YouTuber and fellow horror fan Josh Spiegel. Ken and Josh discuss LA heat, cats, dogs afraid of flies, growing up in Pittsburgh, working at The Monroeville Mall, George Romero, Horror Conventions, Dawn of the Dead, being born in the 1930s, being older than you look, The Jeffersons, the weird English neighbor, cable, non-24 hour HBO, movie rentals, Full Moon Features, TV Violence, when computers take over, cigarettes, cufflinks, The Bionic Woman, The Eighties Project, The Archie Situation Comedy Musical Variety Show, Moose, drugs that totally are not weight loss drugs that are weight loss drugs, Diff'rent Strokes, M*A*S*H, how the Korean War stood in for the Vietnam War, Vietnam vets on TV, why 9/11 doesn't show up in fiction, Charlotte's Web, Jack Albertson, Poor Devil, Sammy Davis Jr. Christopher Lee, needing something light hearted and dumb, Three's Company, Super Hero Disco, proto-Firestar, comic books, Santa Monica's "Little Boston", the math behind Let's Make a Deal, The Price is Right, why John Cusack hates Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer, Lucha Libre, The Crying Woman,  Dean Martin, Sinatra, Welcome Back Kotter, Pittsburgh Symphony, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, made for TV movies and why The Midnight Hour is not only great, but trivia gold. 
86:01 10/30/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 604: Brian Heiler
March 24-30, 1979 This week Ken welcomes writer, podcaster, and lover of all things Mego, the man behind Plaid Stallions, Brian Heiler to the show. Ken and Brian discuss Canada, how long Ken has been following Brian's work, memorizing TV Guide as a kid, being the TV Oracle, late night horror and monster movies, Crestwood books, V, tourist traps, Hollywood Museum, Slim Goodbody, Mr. Rourke as devil or angel, Fantasy Island, toothless Animal House TV rip offs, fountain pens, how small pop culture used to be, being a smoker, Canada vs US buying cigarettes, loving cigarette machines even though you don't smoke, The Frozen Dead, The Last Man on Earth, Dracula '79, Cliff Hangers, Track and Field for women by Colgate, disco, Forever Night, Silk Stalkings, Steve Guttenberg, Merv Griffin, movie parodies, George Kennedy toys, Computer Dating, Rack Toys, Bruce Villanch's song writing career, Herve Valechez, Wendy Schaal, Susan Tyrell, Pyschotronic Films, Charlton Heston, marketing cases, Aydes weight loss product, made for TV Movies, SCTV, how Buddy Cole grew out of Johnny LaRue, Scott Thompson, The King of Kensington, Guy Big, Seeing Things, Canadian sitcoms, Friday the 13th the Series, Percy Rodriguez, The Starlost, Happy Days, Star Wars rip offs, Buck Rogers, Jason of Star Command, The Dark Secrets of Harvest Home, Rene Aborgenious, jiggle TV, Charlie's Angels, Vegas, monkeys on TV, Baby I'm Back, Delta House, Carter Country, pirate satellites, lessons in irony, Barnaby Jones, why Jack Kirby IS the King, 3-D comics, Barney Miller, Brian's cop dad who isn't a cop, Times Square, pen paling with James Gregory, Turnabout, body switching, Hello Larry, being forced to watch Dallas, and Mego. 
91:32 10/23/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 603: Liz Barrett
  November 9-15, 1985 This week Ken welcomes comedian, and haver of a new album called "Gettin' By", Liz Barrett to the show. Liz and Ken discuss the backroom of comedy clubs, CT, the invention of the hamburger, growing up in a Military Family, German Military Bases, having a much  younger sibling, 13 year olds, Lady Di, iconic sweaters, loveless royal marriages, Boy George, Ken's sister (RIP)'s Make a Wish, ferrets, fancy TV Guides, the greatness of Peter Scolari, 1985 SNL, NBC Saturdays, sensitive human portrayals of people with AIDS, Martin Sheen, creepy dolls, We Are the World, North and South, 227, Fred Dryer, noticing the intentional humor in things later in life, Touch of Class, sophistication, full page ads for Soap Operas, Lifetime, Dwarves, Dance of the Dwarves, Diane Cannon in a face based WWII drama Jenny's War, crushing on Hal Holbrook, Defiance with Jan Michael Vincent, vagueness, Kenny Rogers' acting career, when you "need the money", freeloaders in Boston, The Insiders, Hell Town, St. Elsewhere, Diff'rent Strokes, people Ken has had on the show, Astronauts, things that "keep you guessing", Haley's Comet, Donald Sutherland, hating loud noises, action movies, Cheers, Benson, Mr. Belvedere, Misfits of Science, evil Hovercrafts, not believing a dolphin about finding cocaine, USA Network's low budget, the perfection of Golden Girls, how people get their information, and finding out if its cake or not. 
70:19 10/16/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 602: Greg Johnson
December 26, 1992 This week Ken welcomes old friend, now NYC based comedian Greg Johnson. Ken and Greg discuss 20 years ago, Comedy Doyles, Kenny Z, Ken's first time doing stand up in Massachusetts, Eugene Mirman, Tim McIntire's Thursday Night Fights at The Comedy Studio, growing up in Wellesley, white suburban towns, being a notable alum from your town's High School, Greg's album Greg Johnson 1, how Mass and NY really aren't all that different, listening to episodes from ten years ago, Danny Tamberelli, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, getting to meet your heroes, Cheers, how Ken books guests, TV stars who should have been movie stars, Angela Lansbury, Madonna: Just a Peeler, clean and dirty covers, The Real World, Barney the Dinosaur, 1992, how football is a stupid fun waste of time, how the love of True Crime isn't new, Amy Fischer the Long Island Lolita, Ryder Strong, favorite VJs, the mystery of John Norris, SNICK, Roundhouse, In Living Color, The Simpsons, Sexy Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, live TV fights, insane Oscar moments, streaking, Father Dowling Mysteries, growing up Catholic, The "dead kid" in Three Men and a Baby, the "dead munchin" in The Wizard of Oz, being in the theater for only one day, 1990s re-releases, Can't Hardly Wait, Jerry O'Connell, the reason we have home taping today, when Greg was actually on TV, THIS VERY WEEK as a kid, Phylicia Rashad hosting a Kids Guide to Parenting, the lost show, Nik Carter, WFXN, Rap Around!, Ready to Go, Tom Bergeron, Home Improvement, We the Jury, Ken's love of Massachusetts businesses, Ken and Greg's plans to visit dead malls, The Square One Mall, Waylu's, Ken finding a nearly dead woman at B. Dalton Books in the Meadow Glen Mall, smoking joksters, local weathermen, The Wonder Years, Sully Erna, New Year's Eve, Evening at the Improv, WSKB's big Stooges New Year, Dana Hersey, House of Blues, Chiz Rider, and the major of trumpet based ministries. 
91:03 10/9/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 601: Jane Badler
This week Ken welcomes the incredible actor, singer and all around impressive human being (despite famously playing an alien) Jane Badler (follow her on Instagram Ken and Jane discuss Australia, always being a New Yorker despite living in Australia for over 30 years, the changing nature of accents, botanical gardens, the ever traveling American, moving from Long Island to New Hampshire at 15, Mission Impossible, the 1988 writer's strike, working with classic actors, working with Kim Novak, Falcon Crest, working on Soaps, Angela Lansbury, Murder She Wrote, the divide between TV and movie actors, The Doctors with Alec Baldwin, Neighbors, Margot Robbie, doing comedy, V: The Series, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Ken Johnson, fascism, playing it straight, allegory, The Twilight Zone, Argentina, having more of an impact than you can anticipate, V toys, Barbie, going into the city, being shy growing up in Great Neck Long Island, coming out of your shell in New Hampshire, being a lawyer, One Life to Live, doing commercials, talking about never talking about The Highwayman, Chad Darnell's film The Birthday Cake, being the victim in a TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes joke, playing Diana again in the new V, Diana's death scene, Arid Extra Dry, the authority and sweetness. bra commercials, watching UK TV, loving Miss Maisel, Anxious People, Stephen King's The Outsider,  Ben Mendelsohn, being done with being in horror, playing awful people, acting with Mary Tyler Moore, being "the American", having to know the lines, Shakspearian things, and Ken's interview skills. 
49:26 10/2/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 600: RJ City II
July 7-13, 1973 EPISODE 600! By popular demand! He's BACK! This week Ken welcomes wrestler and fellow TV weirdo, RJ City. Ken and RJ discuss RJ being disappointed with Ken's year end review endorsement of his last appearance, neurosis, people giving RJ TV Guides, RJ getting the wrong date for the recording and being excited, pop culture dog whistles, Dick Cavett, Mason Reese, "The Beige Age", the Caldor Brown Rainbow, Orson Wells, made up stories, when SCTV gets mean, Spielberg, local TV Guide variation, Children's cigarettes, great moments in television, how weird it is to have a glass of anything beside your bed, where did dentures go?, Dom DeLuise, sheet music, singing your own favorite songs, the mystery of the Ginger Bread House, wasting food, why Jaqueline Suzanne can go f*ck herself, how Twitter is today's TV Guide, video editing, Sabrina the Teenage Witch the cartoon, Scooby Doo's weird guest stars, Don Knotts and concrete, Rich Little, serious actors who shouldn't be, the final iteration of the Frankenstone family, Norman Fell, Curse II: The Bite, Paul Reubens, David Arquette's wrestling trunks, The Bone Yard, Phillis Diller's wigs, You Don't Know Jack, having two friends with F You Money when you don't have that, the Rock N Wrestling Saturday Morning Preview  Special, David Susskind show, Cyndi Lauper, being confused by women's measurements, Patty Duke, Hollywood Squares, Paul Lynde, how offensive mimes are as entertainment for the hard of hearing community, Deafula, Art Linkletter's cold shoulder, Del Moore, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, repossessing fame, Maude, Hawaii Five-O, creepy writers, Bobby Darrin, the worst version of a Beatles song ever by Sammy Davis Jr, Watergate, Mac Davis, hating Richard Dreyfuss, Sanford and Son, The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, when you can't recommend good stuff because it's offensive, Steve Harvey's flubs that aren't his fault, and a forgotten Robert Altman flick. 
109:41 9/25/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 599: Jon Brennan
January 23-29, 1993 This week Ken welcomes original Real World reality TV star, true story teller and country music man Jon Brennan to the show. Ken and Jon discuss fancy studio equipment, The Real World LA, being 18, the origin of Road Rules, not going back and watching old video of yourself, calling Irene Mom, people in their 20s feeling like old people, the death of Andre the Giant, WWF, watching The Real World while you're ON the Real World, MTV removing your television, the origins of "true stor-ay", Jon's new single True Story, when WWF went R Rated, loving NWA wresting, Rick Flair, Sting, Dusty Roads, meeting celebrity fans of The Real World, Garth Brooks, The Miz, Will Smith, Amy Grant, when Christians go pop, men's jeans, Rescue 911, being on Celebrity Death Match, Beavis and Butthead, having your Celebrity Death Match puppet, The Hat Squad, mid season replacements, Parents Just Don't Understand, Chris Rock vs Will Smith, kids who don't know what life was like before smart phones, streaming, Napster, making it in a creative field, WCW, Austin City Limits, Michael Nesmith, Emmylou Harris, Eyewitness Video, the horror parents felt looking at Glam Metal bands, The Nashville Network, Nashville Now, Club Dance, The American Music Awards, Bobby Brown, Gloria Estefan, Wynonna Judd, Michael Bolton, trigger warnings, clothes that don't fit, XL vs XXL, skinny jeans, white people tailgating music, mandatory roller blades, college basketball, Unsolved Mysteries, Beverly Hills 90210, In The Heat of the Night, Hoosiers, Seinfeld, Stand by Me, small towns, Cheers, Ancient Aliens, Big Foot, Realty TV Sub genres, Family Matters, Shark Week, hating digital cable, wanting an old fashioned remote control experience, smart TVs, Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan Rock n Wrestling, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Cocaine and Anthrax, tiny celebrities, Planet Hollywood, literally running into Shaq, Elvis, Pancake Pantry, hot chicken, Dateline NBC, Law & Order, fast forwarding Monday Night Raw, and knowing the correct way to get freebies. 
67:40 9/18/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 598: Tabitha Stevens
  July 7-13, 1979 This week Ken welcomes former adult actress, Howard Stern Show Hall of Famer, world's greatest Assistant movie theater manager and all around gem of a human Tabitha Stevens to the show. Ken and Tabitha discuss end of the world heat waves, Death Valley, Las Vegas, moving from Long Island NY to Las Vegas as a teenager, dressing up to go into New York for culture, Barney Miller, having a great disdain of cigarettes, tanning booths, skin cancer, bleach, frosted tips, heavy Long Island accents, being scared of New Yorkers, being bullied, Vegas Showgirls, The Brady Bunch, having your fan mail accidentally send to Erin "Tabitha from Bewitched" Murphy, Tabitha Soren, The Rainbow Room, the Sunset Strip, pagers, booking everything yourself, having a work ethic,  why the adult business moves technology forward and will always be economy and technological innovation proof, having your bank account seized, Utah, owning and living in a historic hotel, bring art to the masses, art photography, the difficulty of owning a gallery, how expensive it is to live in Las Vegas, Judd Nelson, Lemmy, meeting new best friends, sometimes not being able to believe your own life, panic attacks, Xanex, being on the Howard Stern Show, using natural remedies, Sanitorium, making indie horror films, the state of prescription drugs, health care, how uncomfortably pervy The Love Boat is, horny Captain Stubing, Battlestar Gallactica, a dark reboot of the Brady Bunch, Charlie's Angels, looking like Farrah Fawcett, loving Wonder Woman, having action figures, Electra Woman and Dynagirl, Shazam and Isis, Ken's love of Tootie, The Facts of Life, Jacqueline Smith, The Boys, being contrarian, not watching things just because everyone else is, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Diff'rent Strokes, A Different World, Lisa Bonet, meeting Mike Tyson, working at movie theaters, being the world's greatest film splicer, sleeping in theaters and losing your finger nail in the popcorn.
99:23 9/11/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 597: Caitlin Cook
  April 3-9, 2006 This week Ken welcomes musician, comedian and brains behind the new Off-Broadway Show "The Writing on the Stall" (playing NOW in NYC, every weekend in September) Caitlin Cook to the show. Ken and Caitlin discuss Ken's rude dogs, surprising Ken, post 2000 media, Ken learning things, strict TV watching rules as a kid, being in love with what you can't have, being reference-less as a kid, being too old for Lizzie McGuire, growing up in Los Angeles, being the child of a choreographer, being acutely aware of pop culture in LA, going to the movies, pop music, tv themes, Caitlin's grandfather's invention of the Wah Pedal, Charmed, how some work is for the love and some is for the money, cute murder, SVU, Law and Order, pregnant Mariska Hargitey, Jeremy Piven's forgotten travel show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Punk'd, reality TV, America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks' house, living in the UK, UK remakes of US shows, US remakes of UK shows, getting a degree in Aquatic Archeology, comedy songs, doing open mics on a dare, going to college in Ohio, moving to Chicago, going to Oxford, having NYC in your heart, Friends, Sex in the City, "Ivana Younger Man", gross reality TV families, the early days of  streaming, Julian Sands, 24, South Park, writing for South Park, Ken's love of Wildfire, but not that show Wildfire, the other show, The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan, Claire Danes, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, writing female characters, Scrubs, Colin Hay, models doing improv, Veronica Mars, programming the same TV show multiple nights in the same week, Dead Like Me, discovering shows on DVD, weird childhood snacks, being an extra, bizarre feminine hygiene products, almost getting a huge tampon ad, No Reservations, Minority Report, futurism, The Gods Must be Crazy, non-actors on Inside the Actors Studio, movie versions of TV shows that never happened, plus sized actors who aren't actually plus sized, Ray Wise, bad jokes, Pamela Anderson, when Tommy Lee sell out, and all of a sudden getting snobby about The Surreal Life. 
79:30 9/4/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 596: Shelley Herman
November 16-22, 1985 This week Ken welcomes former NBC Page, game show royalty, and writer of the new memoir "My Peacock Tale", the great Shelley Herman. Ken and Shelley discuss North Hollywood, Allee Willis, growing up in Calabasas, ideal childhoods, The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson's son, going to tapings of The Midnight Special, working at Sears, seeing Elvis in Vegas as a teenager, the unique role NBC Pages played, being mistaken as Erik Estrada's girlfriend, forced police uniform wearing, drunken celebrities, SNL, watching the East Coast feed, Gilda, the NY and LA TV production differences, The Not Ready for Prime Time Players, The Dating Game, chaperones, serial killers, Susan Elliot, stand up comedy, Off the Wall, replacing people in a syndicated package, reunions of shows nobody watched, sketch comedy, Mac and Jamie, voice over, The Colbys, movie stars on TV, meeting Charlton Heston, tall people, NBC tours, Vincent Price, Richard Pryor's variety show, putting attractive people up front, dealing with the sponsors, Ringo Star's ex wife, Saturdays on NBC, Golden Girls, Ed McMahon, 227, the greatest story ever about Jackee' Harry, being on The Love Boat, Dick Ebersol, taking Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca to the Emmys, Sally Rogers, Dick Van Dyke, meeting Hitchcock, Photoplay magazine, owning Shirley Temple's trousers, The Bad Seed, the evolution of women panelists on game shows, the structure of game shows, Dumbo, DUMBO!, Phoebe Cates, one of the top 5 greatest Kevin Kline stories, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Dick Clark's uniform, Eye Witness Video, We Are the World, Moonlighting, Heaven (High from) and Hell (town), Tello's Restaurant, Robert Blake, the mystery of Shadowchasers, Cheers, Regan's speech in the USSR, Made for TV movies, Bridge Across time starring David Hasselhoff and Stepfanie Kramer, taking a writing class from Rod Serling, and the secrets of Supermarket Sweep. 
120:29 8/28/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 595: Taffeta Darling
March 4-11, 1995 This week Ken welcomes Twitch Streamer, Auction curator, and one of the world's greatest cosplayers Taffeta Darling. Ken and Taffeta discuss Texas, Dallas, the burbs, Austin, Robocop, I Like to Singa, TV Theme Songs, tattoos, video games that look like actual cartoons, Cuphead, Kids TV, violence on TV, how superheroes are good for kids, Gargoyles, Claire Danes turning down Schindler's List, My So-Called dialog, whatevers, X-Men the Animated Series, Batman, The Tick, Slim Goodbody, Body Worlds, being easily traumatized, obsession with the macabre, local kids shows, Wishbone, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, comics art, Heritage Auctions, getting used to Frazetta, The Wizard, Kurt Russell, Abe Lincoln's blood, the entire set of Cheers, The Last Starfighter, channel surfing, Beverly Hills 90210, reunion shows, SNL, The Critic and Simpsons crossover, groin hits, People's Choice Awards, country music, Garth Brooks, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Mummies, creepy doll collectibles, Franklin Mint garbage, Fresh Prince, Blossom, Monty Python, James Cameron, BMG Music, Weird Science TV vs Weird Science the movie, Made for TV movies, Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare, Boyz N the Hood edited for network TV, terrible Red Hot Chilli Peppers lyrics, seeing Joey Lawrence at a shopping Mall, Markey Mark, Living Single, Mad About You, Hope & Gloria, TGIF, Boy Meets World, Step by Step, Family Matters, good Tom Hanks movies, Lori Singer, the 5th level of virtual reality, VR.5, being scared of toilets and french kissing from Ghoulies, Marvel's Bronze Age Legion of Monsters, Ghost Rider, nudity on TV, profit from obits, wrestling, 900 numbers, Dan Rather's Comedy Club, and loving and recommending Clarence. 
71:35 8/21/23
TV Guidance Counselor Episode 594: Will McRobb
This week Ken welcomes writer, director and co-creator of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, among other things, Will McRobb to the show. Ken and Will discuss growing up in Ithaca NY, suburbia, Nickelodeon's "kids point of view" era, doing corporate videos for Goldman Sachs, working in the promo department at Nick at Nite, MTV Networks, Rin Tin Tin, Mr. Ed, Donna Reed, The magic four ingredients: Funny, Sad, Strange and Beautiful, Green Acres, Patty Duke's double, MTV's Remote Control, Lassie, My Three Sons, Bub vs. Uncle Charlie, The Monkees, live action cartoons, the reason you'd go live action instead of a cartoon, Snow Day, added farts, working for the man, the shift on TV Land and Nick at Nite to newer "quality" shows, punk rock, Savage Steve Holland, The War Next Door, Hal Hartley, Damian Young, Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop, The Police, Joe Jackson, the unlocking of coolness with Elvis Costello's This Year's Model, The Embarrassment, the origin of Wellsville, Season 3 of Pete and Pete, Saturday, the rush to be an adult, saying goodbye to Artie, Adam West, the original 60 second Pete and Pete promos, Katherine Dieckmann, wasted years of cute Little Pete, Inside Out Boy, voice over, why perspective matters, John Hughes, "when you grow old, your heart dies", Inspector 34, Johnny Earwax, getting away with stuff, the controversy of The Orange Lazarus, Endless Mike, Frank Gifford cameos, Arnold Palmer golf clubs, how nobody likes Chevy Chase, SNL, Weekend Update, NY theater actors, William Hickey, One Crazy Summer, J.K. Simmons, and how Batman will always need The Joker. 
77:29 8/14/23

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