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FundCalibre - Investing on the go

Investing on the go gives you direct access to the people who manage your ISA and pensions savings. Our hosts will be interviewing finance professionals on everything from their successes and failures to current ideas and insights. At meetings, before events and even if we bump into them on the street, we'll grab five minutes with these experts to discuss how your own personal finances could be impacted by topics such as US elections, the move from petrol to electric vehicles, the growth in artificial intelligence and robots, and so much more. Our ultimate goal is to bring to life the world of investments and uncover new and exciting opportunities, all while inspiring you to invest and giving you the confidence and knowledge to make the right decisions. To do this we often ask the managers why they are invested in individual companies. This is for illustration only and should not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell that stock. The fund manager may or may not still own these companies at the time of your listening. For more investment research visit us at and follow us on twitter and facebook @FundCalibre


206. Now is not the time to be going off on exciting adventures 17:33 08/10/2022
205. The price of a Big Mac in Tokyo… and why it matters for investors 23:37 08/03/2022
204. Why India is the world’s most exciting growth story for the next decade 18:20 07/27/2022
203. Why the stocks everyone falls in love with can end up being the riskiest of all 20:00 07/20/2022
202. War, inflation and the threat of recession – why history tells us to be contrarian in difficult markets 17:22 07/14/2022
201. Why you can sleep more easily with private equity investments 21:40 07/07/2022
200. The day when investors will once again clap, cheer and whoop 19:20 07/05/2022
199. How to benefit from irrational investor behaviour 22:21 06/30/2022
198. Why even inflation-linked bonds are letting you down 23:38 06/23/2022
197. Why interest rates are likely to go higher in the UK 14:59 06/16/2022
196. Consumer demand robust despite rising prices 10:50 06/09/2022
195. Why the UK government will find it difficult to resist calls for a windfall tax 11:42 05/26/2022
194. What do Birkenstock, eBay, recycling and litigation all have in common? 12:59 05/19/2022
193. Investing for income in Asia 16:16 05/12/2022
192. Why energy prices could remain high 21:08 05/05/2022
191. Investing in fast-food and defence via UK smaller companies 14:13 04/28/2022
190. Value tilts, inflation proofing and the private equity opportunity 21:03 04/21/2022
189. The long and short of making money for investors 13:23 04/14/2022
188. Building materials, healthcare, renewables and luxury goods – Europe is actually quite good at a lot of things 17:07 04/08/2022
187. The war has put petrol on the inflation fire – it’s hard to see when it will come under control 16:33 04/07/2022
186. World Sustainable Energy Days: Renewable energy sources are just part of the net zero journey 13:43 04/05/2022
185. Inflation proofing, the future of office space and the green building super cycle 23:00 03/31/2022
184. It’s about being roughly right rather than precisely wrong 18:17 03/29/2022
183. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital infrastructure to society 16:42 03/24/2022
182. Flushing toilets and radio frequency technology: innovation at its best 18:21 03/22/2022
181. Investing in bespoke healthcare, cybersecurity and robotics 16:54 03/17/2022
180. Our companies are not the most exciting – but they excite us 22:49 03/15/2022
179. Why COVID has been a genuine catalyst for positive change in the healthcare industry 21:06 03/10/2022
178. Increasing diversity and how it can change company culture 18:01 03/08/2022
177. Why are there more ‘Dave’ than women fund managers? 23:32 03/08/2022