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Damn Chocobo: Another Final Fantasy Podcast

A podcast about two old friends reconnecting via replaying Final Fantasy and Role Playing Games of their youth in an attempt to discover if nostalgia holds up to reality.


Damn Chocobo Episode 131: End of the Year Celebration 2023 featuring Lego Fortnite
Recorded in mid January and uploaded months late because we suck, Jake and Rachel celebrate the end of 2023 by looking back on the year and talking about thier favorite things of the year while playing Lego Fortnite! As always if you wanna reach out for any reason, tell Jake he's a just a really swell guy, tell Rachel she is incredibly friggin cool, or comment on how the show is doing - feel free to reach out to us at or @damnchocobo on the major Social Media sites!
136:57 4/11/24
Damn Chocobo Episode 131: Chrono Trigger Part 3
After about 21 minutes of talk about Star Trek Movies and how Rachel is STILL working through FFXVI, we get down to business talking about Chrono Trigger. Dinosaurs being assholes, future people being assholes, and Lavos ABSOLUTELY being an asshole, AND MORE await on the next episode of DAAAAAAMN CHOCOBO!!!! As always if you wanna reach out for any reason, tell Jake he's a sexy beast, tell Rachel she is incredibly awesome, or comment on how the show is doing - feel free to reach out to us at or @damnchocobo on the major Social Media sites! Intro: Corridors of Time Remix by OSRSBeatz Outro: Dumbest Girl Alive by 100 Gecs
78:08 1/5/24
Damn Chocobo Episode 130: Chrono Trigger pt 2
OMFG This episode was completed way too long ago and I forgot to upload it. We play more Chrono Trigger and its very good. The end.    As always reach out to us at or @damnchocobo on various social media platforms if you wanna say hi or ask wtf took so long. Seriously, this is embarassing and throwing me off my usual game.   Intro: Corridors of Time (80's remix) by Sulkembo Outro: Cry to Heaven by Creeper
170:52 11/20/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 129.5: Chrono Trigger character discussion
Rachel and Jake start what was supposed to.a short audio clip for social media that blew up into a full on mini-episode. Complete with shit-tacular audio, we talk about if Chrono is an interesting character or not. Intro: There isn't One. I mean, I guess me talking about the episode? Maybe that counts? Outro: I didn't incude one because... welll..... this was supposed to be a quick bang out thing and I'm really tired! I Dunno, blame Jake! It's his fault somehow! I don't know exactly but I'm certain :D   As always feel free to reach out to us at if you wanna tell us how hot we are or @damnchocobo on the main socials if you wanna get your feed occasionally hit withour dumb nonsense.
26:55 10/4/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 129: Chrono Trigger pt 1
Listen, it takes 29 minutes for actual Chrono Trigger talk to start and thats AFTER editing the heck out of it. You know the deal by now, we're terrible at this and not gunna change any time soon.  ;) Rachel and Jake have arrived at one of the greatest RPG's ever made - the incredibly highly regarded CHRONO TRIGGER! Do you need us to tell you its any good? NO, you absolutely do not. You could listen to us TRY and think of something intersting to say about this game.... or you can just go play it. (Also we were unusually tired? That ever happen to you? You just mentally crash out of nowhere? Yes, we're old). I dunno man, its a great game! Why are you even reading this? ALL THIS RAMBLING NONSENSE AND MORE ON THIS EPISODE OF DAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOO!!!! Intro: Secret of the forest by Guido Outro: Scorpion by 3TEETH
113:26 7/17/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 128: Kingdom Hearts 3 part 5 - ReMind
After totally forgetting we finished recording Rachel finally gets around and edits/uploads this episode!   After around 28 minutes we finally talk about Kingdom Hearts 3's DLC - ReMind! We talk about stuff, it's mostly good. I dunno, I'm too embarassed the episode is so stupid late! As always you can contact us at or @damnchocobo on various social media! Intro:  Scala Ad Caelum Battle Theme (Edge of Existence)  - SilverTom Remix Outro: HATEFULL by HEALTH
160:17 5/9/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 127: Kingdom Hearts 3 part 4
After a brief - for us - 14 minute catch up on other nonsense, Rachel and Jake get down to business and talk about the game finale to Kingdom Hearts 3... and unexpected show a shift in overall thoughts on the game! Things FINALLY happen as our various missing companions finally join the fray, Organization XIII take action, we hunt down the Ultima Weapon, handle far more minigames than ever expected AND MUCH MUCH MORE await on this return to exremely long episodes we call DAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOO (Episoe 127 heheheh).  Intro: Don't Think Twice REMIX by the Punkins Outro: EXCESS by HEALTH
228:13 3/6/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 126 - Year End Spectacular 2022 featuring TMNT Arcade games
Rachel and Jake sit down to bid goobye to 2022 the only way they know how. By sitting down with some drinks and playing old games while also swearing a lot. This year we sit down with the recent TMNT "Cowabunga Collection" and play the original Arcade Game, the arcade version of Turtles in Time, and then to a bit of fooling about in the Hyperstone Heist because why the heck not? Along with nostalgic memories and about a billion button clicks we talk about our "TOP 10 THINGS/EVENTS/WHATEVERS" of 2022.  As usual you can reach out to us at or on most social media @damnchocobo
142:17 1/21/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 125: Kingdom Hearts 3 part 3
RACHEL and Jake return after an absurd time away (seriously the last few months have been WILD!) to get through the last bit of the less good stuff in Kingdom Hearts 3, just in time to save all of the good stuff for the next episode!  Sora accomplishing a whole lot of nothing, a doublecross, a doublecross again, inneffective drop kicks, falling off mountains, Donald being comletely fed up, and lots and lots of Disney await on the next epic we call DAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOO!!! As always you can reach out to us at or @damnchocobo on the varous popular social media channels (as in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Intro: Wave of Darkness by Infinite Rivals Outro: Insane by Korn
141:58 1/5/23
Damn Chocobo Episode 124: Kingdom Hearts 3 part 2
Jake and Rich (or is it.... Rachel?!?!?!?) get back to business after a somewhat insane delay to continue our run through Kingdom Hearts 3! Game talk starts around 25 minutes in where to discuss Sora talking toooons of trash, old threats seeming somewhat aimless, the main characters also being somewhat aimless, the games lack of any real damand on the player to be skilled, why some worlds are excting and others are not, and much much more (not to mention Jake frequently drumming on his table - seriously dude wtf!) on the latest episode of DAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOO!!!! As always you can reach out to us at or @damnchocobo on the varous popular social media channels (as in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Intro: Face My Fears  - Kasger x MELURAN Bootleg Outro: Yen - Slipknot
123:09 10/23/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 123: Kingdom Hearts 3 part 1
Opening with 35 minutes discussing the Obi Wan miniseries from Disney + we eventually FINALLY get around to discussing what goes down in Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora losing is mojo like a complete chump, Donald being the smartest guy in a room full of idiots, the Organization XIII being toothless wimps, and much much more await on this tasty lick we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOO!!!! If you have any questions or want to reach out to us for any reason feel free to email at or reach out @damnchocobo on all the standard social sites. Intro: Don't Think Twice by AmaLee Outro: Armee der Tristen by Rammstein
157:07 7/4/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 122: Kingdom Hearts 3 part 0.97565/2 days
After 35 minutes of discussing the early episodes of Obi Wan and giving updates on our collecting hobbies (YES I KNOW WE SHOULD HAVE GOT TO THE POINT) we almost kind of start talking about Kingdom Hearts 3.... but mostly spend the majority of the episode just trying to recap the previous games in the series.  Sooo uh... enjoy that. Please don't make this your first episode. Or maybe it's a great first one? I have no idea. If you have any questions or want to reach out to us for any reason feel free to email at or reach out @damnchocobo on all the standard social sites. Intro: Dont Think Twice REMIX by The Punkens Outro: Scoring the End of the World by Motionless in White
97:34 7/4/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 121: Game Music Celebration 2022
Rich and Jake take a brief break from talking about and replaying old RPGS to give some of our favorite game music a proper spotlight. Prepare for a lot of kickass tunes and gushing about drums, swelling orchestration, and good vibes. INTRO and other songs: Seroiusly too many too list, music and their sources are listed thorughout the episode! If you have any qustions or just want to say hi, reach out to us at or @damnchocobo on various social media sites. 
107:54 6/12/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 120: Final Fantasy Tactics part 13
After 18 minutes of typical catchinig up nonsense, Jake and Rich get down to talk about the finale of Final Fantasy Tactics. Tragedy and Triump, a very long optional dungeon, obtuse rare item aquisition mechanics, and a metric ton of butts getting kicked await on the latest tear jerking soul breaking episode of DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Intro: Decisive Battle by Lorenzo de Sequera Outro: Loveletting by VV
103:55 5/14/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 119: Final Fantasy Tactics part 12
After 22 minutes of talking about starting a new job and Batman stuff we get down to getting down and during into the PENULTIMATE CHAPTER of our Final Fantsy Tactics playthrough. Family Drama between brothers, a daughter feeling betrayed, creepy incel douchebags, and a whole lot more await on the grimiest down and dirty podcast us filth wollowing fools call DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOO!!!! Intro: The Hero, Ramza Flute Tribute by iXyled Outro: Thieves by Ministry
97:06 3/17/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 118: Final Fantasy Tactics part 11
After what feels like constant wild ass life events the duders (and occasionally Rich's daughter Darcy) FINALLY get it together and put out ANOTHER EPISODE!  After a brief 10 minute catch up on random goings on they get down to talking about how badass THUNDER GOD CID really is, how incredibly badass Agrias can be, more goings on in the Beowulf & Reis sidequest storyline, THE AQUSITION OF CLOUD, and some fights against dudes that Jake really really did not enjoy. All of this and more on the latest UNPRECEDENTED WORLD CHANGING EVENT we call DAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOO!!!!!! As always if you have questions or thoughts or just wanna say hi, you can reach us at or @damnchocobo on your favorite social media sites. And if you wanna leave us a review somewhere - please do! Intro: Antidote (Orchestral) by Pontus Hultgren Music Outro: Battlefield by Blind Guardian
107:37 2/8/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 117: A Realm Reborn story quests levels 1-20
On a bit of a whim, Rich returns to the world of Final Fantasy XIV to give it a second look and see for himself just how much it has improved since the guys checked it out last on the show!   This episode covers roughly the main story quests for A Realm Reborn levels 1-20!   If you have any thoughts, questions or just want to say some nice shit, reach out to us at or hit us up @damnchocobo on the big social media sites. Outro: The Reckoning by Godhead
72:22 1/27/22
Damn Chocobo Episode 116: 2021 Year End Celebration featuring Diablo 2
Rich and Jake celebrate 2021 coming to a close by popping some drinks, playing Diablo 2 and talking about their favorite games, movies, tv shows, and other things of the year! As always, if you want to reach us feel free to email us at or at all the usual social media sites @damnchocobo Mid episode break: Twisted Tongues by AFI
162:14 12/30/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 115: 10 Year Anniversary Special!
Damn Chocobo, the best-worst Final Fantasy podcast in the fandom, celebrating their 10 year anniversary! December 2011 to December 2021 (AND COUNTING!!!!) Shout out to all the listeners! You all are a huge motivation to keep doing this and we owe you all massive thank you. You keep listening and we'll keep doing this shit.
83:16 12/16/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 114: Final Fantasy Tactics part 10
After 26 minutes of holiday talk, some catching up on shows, and Rich discussing the Alan Wake remaster we get right back at it with Final Fantasy Tactics. More Delita scheming, the complete screwing over of Cid, and the rescue of an immense badass who really didn't need it and probably was just waiting for us to rescue him out of a kindness to our ego, and MORE await on the latest triumphant force of infinite victory we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!   Intro: Final Fantasy Tactics Rap/Hip Hop Type beat by 16-Bit Flip. Outro: Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync
91:12 12/1/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 113: Final Fantasy Tactics part 9
After opening with some thoughts on the Sephiroth character and how he's been handled (and possibly will be handled in the future) along with some upcoming Disney + announcements - 24 minutes into the episode we finally get to talking about Final Fantasy Tactics. Featuring the questline that leads to the aquisition of most of the optional characters we meet Beowulf, Ries, Construct 8 as well as kick many many MANY butts. All this and more on the latest NEARLY 10 YEARS OLD adventure we call DAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOO!!!!! As always if you wish to reach us feel free to email at or reach out to @damnchocobo on most main social media platforms! Intro: Ramza on Antipyretic by iXyled Outro: Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
84:46 11/18/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 112: Final Fantasy Tactics Part 8
A continuation of last episodes discussion on collecting habits along with Rich talking about his new acquired Nintendo Switch starts the episode up until about the 19 min mark. From there we return to the land of Ivalice to wrap up chapter 3! Agrais' capability to wreck house, ninja's being both awesome to play as and awful to fight, Rich charging into battle overly aggressively, Ramza butting into some other families business, some hilariously effective boss strategies and MORE await on the latest SPOOOOOOKKKYYYY Halloween spookshow we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOO!!!!! Happy Halloween, folks! Intro: Antipyretic (remastered) by Jacob Shrum Outro: In Remembrance by Tribulation
103:58 10/21/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 111: Final Fantasy Tactics part 7
Rich, as is expected at this point, goes off on a very lengthy tangent about bad buying decisions and falling down a collecting rabbit hole for 32ish minutes so fast forward as you see fit. Afterwards we rejoin Ramza and Co. as we deal with foolish family members, foolish politicians, foolish shadowy organizations, foolish army deserters and generally all manner of foolish people doing fool stuff leading them to die (like fools). ALL THIS AND MUCH MUCH MORE on the latest incredibly foolish episode of DAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBO!!!! Intro: Apoplexy (Metal Guitar Cover) by Ferdk Outro: True Friends by Bring Me the Horizon
87:56 9/29/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 110: Final Fantasy Tactics Part 6
After 26 minutes of Rich pontificating various stuff like death and its relation to narrative in games - we get back down to Ivalice and stomp some mud holes in many many fools. Job class planning, sensible politics being ignored in favor of stupidity, super horny demons, and more await on the latest poorly planned but sort of competently executed random battle we call DAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBO!!! Intro: Our Hero's Journey Our Hero's Journey by Faseeh featuring Sirenstar Outro: Stroke by Apocalyptica  As always feel free to reach out to us @damnchocobo on the main social media sites or at
95:45 9/10/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 109: Final Fantasy Tactics part 5
After 19 minutes of discussion on Snake Eyes (the new GI Joe movie), Masters of the Universe Revelations, and the effects of personal baggage in relation to a fandom perhaps loving a property a bit too much. Afterwards we jump back into Final Fantasy Tactics where we learn important lessons about presuming things will get easier, recruit a sweet as gun dude, question our team build choices, beat up some more random dudes, and a whole lot more on the latest fan favorite revival of an 80s franchise with a very very passionate fanbase we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Intro: Chess Set by Schematist Outro 1: Duality by Slipknot Outro 2: Eyeless by Slipknot
96:31 7/29/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 108: Final Fantasy Tactics Part 4
After 16 minutes of talking about X-Men and what kind of bad stories are worse we jump back into Final Fantasy Tactics just in time for the plot to really get kicking.  Betrayal, deaths of the innocent, some animal rescue work, more betrayal, and a whole lot of completely wrecking guys who think they know how to fight await on the latest blood drenched battlefield we all know as Daaaaaaaamn Chocoboooooooo!!! Intro: The Meager by iXyled Outro: Kirisute Gomen by Trivium
62:27 7/2/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 107: Final Fantasy Tactics part 3
After a short 15ish minute talk about how free time can effect ones enjoyment of a game, Rich and Jake jump back into the GLORY that is Final Fantasy Tactics. Ramza being clueless to how is family truly operates, Delita having a rough time, Argath (or Algus depending on your version of the game) being a complete asshat, and a whole bunch of pricks with good motivations but absolutely awful actions await on the next surprisingly consistently released episode of DAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOO!!! As always if you want to contact us you can reach out at or @damnchocobo on all the standard social media platforms. Intro: Run Past Through The PlainElectroSymphonicMetal Cover by Ferdk Outro: Limb From Limb by Skeletonwitch  
103:13 6/11/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 106: Final Fantasy Tactics part 2
After 9 minutes of catching up the guys Get RIGHT BACK AT IT in Final Fantasy Tactics beginning the game proper with Chapter 1. Kicking ass and getting asses kicked, meeting shitty brothers and douchey "allies", and the beginning tidbits of an onslaught of DRAMA along with the ever slow progression into an ultimate badass await on the latest carefully thought through and even more craftily executed episode of DAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOO!!!   Intro: Formation ~ Roster Tweak My Soul by iXyled Outro: Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
68:19 5/28/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 105: Final Fantasy Tactics
The beginning of a new era of Damn Chocobo! As an experiment we're going to release episodes of this next playthrough in shorter chunks and HOPEFULLY far more frequently! Can we keep it up? Will we develop a regular and consistent release schedule? PROBABLY NOT but never say we don't take chances! Fifteen minutes after our usual nonsense we begin this new (and possibly short) era of the show we begin the LOOOOOOONG teased run through the overwhelmingly loved Final Fantasy Tactics. Is it the best game to bare the series name? JOIN US AS WE FIND OUT!  This episode features us discussing our history with this game and play up through the prologue!  As always if you have questions, concerns, comments or just wanna say fuck off - you can reach us at OR at pretty much all of the usual Social Media sites @DamnChocobo Intro: Backborn Story - REMASTERED + by Jacob Shrum Outro: Passion and the Opera by Nightwish  
65:26 5/13/21
Damn Chocobo Episode 104: Final Fantasy VII Redux Part 6
After spending waaaaaay too long (about 38 minutes) talking about some stuff from last episode and "Zack Snyder's Justice League"  - Jake an Rich wrap up our return to Final Fantasy VII. For the last time? A whole bunch of fetching random stuff, catching birds and makin' them bang out, getting stomped by super-bosses specifically designed to stop asses, and the final descent into hell await on the Noob Fan Favorite thats totally not as great as everyone says and they only like it most because its their first podcast we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOO!!!! If you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or just want to say hey you can reach us at most of the major social media sites or at   Intro: Birth of a God - GaMetal Remix Outro: Crow Killer Blues by Rob Zombie
182:38 3/31/21

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