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Mindfully Masculine: Personal Growth and Mental Health for Men

Charles and Dan are just two guys talking about relationships, masculinity, and authenticity. Join them as they discuss books and media, as well as their (sometimes messy) personal stories, to encourage men to join the fight for their mental, physical, and emotional health--because a world of healthy, resilient men is a thriving and more secure world for everyone.


Quality Time: More Than Just Being Together
Podcast Episode: Quality Time: More Than Just Being TogetherEpisode Overview:In this episode of the "Mindfully Masculine" podcast, Charles and Dan dive into the second love language: Quality Time. They explore the importance of focused attention, meaningful interactions, and how quality time enhances relationships. The hosts discuss strategies for men to overcome distractions and connect with their partners.Key Topics Covered:Defining Quality Time:Understanding quality time as a love language. Differentiating between physical proximity and meaningful connection. The importance of focused, undivided attention.The Pitfalls of Low-Quality Time:How low-quality time impacts relationships. The importance of setting expectations and delivering on promises. Avoiding distractions and being present.Balancing Sacrifices and Personal Interests:Finding balance between personal interests and quality time. The importance of not sacrificing crucial activities. Tips for rearranging schedules.Active Listening and Effective Communication:Techniques for active listening and maintaining eye contact. Understanding and validating your partner’s feelings. Asking follow-up questions and showing genuine interest.Creating Meaningful Moments:Ideas for activities that promote quality time, such as shared hobbies and book clubs. The role of spontaneity in maintaining excitement. Planning regular check-ins to strengthen the relationship.Overcoming Common Challenges:Addressing challenges of different schedules and personal preferences. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Strategies for men with ADHD or those who struggle with maintaining attention.Practical Tips for Quality Time:Preparation and Environment:Prepare your environment to minimize distractions. Use tools like "Do Not Disturb" on your phone.Sacrifice Wisely:Evaluate and sacrifice less important activities before giving up things you love. Prioritize tasks that contribute positively to the relationship.Engage in Shared Activities:Participate in activities that both partners enjoy. Be open to trying new things that interest your partner and communicate your boundaries.Regular Check-Ins:Schedule regular check-ins to discuss needs and feelings. Strengthen emotional connections and understanding.Episode Highlights:Charles and Dan share personal anecdotes about their experiences. The hosts discuss empathy and validating feelings. Tips for men to improve listening skills and maintain a positive attitude during quality time.Listener Takeaways:Quality time is more than just being together; it’s about being present and engaged. Men can improve their relationships by prioritizing quality time and practicing active listening. Consistent efforts in spending quality time can significantly impact relationship satisfaction.Call to Action:Follow or subscribe to the "Mindfully Masculine" podcast for insights on building strong, mindful relationships. Share this episode with friends and family who might benefit from understanding quality time.Connect with Us:Website: MindfullyMasculine.comInstagram: @MindfullyMasculineTwitter: @MindfulMenEmail: mindfullymasculine@gmail.comJoin us next time as we explore the love language of receiving and giving gifts, and learn how to make your partner feel valued through thoughtful gestures.#QualityTime #MindfullyMasculine #RelationshipAdvice #LoveLanguages #ActiveListening #MeaningfulMoments #Mindfulness #MensHealth #PodcastEpisode #HealthyRelationshipsSupport the Show.
74:34 6/17/24
How Words of Affirmation Can Transform Your Relationship
Welcome to the Mindfully Masculine Podcast! In this episode, Charles and Dan explore how the love language of words of affirmation can profoundly impact your relationship. As part of their ongoing series on the five love languages for men, this episode delves into the nuances of expressing love verbally and the transformative effects it can have.Charles begins the episode by sharing his personal journey with the five love languages. After taking the full assessment on Gary Chapman’s website, he discovered that his primary love language is words of affirmation. Dan, on the other hand, reveals that words of affirmation are secondary for him, tied with quality time.They discuss the importance of understanding your partner’s love language and how words of affirmation can help build a stronger emotional connection. Charles and Dan emphasize the significance of sincere and specific compliments, explaining that genuine appreciation for your partner’s choices and efforts can strengthen your bond.The episode also touches on the potential pitfalls of using humor and sarcasm inappropriately when giving compliments. They highlight the importance of a warm and sincere tone to ensure that your words of affirmation are well-received and meaningful.Charles and Dan offer practical tips on how to incorporate words of affirmation into your daily interactions. They suggest making a list of positive qualities and actions to compliment your partner on and emphasize the value of specific and heartfelt praise.The conversation shifts to the potential dangers of manipulation when using words of affirmation. They caution against using compliments strategically to influence your partner’s behavior and stress the importance of authenticity in your expressions of love.In a poignant moment, they discuss the impact of tone and delivery on the effectiveness of words of affirmation. They remind listeners that even a well-intentioned compliment can fall flat if delivered with a negative tone or attitude.Charles and Dan also explore the idea of encouraging your partner in their personal growth and endeavors. They emphasize the importance of supporting your partner’s dreams and aspirations without imposing your own desires on them.The episode concludes with practical advice on how to make requests rather than demands in your relationship. Charles and Dan explain that framing your needs as requests fosters a more cooperative and respectful dynamic, enhancing mutual understanding and intimacy.Key Takeaways: Understanding and speaking your partner’s love language, particularly words of affirmation, can significantly enhance your relationship. Genuine, specific, and heartfelt compliments are more impactful than generic praise. Avoid using humor or sarcasm in ways that might undermine your affirmations. Authenticity and sincerity are crucial in expressing love verbally. Making requests rather than demands fosters a healthier and more cooperative relationship dynamic.Join Charles and Dan in this insightful episode as they unpack the power of words of affirmation and share practical tips to transform your relationship.Be sure to subscribe to the Mindfully Masculine Podcast on your preferred podcast app, and check us out on YouTube for full video episodes. Let us know your thoughts and experiences with love languages in the comments. Enjoy the episode!Tags: #LoveLanguages #WordsOfAffirmation #RelationshipAdvice #Men #Podcast #MindfullyMasculine #SelfHelp #Marriage #Communication #PersonalDevelopmentSupport the Show.
49:39 6/10/24
An Introduction to "The 5 Love Languages for Men"
Welcome to the Mindfully Masculine Podcast! In this episode, Charles and Dan dive into the world of Gary Chapman's "The 5 Love Languages for Men." After a brief hiatus due to the Memorial Day holiday and some personal hurdles, the duo returns to explore the foundational concepts of this popular book.Charles and Dan reconnect, sharing personal updates and setting the stage for the discussion on "The 5 Love Languages for Men." They start with a humorous and relatable conversation about learning new languages and the challenges that come with it.The episode then dives deep into the essence of Gary Chapman's philosophy on love languages, discussing the primary audience for the book and its relevance to married men. There’s also a touch of humor on Chapman's seemingly binary view of relationships (married or single).Addressing some of the common criticisms of the love languages concept, including the lack of scientific basis and potential oversimplification of human emotions, Charles and Dan weigh in on these criticisms, providing their perspectives and insights.The discussion moves to the importance of understanding and speaking your partner's love language to enhance relationship satisfaction. Real-life examples and anecdotes illustrate the impact of effectively using love languages in a relationship, along with tips on how to identify and adapt to your partner's love language for a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.Exploring the metaphor of the "love tank," the hosts explain how regular positive interactions can build a reservoir of goodwill in a relationship. They emphasize the significance of maintaining a full love tank, especially during challenging times.They also acknowledge that love languages can evolve over time and stress the importance of periodically revisiting and reassessing them. For deeper relationship issues, they discuss the potential need for professional guidance beyond just reading self-help books.Looking ahead, the hosts preview the upcoming episodes, each dedicated to one of the five love languages, and encourage listeners to take the love languages quiz to better understand their own and their partner's primary love languages.Key Takeaways: Understanding and speaking your partner's love language is crucial for a strong and healthy relationship. Love languages are not static and can change over time, necessitating ongoing attention and adaptation. Building a reservoir of positive interactions (love tank) helps sustain a relationship through tough times. For serious relationship challenges, professional help may be necessary beyond just reading self-help books.Join Charles and Dan as they embark on this insightful journey through "The 5 Love Languages for Men." Whether you're in a relationship or single, there's something valuable for everyone in this episode.Be sure to subscribe to the Mindfully Masculine Podcast on your preferred podcast app, and check us out on YouTube for full video episodes. Let us know your thoughts and experiences with love languages in the comments. Enjoy the episode!Tags: #LoveLanguages #GaryChapman #RelationshipAdvice #Men #Podcast #MindfullyMasculine #SelfHelp #Marriage #LoveTank #PersonalDevelopmentSupport the Show.
54:07 6/3/24
Concluding "Self-Care for Men": Bathrooms, Plants, and Smells
Episode Title: Concluding "Self-Care for Men": Bathrooms, Plants, and SmellsHosts: Charles and DanEpisode Summary:In this final episode of the self-care series, Charles and Dan discuss tips for men's self-care routines, including clothing choices for travel, refreshing your wardrobe, and the importance of a welcoming bathroom environment. They also delve into the concept of feng shui, houseplants, and aromatherapy, offering practical advice and debunking some common misconceptions.Key Topics:Travel Fashion: Tips for packing light and choosing versatile clothing for European travel, including recommendations for wrinkle-free pants and avoiding shorts.Refreshing Your Wardrobe: Using color analysis to choose flattering colors for clothing and underwear.Bathroom Self-Care: Creating a welcoming bathroom environment with optimal storage, lighting, and aromatherapy.Feng Shui: Practical tips for arranging your home for comfort and security, debunking the mystical aspects.Houseplants: Discussing the benefits and limitations of houseplants for air purification and aesthetics.Aromatherapy: Exploring different scents and methods for creating a signature scent in your home, including candles, diffusers, and room sprays.Additional Notes:Charles and Dan share personal anecdotes and experiences related to self-care.They emphasize the importance of prioritizing physical and mental health over superficial self-care practices.The hosts encourage listeners to be critical thinkers and choose self-care practices that work best for them.Mentioned Resources:Haggar Cool 18 Pro PantsNext Level T-shirtsJockey Active Microfiber 2.5" TrunkBath & Body Works "Wallflower" Air FreshenersWyze PlugsCall to Action:Follow or subscribe to the Mindfully Masculine Podcast on your preferred platform for more episodes on men's self-care and relationships.Support the Show.
57:15 5/20/24
Men and Bears and Interior Design!
Episode Summary:In this episode of the Mindfully Masculine Podcast, hosts Charles and Dan delve into the final chapters of Garrett Muntz's "Self-Care for Men," focusing on optimizing living spaces for better self-care. They explore the practical aspects of arranging and utilizing spaces within one’s living environment to enhance personal well-being. Additionally, the episode kicks off with a thought-provoking discussion based on a social media query: Would you rather encounter a man or a bear while hiking?Introduction to Space Optimization:Strategies for making the most out of living spaces.The importance of arranging furniture and choosing appropriate decor to foster a relaxing and productive environment.Living Room Adjustments:Recommendations for furniture placement to encourage social interactions and maintain comfort.Tips on selecting the right size and type of furniture and electronics for different room sizes.Kitchen Organization:Importance of maintaining an organized and clean kitchen.Suggestions for refrigerator maintenance and optimizing kitchen storage.Bedroom Improvements:Ideas for enhancing sleep quality through better pillow choices and minimizing external light.The role of proper bedding and creating a restful atmosphere in the bedroom.Enhancing Personal Spaces:Discussion on the personal and psychological benefits of designated personal spaces like a "man cave" or a reading nook.How personalizing your space can improve mental health and personal relationships.Q&A and Social Media Insights:Insights from social media on personal safety perceptions in the wild.Discussion on gender dynamics and safety in public and private spaces.Closing Thoughts:Charles and Dan wrap up the discussion by emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that not only meet functional needs but also contribute to overall mental and emotional well-being. They invite listeners to think about how their environments impact their daily lives and to make intentional changes that can lead to more fulfilling and relaxing living conditions.Support the Show.
55:17 5/13/24
Do Crystals and Sage Have a Place in Your Self-Care Practice?
In this thought-provoking episode, Charles and Dan delve into the spiritual aspects of self-care, as discussed in Garrett Muntz's book, "Self-Care for Men". While Charles expresses skepticism about practices like astrology and smudging, the duo explores their potential psychological benefits and discusses broader self-care strategies.Spiritual Practices for Self-Care:Charles and Dan examine various spiritual practices recommended in the book. While Charles is critical of new age practices like astrology, reiki, and tarot, both hosts discuss how these could be seen as forms of entertainment or mental relaxation rather than literal solutions to life’s problems.Personal Experiences and Anecdotes:Charles shares his recent trip to Omaha, highlighting his visit to the zoo and his experiences with overcrowded public places. He also discusses the challenges of dealing with poorly supervised children in public settings, providing a candid reflection on personal space and public behavior.Reflections on Parenting and Public Behavior:Both hosts reflect on the responsibilities of parenting in public spaces, emphasizing the importance of teaching children appropriate behavior in different settings.Broader Self-Care Strategies:Beyond spiritual practices, the discussion extends to general self-care strategies like organization, decluttering, and maintaining personal rituals, particularly when traveling.Listener Takeaways:Whether or not one believes in the efficacy of spiritual practices, integrating intentional relaxation and reflection into daily life can contribute significantly to mental health.The importance of adapting self-care practices to fit personal beliefs and lifestyle, rather than strictly adhering to prescribed methods.Call to Action:Listeners are encouraged to explore self-care practices that resonate with them, keeping an open mind about new methods but also remaining critical about what genuinely benefits their well-being.Subscribe for more insightful discussions on men's health and well-being, and share your own experiences with self-care on our social media channels.This episode challenges traditional notions of masculinity and self-care, encouraging men to explore a variety of methods to enhance their mental health and well-being.Support the Show.
65:56 5/6/24
From Crown to Crotch: Navigating Baldness and Grooming
In this exciting episode, Charles and Dan dive deep into the topics of hair loss and body image, pulling insights from the book "Self-Care for Men" by Garrett Muntz. They explore societal perceptions, personal reactions to baldness, and share personal anecdotes and advice on managing both the hair you want and the hair you don't. Join us as we discuss how baldness affects social standing, the impact of celebrity culture on hair loss stigma, and practical tips for those experiencing thinning hair.Topics covered include:Discussion on hair loss: How it's perceived socially and its effects on personal and professional life.The psychological aspect of dealing with baldness and body weight; societal pressures and personal acceptance.[Celebrity influences on the perception of baldness, featuring examples like The Rock, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham.Deep dive into the causes of hair loss, including genetics, stress, and lifestyle factors.Health and nutrition tips that can potentially slow down hair loss.Discussion on manscaping and personal grooming—how it affects personal hygiene and social interactions.The risks and benefits of various hair removal techniques, including shaving, waxing, and laser treatments.Closing thoughts: Emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and focusing on overall health over appearance.Recommended Resources:"Self-Care for Men" by Garrett MuntzEpisode 72 for a deeper discussion on baldness and attractionSupport the Show.
50:54 4/30/24
Beyond The Buzz: How and Where to Get YOUR Best Haircut
Episode Summary:Join Charles and Dan on the "Mindfully Masculine" podcast as they dive into the essential considerations for choosing the right place to get your haircut. Whether you opt for a quick clip at the local barber or a luxurious styling session at a salon, this episode covers everything from the nuances of barber versus stylist services to the cultural shifts in men's grooming. Listen as they share personal experiences and offer practical advice to help you decide where and how to get the best haircut that suits your style and needs.Key Discussion Points:1. Understanding Barber vs. Stylist Services: Explore the distinct differences between barbers and stylists, including the types of services each offers, and what you can expect during your visit.2. Choosing the Right Venue for Your Haircut: Whether it’s a traditional barber or a modern stylist, learn how to select the right setting based on your hair type, desired style, and grooming preferences.3. Cultural Perceptions and Marketing in Men's Grooming: Delve into how businesses like Sport Clips have successfully tailored their services to appeal to men, blending grooming with sports to create a comfortable atmosphere.4. Cost Considerations and Grooming Budgets: Discuss the economics of grooming, including how often to get a haircut to maintain your look without breaking the bank.5. Personal Grooming Stories and Experiences: Charles and Dan share their personal haircut journeys, providing insights into their preferred grooming spots and what they look for in a great barber or stylist.Featured Segment:The episode features a segment where Charles discusses the importance of communication with your barber or stylist, advocating the use of images to ensure your haircut matches your vision. This practical tip can help listeners avoid common misunderstandings and achieve their desired outcomes.Support the Show.
20:16 4/22/24
Whiskers and Wax: The Subtleties of Male Grooming
Have you ever sat down at a fancy restaurant, only to discover a stray hair in your spaghetti? That's exactly what happened to one of us last week, and it sparked a hilarious, albeit slightly gross, discussion about the unexpected places we find hair. This mishap, alongside Garrett Muntz's sage advice, led us into a hearty chat about the world of men's hair care products. We swap anecdotes and explore everything from the slick appeal of pomade to the subtle charm of mustache wax, aiming to arm you with the knowledge to craft your ideal look.As we peel back the layers of hair styling, we get personal, sharing the triumphs and tribulations of our own hair care adventures. Whether it's the ease of a buzz cut or the trials of taming unruly waves, we dissect the balance between style, comfort, and the time we're willing to invest in front of the mirror. Our banter takes us through the misunderstood realm of hair creams and moisturizers—could they be the secret weapon in your grooming arsenal? And let's not forget the curiosity around salt spray; we weigh in on whether it's a beachy blessing or just saline hype.Rounding out the episode, we get real about the importance of aligning your hair care routine with your day-to-day life. We open up about the stalwarts of our bathroom shevles and the new products we're itching to try, encouraging you to find that sweet spot where maintenance meets personal style. So, if you're up for a blend of good humor and grooming wisdom, make sure to tune into the Mindfully Masculine Podcast. Trust us, you'll come for the laughs but stay for the savvy self-care tips. See you in the next episode, where we continue to navigate the path to staying mindfully masculine.Support the Show.
24:31 4/15/24
The Hair Dryer: A Valuable Tool, or a Waste of Time?
Ever wrestled with the conundrum of whether a man should use a hairdryer? Dan and Charles tackle that hairy issue head-on, debunking myths, and swapping stories about our own grooming rituals. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We're also carving out a space to talk about men's self-care in ways that go beyond the surface, diving into how technology like insulin pumps can drastically improve daily life for those managing diabetes. And because we're all about balance, we don't shy away from the lighter side, like the unexpected joys and trials of teeth whitening.Cosmetic enhancements often come with a side of judgment, but here we're uncapping the whole tube of discussion. Dan's journey with Botox might raise some eyebrows (well, not his anymore). We candidly weigh the social perceptions and personal commitments cosmetics demand, questioning what lengths we're willing to go for that refined look. It's a candid conversation about the impact of aesthetic pursuits on our lives and how these decisions fold into the modern man's quest for self-care.Wrapping up, we share some hot tips on optimal hair dryer use that might just blow your mind—or at least your hair. Still, we're not afraid to turn down the heat and talk about the misleading nature of "net carbs" in diet foods and their real-life effects on blood sugar levels. Each chapter is a strand in the broader conversation about men's self-improvement, and we're here to brush through it all. So for those who are serious about self-care or just love a good chat about life's finer points, keep your ears tuned and subscribe for more episodes where we unravel the complexities of personal grooming and health.Support the Show.
31:49 4/8/24
The Mane Event: Tips for Healthy, Handsome Hair
Ever wondered what it takes to have a luscious head of hair and a heart full of love? Join us in peeling back the layers of two seemingly unrelated yet deeply personal topics: the secrets to impeccable hair care and the complexities of unconditional love. Prepare to have your bathroom shelf and your belief systems shaken-up, as we dissect everything from sulfate-free shampoos to the nature of the love we share with those closest to us. Whether you're looking to overhaul your hair routine or contemplating the strings attached to your heartstrings, this episode has you covered.This heart-to-heart doesn't stop at the surface; we're talking about the nuances of daily grooming habits and how they reflect our self-worth, while also navigating the slippery slopes of relationship dynamics. We confront the myths and facts of hair product ingredients, and debate the existence of love free from conditions. Relying on insights from "Self-care for Men" we enlighten your approach to hair care and challenge you to reflect on the love in your life, ensuring you walk away with a head and heart as healthy as they can be.Support the Show.
24:38 4/1/24
Your Anti-Aging Arsenal
Embark on a transformative journey with us as we challenge the norms of masculinity and self-care. Dan and I delve into the myriad of anti-aging strategies for men, from the basic to the bold, and share our candid opinions on what works and what's just hype. But it's not just about looking good; it's about living vibrantly. I'm all set to chat about my anticipation for a high-stakes hike up Mount Whitney—if Lady Luck grants me a date. We'll swap stories on managing the rigors of high-altitude treks and the importance of being prepared for anything nature throws your way.Ever wondered how to strike the perfect balance between self-development investments and their life-altering returns? Tag along as I consider diving into the fiery energy of Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within" seminar, contemplating the cost versus the potential for pivotal change. As we navigate the landscape of men's health and anti-aging, we'll dissect topics like early anti-aging tactics, the underestimated power of a solid skincare regime, and the controversial realm of hormone replacement therapy. Plus, I'll share insights on the synergy between fitness, personal style, and a well-rounded diet that keeps the clock ticking in our favor.The conversation takes a deeper cut as we scrutinize the impact of celebrity plastic surgeries on public perception and mental health. From Greta Van Susteren's post-trial transformation to Simon Cowell's startling new visage, we question the psychological effects of drastic changes in appearance. Pull up a chair for a robust discussion on the ethical responsibilities of plastic surgeons, the cultural pressures that fuel our quest for eternal youth, and the heartfelt stories that remind us of the delicate balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance. Join us for this compelling dialogue that dissects the complex layers of body image, surgery, and the pursuit of happiness in today's society.Support the Show.
43:37 3/25/24
Tough Guys and Tooth Fairies: Clean That Mouth!
Ever wondered about the unexpected connections between oral hygiene and German's chocolate cake? Settle in as we embark on a lively journey through the world of self-care for men, starting with those pearly whites. Our latest Mindfully Masculine Podcast episode isn't just a treasure trove of dental wisdom—it's a rollicking adventure through personal anecdotes and myth-busting that will leave you both informed and chuckling. We peel back layers of oral care marketing and share our own experiences with the latest dental gadgets and routines.Hold on to your toothbrushes because we're dissecting everything from the efficacy of floss picks to the smooth, minty allure of alcohol-free mouthwash—and why it might not be for everyone. Our discussion doesn't shy away from the nitty-gritty of mouth care equipment, debating the merits of electric toothbrushes and tongue scrapers. Plus, get a front-row seat to Charles's 20-day Crest product suite experiment, where I test the limits of at-home (tooth) whiteness. By the time we're through, you'll be equipped with personal perspectives on everything from flossing techniques to the truth behind that fresh, tingly sensation.Wrap up your dental deep dive with us as we delve into the world of teeth whitening and oral health tips. Whether it's weighing the pros and cons of professional treatments or exploring the health impacts of your sugar and fat intake, we're covering all the bases. And for those contemplating the cost and convenience of dental tourism or invisible aligners, we've got firsthand insights to guide you. So join our candid conversation, and let's navigate the maze of mouth care together—because a healthy smile is always in style.Support the Show.
45:10 3/18/24
From Sidelines to Spa Days: Exploring Men's Wellness
Ever been caught between the adrenaline rush of a sports game and the zen-like tranquility of a spa day? Charles and Dan, strike that balance in our latest Mindfully Masculine episode, as we swap tales from our spa experiences and weigh in on the recent Super Bowl buzz. Our chat delves into Travis Kelce and Coach Andy Reid's sideline exchange, where we touch on the intricacies of respect, authority, and race in sports. But it's not all about the gridiron; self-care aficionados and rookies alike will find solace as we peel back the layers on facials, even for the bearded among us.Picture the perfect facial treatment—now imagine navigating that with a five o'clock shadow. That's the conundrum we unpack, sharing the highs and lows of spa care while sporting facial hair. We also reminisce over the indulgence of a certain pumpkin facial mask, enjoyed year-round, and chuckle over our attempts to ration the podcast's coveted crumble cookies. But it's not just fluff; we critically examine the claims behind various spa treatments, pondering whether they stand up to scientific scrutiny or if they're just another dose of feel-good hedonism.To wrap up, consider this a crash course in savvy spa consumerism. From upselling maneuvers to navigating the sea of advanced skin treatments like LED therapy, we equip you with the know-how to make informed decisions. We share our own journeys, advising on the importance of easing into skincare routines and the underrated value of a trusted aesthetician relationship. Whether you're a grooming guru or a newcomer to the world of men's self-care, our episode offers a fresh perspective on looking good, feeling great, and staying sharp—inside the spa and out on the field.Support the Show.
32:17 3/11/24
Sheet Mask Shenanigans
Ever thought a hydrating face mask was just a slick way to scare off anyone at the door? Well, we took the plunge, beards and all, and let's just say, our coffee sipping technique needed some serious innovation. We wax comical about our latest foray into the world of men's self-care, sharing our skirmishes with the slippery adversaries known as sheet masks. But it's not all laughs—we also chat about the Tiny Habits method and how your better half could be your allies on this journey towards glowing skin and maybe, just maybe, glowing personalities.Then there's the trip down memory lane to the days when facial masks were a one-trick pony: clay or peel-off, take it or leave it. We compare war stories of beauty mishaps (that time Dan turned into a lobster pre-date night, anyone?), discuss the finesse needed in mask application, and take a moment to ponder the satirical genius of "American Psycho." Korean sheet masks make an appearance, too, as we balance the wonders of convenience with the need for a discerning eye while shopping online. Spoiler alert: Dan's got a game-changing under-eye gel mask recommendation that might just make you the most awake-looking person in any Zoom meeting.Wrapping up, we swap tales of Valentine's Day from a single guy's perspective, busting myths and toasting to "Pal-entine's Day" and self-love with the same zeal we'd apply to our newly favored face masks. And for a dose of pure heartfelt cheer, Charles recounts the joy of donning the Easter Bunny suit at a local nursing home — because who says you need to be a kid to find magic in a person-sized rabbit? Stay tuned for candid banter, unexpected skin care wisdom, and the kind of stories that make life a little bit brighter.Support the Show.
30:02 3/4/24
Shaving as Self-Care: A Man's Guide
Have you ever considered the simple act of shaving as a cornerstone of self-care? This episode is a soothing balm for those looking to enhance their grooming routine, with insights on why embracing the blade—or not—can be a deeply personal choice. Charles and Dan examine the tools that keep us looking sharp, from high-tech razors to the most indulgent of soaps. Plus, we share the warmth and comfort of life's little luxuries, like a heated steering wheel on a chilly Pennsylvania morning.Strap in for tales of travel and the anticipation of future adventures that fuel our wanderlust and personal growth.Round off your listening experience with a dive into the cultural revelations that come from stepping outside our comfort zones. We're not just talking about shaving and self-care; we're exploring the impact of interacting with international communities and reflecting on environmental policy differences. Plus, there's a nod to Taylor Swift's savvy release strategies, because who doesn't love a bit of pop culture mixed with their personal development?Support the Show.
38:42 2/26/24
Winter Whiskers and Pretty Faces
Picture the scene: you're sidled up in the frosty pre-dawn of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, bundled up and brimming with excitement, awaiting the famous groundhog's springtime prophecy. It's almost Groundhog Day, and we're cracking the lid on this time-honored tradition, from securing the perfect spot to witness Phil's annual weather prediction to the history that burrows deep to its Germanic roots. Expect tales of camaraderie in the chills of February and the warm glow of a shared experience, as Charles and Dan chat about looking forward to this quirky day and the surprising trivia of a certain legendary movie.Stepping out of the cold, let's turn up the heat on skincare. Our faces brave the elements, so they deserve a little pampering, right? This episode is packed with our personal grooming tips and product recommendations as we navigate the sea of facial cleansers and shower routines. I'll reveal why shower shaving is a game changer and how keeping duplicate grooming items in strategic places saves your skin and your sanity. Dive into our journey with various under-eye creams, including the battle between high-end luxury and budget-friendly options, and learn how to weave a night cream practice into your nightly rituals.But it's not just about keeping our skin in check; it's also about understanding and supporting each other. Acne can be a formidable foe, and as we share our own skin struggles, we unpack the importance of a consistent skincare routine and the value of expert advice. We attempt to bring all our insights to the table, making this episode a heartfelt blend of practical tips and empathetic conversation. Whether you're a Groundhog Day enthusiast, a skincare novice, or simply on the hunt for some cozy camaraderie, join us for an episode that digs beneath the surface and nurtures both tradition and personal care.The referenced Orca hat: the Show.
40:18 2/19/24
Spa Serenity for the Modern Man
Ever had one of those days where the universe seems to conspire against your domestic bliss? Well, pull up a chair and chuckle along as we recount some recent homelife hi-jinx–from rogue RVs causing water outages to backflow bedlam in the garden. But it's not all sprinkler systems and studio aesthetics; we also share our takeaways from Podfest, where the mix of venue vibes and speaker surprises left us with plenty to mull over. Now, let's swap garden gloves for bathrobes as we strip down the misconceptions of spas as a man's world of self-care. Imagine unraveling the day's stress with the magic touch of a skilled massage therapist or glowing up your game with a rejuvenating facial. We'll take you through our own spa escapades, dishing out tips on snagging great deals and navigating the etiquette maze of co-ed steam rooms. Whether it's a lavish day-long retreat or a quick-fix chair massage, we're here to guide you through the self-care jungle. So sit back, relax, and let us be your personal wellness gurus.Support the Show.
25:13 2/12/24
Tattoos are Self-care?
Have you ever stared at a tattoo and wondered about the story it tells? Charles and Dan are peeling back the ink this week on Mindfully Masculine, as we tackle the complex dynamics of self-care and identity in the realm of tattoos and beyond. We're diving into the reasons why some men choose to remain a blank canvas, sharing personal tales that range from cultural influences to the potential for regret with permanent body art. But it's not all serious business; we'll whisk you away on a culinary detour, discussing how our taste buds have matured from filet mignon to the robust flavors of a New York strip.Tattoos often stand as silent sentinels of personal history, but what happens when they no longer represent who we are? We get candid about the emotional weight of inked memories and the significance of choosing a symbol that evolves with you. Not only do we explore the personal side of tattoos, but we also scrutinize the practicalities—from the painful realities of removal to the necessity of aftercare. Let's not forget the role of habits and systems in shaping success; we're revealing how the enchantment of life can be found in the simplest of routines, from the skincare regime that guards your canvas to the supplements that fuel our bodies.As the conversation takes a turn towards the sunny side, we sift through the nuances of sunscreen safety and skincare. You'll hear about our personal experience with mineral-based sunscreens and the challenge of finding a balance between health and aesthetics. Before we wrap up, we extend an invitation for you to join our mindful journey. Tattoo enthusiast or not, we're here to explore the intricacies of modern masculinity with you. So, subscribe or follow Mindfully Masculine—let's continue to build habits, break stigmas, and talk about steak in ways that might just surprise you.Support the Show.
52:50 2/5/24
Skin Deep Conversations on Grooming, Tanning, and Nutrition
Ever wondered how to navigate the complex seas of men's skincare without capsizing under the weight of scented moisturizers and aftershaves? Let Charles and Dan be your seasoned crew on this voyage. We're confessing our skincare sins, from our often neglected routines to the greasy aftermath we all dread. But it's not all smooth sailing; we're tackling the tough questions about when to moisturize, the battle of the fragrances, and the simple alternatives that could save your skin from the deep end.As our journey progresses, we cast a line into the sun-kissed waters of tanning and the risks versus rewards of chasing that bronzed deity look. Chafing—a plight as old as thighs themselves—is candidly discussed alongside practical tips to keep you gliding through life sans friction. And as for that golden glow? We're charting a course for achieving it without inviting the unwanted stowaways of UV damage, all while considering the environmental impact our sun protection choices make.Before we dock, we take a detour through the foggy realm of nutrition research, dissecting the reliability of self-reported studies with the precision of seasoned sailors. And as the ink dries on our discussion about the colorful world of tattoos, we invite you to become part of our crew by following or subscribing. Trust us, it's smoother sailing ahead with every episode of the Mindfully Masculine podcast, where we ensure your next port of call is always informed, enlightened, and engaging.Support the Show.
43:56 1/29/24
Are Your Fingers and Toes Gross?
Ever wondered how manicures could boost your overall health? Strap in for a riveting journey through self-care and personal growth with insights from Garrett Munce, as we lay out the connection between exercise, diet, sleep, and your mood. Dan's return to the weights paints a vivid picture, while the audiobooks in my ear these days offer golden nuggets on thriving in your personal and professional life.Rising with the sun or hitting snooze; what's your battle cry? We chew over the conundrum of crafting the perfect morning routine, balancing discipline with the body's cry for rest. Digging into the grooming habits that spell out self-care for men, we crack open the lid on maintaining both hand and foot hygiene. It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling prime - and we share our own salon escapades and homegrown hacks that keep us in top shape, no polish necessary.Lastly, let's talk about those salon visits that often come with an unexpected side of comedy. We share a chuckle over the offer of nail color—shoutout to Carson Daly's black nail—and trade stories about the unexpected joys and perils of public bathrooms. We wrap things up by tipping our hats to the likes of Adam Carolla, whose humor and craftsmanship underscore the message: self-improvement can certainly come with a side of laughter. Join us for a hearty conversation that'll leave your spirits lifted and perhaps inspire a pampering session of your own.Books That Charles Mentioned:The Road Back To YouThe On-purpose PersonThe Big StickSupport the Show.
42:46 1/22/24
The Myths of Unconditional Love and Relaxing Baths
Ever wondered if unconditional love is truly possible, or just a beautifully wrapped myth? Charles and Dan crack open this topic and so much more on our latest Mindfully Masculine podcast. From the unexpected social connections made through pickleball to the crucial role of self-care in the modern man's life, we share our personal anecdotes and insights. The conversation then deepens as we scrutinize the concept of unconditional love, questioning its existence and the potential harm in expecting love without conditions from anyone, be it our partners, children, or pets.Picture this: you're knee-deep in a relationship where you're giving it your all, but something feels off. That's neediness knocking at your door, and it's a tell-tale sign of an imbalance in the give-and-take dynamic. We dissect this tricky subject, reflecting on how social media skews our love expectations and the importance of a balanced social life. And for those moments when you need to recharge? We'll guide you through the self-care maze, weighing the pros and cons of baths and showers, even invoking the 'Iceman' Wim Hof to discuss the invigorating effects of cold showers.As the curtain falls on our podcast episode, we leave no stone unturned, diving into the finer points of skincare with essential oils and colloidal oatmeal, and sharing personal experiences that blend the reflective with the practical. Setting realistic expectations for love and relationships, we conclude with heartfelt advice on maintaining effort in partnerships and embracing self-kindness. Whether you're a long-time listener or new to Mindfully Masculine, this episode promises to resonate with your quest for a more introspective and balanced masculine journey."Tamborine" by Chris Rock the Show.
45:00 1/15/24
CBD, Self-love, and Property Damage
The good, the bad, and the ugly from our move to Winter Garden. We'll regale you with the story of how a simple water spigot incident led to a campground-wide drought. Our misadventures are a testament to the chaos that ensues when time management takes a back seat – and it's a ride you won't want to miss.Then, we swerve into the less spoken-of lanes of wellness and personal care. From the corridors of cannabinoids to the intimate truths about masturbation, we're not shying away from the conversations that might make some (mostly Charles) blush. We dissect the uses and effects of THC and CBD, unveiling their potential beyond the buzz, and dive into the health benefits of self-pleasure without the usual whispered tones. And for the gents out there, we get real about the fine line between habit and addiction concerning pornography and masturbation, stressing the importance of knowing when to seek help. It's a candid and educational foray into topics that often stay under the covers, brought into the light with care and honest dialogue.Support the Show.
30:08 1/8/24
Eating, Breathing, Sleeping, Pooping
Have you ever sipped on a green juice and wondered if it's truly the elixir of health? Strap in, as we dissect fasting and detoxes with raw honesty, sharing not just our own roller coaster experiences, but the hard-hitting skepticism that surrounds them. We engage in a vibrant discussion about the allure of quick health fixes, from the energizing highs of fasting to the often-debated efficacy of detox regimes. Get ready for a candid exploration of personal anecdotes, the impact of natural cycles on sleep, and whether the feel-good factor is due to toxin eviction or the body's innate responses.Juice cleanses - they're not just for the health zealots. Join us as we recall the trials of subsisting on liquid nourishment, inspired by tales of transformation and an undeniable curiosity. We unravel the narrative of choosing berries over burgers and the tug-of-war with persistent cravings. Beware of the post-cleanse world; we confront the challenge of sustaining weight loss and the reality of reverting to our processed food paramours. Our journey through dietary revelations doesn't end with the last sip; we share the organic denouement of our juice journey, spilling insights on health and well-being.But there's more to our well-being than what we consume and expel. We weave into the critical conversation the underestimated champion of health—sleep. We share insider secrets to achieving that perfect slumber, from bone broth fasts to the balance of electrolytes. Hear personal tales about sleep environments and the surprising accessories that might just revolutionize your night. We round off our chat with a foray into the impacts of breathing techniques on sleep, the social stigmas surrounding mouth breathing, and the ever-present challenge of hearing loss in our families. All this, plus a quirky nod to the unconventional ways one might profit from nature's call!Support the Show.
58:31 1/1/24
Merry Christmas and Get Off The Couch!
You thought wearing a custom "cat dad" sweater would be just a funny holiday gimmick? Turns out, it sparked an entire episode filled with laughter, nostalgia, and even some unexpected wisdom. From the warmth of old college tales to the cool victories of an accomplished legal eagle friend, this chat has it all. And if you're curious about non-traditional healing, you're in for a treat—Dan shares the surprising relief he discovered through alternative therapies like acupuncture and cupping for his tennis elbow.Navigating the modern world's diet dilemmas, we examine the evolutionary quirks of fat storage and the tricky balance of calorie intake versus physical activity. We get candid about our personal journeys with ketosis and exercise, revealing how they've shaped our appetites and energy levels. We also celebrate the universal plus sides of physical activity, like how it bolsters heart health, no matter how differently our bodies might dance to the tune of workouts and caffeine buzzes.As we wrap up, we extend a heartening hand to anyone who feels daunted by the gym scene, sharing actionable advice and encouraging words to help you find your fitness groove. Discover how simple pleasures like stretching can lead to profound health benefits, and why now is the best time to jump on the home fitness train. So, whether you're a gym pro or still finding your footing, tune in for an episode that's all about moving forward to a healthier, happier you—ugly sweaters optional, but highly recommended for added fun!Support the Show.
37:23 12/25/23
Supplements That Are Worth The Money
In this episode, we discuss how Dan got cupped and poked. We also review some of the products purchased for our "Self-Care Go Bag". Then we discuss which diet supplements are actually worth the money, and how thinking that something is good for us, *might* make it good for us, through "the placebo effect". If you like, love, hate, or merely tolerate our podcast, please follow/subscribe on your chosen podcast app!Support the Show.
57:11 12/17/23
Stick a Pin In It
In this episode, we continue discussing "Self-Care for Men" by Garrett Munce. We'll discuss the effectiveness of acupuncture, and also talk about time management, and share strategies that can reduce stress and anxiety.Support the Show.
62:47 12/12/23
"Self-Care for Men"
In this episode, we address final thoughts on "Atomic Attraction", and move on to the first part of "Self-Care for Men: How To Look Good and Feel Great" by Garrett Munce.We'll open with defining the term "self-care", and go on to discuss the first component: a meditation practice--including your options, and all the benefits you'll experience.Full episode also available on YouTube.Support the Show.
47:03 12/3/23
Some of the Worst Advice
OK, in this episode, we finally close the book (ha!) on "Atomic Attraction" by Christopher Canwell.To say this book is a "mixed bag" might be an understatement. We feel that it's starts off strong, but the games and manipulations that the author recommends toward the end feel excessive.In this episode, we'll cover topics including:How scarcity builds valueWhy pretending to be scarce is a bad ideaWhy friendship is not a path to romanceWhy requiring a woman to invest in your relationship is important (to her and you)Why men who spend time arguing with women don't understand womenThat you're angry and defensive becuase you're afraidHow jealousy thrives in insecurity and scarcityInsanely bad ideas to rebuild a woman's attractionAnd, we'll introduce our next book, "Self-care for Men" by Garrett Munce.Here's a video that we reference during the show: the Show.
75:57 11/29/23
Rerun! Episode 57: Talking Sleep and Tiny Habits
Due to some really fun technical difficulties, we'll be releasing our new episode (audio and video) a couple of days late this week, but as we get to New Year's Resolution season, we wanted to share one of the episodes we recorded this time last year, when we covered the book "Tiny Habits" by BJ Fogg. Give it a listen, and if you'd like more info about building new habits (or replacing some not-so-good ones), check out our series that started with this episode.0:00 Discussing Illness, Exercise, and Dance Lessons13:03 Swimming Pool, Cruise, and Small Pleasures27:38 Impact of Switching to Black Coffee32:36 Creating Effective Habits and Goals38:51 Emotions and Habit FormationSupport the Show.
50:44 11/20/23

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