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Born out of countless hours spent riding the subway bearing the same name comes "The Broad Street Line" - an irreverent mix of sports talk, music, technology and pop culture. Each week, hosts Kris Domingo and Roy Burton provide their takes on the world of sports and whatever else comes to mind - answering questions and questioning answers. So keep it locked on The Broad Street Line - radio will never be the same again...


A New Bloodline - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 366
Despite a sluggish first half from the Sixers, the local basketball team rebounded in the second half of their play-in game against the Miami Heat, and will face the New York Knicks in the first round of the 2024 NBA Playoffs. We'll spend a bunch of time previewing their odds at a deep playoff run, and later debate whether Jontay Porter is the worst case of an athlete getting banned/suspended that we've ever seen.
59:52 4/20/24
WrestleMania XL Recap - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 365
WrestleMania XL was everything that we could have expected and more, and Kris and Roy run down the weekend's events that culminated in one of the most amazing spectaculars in WWE history. We'll also spend a few minutes on the mystery surrounding Shohei Ohtani and his interpreter's gambling problem.
60:00 4/13/24
WrestleMania XL Preview - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 364
The Showcase of The Immortals is finally here, but before we get into our Wrestlemania predictions and preview, we'll talk a little bit about Joel Embiid's injury, and welcome our good friend Dave Rueter, author of Kayfabe: A Love Story. Wrestlemania XL is cool and all, but we have to show love to Manias - and wrestlers - of year's past, no?
59:56 4/6/24
Good Evening, Mama Rhodes - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 363
The NFL brodied Christmas Day away from the NBA just like Dwayne Johnson beat down Cody Rhodes in advance of his Wrestlemania match. Mama Rhodes is probably more concerned with the latter than the former, but we - Kris and Roy - will discuss both as well as everything else going on in the sports world, including the latest on the Eagles' season opener and the latest with Haason Reddick.
59:34 3/30/24
College Chaos - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 362
The Madness of March is upon us, so we're trying to do our best to appear as though we know what we're talking about when it comes to college basketball. We do know a bunch about everything going on in the NFL and the NBA today, so... we'll probably talk more about that stuff... come hang with the crew.
59:59 3/23/24
Thank You, Fletch - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 361
On the heels of the Jason Kelce retirement, we got word this week that Fletcher Cox is stepping away from the game as well. The Eagles did make a few free agent signings this week to bolster their 2024 depth chart, but the Birds will definitely have a few huge holes to fill heading into next season.
59:58 3/16/24
Thank You, Jason - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 360
It wasn't completely unexpected, but the fact that Jason Kelce officially announced his retirement earlier this week was a gut punch to the Philadelphia community. Unfortunately, between this speech and the post-parade speech, we're not sure how much Kelce is going to have left for his induction ceremony in Canton!
59:15 3/9/24
Playing Favorites - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 359
Did Nick Sirianni play favorites last season? Or is this just a matter of a few underperforming vets giving anonymous quotes to the media? We'll debate that as the Eagles made their annual appearance at the NFL combine. But, more importantly, we'll dig into the NFLPA survey of the 32 NFL teams and where they've cut corners where it comes to player comfort and perks.
59:55 3/2/24
Sean Barnard Joins The Broad Street Line - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 343
Sean Barnard of Fox Sports The Gambler and Pick Swap Media joins the show to talk all things Sixers. Now that the Harden saga is over with, does Sean believe that Tyrese Maxey has the freedom and ability to be a true No. 2 star? And what does Daryl Morey plan to do with all of that cap space next summer? We discuss all of that and more, and even put a bow on a disappointing Phillies season.
60:00 11/3/23
No Pool Party - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 342
Two games into the NLCS, it looked like the Phillies were going to celebrate a World Series berth in the Diamondbacks' pool. Instead, they're headed home after falling to Arizona in 7 games. We'll look ahead to the offseason, and take solace that the Eagles still appear to be headed to great heights this year.
59:42 10/28/23
Red October II - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 341
It looks very promising for the Philadelphia Phillies as another World Series appearance is now only a few wins away. But, as the Phillies embrace victory, the Philadelphia Eagles were handed their first loss of the season by Zach Wilson and the New York Jets.
59:57 10/21/23
Atta Boy Harper - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 340
Is Bryce Harper the clutchest player in the history of Philadelphia sports? We aren't entirely sure, but he's once again powering a postseason run for the Fightin' Phils. Also, we debate whether or not the Eagles are for real, and whether James Harden is TRULY a model citizen so far in training camp.
59:52 10/14/23
James Harden Is A Liar - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 339
James Harden skips Media Day... but shows up a couple of days later for training camp. Is he going to play ball this season, or is he just protecting his paycheck? It's never a dull moment in Sixers Land, and it's never a dull time when the Eagles square off against the Commanders... this one took a little bit of extra time before the Good Guys came out on top.
59:50 10/7/23
Brotherly Shove - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 338
The Eagles are rolling, the Phillies are rolling... and the Milwaukee Bucks make a move that shakes up the Eastern Conference. Speaking of shaking things up, Jade Cargill is headed to WWE, setting up the possibility of some amazing matchups over the next few years.
59:53 9/30/23
The TKO Era - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 337
The Birds make it two in a row with their victory over the Minnesota Vikings in their home opener. In other football news, Deion Sanders makes a huge statement in his debut with the Colorado Buffaloes... can he turn around a one-win team in one season? Later in the show, we discuss the fallout from the WWE/Endeavor merger and what wrestling will look like without the heavy hand of Vincent K. McMahon.
59:41 9/23/23
75 Seconds - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 336
After 75 seconds of action, Aaron Rodgers' debut season in New York ended after rupturing his Achilles tendon. Farther up I-95, the Philadelphia Eagles struggles, but ultimately took care of business against the New England Patriots in their season opener. If Game 1 told Birds' fans nothing else, it's that there will be some growing pains on both sides of the ball this season.
59:58 9/16/23
2023 NFL Preview - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 335
Ladies and gentlemen... It is time for Kris Domingo's Annual Eagles Predictions That Are Sure To Go Wrong. As we get ready for the 2023 NFL season, we'll find out which Eagle will be this year's Cornelius Ingram (player with extremely high expectations, only to flame out), and whether or not Jalen Hurts' near-MVP season was a fluke. We also pour out a little liquor for CM Punk and his (inevitable) departure from AEW.
59:59 9/9/23
Follow The Buzzards - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 334
Rest in peace to Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt, one of the most unique talents and creative minds in the history of professional wrestling.
59:59 9/2/23
The Sydney Brown Show - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 333
The rift between James Harden and Daryl Morey widens as the Sixers' star point guard was fined by the NBA for his remarks during a promotional tour in China. But basketball season is months away, so we spend most of this season getting excited by the play of Sydney Brown and the rest of the Eagles' rookie class.
59:50 8/26/23
Daryl Morey Is A Liar - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 332
Well... we can't remember the last time that a star player in the NBA aired out his CURRENT general manager, but the offseason in Sixers Land never lacks drama. Now that James Harden has burned his bridges with Philadelphia, we speculate as to how this will all end. Later in the show, we offer some thoughts on the Eagles' first preseason game, and start our fantasy football preview with a look at the top quarterbacks in the NFL.
59:50 8/19/23
Running Back Roulette - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 331
Kenny Gainwell? Rashaad Penny? D'Andre Swift? While we won't know for sure who the Philadelphia Eagles' RB1 will be come Opening Day, we received a few more clues this week. Speaking of clues, we got a few more hints as to the future of the Bloodline story following WWE's Summerslam event this past weekend... where do Roman Reigns and Jey Uso go from here?
59:47 8/12/23
Birds Huddle - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 330
Emmy-winning producer - and official Friend of the Show - Mike Mulhern of NBC Sports Philadelphia joins us for our annual training camp breakdown of the Philadelphia Eagles. Mike gives us his thoughts on who the No. 1 RB should be, why the kelly green jerseys are so cool, and explains why Jalen Hurts continues to be underrated by media and executives alike.
59:59 8/5/23
Trill Burgers - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 329
It gets curiouser and curiouser in SixersLand: Joel Embiid got married in The Hamptons the other day while James Harden and P.J. Tucker spent the weekend in Houston eating Trill Burgers. While a Harden/Tucker trade is almost inevitable, we debate the possibilty of Harden coming to training camp and lighting everything on fire. Later in the show, we discuss what needs to be done in order to fix the running back inequities in the NFL.
59:54 7/30/23
The State of The Business - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 328
It's never a dull moment in the City of Brotherly Love... this week, Joel Embiid expresses his desire to win a title in Philadelphia... or anywhere else. Meanwhile, his teammate James Harden removes all references to the Sixers from his social media. But after we talk about the negative, we'll discuss the positive outlook for the world of professional wrestling: Is "the business" as strong as it has ever been?
59:52 7/23/23
Mid-Year Wrestling Recap - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 327
Six months into 2023, we hand out laurels for the first half of the year, and tell you which wrestlers you should by stock in going forward. But before we do all of that, we do a DEEP dive on the James Harden situation with the Sixers. Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn't feel like it's going to be resolved any time soon.
59:51 7/15/23
The White Party - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 326
Fresh off of the private jet from the Michael Rubin white party, Kris and Roy wallow in sadness as it looks more obvious that the Sixers are heading towards a gap year. While Philly makes moves around the fringes with Mo Bamba and Patrick Beverly, the Miami Heat appear to be the front runners for Damian Lillard.Later in the show, we put a bow on the Money In The Bank event in London, and take a look at whether or not Jey Uso will dethrone Roman Reigns at Summerslam.
59:05 7/8/23
A Miracle on Pattison Avenue - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 325
James Harden opts into the final year of his deal... only to facilitate the Sixers making a trade? It's like Christmas in July! And with word that Tobias Harris may be gone as well, the 76ers could have a lot of money freed up on their salary cap pretty soon. Also... later in the show, we point out that Jalen Hurts is absolutely not insecure, contrary to one man's opinion.
59:56 7/1/23
Bloodline Civil War - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 324
I-95 has been rebuilt, but the Philadelphia 76ers are still trying to piece together their roster for next season. On this edition of the show, we discuss the latest rumors surrounding the team as they figure out their next steps this summer.On the wrestling front, we are in the full throes of the Bloodline Civil War... the battle lines have been drawn, and the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank PLE should be one for the ages.
59:42 6/24/23
Detour - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 323
As I-95 causes major traffic disruptions in the area, the Philadelphia 76ers will also need to call an audible on their offseason plans and they no longer appear to be players for Bradley Beal and Fred VanVleet. And, after we discuss the local basketball team, we have a true heart-to-heart on Nikola Jokic's status as an all-time great player.
59:59 6/17/23
Business Never Personal - The Broad Street Line Express - Episode 322
A major bombshell in the world of golf this week as the PGA Tour and LIV Golf announced a merger that will reshape the sport for years to come. LIVGA - as Kris calls it - is now a thing, but what happens to the players who didn't take the big money out of allegiance to the PGA Tour?Speaking of big money, will James Harden turn down big money in order to head back to Houston? Or is he truly torn on his choice between staying in Philadelphia and testing out the waters elsewhere?
59:49 6/10/23

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