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Explore the intersection between leadership, psychedelics, and other deep spiritual experiences. Learn how these experiences have shaped leaders around us, how they have changed how they manifest their vision, shaped their lives and our world.


Shauheen Etminan: From Chemical Engineering to Psychedelics, a Journey of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
Embark on a journey of ancient mystery, modern science, and transformative discovery with our guest, Shauheen Etminan. Born in Iran, Shauheen made his way to Canada to study for a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Harnessing the drive that led him to academic success, Shauheen transitioned into the world of social entrepreneurship, ultimately guiding him to the heart of the Psychedelics industry and to our conversation today.This episode thrills with tales of Shauheen's first encounter with Ayahuasca, the power of psilocybin mushrooms, and how these experiences have shaped his life and business ventures. From the mystical roots of his childhood in Iran to his current work in the field of psychoactive supplements, Shauheen’s story is a testament of the power of psychedelics as a catalyst for personal exploration and scientific discovery. Furthermore, he unveils the ancient knowledge of Iran and how the extraction of active compounds from plants has been part of this knowledge for centuries.But we don’t stop at theory. Shauheen takes us a step further to discuss the process of developing the perfect formula for psychedelics, exploring the safety and toxicity of compounds, and the importance of understanding drug interactions. He also shares his experiences in creating unique psychoactive supplements aimed at providing a holistic approach to psychospiritual elevation. From the power of breath work and meditation to the potential of a collective mystical approach, this episode is a mind-expanding exploration of the potent mix of ancient wisdom and modern science. So, join us as we journey with Shauheen Etminan into the realm of psychedelics, ancient practices and the entrepreneur's pursuit.Connecting with ShauheenMagi Ancestral Supplements: with Sebastienhttp://fooyad.comUpcoming Sacred Creativity Retreat in April 2024: http://sacredcreativityretreat.com
83:46 8/4/23
Exploring Happiness, Leadership, and Self-Ownership with Olivier Egli: Discovering the Power of Storytelling and Intention
What happens when you sit around a bonfire, sharing stories, and reconnecting with your true self? Olivier Egli, founder at Why Story and the brain behind the Bonfire Exchange, takes us on a journey of discovery, revealing how leaders can create unified teams bonded over shared narratives rather than mere business objectives. This episode invites you to examine your own story and unravel the ways in which it can transform your leadership style.Have you ever wondered about the correlation between personal happiness and your true nature? Olivier Egli provokes us to explore this idea, shedding light on his own journey of choosing contentment over a high-paying job. We take on the conventional concepts of happiness and perfection, showcasing how growth and appreciating every moment are actually the keys to unlocking our true potential. The discussion then steers towards self-ownership, and the significance of embracing the scars and pain that life inevitably presents.As we navigate through the world of storytelling and intention in business, Olivier offers some intriguing insights. He illustrates how Steve Jobs created an unparalleled value with Apple products by focusing on the intention behind them, rather than purely on market capitalization. We challenge the notion of giving as a means of bringing systemic change to society, drawing parallels from the wisdom of our elders and the interconnectedness of an ancient forest. Wrapping up our enriching conversation, we explore the balance between personal and professional growth, and how embracing our true nature can lead to authentic happiness. Join us for this enlightening discussion, packed with invaluable life and leadership lessons.Enjoy 🙏Connecting with Olivier Egliolivier@why-story.comwww.why-story.comLinkedIn: with Sebastienhttp://fooyad.comUpcoming Sacred Creativity Retreat in April 2024: http://sacredcreativityretreat.com
96:36 8/4/23
The Confluence of Leadership, Psychedelics, and Nature with Marcus Druen
Are you ready to tap into a more profound understanding of our relationship with nature, the fascinating world of psychedelics, and the intricate dynamics of leadership? Marcus Druen joins me as we embark on a captivating journey of intrigue and discovery. From his spellbinding connection with a local fox that led him to ponder the stone ape theory, to a psychedelic experience that spurred his dedication to environmental preservation, Marcus weaves an enchanting narrative that challenges our perspective on nature and the vital role we play in its conservation.Our conversation shifts gears as Marcus unveils his transformative journey from organizational development consultant to certified psychedelic coach. Drawing on his extroverted personality, analytical thinking, and the teachings of the Hawkins scale, Marcus discusses how he advocates change and inspires others. We delve into the variances of leadership across cultures, highlighting the significance of language in forging connections and the importance of recognizing one's identity as a leader.As we delve deeper into our dialogue, we explore the fascinating intersection of wisdom, creativity, and leadership. Together, we contemplate the possible impacts of artificial intelligence on these qualities, and the role of emotions within the workplace. We also touch upon the historic and contemporary usage of psychedelics, their potential role in mental health, and the journey of self-discovery. Brace yourself for a captivating exploration into the profound effects of nature, psychedelics, and leadership. It's a conversation that you won't want to miss!Connecting with Marcus Druen profile: LinkedIn: project: with Sebastienhttp://fooyad.comUpcoming Sacred Creativity Retreat in April 2024: http://sacredcreativityretreat.com
90:08 8/3/23
Trauma, Transformation, and Finding Peace: A Personal Journey with Maxime Bonnasserre
Ever felt lost or unfulfilled despite achieving all the goals you set for yourself? Our guest, Maxime Bonnasserre, Founder and Chief Harmony Office at Stoa, a recognized coach and content creator who shares his work in both French and English,  reveals his own journey of navigating through trauma, self-discovery, and transformation to ultimately find his place of peace.Maxime gives us an enlightening perspective on life's unpredictability, as he discusses how his career vision took an unexpected turn. He delves into the period of self-discovery which led him out of his past struggles. Maxime's reasons for choosing to honor and accept his trials rather than fight them, is something that might resonate with many of our listeners. He uncovers the tools he used to rebuild his life, offering an inspiring testament to personal growth.Our conversation culminates in exploring how Maxime integrated the lessons he learned from his transformative journey. We discuss his transition from the whirlwind of striving to a peaceful existence, revealing his genuine quest for something deeper than external rewards. His unique approach to coaching, where he assists individuals to work through their emotions to experience more joy and inner peace, adds a new dimension to finding tranquility through service. Join us for this enriching and transformative conversation and uncover life's hidden lessons with Maxime Bonnasserre.Connecting with MaximeLinkedIn: links: with Sebastienhttp://fooyad.comUpcoming Sacred Creativity Retreat in April 2024: http://sacredcreativityretreat.com
82:19 8/2/23
Exploring Cannabis, Psychedelics, and Spirituality with Pioneer Stephen Gray: A Global Awakening of Consciousness
Today's episode sees us sit down with Stephen Gray, an author, community organizer, and pioneer in cannabis ceremonies. Over five decades, Stephen has been exploring the intersections of cannabis, psychedelics, and spirituality. His wisdom on these topics is profound, making him an ideal guide for those eager to understand these powerful substances on a deeper level. Our captivating chat with Stephen journeys through a variety of fascinating topics. We discuss his latest book, How Psychedelics Can Help Save the World, and share insights into how mantras and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices can be used to focus the mind and ground us in the present moment. Stephen shares his experiences with the Tibetan Buddhist community, the Native American Church, and the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, all of which have fueled his belief in the potential of a global shift in consciousness. But the conversation doesn't stop there. We tackle the healing power of psychedelics, the role they can play in inspiring creativity, and fostering a deeper connection with our planet. We even touch upon the potential for decriminalizing psychedelics. So, get comfortable, open your mind and join us for a journey that transcends the ordinary, explores the spiritual, and dreams of a future where psychedelics are embraced for their healing power. Connecting with Stephen GrayWeb: www.spiriplantmedicine.comFB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok: StephenGrayVisionLinkedIn: with Sebastienhttp://fooyad.comUpcoming Sacred Creativity Retreat in April 2024: http://sacredcreativityretreat.com
103:59 8/1/23
Finding Wisdom Within And Leading A More Integrated Life With Nigel Pedlingham
Today on Leadershipedelics, we meet with Nigel Pedlingham, a unique blend of change maker, consciousness guide, and psychedelic facilitator. Beyond his roles as a social justice leader, husband, and father, Nigel is the founder of MAGUEY, an Amsterdam-based practice dedicated to healing and personal growth. He also serves as the chair of the Guild of Guides Netherlands. An ardent lover of nature, ceremony, stillness, and the unknown, Nigel humorously yet humbly dubs himself a "mystic in the making", a subject we'll delve into further in this episode. Our discussion spans Nigel's transformative journey from corporate life to burnout and then to finding healing in Latin America. We'll examine his metamorphosis through reconnecting with his authentic self and his commitment to assisting others towards a more integrated life. We'll delve into topics like breathwork, preparation, integration, inherent wisdom, and the humbling experience of witnessing people's personal transformations. Enjoy!Highlights:Latin American healing journeyMystical experiences and humilityFrom head vs. heart to integrated dialogueFreedom found through healingEmbracing life's natural rhythmsTransition to a service-centered lifeReconnecting with the authentic selfUtilizing personal wisdom in healingManaging psychedelic experiencesEssential role of self-care in healingConnecting with Nigel:Practice - https://www.psychedelicselfdiscovery.comFollow Nigel on InstagramLinkedIn: with Sebastienhttp://fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat in Peru, April 2024: http://sacredcreativityretreat.com
97:53 7/31/23
Unlocking Self-Discovery with Kristin Taylor, Microdosing Integration, Parenting, Blue Lotus, Amanita Muscaria
Welcome back to Leadershipedelics! Today, we dive deep into the transformative world of Microdosing Integration with our esteemed guest, Kristin Taylor. A certified microdosing practitioner and author of the insightful book, "Integrate: 3 Month Microdosing Guide", Kristin brings a unique approach to healing and self-discovery.Her techniques encompass Applied Positive Psychology, reiki, yoga nidra, somatic movement, shamanic drumming, and even equine therapy, offering a well-rounded and inclusive approach to personal growth. As a single mother of five, Kristin taps into her intuitive abilities to both inspire and heal, utilizing the natural power of sacred plants like the Blue Lotus and Amanita Muscaria.Kristin is dedicated to guiding her clients to discover their authentic selves, unlock their inherent gifts, and cultivate self-compassion, helping them unearth their higher purpose in life. In this episode, we explore a wide range of topics from breathwork and parenting to the profound influence of touch, Kristin's personal spiritual journey, and her approach to incorporating compassion and religion into healing.Additionally, we delve into how Kristin seamlessly infuses her wisdom and teachings into the corporate sphere, highlighting the importance of mindful leadership. Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery and the tranquil peace it brings. Sit back, relax, and join us as we welcome Kristin Taylor. Enjoy the show!Connecting with Kristin‣‣‣‣ Instagram: with Sebastien‣‣ Sacred Creativity Retreat in Peru, April 2024:‣ and thank you!🙏❤️#Leadershipedelics #KristinTaylor #MicrodosingIntegration #AppliedPositivePsychology #Reiki #YogaNidra #SomaticMovement #EquineTherapy #Parenting #Breathwork #BlueLotus #AmanitaMuscaria #SpiritualJourney #CorporateWellness #Mindfulness #SelfDiscovery #Stillness #Surrender #TouchTherapy #Gratitude #Compassion #SingleMotherhood #PsychedelicTherapy #SacredPlants #IntegrateGuide #AuthorKristinTaylor #CorporateLeadership #PersonalGrowth #Transformation #Peace
98:19 6/16/23
Embodied Awakening: Holistic Living, Psychedelics, and Mindfulness with Lana Shay
Welcome to Leadershipedelics! I’m thrilled to introduce Lana Shay, a lifelong advocate for holistic living and cognitive liberty. Lana's passion is igniting human potential through embodiment practices, holistic lifestyle choices, and exploration with plant medicines and entheogens. She's a seasoned leader in dance, yoga and movement, and a profound voice in the tantric arts. Lana is a #1 bestselling author, and her latest book "Erotic Hustle: Redefining Sin Through Sacred Sexuality & Psychedelics" delves into her unique journey as an exotic dancer and her dedication to mindfulness. She's also a co-founder of EntheoVentures, a consulting firm for psychedelic companies. Tune in as we delve into Lana's fascinating world, from her first ayahuasca experience, to bringing mindfulness to strip clubs, to honoring what is sacred within, slowing down and reconnecting with nature and our senses. Enjoy and see you on the other side.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Reverence in human interactionsJuxtaposition of extremes in daily lifeHelping sex workers retain their Sacred EnergyA Vision for conscious strip clubsResensitizing as creatures of the EarthThe sensual experience of eatingSlowing down and reconnecting with the subtleConnect with LanaInstagram: Pure Way: with SébastienNext year's retreat: http://sacredcreativityretreat.comLinkedIn:
64:37 5/30/23
Dr. Melissa Barker, Phoenix Project Founder on Healing Trauma with Psychedelics, Alternative Therapies & Community Support
In this episode of Leadershipedelics, I'm excited to welcome Dr. Melissa Barker, founder and CEO of the Phoenix Project and a mentor and speaker at South By Southwest. Driven by her personal journey, she found healing from sexual violence and PTSD through alternative therapies like somatic therapy, IFS, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and ultimately, the world of psychedelics. Melissa is on a mission to ensure that each and every person feels seen, heard, and empowered to continue their own healing and growth.During our conversation, Melissa and I discuss her path to healing, the modalities she used along the way, the role of psychedelics in mental health, and the Phoenix Project's focus on creating community-based programs to support healing and growth.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Melissa's background and her journey towards healing from PTSD and traumaThe role of alternative therapies like somatic therapy, IFS, and mindfulness-based psychotherapy in her healing processThe impact of psychedelics on mental healthThe Phoenix Project's mission and its focus on community-based mental health programsConnect with Dr Melissa BarkerInstagram: drmelissabarker Phoenix project: https://www.iamphoenixproject.comConnect with SébastienNext year's retreat: http://sacredcreativityretreat.comLinkedIn:, #TraumaHealing, #MentalHealth, #PTSD, #SomaticTherapy, #IFS, #Mindfulness, #Therapy, #HealingJourney, #PhoenixProject, #SouthBySouthwest, #AlternativeTherapies, #CommunitySupport, #PsychedelicTherapy, #HolisticHealing, #PersonalGrowth, #SexualViolence, #PsychedelicAdvocacy, #HealingFromTrauma, #MentalHealthAwareness, #InnerChild, #DrMelissaBarker, #Leadershipedelics, #TraumaRecovery, #SelfHealing, #CollectiveHealing, #SupportiveEnvironment, #Consciousness, #Empowerment, #Wellness
72:50 5/8/23
Sabba Nazhand: Conscious Leadership, Fatherhood, Psychedelic Business, and Personal Growth
In today's episode of Leadershipedelics, we're joined by Sabba Nazhand, a successful entrepreneur and leader who has ventured into the world of psychedelics and mental health. Sabba shares his powerful story of overcoming burnout and discovering the transformative power of psychedelics, ultimately redefining his approach to leadership and personal growth. He is now the co-founder of Mission Club, a business advisor to Retreat-Microdose, and involved with Wavepaths, all focusing on the intersection of psychedelics and personal development, and mental health. We dive deep into the importance of vulnerability and emotional openness for fathers and leaders, and how psychedelics can be a catalyst for self-discovery and profound change. Don't miss this enlightening conversation packed with valuable insights and inspiration!Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Sabba's background and experience with burnoutHis journey into plant medicine and mental healthThe impact of plant medicine on his personal and professional lifeThe importance of vulnerability and emotional openness for fathers and leadersThe role of plant medicine as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery🤯 Quotes 🤯"I think for fathers and I'm learning this every day is being okay with having emotions and being vulnerable and expressing them.""The most alpha manly men in this world are so in tune with their emotions. They cry, they talk about their emotions. That's what, in my opinion, a true man is.""Being deeply empathetic start with understanding the people that you manage or work with... The moment you understand their motivations, their personal lives, why they do what they do, I promise you that you will get for selfish reasons even you would get more output from them, more work, better work than just treating them like another number, another cog in the wheel." Connect with Sabba NazhandLI: @sabba_getzehnEmail: sabba@getzehn.comConnect with SébastienRetreat updates: http://sacredcreativityretreat.comLinkedIn:, #Leadership, #Psychedelics, #PlantMedicine, #MentalHealth, #ConsciousLeadership, #Entrepreneurship, #MissionClub, #RetreatMicrodose, #Wavepaths, #SelfDiscovery, #Burnout, #Fatherhood, #Vulnerability, #EmotionalIntelligence, #Integration, #Inspiration, #Healing, #Mindfulness, #Meditation, #Ayahuasca, #Psilocybin, #LSD, #Microdosing, #SelfImprovement, #SelfAwareness, #Spirituality, #Empowerment, #LifeLessons, #Wellness
70:19 4/24/23
Alex Atwood: Psychedelics, Leadership, Wellness in Hospitality, Self-Discovery & Unlocking Potential
Join us in today's episode with the dynamic Alex Atwood, seasoned entrepreneur, psychedelics coach, change-maker, and host of the Alchemist Lounge Podcast. Discover his transformative journey from the hospitality sector to advocating for wellbeing and wellness.Explore love, self-discovery through psychedelics, Alex's unique perspective on religion and community, the role of music in psychedelic ceremonies, and the art of leadership. Learn how he promotes a healthy work environment while unlocking organizations' potential.Dive into topics like yoga, meditation, microdosing, creativity, and mindfulness in this enlightening conversation. Connect with Alex and Sébastien via their websites and LinkedIn profiles.Key discussion points:Psychedelics and self-discoveryReligion and community perspectivesMusic in psychedelic ceremoniesLeadership and unlocking potentialHealthy work environments with yoga, meditation, and moreConnect with Alex:Website: Lounge: with Sébastien:Retreat updates: http://sacredcreativityretreat.comLinkedIn: #Psychedelics #SelfDiscovery #SpiritualGrowth #Entrepreneur #Wellbeing #Wellness #Leadership #HospitalityIndustry #AlchemistLoungePodcast #Yoga #Meditation #Microdosing #Biohacking #Community #CeremonialMusic #Religion #UnlockingPotential #HealthyWorkEnvironment #Inspiration
61:55 4/6/23
Unveiling the Sacred Creativity Retreat: A Journey of Transformation with Sebastien Fouillade
Join us for a mesmerizing episode of Leadershipedelics that promises to captivate your senses! Today, we're thrilled to have Kasia from the Nourish podcast as our guest host, interviewing Sebastien Fouillade, the Founder of the Sacred Creativity Retreat and host of Leadershipedelics. Venture into the enchanting Sacred Creativity Retreat set in the breathtaking sacred valley of Peru. Learn about the intricate process of assembling exceptional guests, the meticulous preparation, integration, and the life-altering experiences that the retreat offers. Delve into the fascinating world of brain mapping and uncover the profound lessons that have transformed lives. Explore Sebastien's personal journey towards multidimensional authenticity and its true meaning. For our viewers, immerse yourselves in the captivating visuals that transport you straight to the heart of this extraordinary retreat. Don't miss this unforgettable adventure that will awaken your creative spirit and elevate your spiritual journey!Signup for updates on the next retreat at: http://sacredcreativityretreat.comConnect with Sebastien on LinkedIn:'s personal site: http://fooyad.comAbout Kasia and the Nourish Podcast:Kasia on LinkedIn: podcast: Thank you Kasia for being such an awesome host!🙏❤️#Leadershipedelics #SacredCreativityRetreat #NourishPodcast #SebastienFouillade #Peru #SacredValley #Spirituality #Creativity #BrainMapping #MultidimensionalAuthenticity #PersonalGrowth #SelfDiscovery #Transformation #CreativeExpression #SpiritualAwakening #LifeChangingExperiences #Retreat
59:17 3/17/23
Getting More Of You In Your Brand With Guest Aleana Kali (Full Interview)
Aleana Kali is the founder of Brands Are Alive. She helps people reconnect with their essence and creativity to develop their authentic brand and marketing strategy. Aleana shares important lessons on growing a business, the benefits of journaling, and some essential tips to help you with consistency and creativity. We discuss identifying non-healthy partnerships, respecting your own boundaries, the benefits of getting in front of the camera to address your audience, and much more.This episode is loaded with goodness. Previous interview on Aleana's journey◦ Journaling for business and personal growth◦ Importance of consistency◦ Identifying healthy partnerships◦ Respecting your own boundaries◦ Connecting with your audience through the camera◦ Surrendering, attachment, intuition and more…Connecting with Aleana◦  The best place is her "Saturday MOJO" video newsletters. People can subscribe at:◦  Youtube:◦  LinkedIn: Sébastien & Leadershipedelics◦ Support this work by subscribing on YouTube (interviews and music):◦ Connect on LinkedIn: ◦ Personal site: Enjoy 🙏❤️
61:44 3/2/23
David Drapkin, Director of Education at Psychedelics Today on Psychedelic Therapy and His journey (S3E4)
Today, we catchup with returning guest David Drapkin, Director of Education and Training at Psychedelics Today to talk about the Vital Psychedelic Therapy Training Program ( and his journey since we last met over a year ago. David reflects on what they learned in the first year of Vital, some of the highlights of the program, who can apply, and why this program is different from other Psychedelic Therapy Training programs. We also talk about David's journey since our last episode, his upcoming move to Israel, a huge step for him and his family, and the reason, the pull, the calling behind the move. This was such an enjoyable discussion full of inspiration, reflection and lots of info on psychedelic therapy training. Enjoy!Previous episode with David to learn more about his personal journey: with David or Vital- David is on LinkedIn: Learn more about the Vital Certification program at must be received before March 19th, 2023.Connecting with Sébastien- Subscribe to our YouTube channel (interviews and more): Seb's personal site: On LinkedIn:🙏❤️Cover art and background interview provided by #midjourney
39:23 2/22/23
Going From Strategy Consulting To Founding Plant Medicine Retreats, The Journey Of Jonathan de Potter
Today, join us to meet the Founder of Behold Retreats, Jonathan de Potter 🙏 Jonathan is a recovering strategy consultant, lover of big ideas, meditation, and the ocean, he grew up in Hawaii and now lives in Thailand on the small island of Koh Phangan. Jonathan shares his journey from his challenging times as a strategy consultant to his first Ayahuasca experience, which was also very challenging but very transformative. This led him on a path to dive deep into the world of plant medicine and consciousness, which eventually led to the creation of Behold retreats.  We cover many topics from challenging plant medicine experiences, to the importance of proper screening in plant medicine retreats, to honoring energy workers, and more. We even make a small detour to discuss creativity, ChatGPT and the Age of Wisdom. Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Challenging plant medicine experiencesThe importance of screening in retreatsBreathwork and meditation as preparation toolsReorienting our mind and consciousnessThe impact of trauma on LeadershipHonoring space holders and energy workersChatGPT and the Age of WisdomPitfalls of delegating our livesStaying in the presentAcknowledging the journeyConnecting with Jonathanhttp://Behold-retreats.com with SébastienSubscribe to our YouTube channel (interviews and more): 
64:07 2/16/23
Following your calling, listening to your intuition, energy healing and card reading with Jessica Posillico (S3E2)
This week meet the founder of High Priestess Healing, Jessica Posillico. Find out how after years dealing with anxiety, this former NYC teacher and corporate worker went all in on her holistic healing business, what it took to listen to the voice inside, answer the calling and manifest High Priestess healing. This is a truly inspiring journey. If you’ve ever wondered about energy healing, card reading, working with your fears and intuition, or what "following a calling” really entails, don’t miss this interview. Jessica shares some amazing lessons from her journey. Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Working with fear and anxietyWhat it means to follow your callingEnergy healingCard readingBreaking patterns in relationships and lifeTrusting your intuition and listening to the voice insideThe butterfly’s lifecycle (was one of my favorite insights)Being a manifestorThe sea as a representation for leadershipConnecting with JessicaWebsite: HighPriestessHealing.MeYoutube: High Priestess Healing TarotInstagram: High.Priestess.Healing3Everything: with SébastienYouTube channel (watch the interviews!):
73:19 2/7/23
Luke Jensen, U.S. Marine vet at the intersection of neurofeedback and plant shamanism (S3 Ep1)
Watch & subscribe on  YouTube: week meet Luke Jensen, founder, and CEO of Neuro Enlightenment, a company at the intersection of neuroscience and plant shamanism. We worked with Luke and his team during the Sacred Creativity Retreat to measure the impact of ayahuasca ceremonies and creativity workshops on our guests, we were blown away with the results. Luke is from Nebraska and joined the US Marines when he was 18.  After returning from his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 Luke was searching for meaning in life.  He experienced ayahuasca which changed and reshaped his perspective of reality.  This sent him on a quest to Peru where he spent time living in the jungle with Shipibo healers.  Luke started learning about QEEG brain mapping and different types of brain training.  He eventually became passionate about the potential of brain mapping and training in conjunction with plant medicines.  This led him to the creation of Neuro Enlightenment. We cover Luke’s personal journey from the Marines to his deep soul work that followed, what led him to brain mapping, and what he’s seen in his work at the intersection of neurofeedback and spirituality. After talking with Luke and using brain mapping during our retreat, I’m convinced this is a tool with huge potential in the psychedelic space. Interview not to be missed. We recorded this in person so checkout the video on YouTube as well which has extra footage from the retreat.💡Highlights💡Spiritual health & the spiritual side of brainwavesRedefining yourself and healing from soul lossBrain mapping, QEEG, training, and neurofeedbackImproving brain efficiency and resilience through neurofeedbackMeasuring the impact of psychedelics on brain plasticity and normalizationCats, neurofeedback & rocket fuel Connecting with Luke Neuro Enlightenment on Facebook and InstagramLinkedIn: with SébastienYouTube channel (watch the interviews!):
55:28 1/26/23
Hernan Savastano on fatherhood, medicines in life, healing trauma, creating music, & holding space (S2E28)
For the last episode of the year, last episode of season 2, and our 2022 Holiday Special, I am meeting with Hernan Savastano. Hernan is the father of Raina, husband of Angela, and talented plant medicine musician, facilitator, and space holder. He left the corporate world a few years ago after 18 years at Microsoft and Zillow working in User Research. Hernan and his wife now run a wellness and retreat center outside Seattle. Hernan recounts his journey from childhood to fatherhood, his work to heal, the missteps and lessons learned along the way, the role of plant medicine music in healing, and all the forms of medicine in his life. This is a powerful episode full of vulnerability and deep emotions. We cover a lot, from spiritual bypassing to healing generational trauma to holding emotional space for your children. We recorded this in person so watch the video if you can. This was one of the most moving interviews I’ve done so far, enjoy it and Happy Holidays.Video available on our YouTube channel here:💡Highlights💡Reconnecting with yourself and finding alignmentThe forms of medicine: children, family, music, and plantsSinging in your native tongueBecoming a father & healing generational traumaHolding emotional space for your childrenLetting the child inside speakHealing from the inside outShadow work and spiritual bypassPatience and compassion during healingPsychedelic-assisted therapyConnection with HernanFind Hernan on Facebook: Lodge Wellness and Retreat Center: Hernan on SoundCloud: resources mentioned during the interviewThe Wisdom of Trauma movie by Gabor Maté: songs by Alonso Del Rio – Camino de Estrellas: songs by Shimshai and Susana: with SébastienFooyad.comSpotify
92:33 12/13/22
Phil Dames, Music Maker and Director of Ops at Roots to Thrive, on music for psychedelic therapy (S2 E27)
Today on Leadershipedelics, we talk about music for psychedelic assisted therapy with Phil Dames, the music maker and director of operations at Roots to Thrive. We've had other members of Roots to Thrive on the show, Dr Pamela Kryskow and Shannon Dames. This is very intentional: they’ve got a great team and they’re doing great work. Roots to Thrive is Canada’s first and only multidisciplinary, non-profit healthcare practice to legally offer evidence-informed, group therapy programs that use a community of practice model, uniquely designed to address trauma and to promote resilience, and to also include the option of psilocybin-assisted and ketamine-assisted group therapy.” It’s a pleasure to get to know them and share their work. With Phil being a music maker, and music playing such an important role in psychedelic assisted therapy, we go deep in what it takes to create the perfect playlist for a therapy session, how different types of music are used at different points and with different medicines. We share many resources, all listed in the show notes. And of course, we bring it all back to leadership comparing leadership to a cattle dog, imagine that.💡Highlights💡Ketamine therapy in group settingCrafting and curating playlists for psychedelic-assisted therapyCreating more inclusive playlistsDifferent music for different medicineStructuring a playlistCustomizing at the cohort levelUse of tension and textures in songsLeadership as a cattle dogConnecting with PhilRoots to Thrive: about PhilPhil is the Director of operations at Roots to Thrive, a 12-week program aimed at addressing PTSD, treatment resistant depression, anxiety, and others. Phil comes to Roots to Thrive with a focus on developing the structure to guide and inform the operations of the program. Phil has a long history of working with families and corporations, in the management of their financial well-being. Phil’s passion surrounds men’s health and the cultivation of environments that promote emotional awareness and expression. Phil developed the structure of the Roots to Thrive virtual program, which is currently is being used for RTT and RTT-KAT. Resources mentioned in the showEric Sienknecht: by Solar Fields (“brain scrambler”): by Jade Cicada: (Avengers Endgame): the Johns Hopkins playlist mentioned during the interview: Weekend playlist by Eric Sienknecht: with SébastienFooyad.comSpotify
52:34 11/18/22
S2 E26: Jason LeValley, Editor of Psychedelic Scene Magazine on psychedelic music, recreational vs. therapeutic use of psychedelics, and creativity
Today, we talk about psychedelic music and therapy with Jason LeValley, the founder and Editor of the online Psychedelic Scene Magazine. Prior to Psychedelic Scene, Jason built a popular and successful radio station which was recognized as Best New Radio Station by Tucson Weekly. Jason shares his love and knowledge of psychedelic music bands, and his experience earlier this year with ketamine therapy, which stressed the importance of doing your research before selecting a clinic and the importance of using the right music for a psychedelic therapy session. We also explore the intersection between psychedelic music, recreational vs. therapeutic use of psychedelics, and creativity.  Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Psychedelic Scene MagazineLessons from Jason’s ketamine experienceImportance of integration workAntidepressants and psychedelics Music for therapyHistory of psychedelic musicRecreational use vs. therapeutic use and creativity🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠[About Ketamine Clinics] “You have to research which clinic you’re going to and what their practices are, because a lot of clinics will just take your money and tell you to come back for more without really helping you.” “There has to be integration involved because just the ketamine alone is not enough to have a therapeutic value. It’s the combination of it: the integration with the ketamine therapy.”[About Music in Psychedelic Therapy] “If you’re listening to music that has lyrics, you sort of take on the theme of the lyrics and get removed from your own eternal self-processing.”“Presumably at some point people who are seeking healing through psychedelics will be healed and then what? Will they be done with psychedelics or will they want to continue to take them for the purpose of inspiration and recreation.”Connecting with JasonJason on LinkedIn: Scene Magazine: to resources mentionedKetamine treatment article: on 5-MeO-DMT experience: Hopkins: MusicFor Psychedelic Therapy - Forest: Music for Mushrooms: with Sé
39:35 11/2/22
S2 E25: Claire Jones, Sr VP of Operations on mental health, Ayahuasca, making time and space for yourself
In this episode, meet Claire Jones. Claire is a Senior VP of Operations for a digital advertising company in Toronto. She’s passionate about people and mental health. She’s studying for a master’s in psychology & neuroscience, and also volunteers for several non-profit organizations focused on mental health. We talked a few weeks after Claire got back from her first ayahuasca journey in Costa Rica. She recounts her experience, from preparation, to the actual ayahuasca ceremonies, to the integration phase where the hard work begins. She shares many lessons she gained along the way and how she’s integrating them in her work. We cover many topics, from trauma to the importance of slowing down and making space and time for yourself. Enjoy. 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡The dire need for more focus on mental health in the worldPersonal aspect of traumaLack of early education in mental healthClaire’s journey to Costa RicaThe journey back and the integration periodLetting go the fear of vulnerabilityCreating space and time for yourselfAnd more…Connecting with Claire·      LinkedIn with Sé
75:41 10/25/22
S2 E24: Shannon Dames from Roots to Thrive on healing starting at the basement of the soul
In this episode, meet Shannon Dames. She is a professor and researcher at Vancouver Island University, a resilience Health professional investigator, and the Research and Development director for the Roots to Thrive Ketamine assisted therapy program. She is working to develop and study the combination of resilience development and psychedelic-assisted therapies within a novel outpatient mental health model.We discuss the role of community in the healing process and why the healing journey should start at the basement of the soul, rather than at the mind. Shannon talks about bringing together western medicine and the indigenous ways of healing and working with the medicines of the land. And finally, she shares her own personal healing journey.  Enjoy. 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Staying grounded while flowingOver-preparing’s impact on inspirationHealing through CommunityTaking resilience development beyond the mindOperating as whole personHealing at root level rather than top downThe basement of your soulPartnership with First Nations Honoring the indigenous ways of knowing and working with the medicine of the landShannon’s spiritual journey Connecting with Shannon with Sé
48:42 9/12/22
S2 E23: Martin de Bókay, the "French Guru" on finding, listening to, and sharing your own unique voice
“What kept me in LA wanting to make films for all these years was my ego.”~ Martin de Bókay In today’s episode, I travelled to Arizona to meet with Martin de Bókay for a live video interview in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. Martin, who goes by “French Guru” on Instagram, was someone I had to meet. After watching a few of his videos, it was clear he’d done a lot of deep personal work and had had quite a journey. Sure enough, the story he shared was nothing short of inspiring and energizing. Martin spent half his life in Europe and half in the US. He’s worked as a producer in the film industry in Hollywood on music videos, films, documentaries, TV shows and followed his dream to make films. On all accounts, he had it all, but it all came to a head when he realized he wasn’t honoring his core self and felt a strong calling to elevate himself and bring alignment to his life. He crossed path with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and then everything changed.This is his story.I recommend watching the interview on our YouTube channel if you can: 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Creativity in the film industryFinding spiritual realization in hikesThe magic of SedonaWhen ego takes over your dreamListening to your internal voiceExperiential side of AyahuascaProtecting yourself in order to give to othersWeathering the unexpected in lifeHonoring your uniqueness and your core valuesBringing your passion and voice back into your life Connecting with Martin de BókayFrench Guru on Instagram: Sébastien and the Sacred Creativity RetreatContacting Sébastien: fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat: #create #creator #authenticity #authentic #yourvoice #plantmedicine #ayahuasca #spiritualjourney #journey #spiritual #inspiration #mentalhealth #filmindustry #hollywood #sedona #leadership #leader #leadershipedelics #podcast #live #interview
55:39 8/25/22
S2 E22: Lakshmi Narayan, Founder at Awake Media, co-Founder at Awake.Net, Rediscovering who we are, Climbing the ladder of consciousness
This week, meet Lakshmi Narayan. Lakshmi Narayan is the co-founder and editor of, a non-profit collective wisdom blog about the inner journey with entheogens, and founder and creative director of Awake Media a digital media coalition offering media products and services to clients in the transformational wellness community, particularly entheogenic medicine. She has a decades long interest in the cause of repositioning psychedelics in the public mind, and educating people about the benefits, cautions, best practices, and timeless wisdom that can be had from these experiences.We talk about Lakshmi’s spiritual journey from childhood to crossing path with Ayahuasca in the 90’s, well before it became as popular as it is today. We cover a lot of ground from ibogaine, to integrating 2 years of journeying over 20 years, from climbing the ladder of consciousness to remembering who we are and finally we talk about what led Lakshmi to start Awake Media and Awake.Net. This is a beautiful journey of awakening and following your path to help others 🙏💡Highlights💡Creating media that awakensThe divine delusion of individualismClimbing the ladder of consciousness20 years to integrate 2 years of intense journeysFinding the willingness to make change happenWalking on top of the AmazonPlant medicine as a dimensional doorwayThe story behind Awake.NetAccessible and affordable online integration coursesRaising money to fund 100 Ibogaine treatmentsSearching for mentors and masters  🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“The journey of life is to remember.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️  About 2 years of intense journeying with psychedelics - “It took us 20 years to actually integrate” 😮”I just want to tell people who’re getting into it, don’t be in a rush to crystalize it into something you can sell or could teach.”“You have this body of knowledge that wakes up in you and it’s available to everybody because we’re very very old as a species.”Connecting with LakshmiHelp raise $1M for 100 Ibogaine Treatments: Media: https://awakemedia.comLinkedIn: Sébastien and the Sacred Creativity RetreatContacting Sébastien: fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat:
60:10 8/5/22
Season 2 E21: Amélie Beerens on Rediscovering Yourself and Creating a Business Without Walls
In this episode, meet with Amélie Beerens ✨ Amélie is a customer experience (CX) leader and career coach obsessed with putting humans at the heart of everything ❤️ Her journey to overcome trauma and burnout has reconnected her with her magic, her emotions, and her humanity. This has redefined how she approaches her work and how she helps others through coaching. We talk about breaking the rules to rediscover yourself, overcoming burnout & trauma and the tools she used along the way, from EMDR to yoga, from kambo to microdosing.  Amélie’s energy is infectious, you can feel her love for life and the creativity she brings to the world. She’s a true maverick, who helps others through creative work, showing up as she is, as her whole self.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Humans at the heart of everythingBreaking the rules and rediscovering yourselfDealing with burnoutMaking time for self-careConnecting with your whole self and emotionsComing as you are, with the good, and the badMicrodosing for sleep, creativity, and lifeShoe shopping and mind workBreaking away from anxietyCreative work to help othersMavericks and certificationsEMDR therapy, yoga teacher training, Kambo, and more… 🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“We are all creatures of magic.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️  “The moment I started to feel better is the moment I started connecting with myself.”  “This element of being my real self and being able to be really compassionate with the people I work with because I can be compassionate with myself, that was what was missing with my practice before.”Connecting with AmélieInstagram: simply: Sébastien and the Sacred Creativity RetreatContacting Sébastien: fooyad.comSacred Creativity Retreat:
69:14 7/27/22
Season 2 E20: Honshin, Internationally renowned artist and poet on creativity and spirituality
Today's guest is internationally renowned artist and poet, Nicholas Kirsten, known as Honshin 🙏Five years ago, Honshin’s art changed my appreciation of the present golden moment and reshaped my own spiritual path.  Now 5 years later, I had the privilege to meet with him in his studio and talk creativity, spirituality and even play a little harmonica while he shared his poetry. Honshin’s art and poetry reflect his experience with ancient Eastern spiritual practices and the philosophies of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and ancient Mesoamerican cultures. He sees art as a form of spiritual quest and his artwork is a message from a pure heart. His intention is to communicate the unity of consciousness and life of all things in the universe.He lives in Sedona with his wife, Krystal Kirsten, where they operate two galleries - The Gallery of Wholeness, Harmony, and Radiance, and The Ascending Spirit Gallery. You have to stop there if you ever visit Sedona.This was truly a golden moment. Enjoy 🙏❤️Connecting with Honshin••• IG: Leadershipedelics and the Sacred Creativity Retreat• •  Sacred Creativity Retreat:•  Contacting Sébastien: #art #artist #sedona #spirituality #moment #present #goldenmoment #goldenmoments #presentmoment #beherenow #mentalhealth #leadership #leadershipedelics 
56:03 7/20/22
Season 2 E19: David Wood on substance regulation in the Canada vs. US, psychedelics access for end-of-life distress, and leadership
Meet David Wood, David has been on a mission to broaden regulated access to psychedelics. He is the Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Psygen, a Canadian company manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade psychedelics for clinicians and researchers. David also runs R-Group Legal where he provides legal support for a small number of operators in the cannabis industry and the psychedelic space.We talk about substance regulation in Canada versus the US. We cover the special access program available for end-of-life distress for psilocybin in Canada. We cover the war on drugs and bring it all back to leadership with a bit of perspective on the mycelium network, and a touch of Steve Jobs, Smashing Pumpkins and Pink Floyd.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Substance regulation in Canada vs. USPsilocybin for end-of-life distress and the special access programPure synthetic psilocybin vs. naturalThe war on drugsDisruptive potential of psychedelicsPerspective in life and leadershipBreaking the stigma associated with psychedelics Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, the Mycelium networkDavid’s journey from the biggest national law firm in Canada to PsygenAnd more… 🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“The war on drugs lumped a bunch of substances together that have very little to do with each other, other than the fact they are all prohibited, and they all put you off baseline with very different ways and consequences.” “Psychedelics are a substance that are very disruptive to mental healthcare and to the pharmaceutical industry that supplies drugs for mental healthcare.” “Psychedelics are pharmacologically and therapeutically relevant but there is also something so connected to what makes us humans human that cannot be overlooked.”Connecting with DavidPsygen: Leadershipedelics and the Sacred Creativity Sacred Creativity Retreat: reatreat.fooyad.comContacting Sébastien:
80:28 7/13/22
Season 2 E18: Holly Huber on brain mapping & training, superpowers, divinity & spirituality, poetry, and burnout
Meet Holly Huber, a Neuromodulation Consultant in the pursuit of bolstering  the spiritual consciousness and connection of humanity. Holly has worked with neurofeedback in mental health and for intensive brain training with peak performance elites. She’s seen humans push themselves past the possible, find Spirit and their superpowers.She’s doing work with the NeuroEnlightenment team in the Sacred Valley, provides NeuroTraining and is starting NeuroRetreats in the US this August.We talk brain, psychedelics, the divinity of life, poetry, and the magic around us. This episode was loaded with insights, filmed on location in front of a majestic waterfall which you have to see it (on our YouTube channel) to believe it (and also explains the background noise and 12 hours to clean our audio).Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Brain mapping & training and psychedelicsRemote neurofeedbackFlow state and creativityOur superpowers withinDivinity of lifeSpirituality, magic, & poetryBurnout and the brainBrain, heart, and consciousness  🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠 “I have worked in mental health, and I worked in peak performance, and over and over I see this divinity, this beauty within life and aliveness with people.“ “Resiliency is an opening and a flexibility to life. It is changing the tread in your journey to fit the new paths that you’re on.”  “Psychedelics are such an opener and connector and then it’s up to us to do something with it afterwards.”Connecting with HollyWebsite: neuroholly.comTarot website: thebrightheart.comBook: Our Dreams That Are Promises: Huber, Holly: 9798812389062: BooksAbout Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat: #brainmapping #braintraining #psychedelics #divinity #magicaroundus #waterfall #creativity #leadership #mentalhealth #burnout #leadershipedelics #superpowers #humanity #peru
57:37 6/30/22
Season 2 E17: Hanifa Nayo Washington on Fireside project, the art of listening, healing with songs
In this episode of Leadershipedelics, meet Hanifa Nayo Washington. Hanifa is a social entrepreneur, cultural producer, and healing justice practitioner. She is a facilitator, reiki master, singer, song writer, and a creator who works at the intersection of mindfulness, place making, and social justice to create organizations, gatherings, spaces, and experiences rooted in the values of beloved community.She is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Fireside Project. She is involved with the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association, East Forest’s Journey Space, and the Global Wellness Institute Psychedelics & Healing Initiative. She is the co-founder of One Village Healing, a BIPOC centered healing, resilience, and psychedelic wellness space and is a lead facilitator of the New Haven Community Leadership Program. We cover a wide range of topics including Hanifa’s medicine songs, her creative process, and how these songs have helped her and others in their journeys. We talk about the importance of listening in our lives, in leadership, in helping one another, and to drive change. We cover the Fireside project, its mission, training approach, and upcoming equity initiative. Hanifa closes our interview by singing a song from her Mantras for the Revolution album.Enjoy 🙏❤️💡Highlights💡Hanifa’s creative and integration processSinging in morning rituals, ceremonies, with breathwork and somatic workReverence and awe about lifeConnecting with the vibration of everythingThe sacredness and honor that come from holding spaceFinding coherence with each other in an intentional wayImportance of listening for leadership and changeFireside Project’s mission and approachFireside Project’s new equity initiative The power of silence and reflective questionsAcknowledging and addressing power dynamicsGenerational trauma, wisdom, and giftsAnd much more🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠“Listening is at the heart of change, of connection. When we think about social justice movement and liberation, listening, or not, is how we use our power.”“When we are listened to, it is one of the most absolute gifts and declaration of respect we can give one another.” “Healing is a birthright and people just need more and more access to it.”Connecting with Hanifawww.handsofhanifa.comMantras for the Revolution albumIG @thehandsofhanifa@firesideproject@onevillagehealingAbout Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat: #healing #songwriter #singer #mentalhealth #BIPOC #psychedelics#creativity 
78:00 6/28/22
Season 2 E16: Jose Franchini Vasquez, Ayahuascero, family man, teacher, community leader
For this interview, I flew to Peru to meet with Jose Franchini Vasquez, an Ayahuascero from a small village in the Peruvian jungle near Pucallpa. Jose has been working with the plant medicines Ayahuasca and Chacruna for over 13 years. He was taught by his uncle, the highly honored teacher Antonio Vasquez Galarreta, and he is the brother of Pepe Franchini Vasquez who was featured in the movie The Last Shaman. I’ve known Jose for several years and we’re working with him and his brother on a very special retreat for this October.Jose opens and closes the interview with one of his medicine songs known as an Icaro which makes this meeting even more special. We talk about his journey with plant medicine, the diets, fasting, and challenges he had to overcome. We discuss how he heals others whether they’re from his village or as part of a retreat. We talk about life outside his medicine work as a teacher, dad and respected community leader, the meaning behind Shipibo tapestries and the properties of tobacco as plant medicine. The interview is both in English and Spanish with many thanks to Kunti Trejo for providing her help as translator. Don’t miss this one. Enjoy.💡Highlights💡The journey of an AyahuasceroWorking with plant medicine from the jungleDiets, cleansing, and medicine songsClearing energy blockagesRunning ceremoniesLife outside medicine workTobacco as a medicine plantHealing with natureThe meaning behind Shipibo tapestries Connecting with JoseYou can connect with Jose through our contact form on the web page and we will forward you your contact information. About Leadershipedelics, Sébastien, and upcoming creativity Sébastien's projects: fooyad.comOctober 2022 Creativity Retreat:
74:09 6/24/22