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Love Conquers Alz

2020 WINNER BEST PODCAST - New Media Film Festival. Caregivers have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Having both been caregivers for a family member affected with Alzheimer’s, Susie Singer Carter and Don Priess both know this is a disease that cannot be faced alone. In fact, their Oscar Qualified film based on Susie's Mother, MY MOM AND THE GIRL starring Valerie Harper in her final performance - has and continues to touch people all over the world. Their goal was to let others know they are not on their own and to help them find the JOY in the journey. And that's just what they do in their Podcast "Love Conquers Alz".


DR. SCOTT SMALL - Director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Columbia Uni.; Author of FORGETTING: THE BENEFITS OF NOT REMEMBERING 57:17 01/13/2022
Globetrotters ANTHONY COPELAND-PARKER and CATHERINE ELIZABETH POPP: Navigating Alzheimer’s While Running Marathons Around the World 45:59 12/22/2021
ROBERT PARDI - Chasing Life: Caregiver, Life Coach, Professor, Guest Speaker, Author of "Chasing Life" 73:40 12/09/2021
THIAGO DADALT & KIRK MOODY: "WHERE IS NANCY?" - A First-Hand Account on the Realities of Wandering 57:58 11/29/2021
PINK LADY - Author, Host. Motivational Speaker, Actress, & Caregiver: LIFE AFTER CAREGIVING 39:03 11/13/2021
ELIZABETH MILLER - Certified Caregiver Consultant/Host of The Happy Healthy Caregiver Podcast 51:06 10/29/2021
JENNIFER FINK - Founder and Host of Fading Memories Podcast: The Battle of the Bath (A candid conversation about personal hygiene.) 59:33 10/15/2021
MARIANNE SCIUCCO - Author, Registered Nurse, Founder of AlzAuthors 54:51 10/06/2021
PATRICK BERGLUND - The Singing Nurse from Sweden: MUSIC - the Power of the Universal Language 39:59 07/20/2021
KENNEDY LOFTIN -Chief Development Officer/Texas’ first LGBTQ+ Affirming Senior Living Facility. 44:47 07/07/2021
LAUREN DYKOVITZ: Life interrupted - The Challenges of Being a Millennial Caregiver 51:19 06/24/2021
Christopher MacLellan - Founder of The Whole Care Network™ 48:34 06/12/2021
Anthony Copeland Parker - Running All Over The World, Our Race Against Early Onset Alzheimer’s 53:53 05/26/2021
Dan Jaworski - Self-Proclaimed Alzheimer's Outlier 59:19 05/13/2021
Judy Cornish - Founder of Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN®) 59:55 04/28/2021
Marisa Pasquini:Caregiver Educator/Author of "Surviving Dementia Without Losing Your Mind" 58:06 04/14/2021
Susanne White: Founder of Caregiver Warrior & Author of the Caregiver’s Little Guide to Survival! 59:16 04/01/2021
Joey Paul Jensen: Casting Director, Producer, Speaker & Caregiver - Miracles DO Happen 44:53 03/18/2021
Gina Martin - Founder of The Bob and Diane Fund: The Power of Photographic Storytelling 53:18 03/04/2021
Darren Crombie & Kat Bwalya of Bridgit Care: Low Tech Interface. High Tech Intelligence For Caregivers. 52:55 02/18/2021
Max Goldman; CEO/Co-Founder of CAREFULL- Safety & Support for Your Loved One's Money 56:29 02/03/2021
Cameron Huddleston, Personal Finance Expert/Author of "Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk" 57:44 01/20/2021
Senator Monique Limón, 19th Senate district, tackling the Alzheimer’s crisis one Legislative Package at a time. 38:53 01/06/2021
Rick Lauber - Ex-Caregiver, Author, Freelance Writer, & Communications Specialist 53:01 12/23/2020
Trish Laub; Author, Radio Host & Expert on Living with Dementia 59:43 12/03/2020
Nancy Daly; Actor/Founder and National Team Captain of Actors and Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's 54:28 11/19/2020
Nancy Schier Anzelmo & Paula Hertel of Connected Horse 55:17 11/04/2020
Shememe Williams, My Active Senior CEO and Founder 41:42 10/21/2020
Susan Farese of SJF Communications On The Power of Art. 43:24 10/07/2020
Leigh Cashman on How YOU Can Make a Difference 41:43 09/23/2020