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Hello and welcome to Flaghunters ! It is a privilege to bring to you this powerful insight into playing better Golf. In all my years of being in the game of Golf from competing at a high amateur level, to caddying, teaching, and being a overall Golf geek, I have an insatiable, curiosity driven desire to get down to the bottom of what it takes to truly get better playing the game of Golf that we all unconditionally love. This has been one of the greatest journeys of my life and I am deeply grateful for all that Golf has given me. Thank you for joining me in this incredible journey. This is my ever evolving love letter to Golf. Jesse Perryman P.S. Please Rate, Review and Subscribe ! 


Brittany Lincicome Insight into Women's Golf and Family Life
Send us a Text Message.Discover the delicate balance between the precision of putting and the demands of parenthood as Brittany Lincicome an esteemed LPGA Tour pro, joins us to share her story. Golf isn't just about the swing; it's a mental marathon, and Brittany gives us an inside look at the sheer resilience required to stay on top of her game while juggling the joys and challenges that come with being a mom. She illuminates the path taken by many female athletes, where the pursuit of greatness on the greens intertwines with the nurturing role of a parent. With a candid conversation, we celebrate women's golf and advocate for the acclaim it richly deserves.Dive into the psyche of a professional golfer as we tackle the mental toughness essential for a formidable short game. Brittany divulges the strategies that keep her mentally grounded amidst the high pressures of competition. From the reliance on cutting-edge technology to the age-old wisdom of golfing greats, we unravel the complexities of maintaining a competitive edge. It's not always about the perfect shot; it's the relentless pursuit of progress and the capability to recover from the inevitable imperfections that define a true champion.The fairway to equality in sports is long, but strides are being made. We address the disparities female golfers face compared to their male counterparts, focusing on the prowess and skill that women bring to the game. Brittany's insights into the training nuances and the sheer technical mastery of LPGA players underscore the potential for men in the sport to learn from their female contemporaries. As we wrap up, we rally behind the female competitors who dazzle us with their talent and call for increased recognition and support in their sporting journeys.
44:08 5/23/24
Jim Venetos' Secrets to a Stillness-Based Golf Revolution
Send us a Text Message.Revolutionize your golf game and shatter your handicap with insights from the remarkable Jim Venetos. Our latest episode is a treasure trove for anyone aiming to master the greens, as Jim, an acclaimed instructor, shares his journey and groundbreaking teaching methods that focus on stillness and simplicity. Get ready to unlock the secrets to consistent power and efficiency that have reshaped the way golf is played, from the mind of someone who has transformed countless swings and scores.Explore the synergy of mind and body in achieving golfing excellence, as Jim draws parallels to other sports and dismantles traditional techniques with his innovative approach. We navigate through the nuances of the sport, examining the dynamics of the body and arms, and how presetting movements can lead to game-changing results. This conversation isn't just a lesson in mechanics but a philosophical shift in how you approach each round, promising profound improvements for golfers of all backgrounds.As we wrap up our enlightening discussion, Jim's passion for the game shines through, from his tales of long drive events to his tribute to the legendary Jack Nicklaus. His commitment extends beyond personal success to a mission of advancing the sport for others, as he shares his instructional outreach and the transformative impact it continues to have on players worldwide. Whether you're teeing off for the first time or refining a seasoned swing, this episode is your invitation to rethink your play and elevate your golfing experience.To find out more from Jim, go to www.jimvenetosgolfacadamy.comTo reach Justin, email him at justin@elitegolfswing.comFor Jesse, jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comA big thank you to TaylorMade and Adidas for their tremendous support. 
60:30 5/15/24
Harnessing the Science of Learning for Golf Mastery with Michael Hebron
Send us a Text Message.Transform your approach to learning golf—or any skill—with insights from the celebrated coach Michael Hebron, who takes us beyond traditional techniques into the neuroscience of skill acquisition. In this episode, I had the privilege of engaging with Michael as he traces his own evolution from award-winning instructor to a pioneer integrating the science of learning into his craft. His remarkable journey, steeped in education from Harvard and UCLA, reveals how understanding the brain's activities prior to the execution of a golf swing can revolutionize coaching. Michael defies conventional methods, arguing for a universal goal of facilitating learning that goes far beyond the sport itself.Feel the rhythm of your golf swing as it aligns with the tempo of your learning process. Michael and I dissect the significance of visualization and present-moment awareness, paralleled with anecdotes from my early writing days that underscore the power of positivity and incremental challenges in mastering a skill. We unpack the seemingly complex motion of a golf swing, simplifying it to actions innate to our daily lives, and emphasize that true learning requires more than just instruction—it demands an experience that resonates with the learner. This episode is an exploration of alternative coaching, where the focus shifts from correcting to understanding the 'why' behind each movement.Venture into the broader landscape of learning with us, where adaptation and self-discovery reign supreme. Hear about Michael's groundbreaking book, now influencing college curriculums with its fresh perspective on learning theory. We critique outdated educational approaches and champion a no-fault philosophy that treats every outcome as a valuable lesson. For those thirsty for educational strategies that honor the holistic nature of learning and growth, this masterclass with Michael Hebron is an invitation to reshape your understanding and elevate your game—on the green and in life.We thank Micheal for his enormous contribution to the game of Golf. His email is For Justin: justin@elitegolfswing.comFor Jesse: jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comLastly, a big thank you to TaylorMade and Adidas for their support 🙏
44:54 5/8/24
Cultivating a Champion's Mindset in Golf with Lee Crombleholme
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the secrets to a stronger mental game on the green with our latest episode featuring sports psychologist Lee Crombleholme. Lee, with a storied background aiding pros on the DP World and PGA Tours, reveals how mental health is the linchpin in elevating a golfer's performance. By breaking down psychological complexities into digestible strategies, he sets you up for success whether you're aiming to shave strokes off your handicap or simply find more joy in every round.Step onto the course with confidence as we unpack the Winning Golf Mind program and the power of positive reinforcement. From tales of Ryder Cup glory to the intimate challenges faced on the fairway, Lee's expertise sheds light on the psychological finesse that separates the good from the great. Embrace the lighter side of sports psychology, too, as we share laughter, a love for the game, and the infectious enthusiasm for helping others improve their mental approach to golf.Finally, savor the satisfaction that comes with every well-struck shot and learn how to hold onto that feeling. Lee's approach not only improves your game but also amps up the enjoyment factor, regardless of the scorecard. Join us as we explore the delightful intricacies of golf psychology and offer a fresh perspective to enhance your love for the game.To find out more valuable game improvement information, go to www.winninggolfmind.comTo reach Justin for lessons or other inquiries, please email justin@elitegolfswing.comTo reach Jesse, jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comA big thank you to TaylorMade and Adidas for their support as always. 
48:56 5/1/24
Kira Yang's Guide to Overcoming Mental Hurdles in Golf and Beyond
Send us a Text Message.Unleash the hidden power of the mind on the fairway as clinical hypnotherapist Kira Yang joins me, Jesse Perryman, on a solo venture of the Flag Hunters Golf Podcast. Together, we dissect the psychological barriers holding back your swing, proving that the key to a better game might just lie within your own subconscious. Kira's groundbreaking work with top-tier athletes and CEOs reveals how transforming core beliefs and mental blocks can dramatically enhance not only your golf performance but your overall zest for life.Imagine standing on the green, poised and confident, your mind a fortress against self-sabotage. This episode delves into the subconscious mind, touching on the concept of upper limits that can thwart success at its brink. No more crumbling under pressure; instead, Kira guides us through aligning identity and aspirations, shedding the weight of childhood programming and societal expectations. By mastering presence and detaching from outcomes, we learn how to slip into those coveted flow states for peak performance, just like the pros.Finally, step into the realm of hypnosis with us, where limiting beliefs are reshaped into stepping stones for growth and self-realization. We explore how altering these foundational beliefs infuses optimism into every drive and putt, changing how we perceive failure and success. Kira's insights don't just promise to improve your game; they offer a blueprint for a proactive, fulfilling life. Tune in for an episode that's more than just about golf - it's about crafting the winning mindset for life's every challenge.To find out more and work with Kyra, go to also has an amazing X feed. Kyra also has a fantastic newsletter that I swear by find Justin, his email is justin@elitegolfswing.comTo find Jesse, his email is jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comThank you TaylorMade and Adidas for their support A big thank you to England and your incredibly kind hospitality 🙏
53:19 4/23/24
Shaping the Complete Golfer with insights from Pia Nilsson
Send us a Text Message.Embark on a journey beyond the green with Pia Nilsson the visionary force behind Vision 54, who unearths the holistic aspects of golf coaching that transcend the conventional swing focus. Pia's storied legacy, including her mentorship of golf icon Annika Sorenstam, serves as a testament to the power of a well-rounded approach to the sport. As your hosts, we revel in drawing a line from Scotty Scheffler's triumph at Augusta to the principles Pia champions, emphasizing that the key to unlocking a golfer's potential lies not only in the mind but also in the heart and soul of the player.This episode is a celebration of the PT MESS system, Pia's brainchild that integrates physical, technical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual elements into player development. It's a deep dive into the nuances of what makes a golfer truly great, with stories and insights on intrinsic motivation, joy, and well-being that go far beyond perfecting a swing. Listeners will find themselves nodding along as we share our own experiences on the course, affirming the significance of personal satisfaction and the pursuit of golfing excellence.As we wrap up this insightful session, we touch upon the delicate dance of parenting junior golfers and the challenges of nurturing young talent in an authentic way. Our discussion extends to Pia's Super Coach 54 program, offering a beacon for coaches seeking to enhance their impact beyond technical instruction. And for a final, light-hearted twist, travel essentials take center stage as we share a few laughs over our must-haves while on the road, proving that even the smallest joys can make a world of a difference in a life intertwined with golf.Thank you to Pia for sharing her wisdom ! Make sure to go to www. to find out more.To find Justin, his email is justin@elitegolfswing.comTo find Jesse, his email is Jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comThank you TaylorMade and Adidas for your excellent support ! And a shoutout to the Old Barnwell boys in Aiken, SC for the great round !
30:34 4/17/24
Unlocking Your Golf Potential Beyond the Physical with EA Tischler
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the secrets of your mind's influence on the fairways as we welcome the illustrious golf coach EA Tischler to share his game-changing insights on mental game mastery. Through engaging discussions, EA, a philosopher of the greens with deep knowledge of biomechanics, unveils the potent blend of mental fortitude and body mechanics that can send your golf game soaring. Discover the transformative power of syncing conscious goals with the subconscious drive, and learn how to construct a pre-shot ritual that primes you for success with every swing.Golf isn't just a physical challenge—it's a rhythmic dance of the mind and body, where cadence and acceptance play starring roles. EA guides us through the process of finding your unique tempo and how this beat can empower your game, while also delving into the importance of making peace with the outcome of each shot. He imparts the wisdom of using swing thoughts and mental imagery as tools to not only refine your swing but to also maintain focus and timing, ensuring you maintain control rather than being ensnared by the mechanics.In the realm of professional golf, emotional resilience is just as crucial as skill, if not more. EA offers a candid look at the often-overlooked aspect of mental scarring and how athletes can navigate past failures to regain confidence. He also emphasizes the pivotal role of personalized coaching in an age where sports training technology is rapidly evolving. This episode isn't just for the avid golfer; it's a treasure trove of strategies and philosophies that can enhance your approach to any of life's complexities, ensuring you leave equipped with a fortified mental game both on and off the course.Thank you EA for graciously sharing your life’s work with us ! To find EA, please go to To find Justin, please email justin@elitegolfswing.comTo find Jesse, please email jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comThank you to TaylorMade and Adidas for their support as always
65:46 4/3/24
Transforming Your Wedge Play with Edison's Groundbreaking Craftsmanship
Send us a Text Message.Imagine perfecting your wedge game with advice from a master craftsman with over three decades of experience. Terry Kohler of Edison Wedges joins us to share his wisdom, ensuring that whether you're navigating the plush turf of Monterey or the rugged landscapes of Texas, you'll be armed with the knowledge to choose just the right club to enhance your play. Alongside my co-host, respected Singaporean golf instructor Justin Tang, we dissect the intricacies of wedge design, revealing the ways in which bounce and turf interaction can dramatically transform your short game.Uncover the secrets of the Edison 2.0 wedges, as we delve into the art of club crafting and its evolution from classics like the Reed Lockhart and Hogan Fort Worth blades. This episode isn't just about history; it's about revolutionizing your performance through weight redistribution and understanding the smash factor. We also examine the disparities between the needs of tour players and the weekend golfer, ensuring that the wisdom imparted is applicable to your game, no matter your skill level. Plus, we discuss the strategic fitting of clubs and the importance of practice to master the proper motion through impact.Wrap up your golfing toolkit with insider knowledge on how to structure your golf bag for success. Learn the significance of matching your wedges to your irons and the effect that grip and swing weight have on your game. I'll also illuminate the impact of club finish on your wedge shots, from the aesthetic appeal to the practicality of rust prevention. With Terry's commitment to excellence and our shared enthusiasm for the game, this episode is your tee-off point for elevating your wedge play to enviable heights.Make sure to go to to pick these bad boys up. You can reach Justin easiest via his email, Justin@elitegolfswing.comYou can reach Jesse easiest via his email,
59:49 3/27/24
Fitness Foresight: Colin Triplett Drive for Golfing Greatness and Healthy Living
Send us a Text Message.When life throws a curveball, it's our passion and discipline that keep us swinging. That's the essence of my chat with Colin Triplett, a fitness sage with a dream to conquer the United States Mid-Amateur Golf Tournament. Colin's tale isn't just about hitting the gym; it's a clarion call for those over 50 to embrace vitality and extend their innings in sports and life. Our exchange unpacks his fitness philosophy for golfers and the transformative power of setting audacious goals. For those seeking a playbook on personal growth and the tools to help others shine in their autumn years, this episode is your caddy.Have you ever considered how self-discipline could be the secret ingredient to your happiness? We tear down the walls to reveal how mindset intertwined with self-discipline can carve the path to true freedom and satisfaction. This isn't just about staying the course; it's about reveling in the journey and discovering the process itself is the prize. I share anecdotes and insights on how aligning one's goals with their growth journey can result in an unbeatable game – both on the fairways and in the grand game of life.Picture a golfer, poised and at peace amidst the pressure of the game. In this heart-to-heart, you'll find out how presence and meditation can fine-tune your focus, both on the green and off it. We don't just stop at the mind; we leap into the realm of physical performance, discussing brain mapping, nutrition, and the art of recovery. It's about fine-tuning your swing and crafting a life teeming with fulfillment. If you're someone who finds solace in the swing, this episode is a tribute to your passion and the community you're a part of. Join me and Colin for a round that goes beyond the back nine, where every shot is about sculpting the life you've always envisioned.Thank you Colin for sharing your expertise and vulnerability ! You can find Colin on the web at. and on Instagram @birdies.n.bogeysA shout out as always to Adidas and TaylorMade for their incredible support.  Justin is easily reached via the web, He’s also accessible on Instagram @elitegolfswing. Jesse is easily reached via Instagram @flaghuntersgolfpod 
66:30 3/20/24
Nurturing Future Golf Greats: Andreas Kali’s Vision for Junior Development and the Role of Mentorship
Send us a Text Message.Embark on a journey through the green with Andreas Kali, the visionary head coach of the Danish Junior Golf Association, as we dissect the core elements shaping the next wave of European golf champions. Our candid chat with Andreas unveils his bespoke coaching philosophy that champions individuality, creating a nurturing hotbed for Dutch prodigies. We compare the supportive, community-driven European youth development to the more solitary American pursuit of golfing prowess, examining the potential lessons for stateside golfers and the infrastructure needed to foster their growth.Navigating the fairways of coaching, I share the psychological twists and turns of personal swing adjustments, revealing the surprising role of technology in my understanding of the game. We dissect the essence of a solid coaching foundation, exploring the nuanced difference between coaching systems and methods, and the critical role they play in managing the sport's mental and technical demands. Mentorship and community emerge as vital threads in the coaching tapestry, as we recount the evolution from an apprentice to an established coach, drawing inspiration from those who guided us along the way.No episode is complete without looking ahead. Join us as we gear up for a series of travel and networking opportunities where you can meet Andreas and engage with fellow golf enthusiasts. Whether it's Barcelona in March or the PGA Summit in Germany, these events highlight the importance of connection within the golfing fraternity. So, whether you're a coach, player, or simply a fan of the game, this episode is laden with insights, reflections, and a shared passion for golf that unites us all. To find Andreas, go to To  find Justin easiest, email him at or on Instagram @elitegolfswing To find Jesse, also email him at or on Instagram @flaghuntersgolfpod.comThank you again to TaylorMade and Adidas for their incredible support..
58:27 3/13/24
Crafting Champions on the Course with Graham Walker's Instructional Genius
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered how the mind of a top golf coach operates? Swing into the insights of Graham Walker, the maestro behind the golfing prowess of players like Tommy Fleetwood. In our latest podcast episode, we traverse the undulating terrain of golf, from the rigorous discipline of practice to the freewheeling artistry of play. Under Graham's guidance, we uncover strategies that fortify confidence and refine technique, providing a masterclass in every aspect of the game, whether you're a weekend warrior or dreaming of the tour.Grip your clubs tighter as we move from the tee box to the green, dissecting every facet of the game with Graham's teaching philosophy as our caddie. Through candid conversations, we share the evolution of champion players and decode their journey to the pinnacle of golfing success. We tackle the psychological elements that go into those nerve-racking moments, transforming potential into performance. Furthermore, we delve into the five colors of performance—a palette every young golfer must master to paint their path in the golfing cosmos.Finally, we tee off into the realm of coaching with stories of mentorship and the indelible impact of a wise guide on a golfer's career. Not only does Graham enlighten us with technical nuances like the 'put with loft, hinge and hold' shot, but he also imparts the soulful side of coaching, where the joy of seeing a student thrive is the true trophy. Our narrative rounds off with a salute to the dedication of golfers who constantly sharpen their short game, and the contemplative reflections of a coach pondering the legacy of his teachings through the written word. Join us for this swing session, where every anecdote carries the potential to change your game forever.We thank TaylorMade and Adidas for their support.To get Graham Walker’s incredible app, go to https://golfscoringskills.comTo reach Justin, his email is justin@elitegolfswing.comFor Jesse,
65:47 3/6/24
Hal Sutton Reveals the Art of Golf and the Power of Perseverance
Send us a Text Message.Golf enthusiasts, get ready to elevate your game! We've had the honor of hosting Hal Sutton, a master of the game of golf, whose insights cut as sharp as his swing. Throughout this episode, Hal, with an illustrious career taking on legends from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods, opens up about the essence of becoming a true golf champion. He doesn't just recount victories and accolades; he delves into the importance of mental fortitude, the art of resilience, and the profound impact that a multi-sport background can have on a golfer's approach to the game.With stories of iconic mentors like Jimmy Ballard and Byron Nelson, Hal takes us through the nuances of strategy and technique that can only come from decades of experience. His candid revelations on overcoming adversity, the pitfalls of modern golf's obsession with technology, and how feedback from the right equipment can dramatically enhance performance provide a comprehensive look into the sport's evolving landscape. His conviction shines through as he emphasizes authenticity and personal intuition over conforming to the mechanics popularized by coaching trends.Wrapping up this masterclass, Hal reflects on the psychology behind golf, sharing how the distinction between a teacher and a coach can influence a player's success. His personal anecdotes about strategic thinking and planning, akin to those of golf greats like Nicklaus and Woods, underscore the timeless strategies that transcend the fairways. From Jim Furyk's unconventional swing to Hal's own golf course design philosophy, this episode is a testament to staying true to oneself, building a legacy, and embracing every aspect of the game with passion and dedication.Thank you to TaylorMade and Adidas for their incredible support.To find Justin, his email is justin@elitegolfswing.comTo find Jesse, jesse@flaghuntersgolf.comFor more information on Hal’s golf Academy, go to Hal also has an amazing podcast called
65:29 2/28/24
From Tee to Tech: Gabriel Hjertstedt Journey Through Golf's Evolution and Innovative Coaching Techniques
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the trade secrets of a golfing maestro with Swedish legend Gabriel Hjertstedt .As we sit down with the former PGA Tour pro turned ingenious coach, Gabriel maps out his extraordinary path through the world of golf, from teeing off as a young aspirant to coaching today’s rising stars. We zero in on Sweden's knack for producing top-tier golf talent, with Gabriel attributing this to the nation's accessible golfing landscape and nurturing club environment. His innovative contributions to golf equipment design, like the Surgeon Wedges, are not just products of his imagination but are deeply rooted in his extensive on-course experience and understanding of the game's nuances.Feel the intensity of the mental game as Gabriel recalls the psychological stamina that's imperative for golfers to dominate the green. He sheds light on the Swedish Golf Federation's comprehensive support that sculpts exceptional players. Personal tales of triumph over adversity, discipline, and the impact of standout coaching styles unfold, spotlighting how a player can silence the cacophony of the crowd and rise to PGA Tour victory. It's a testament to the unwavering resolve and inner vision that guides a golfer to the pinnacle of success.Step into the future of golf training with our exploration of Gabriel's groundbreaking training aids and his philosophy on keeping golf instruction simple yet effective. From addressing common misconceptions in coaching to dissecting the swing with an inventive four-tiered approach, we cover it all. Plus, get the scoop on the availability of Gabe Golf's innovative products, ensuring that you too can experience the cutting-edge of golfing technology. Join us for an episode that promises to elevate your understanding of the game and maybe even shave a few strokes off your handicap.To reach Gabe easiest, go to www.gabegolf.comTo reach Justin, either email him, justin@elitegolfswing OR on Instagram @elitegolfswingTo reach Jesse, email is OR Instagram @flaghuntersgolfpodOnce again, thank you to Taylor Made and Adidas for their incredible support. 
46:18 2/21/24
Crafting Golf Excellence: Jonathan Wallett's Insights on Coaching, Player Development, and Fulfilling an Ambitious Journey
Send us a Text Message.Imagine tracing the evolution of a football-loving kid living next to a golf course to becoming a PGA master professional shaping the future of golf coaching. That's the journey of our guest Jonathan Wallett, who joins us to recount his transition from football to founding Elite Coaching programs and performance camps in Australia and Switzerland. As Jonathan unfurls his tale, listeners will be privy to a treasure chest of insights, from unique junior golfer practice methods to navigating the critical transitions in a player's development, all underscored by his practical advice for players and coaches alike.This conversation with Jonathan Wallett is more than just a trip down memory lane; it's a masterclass in coaching philosophy and player development. His experiences, from steering the Hong Kong national team to mentoring today's elite players, reveal the delicate balance between honing technique and nurturing a player's distinctive style. Moreover, Jonathan's 'tour curriculum' at his elite golf academy, innovative online training, and scoring techniques showcase his holistic approach to golf coaching, which has significantly impacted the way the sport is taught and practiced.What happens when games and networking intersect with the precision of golf? Our discussion leads to Jonathan's Elite Performance Coach Certification Program, where he's revolutionizing the way coaches globally enhance their skills. As we round out our talk, Jonathan shares his personal dreams of playing at legendary courses like Pebble Beach and Cypress Point, reminding us that ambition and passion drive even the most accomplished professionals. This episode isn't just for those embedded in the golf world; it's a narrative steeped in dedication, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence that resonates with all. Once again, a big THANK YOU to Taylor Made and Adidas for their support.To find us easiest, our Instagram handles are @flaghuntersgolfpod and for Justin @elitegolfswing. Our emails are and To get signed up with Jonathan go to:
48:20 2/8/24
Harnessing the Mind's Power: Karl Morris on Transforming Your Golf Game Through Psychological Mastery
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the secrets of your golf game's mental landscape as we welcome Karl Morris, a sage in the realm of sports psychology, to our Flag Hunters Golf Podcast. Prepare to redefine your approach to the game as Karl unveils the intricacies of the mind's influence on every swing, putt, and drive. This episode promises to equip you with an arsenal of strategies, from setting potent intentions to nurturing a resilient golf identity, ensuring you'll leave with the tools needed to transcend the technical traps that ensnare so many players.Imagine reshaping the very narratives that dictate your performance on the fairway. Through our conversation with Karl, we unearth the profound impact of the stories we tell ourselves, and how simple shifts in perspective can turn a golfer's tale from one of struggle to triumph. We also delve into the art of gratitude, exploring how this powerful emotion can not only enhance your enjoyment of the game but also sharpen your focus and execution under pressure. By embracing a spirit of thankfulness, you'll learn to play with a full heart and a clear mind.Our journey with Karl doesn't stop at mindset shifts; we also pay homage to the legends of golf coaching, like John Jacobs, whose insights remain as relevant as ever in today's data-driven world. We scrutinize the delicate dance between the science and artistry of golf instruction, highlighting the transformative coaching programs that Karl has developed for those eager to elevate their game. If you're ready to challenge conventional wisdom and embrace a holistic approach to golf, this episode will be your caddy for mastering the psychological fairways and greens that lie ahead.  We thank Taylor Made and Adidas for their incredible support and to reach OR Instagram OR Instagram @elitegolfswing.comLastly, be sure to check out Karl’s amazing Podcast called, “The Brain Booster”. I listen every week and it is a must if you want to get an incredible education on how to improve on and off the Golf course !
54:52 2/6/24
Elevating Your Game: Markus Westerberg on Mastering Golf's Mental Edge and the Power of Self-Awareness
Send us a Text Message.Unlock a deeper understanding of golf's mental aspects with the wisdom of Markus Westerberg, a seasoned professional and esteemed author of "The Golfer's Sixth Sense." Our latest episode is a treasure trove for golf enthusiasts and anyone eager to harness their inner strengths, as we converse with Markus on self-awareness' transformative power in the sport. His profound insights and over a decade of professional experience shed light on the pivotal shifts reshaping golf instruction and practice habits, promising to elevate your approach to the game.As we navigate the mental labyrinth of golf with Markus Westerberg, you'll be fascinated by the practical strategies and psychological nuances discussed. From the paradox of the golf swing to embracing the sport's inherent unpredictability, we cover the gamut of mental challenges that can make or break a golfer's performance. Our conversation illuminates the mind-body connection, the role of subconscious learning, and the compelling concept of meta-awareness, which could revolutionize your self-coaching. Markus’s pioneering perspective is not just about golf—it's a philosophy that can be applied to any aspect of personal growth.Wrapping up our exploration, we peer into the future of golf instruction with an eye on the importance of intention, the productive use of the ego, and the joy of progress through dedicated practice. Markus shares invaluable advice for those on a quest for improvement both on and off the course, reminding us of the deeper satisfaction that comes from mastering the greens. Join us for this engaging discussion with Markus Westerberg that promises to resonate with your own pursuit of excellence, whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro on the fairways. To find Markus, go to To find Justin, email him at OR on Instagram @elitegolfswingTo find Jesse email him at OR on Instagram @flaghuntersgolfpod
53:58 1/31/24
The Dance of Golf Mastery with Coach Mike Malaska
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the wisdom of golf instruction with Mike Malaska, as he shares his transformative journey from baseball diamond to the golf course. Our conversation with the acclaimed coach unveils the profound philosophies that drive his approach, shaping the way we think about nurturing talent and customizing coaching to fit the mold of each unique player. This episode isn't just about improving your swing—it's an exploration of the intersections between mental fortitude, physical technique, and the pure joy of the game, all guided by Mike's seasoned insights.Feel the thrill of competition as we dissect the psychological prowess of golf legends like Jack Nicklaus, revealing how elite athletes transform pressure into peak performance. Mike's personal anecdotes and the tales of those who've walked the fairways before us shed light on the invisible forces at play in a golfer's swing—the momentum, gravity, and instinctual adjustments that often go unnoticed. As we navigate through the complexities of golf swing concepts, our discussion underscores the importance of embracing golf as an art, trusting one's body to perform the dance between control and letting go.Let's demystify the jargon and tech advancements in golf, picking apart the language and the latest gear that promise to elevate your game. Mike's insights into equipment, particularly the drivers that offer forgiveness on mishits, will change how you perceive your toolkit on the course. Wrapping up with a nod to Mike's educational platform, we spotlight the resources available to golf enthusiasts seeking structured yet passionate learning. Join us for a session that pays homage to the transformative power of golf, inspiring you to pass on the love for the sport to the next generation of players.    To best find Justin, email him at or on Instagram @elitegolfswing. To find me you can also email me at You can as well find me on Instagram @flaguntersgolfpod
58:22 1/23/24
Discovering Golf's Natural Rhythm with Shawn Clement's Holistic Approach
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the secrets of the golfing masters with Shawn Clement, the holistic golf coach and Director of Development at Royal Quebec Golf Club, as we traverse the less-trodden path of golf instruction. Sean's treasure trove of insights on Wisdom in Golf unveils the full spectrum of the sport, bridging the gap between the science of swing mechanics and the art of harnessing your body's natural movements. Our candid conversation with Shawn touches on everything from the importance of an intermediate point for accuracy to the unexpected power derived from leg pumping, mirroring the dynamics of skateboarding and BMX biking, a testament to Sean's innovative and comprehensive approach to the game.Golf aficionados, prepare to challenge your paradigm with discussions that defy conventional golf wisdom. We examine the significance of a dynamic stance, the historical evolution of golf techniques, and the necessity of aligning golf club fitting with a player's true swing. Shawn shares anecdotes of misguided fittings and the pivotal role of clear communication between fitters and instructors, providing invaluable lessons that ensure your next trip to the clubhouse equips you with the perfect arsenal for your golfing journey.As we close the tee box on this episode, the warmth of gratitude and anticipation of future dialogues with Shawn Clement radiate through. The camaraderie and respect shared between us all underscore the community spirit at the heart of golfing. Join us for this exploration into the deeper aspects of the sport, and walk away with a fresh perspective that could very well reshape your approach to the green.   Be sure to go to to see Shawn’s amazing website ! To get a hold of Justin,  you can email him at OR on Instagram @elitegolfswing. 
57:48 1/17/24
Mastering the Short Game: Expert Tips from Parker McLachin, the Short Game Chef
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the secrets to a killer short game with the wisdom of Parker McLachlin, the Short Game Chef himself, in our latest podcast. We're dissecting the fine art of wedge play, covering everything from the right selection of wedges to the mental strategies that'll shave strokes off your score. Whether you're facing frosty fairways or sunny swathes, Parker's insights are your ticket to turning that dreaded chip shot into your secret weapon.Embark on a journey that begins a mere 100 yards from the green, where I regale you with tales of my short game evolution under the tutelage of golf legend Paul Azinger. Discover the pivotal role of self-belief, grip nuances, and tempo in mastering your wedge game. Through anecdotes and expert advice, we lay out a blueprint for amateurs and pros alike to revolutionize their short game approach, ensuring you leave the course with a sense of triumph and a newfound zest for the game.The episode rounds out with a deep dive into the technicalities of wedge features, like grind and bounce, and how these could be the game-changers you need. Listen as we draw on personal experiences and the savvy plays of pros like Max Homa to illustrate the profound difference the right equipment makes. And for those hungry for more, Parker gives a taste of the exclusive content and community waiting in his Short Game Chef monthly membership. Swing by our podcast for a session that's all about transforming your wedge play from an afterthought to an ace up your sleeve.
54:26 1/6/24
Integrating Mind and Body: The Journey to Holistic Golf Mastery with Justin Tang and Jesse Perryman
Send us a Text Message.Embark on a transformative journey with us, Justin Tang and Jesse Perryman, as we unveil the secrets to a more holistic golf game that melds the physical finesse of swings with the subtle art of mental mastery. This year, we're digging into the core principles that make all the difference on the golf course, dissecting the dynamics of ball-then-divot contact, and celebrating the unique anatomy of each golfer. We're also peeling back the layers of the mental game, shining a light on internal narratives, and the profound impact of surrendering to the process.We're not just talking about another year of typical golf instruction; we're ushering in an era of personalized coaching that gets to the heart of what makes you tick on the course. From discussing the ground-breaking insights of EA Tischler to Dr. David Wright's innovative approaches, we're tapping into a network of experts who've revolutionized the game. And it's not all swing mechanics; we're diving deep into the essential mental and emotional components, talking visualization, stories we spin in our heads, and the art of staying present amidst the drive to improve.Finally, we celebrate the shared journey of learning and growth within our vibrant community of golf enthusiasts. We're not just flag hunters; we're wisdom gatherers, drawing from the expertise of greats like Butch Harmon and the inquisitive minds of tour players and listeners alike. This is a tribute to the joys of the game, the quest for mastery, and the personal evolution that happens when you dare to step outside your comfort zone and onto the fairway of progress. Join us for a year of breakthroughs and camaraderie on the Flag Hunters Golf Podcast.
82:48 1/3/24
Charting Our Course: Reflecting on the Flag Hunters Golf Podcast Path and Setting Intentions for the Year Ahead
Send us a Text Message.As your go-to companions on the fairway, Justin and I are tipping our caps in gratitude to you, the cornerstone of the Flag Hunters Golf Podcast community. Your enthusiasm and insightful feedback have shaped our mission, leading us to golf's brightest minds and most engaging conversations. From the outset, this podcast was a beacon for golfers like us, seeking to refine our swings and strategies after time away from the greens. Our latest episode is a heartfelt reflection on our journey so far and a toast to the future, where we'll bring even more wisdom and motivation to your golfing pursuits, from the psychological to the nutritional.Embark on a transformative year of golf with targeted intentions and actionable plans, whether you're polishing your game under the summer sun or keeping the chill at bay in indoor practice sessions. We're rolling out a series of fitness-focused content designed to amplify your physical edge, while also making sure those braving colder climates have the tools to maintain their edge indoors. For a dose of daily inspiration or to share your latest hole-in-one, swing by our Instagram—it's the virtual clubhouse where we gather, grow, and celebrate every victory on the course. Join us, and together let's navigate the fairways of progress and passion in the game we love.
10:31 12/27/23
Enhancing Your Golf Swing and Mindset: EA Tischler's Guide to Body-Specific Technique and Mental Resilience. Part two.
Send us a Text Message.Unlock the secrets of a powerful golf swing as EA Tishler, a pioneer in golf coaching, joins us to dissect the intricacies of the game. Discover how to harness your body type for sustainable speed and learn why a one-size-fits-all approach to golf can do more harm than good. With our in-depth conversation, we're not just offering swing advice; we're rewriting the rulebook on how to achieve your best performance on the green.Feel the mental muscles flexing as we tackle the philosophical side of golf, emphasizing the importance of mindset, pre-acceptance, and the art of staying present. Whether you're navigating the mental hurdles of a competitive round or seeking to enter the coveted flow state, our discussion provides strategies to strengthen your mental game, transforming the way you approach each shot. EA's insights serve as a beacon for golfers looking to conquer the psychological aspects that are so pivotal to the sport.As the episode concludes, I share exciting news about my new platform,, and extend a heartfelt invitation to join me for a round of golf amidst the stunning vistas of Monterey. This episode isn't just about improving your golf swing; it's a celebration of the game's camaraderie and the shared journey toward mastery. Swing by for this engaging exchange that's sure to resonate with golfers seeking to elevate every facet of their game.
70:38 12/20/23
Unearthing the Science and Spirit of Golf: Pro Tips from EA Tischler on Swing Techniques and Athletic Mindfulness
Send us a Text Message.Get set for an enlightening journey into the intricate world of golf as we chat with golf instruction extraordinaire, EA Tischler. Prepare to be amazed as EA unveils his multidisciplinary approach to coaching, with a special focus on neurobiology, biomechanics, and mindfulness. Uncover the secrets of becoming a meta-aware golfer and understand the crucial role of physical well-being in enhancing your game. EA's personal experiences with golf legends like Phil Mickelson, Scott Simpson, and Peter Jacobson are sure to inspire and educate.In this episode, we discuss everything from golf swing biodynamics to player analysis, golf swing torque, and ground forces. EA's insights reveal misunderstood concepts such as vertical forces and early extension, commonly referred to as "goat humping." We also delve into the subject of golf certification, different swing techniques, and their impact on a player's performance. You'll hear about renowned golf instructor Ben Doyle's influence, the idea of an "athletic sequence," and understanding one's unique pattern in golf. Whether you're a golf enthusiast or a professional player looking to improve your technique, this episode is a goldmine of information. Not only does EA shed light on the intricacies of golf instruction and swing techniques, but he also shares his experiences coaching players like Scott McCarron and Brent Jobe through their injuries to peak performance. Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation that's guaranteed to enrich your golf knowledge. Don't miss it!
66:27 12/13/23
Redefining Golf Mastery: Embracing Self-Coaching and Transcending Traditional Methods with Fred Shoemaker and Justin Tang
Send us a Text Message.Prepare for a transformative journey into the art of golf with internationally renowned golf teacher, Fred Shoemaker. Brace yourself as we flip the script on traditional golf coaching, questioning its efficacy and unraveling a world of self-coaching and personal discovery. Drawing from Shoemaker's enlightening works, "Extraordinary Golf" and "Extraordinary Putting," we explore how to play limitless, free from external outcomes, and how to tap into your unique potential. Our co-host, Justin Tang, seasoned golf coach, enriches the conversation with his vast knowledge and experience, bringing a fresh perspective on golf.Ever thought about the fine line between coaching and teaching in golf, or how self-awareness can significantly level up your game? Engage with us as we delve into these thought-provoking themes, focusing on empowering golfers to unleash their 'bodily genius.' We challenge the norms, advocating for a learning environment that fosters exploration, creativity, and mistakes. Get ready to redefine your understanding of satisfaction and contentment in golf, embracing a holistic approach that goes beyond just 'fixing' and 'improving.'But that's not all! We also uncover the role of the mind in golf, discussing how detachment from negative thoughts can enhance your performance. We further explore learning beyond mere information assimilation, stressing the importance of being present and deeply connected to enhance any skill. Revisit the famous "club throwing drill" and delve into the impact of pre-shot routines. We round up the conversation with Fred Shoemaker discussing his upcoming coaching program and new book, emphasizing the power of language and the art of listening in coaching. By the end of this enlightening episode, you'll be ready to approach your golf game and life with a brand-new perspective.
73:08 12/6/23
Unraveling The Secrets of Golf Swing: Insights from Terry Hashimoto, Co-founder of BodiTrak
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered how technology can revolutionize a golfer's swing? Or perhaps, you're intrigued by the science behind ground reaction forces? Join us on the Flag Hunter's Golf podcast as we unravel the secrets behind the golf swing. We're thrilled to have Terry Hashimoto, co-founder of BodyTrak with us, who shares insightful experiences of transitioning from a professional golfer to creating a game-changing, pressure mapping technology!Dive into our thought-provoking conversation as we explore the importance of approaching golf holistically, rather than just focusing on one's swing. By understanding the role of pressure in the swing, we identify how an individual's anatomy, stance width and direction can significantly influence these forces. We also share personal stories about lessons with local pros, potential for injuries in different body types, and even the advantages of using a shorter driver with more loft. Plus, Terry passionately explains the value of having a clear intention for each shot and using data as a roadmap for improvement. In our enlightening episode, we delve into the world of pressure mapping technology, its origins and how it's revolutionizing the golf industry. We discuss its applications, reveal common pressure patterns and flaws, and even touch on the contentious topic of linear traces. Join us as we talk about Body Trak, the complexities of ground reaction forces, the intersection of sports and technology, and how all this can enhance golf performance. Whether you're a golf enthusiast, an aspiring pro, or just a tech junkie, you'll find our discussions enriching and enlightening!  You can find Terry easiest at You can find Justin and myself easiest on instagram @Elitegolfswing and @flaghuntersgolfpod. 
99:10 11/29/23
Discovering the Art and Philosophy Behind Elite Golf Coaching with John Dunigan and Justin Tang
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered how to simplify the complexities of golf and strive for improvement with every swing? Look no further! We sat down with PGA master instructor, John Dunigan, and had an enlightening conversation about the art of golf coaching. John, known for his unparalleled ability to break down intricate golf concepts into digestible lessons, shares insights on club face control, technology in teaching, and the pivotal role of mental preparation in the sport. Then, we delved deep into the philosophy behind golf coaching, primarily focusing on the importance of knowing "what to do" versus "how to do it." As John narrates his transition from a tour player to a top-notch teacher, we get a sense of his dedication to continuous learning in the field of golf. We also reflected on some of our own experiences, learning the hard way that forcing students into positions that their bodies can't execute is not beneficial. Our mentor, Mike Adams, and his bio swing dynamic approach greatly influenced our coaching methods. Lastly, we ventured into the realm of motor learning and effective golf coaching. We discovered the value of a guided discovery approach and how understanding how people learn can significantly impact the teaching process. We also touched upon the importance of reactive neuromuscular training and proprioceptive priming. Wrapping up, we presented the concept of the Skill Coaching Alliance, a robust network of coaches committed to learning and improvement. So, tune in to our podcast as we share our passion for coaching and all things golf! Please remember to rate, review and subscribe !
50:43 11/22/23
The Making of a Champion: Shaun Micheel’s Golfing Evolution
Send us a Text Message.What if you had the power to take a peek into the life and journey of one of the most inspiring golfers? In this episode, we're thrilled to have Shaun Micheel, the 2003 PGA Champion at Oak Hill, shedding light on his exhilarating journey in the world of golf. From his childhood initiation into the sport by his father to the unforgettable victory at Oak Hill, Shaun walks us through his influential career, his triumphs, and challenges.Join us as we explore the symbiotic relationship between golf and technology. Shaun speaks candidly about the significant influence of golf legend Ben Hogan on his playing style and his take on how technology has reshaped golf coaching. We also delve into the artistry of the game, with Shaun emphasizing the importance of understanding bodily movements and the necessity to adapt to a flexible swing approach. In this conversation, Shaun shares his reflections on golf's evolution over the years, the impact of technology, and the role of equipment in the game. We also get a glimpse of Shaun’s vivid memories from his golfing career. He talks about his experiences traveling worldwide to participate in international championships and the lessons he learned from these cultural exchanges. As we discuss his major wins, Shaun has reflects on his journey, the effect of his monumental win at Oak Hill and the life lessons woven into these experiences. Tune in to this riveting conversation that offers valuable insights for both seasoned players and golf enthusiasts.
65:15 11/15/23
Revolutionizing Your Swing: Insights and Strategies from Mach 3 Speed Training System inventor and Golf Fitness Expert, Mike Romatowski
Send us a Text Message.Ready to revolutionize your golf game? We’ve got Mike Romatowski, creator of the Mach 3 Speed Training System, joining us today. A certified personal trainer, golf fitness expert, and post-rehab exercise specialist, Mike is here to arm you with insights on how to shift your focus from the ball to the finish area for a more efficient performance. Let’s explore the world of post-impact acceleration, and how it’s been the secret weapon of the golfing greats all along.Get set to dive deep into the world of speed training. Romatowski emphasizes the importance of this aspect, especially for those over 50. His innovative Mach 3 System is designed to build speed safely and efficiently, paving the way for a dramatic change in your game. But the benefits of Mike's training system don’t stop at efficiency. He's here to show us how his method, with its unique tools and strength exercises, is changing the way golf is taught and played. It's a universal approach that transcends age, gender, and ability level, while keeping the whole process enjoyable and motivating.We wrap things up by talking about the ultimate goal for every golfer - efficiency. Mike is passionate about helping golfers perform better by increasing their awareness of the entire swing motion. He enlightens us about the key role of the driver in competitive golf and the importance of speed in achieving golfing success. With Mach 3, he's not just coaching better golfers, he's inspiring a legion of athletes who are stronger, faster, and more efficient. So tune in, and let's get ready to make some serious strides in your golf game!Make sure to go to to access this powerful program. Any questions that you have, do not hesitate to reach out to me. The easiest way is to dm  me on Instagram @flaghuntersgolfpod. 
50:49 11/8/23
Journey to the Top: Unveiling the Success Strategies in Golf with Walker Cup Captain Nathan Smith
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered what it takes to reach the top in the world of golf ?  We're thrilled to have on board our distinguished guest, the newly appointed Walker Cup captain and four-time USGA Mid-Am Champion Nathan Smith. Nathan dives deep into his early golfing experiences, from his youthful introduction to the sport to his collegiate years, and the mental toughness it took to navigate the challenging path to professional golf. Offering us a firsthand account, he brings us right into the heart of the game, letting us in on his strategies, methods, and tools that led him to his well-rounded victories. His insights on the importance of fitness, diet, and a robust routine are golden nuggets for golfers at any stage of their journey. In a heart-to-heart chat, Nathan opens up about managing the weight of expectations and finding balance between his career, family, and golfing pursuits. He even discusses the unique challenges he encountered playing at the Masters, and how he dealt with them with mental toughness and persistence. As we wrap up, he talks about the upcoming Walker Cup in 2025 at Cypress Point, offering a sneak peek into what we might expect from this prestigious event. This lively conversation is packed with invaluable insights, compelling stories, and practical advice, making it a must-listen for every golf enthusiast out there.
58:32 11/1/23
Unleashing Your Potential Barriers in Golf and Life with Hypnotherapist Kyra Yang
Send us a Text Message.Ever found yourself wondering how your mind could be your biggest obstacle on the golf course, or even in any aspect of life? Unleash the power within and break free from self-imposed barriers with Kyra Yang, a board certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. In this engaging edition of the Flag Hunters Golf Podcast, we delve into the world of hypnotherapy, exploring how it can help us overcome subconscious beliefs that hinder performance and fulfillment.Imagine being able to rewire your mind to eliminate fear, shame, and guilt, and emerge with a healthier outlook towards failure and rejection. We invite you to join our enlightening discussion on how childhood beliefs lead to self-sabotage, and how hypnotherapy can reprogram our minds for a more positive outlook. Learn how understanding the source of self-imposed pressure can empower us to make decisions that lead to better performance and focus.This episode isn't just about golf. We explore the concept of mental control and emotional intelligence in our everyday lives. We delve into how non-judgmental awareness can help us take control of our future, and how understanding our unconscious beliefs can lead to a more productive and successful life. Join us as we navigate the inner game of success and discover how hypnotherapy can unlock our potential for greatness, both on and off the golf course. You can best reach Kyra on Twitter/X @iamkyrayang. Just follow the links to reach her directly.
60:12 10/25/23