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A couple of Dads with life experience and comic savvy to tackle all kinds of subjects. Kids, we got 'em. Homes, we maintain them. Wives, check. Cars, yeah, we drive, we fix, we break them. Music, yeah, we're into music. Projects, we do them. Holidays, we celebrate them. Animals, of course, there's dogs, cats, fish, you name it. Tag along with us as we explore, tell stories and laugh about life's predicaments. What's your interest?


Episode 288 - Hey bro, it's not my car, man!
This week Foo is having trouble with his available time. Gym's daughter drives home and suprises people. Some people enjoy the drive, some people tolerate it and some people despise it. Gym's dad advice falls on deaf ears and what can you do. The guys become those guys as they talk about how much has changed around here. Gym complains about tickets at a local music venue.  What it must've been like drive some of these routes in a horse drawn wagon. Foo has a story about a bro in a suit.  Gym and the mystery of the missing car at Walmart.  Plus more!
68:25 4/11/24
Episode 287 - How the big business works
Gym is fed up with the cost of everything which stems directly from corporate greed.  Insurance in CA is going up along with everyting else and it might be time to shop around.  Comapnies that literally cause havoc on communities, extend rate increases all while the CEOs earn big bonuses and there's no accountability. Foo tries to teach the importance of work ethic on his kids.   Gym finally is able to deliver the Subi back to Melly.  Gym goes to Jury Duty.  The guys reminisce about AJA's NAB parties, good times.  Plus more!
74:00 4/4/24
Episode 286 - At some point I'm gonna end up buying the thing
This week the guys are amazed with sciency things like water and magnets.  Car transmissions are magic, can we at least agre on that?  Gym has some sketchy car breakdowns from the days of yor.  Audio upgrades in today's cars are not doable.  Gym fixes a nasty rattle on the Subi.  Foo goes for a satisfying snowboard day, Piper gets some pointers, and Foo forgets sunscreen.  Foo spills all of the protein shake.  Gym orders the viral TikTok pans.  The uncanny ability for cross marketing on your devices and across apps.  Plus more!
88:46 3/28/24
Episode 285 - He looks down and sees Mickey Mouse
This week Foo has questions about where Gym buys his meat for smoking.  Smoking Chuck Roast as if it were brisket.  Foo goes to Land Ocean for dinner and they have an unintended guest.  Gym finds that Max has instincts.  Foo gets a new smoker and it's pretty cool.  Making smokey noms.  Plus more!
69:15 3/21/24
Episode 284 - Do you know what soaking is?
This week the guys contemplate soaking, shaking and, uh, bagpiping? Gym has a big update on the Subaru and there's Subi West things to talk about. Foo will be picking up the Explorer. Thinking back on old school land line phones. Foo had an incredibly timed happening during the Super Bowl. Foo contemplates going to his 30 year high school reunion but Gym is not convinced. Plus more!
73:13 3/14/24
Episode 283 - I kill mowers
This week we vote.  Foo has a problem with candidates that don't even take the time to have their info available in the state wide voting pamphlet. Gym's wife is doing good with her work union. We have updates on our current vehicle woes (Exlplorer and Forester). Shops that are confrontational with new customers aren't the shop for us.  Foo gets a mower.  Battery operated yard tools might be problematic. Foo gets a new Nest that does new Nest stuff. Do you use Scenes with your home automation?  Plus more!
80:21 3/7/24
Episode 282 - We need that pile over here now
The guys find themselves in a place that seems like they always get hit with something and the struggle is real.  Gym's daughter's Subaru needs a head gasket. Foo also potentially has a car issue with the Explorer that seems to be losing coolant. People's needs for cars are so different. Gym's neighbor has a car issue on a loaner, HINT, it's rodents. Foo takes his son skiing and the results are in.  Skier finds a snowboarder buried head first in a tree well.  Plus more!
77:33 2/29/24
Episode 281 - All I need to know is how do I get to Jack Reacher?
This week Gym talks alot about rain and driving in the rain but also, his daughter's 09 Subaru Forester has a head gasket issue on their drive home from Portland.  Foo also has a problem with MeMaw, his '89 Nissan Hardbody, and it's going to need an engine.  Gym drives in a crazy rain storm over the weekend and other sketchy rain driving situations.  Foo's Dad comes over and needs help with BluRays, a Firestick and ordering a chainsaw.  Plus more!
78:06 2/22/24
Episode 280 - Really we need a drummer
This week the guys start by talking about some technical jargon about thier lighting.  Gym needs to checkin for his flight.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Gym goes to an interesting show to see Rival Schools and there are other bands he's never heard of.  There's some new Japanese music that is pretty good.  How do you find new music?  Foo uses different services to generate music suggestions that he's never heard. Gym talks about 7 Seconds and Burn Baby Burn.  The guys talk abut playing instruments when they were younger and it's hard.  Dave Grohl is a genius.  Reminiscing about how the music we listened to started making it to radio.  Vinyl has a wonderful sound.  Plus more!
80:22 2/15/24
Episode 279 - I want to win
Crab feeds and making things for charitable fund raising.  The guys haven't won the lottery and wonder how much money makes it to the schools.  The Sad Dads make a visit with Dave and Nat Sampson and it's a good time as usual.  Can you trade a partial dollar for an actual dollar at the bank?  Does anyone use cash anymore?  Gym has declined payments with his Apple Watch and has figured out why.  Gym had a stigma with the term "that sucks" when he was a kid in the 80's.  Parking by braille.  There's a buzzer that sounds when we lose power on our recording stack mid show, we appologize for the untimely death of the Belkin Power Strip.  Plus more!
60:45 2/8/24
Episode 278 - Shotguns and angry faces
For some reason the guys start out talking about dead farm animals, horses, sheep, cows.  Foo has a lame horse story.  Gym rode a donkey in Yosemite.  Farmers agree on stuff with a handshake and that's cool.  Some local areas have a strange mix of new homes and farmland.  Gym admits that he is not farm at all and his calling card is the ocean and beach areas.  Foo talks about his less than stellar food experience when he went snowboarding.  Both guys pine for visiting Disneyland and Foo is interested in Bounding.  Plus more!
79:03 2/1/24
Episode 277 - Time to tackle the drywall
This week Foo finds Vice Grip Garage to be informative and potentialy very helpful.  Gym has an update on his MyQ debacle and the ratgdo solution.  Gym has a weekend of practically nothing.  Foo does some work on his Nissan Hardbody.  Foo goes snowboarding.  Gym finds the cost re-entry into snowboarding to be too high.  The guys talk about gong to the gym again but Gym is struggling to find motivation.  Plus more!
77:47 1/25/24
Episode 276 - You can't poke it too hard
This week the guys contemplate their comfort level when driving in the snow.  There's some chat about AWD vs 4WD snow driving.  Gym has a sketchy drive in the snow in a PT Cruiser.  Foo has a heater/coolant issue with their Explorer and that prompts a look to possibly replace it.  That turns into a discussion about how expensive new cars are now.  We firmly believe in not paying delaer markups for any new car. Subscription services for car features are lame. Gym hates the Telsa center screen stack for the driver. Gym is hoping his daughter drives part of the Portland to Sac drive at least. Hard disk storage is insanely huge, insanely fast and insanely cheap now. How much storage does a streaming service use? Foo wonders what you'll grab from his house if the Russians invade.  Plus more!
82:53 1/18/24
Episode 275 - We lost Jax
This week is filled with sadness when Foo reveals the loss of his boxer, Jax, and he's picking up the pieces.  Rest in peace, buddy. Cats are fickled pets. Gym has an issue with his Christmas tree's lighting. Foo has forced his Christmas house lighting for next year. Foo finds the dripless calk gun.  Gym is curious about rust converter and how it works. Foo has plans for his Nissan hardbody. Foo finds a suprise way of getting a jump pack.  Plus more!
73:24 1/11/24
Episode 274 - I was in Power Shell all day
We made it to the end of the year.  Foo gets his 401k match for the year and it's a sore subject.  Foo gets a New Years Even call about.. cigars?  Gym has a low key, if not frustrating, New Years.  Gym is a bit under the weather and thinks it has something to do with leaves.  Using the proper sharp knife is safer than using the wrong or dull knife.  Gym wants to try using a bow and arrow.  When your business sign just says LIQUOR.  Foo and his wife is working on fine tuning their diets in the new year.  Foo recommends Yoga.  Plus more!
73:29 1/4/24
Episode 273 - The Meat Stick is real
The guys figure out that Christmas is on a Wedenesday next year and it's not ideal.  The guys struggle with misplacing things they know they own but they just can't be found.  Gym got a Meat Stick and it's a real thing.  Foo has Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Gym gets a new turntable and a can crusher. Foo gets in trouble for trying to recylce cans with rocks in them. Did you get spanked as a kid?  Piper gets a shirt from The Bear. Foo gets some things that he needed for motorcycle riding. Foo is ready to shred some meat. Foo sings the praises of the smoker tubes.  Next week: Amazon Prime Video Ads.  Plus more!
82:19 12/28/23
Episode 272 - We're playing wack-a-mole
We discuss Ad Blockers and weigh the benefits and the downsides.  Foo gets frustrated trying to stream a 49ers game on his PC.  Gym had a scare with his father-in-law's PC and an almost scammer situation.  The problem with the new changes to solar power distribution and feeding to the grid.  PG&E running new power into the ground. Good Christmas gift idea?  Foo loves the strip headlamp lights.  Have a great Christmas!
71:48 12/21/23
Episode 271 - It's really called a carpet rake?
Dataz wonders if the Moon landing is real and the Sad Dads have concerns. Foo makes sure his kids understand the hot water heater. Gym has a sad revelation regarding his MyQ garage door opener and Apple HomeKit and has found a possible solution. Foo gave up on Philips Hue. Foo misses his fireplace and starts using YouTube to play fireplace videos, Gym suggests MagicFireplace on AppleTV. Gym remembers the carpet rake.  Plus more!
69:16 12/14/23
Episode 270 - Tankless hot water heater
Foo takes evasive action with 5 pounds of weight to keep Jax out of the Trash.  Maybe a Trash compacter could help?  Don't take your dog into the grocery store (unless its a service animal).  The dog walking things we put up with.  What if we greeted other humans like dogs greet other dogs.  To follow up from last week, Gym gets a new garage door opener.  Foo is worried about his hot water heater.  Gym has a theory on his hot water heater's use.  Shaving habits of the Sad Dads.  Plus more!
74:48 12/7/23
Episode 269 - Whittling off cool things
This week the guys may have finally fixed their long standing camera issue!  Video production is hard.  Foo becomes that Dad and it hits him.  Gym has a hectic Thanksgiving for several reasons.  Foo figures out a new way to make turkey and it pleases him.  Gym weighs in on the new Hunger Games film.  Foo says that Tom Cruise runs really weird.  Gym takes his car back into the show for an evap leak.  The guys get Christmas decorations up.  Foo finds some new outdoor lights but can't quite get them in time.  Foo is getting christmas lists from his kids.  Gym's garage door opener takes a dump but he might be able to repair it.  Muscle memory is real.  Gym has a weird dishwasher fix.  Plus more!
74:54 11/30/23
Episode 268 - Chew on the gristle
Foo talks about some funny bathroom humor comedy from Pete Holmes and the shake. Gym finally got his car back... and it has a check engine light (surprised?). Gym smokes a brisket for Thanksgiving and it's huge.  Foo says everyone has butternut squash recipe, true?  Foo tweaks his stew recipe and now finds it to be perfect.  Do you like to chew gristle?  How do you like your beef cooked?  How is a truck's tow rating calculated?  Foo finds some unprepared truck guys and he's put off.  Foo doesn't want to step on toes when it comes to helping with Zander's band.  CarPlay Share.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Thanks for listening!
72:21 11/23/23
Episode 267 - The toilet paper is still terrible.
Foo realizes that we started Season 6 of Sad Dads, thanks for being part of it.  Foo goes the other way on his use of clean water with his netty pot.  Foo goes to Disneyland and enjoys the time with his father-in-law.  Foo's drive becomes a teaching moment about electric cars with his father-in-law.  Foo sights a real live Cyber Truck and he, and everyone else in the car... hates it.  Gym says don't be the fastest guy on the highway.  Foo enjoys Churros, if you didn't know.  Disneyland app had an authtication error wheile they were at the park.  Disnelyland is considering using drones instead of actual fireworks.  Plus more!
72:23 11/16/23
Episode 266 - She Roto Rootered me
This weeks show is recorded a day early and Foo has concerns.  Foo got a little sumthin sumthin, but how'd he get it?  Both guys do not take alot of meds, but will if the need arises.  Gym throws his back out but gets it back into shape adn this was how.  Do you use those high powered muscle massagers?  Dataz buys a truck.  Gym has a Caddy update.  Foo wonders at what point does Gym get rid of the Caddy?  is buying a Tesla evil bcause of HIM?  Plus more!
68:04 11/9/23
Episode 265 - The Please Take One Halloween Bowl
This week Gym gets bit under the covers.  The guys talk about their production challaneges.  Is Ginger Ale a drink you drink all the time or just on a plane?  Foo gets specific in his beer tastes.  We don't even come close to drinking and driving.  Changes in attitudes over the years towards things like seat belts, drinking and driving, etc.  Foo gets his CA RealID.  Gym forgets to pay for his car registration on his car that's not even in his posession.  The please take one Halloween Candy Bowl is the same thing as returning your cart.  Gym and his wife carve pumpkins.  Plus more!
77:23 11/2/23
Episode 264 - Three gallons and a little bit
This week the guys get into a discussion about motorcycle gas mileage.  An update on Gym's Cadillac and no news is good news?  Gym's back gives out for only the best reason.  Having a decent chair when you work from home is paramount.  Drink your water and get a checkup.  Faced with a large doctor's bill would you get a proceedure that won't be covered?  Gym finally updates his home theater amplifier.  The guys geek out a bit on Ahsoka and Star Wars.  Plus more!
78:43 10/26/23
Episode 263 - Internships, Externships and hangers
This week Gym goes to move his daughter to an internship on Oregon.  There's a story about hangers and Costco.  Gym has a proposal and wants to know how much would you sell your dog for, or would you?  Gym realizes the niceties of CarPlay systems in a borrowed vehicle that doesn't have it.  Arnold Schwarzenegger wnats you to know that it's not a tumor.  Foo tells Gym about a new feature in CarPlay that needs to be used.  Foo wants to know what your 4 Go To dishes are.  The challenges of cooking vegetrian and non-vegetarian meals at the same time for two people.  Plus more!
79:42 10/19/23
Episode 262 - Go watch The Bear, now.
This week the Sad dads wonder if Binaca is still a thing and remember the Zima days.  Jon digs a drunk hole.  Watch the Bear, please, we beg you, pretty please.  Foo digs shoe shining videos.  What bothers you to watch on TV? Do you wear a mask when you do yard work?  Foo finally gets his bike legalized, street worthy and gets to riding.  Gym does a CR-V throttle body cleaning and idle relearn.  Gym's daughter is in the October issue of Costco Connection magazine as a Squishmallow collector.  Plus more!
80:04 10/5/23
Episode 261 - Destroyer of flies
This week the guys seem interested in pest abatement.  Foo's Dad has some interesting fruit.  Dataz and his fiance finally have a venue for their wedding.  Gym gets a new iPhone 15 Pro.  Are current phones worth their price tag?  Finally Apple Maps have offline map capabilities.  Foo's Dad inadvertently disables using highways on Maps.  Gym has a take on the VW iD.4.  EV charging issues abound still today and Tesla does it right.  Foo wants us to watch The Bear on Hulu.  Plus more!
75:22 9/28/23
Episode 260 - Fixing s**t is cool
Gym extolls the virtues of his CPAP machine and helps out his FIL with his.  Do you sleep with an extra pillow or a body pillow?  Foo has some DMV difficulties but also has an easier solution than actually going to the DMV.  Is your mileage lower post-covid and has that affected your insurance premiums?  Gym has a quick impression about the VM ID4.  Rivians are shredding tires.  Foo gets a new to him 1989 Nissan Hardbody and it's pretty nice but he's got some sorting to do.  Plus more.
73:31 9/21/23
Episode 259 - Mosquitos Everywhere
This week Gym talks about getting wrecked by mosquitos.  Gym has a small update on the Caddy.  Gym breaks his iPhone screen and has it replaced, but it's never that easy, right?  IPhone 15 and 15 Pro are announced and Gym and his wife are in line while Foo gets drowned with notifications during it's announcement.  Gym finds a super neat feature in macOS that he didn't know existed.  is it worth upgrading to 10Gb network hardware at home for a 2Gb fiber connection?   Foo has some shows he wants to recommend.  Plus more!
75:11 9/14/23

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