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Speakeasily vs. the '80s

Speakeasily Vs The 80s is a rip-roaring trip down the drain of '80s trash cinema with special guests from the live performance, podcast, and film worlds. Both Speakeasily Vs. The '80s and The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast are audio shows of ill-repute that grew out of the Speakeasily comedy collective. Morphing from a live Bay Area burlesque show into a web-based video burlesque talk show into a sketch comedy thrupple, the hydra-headed Speakeasily now provides comedy podcasts for your listening pleasure. Speakeasily's comedy sketches and podcasts stretch the boundaries between surreal and shtick, intellectual and gross-out, counterculture and trash culture. 


The Beastmaster (1982)
Speakeasily vs. the ‘80s welcomes podcast pioneer and author of The Georgia Guidestones: America's Most Mysterious Monument, Raymond Wiley, to venture into the wilds of The Beastmaster (1982)! This sword and sorcery celebration has everything you need in a movie: dudes in ominous robes, ferrets, equal opportunity nudity, hot mutant witches… It’s Conan meets Tarzan meets an all-Chippendales’ production of The Wizard of Oz.
69:51 12/17/2021
Announcement: Retrophilia
Odessa lil just wants you to know about a new podcast about the past that she's co-hosting with Raymond Wiley of Disinformation, Out There Radio, and The Shadow of Ideas. It's called RETROPHILIA and this season focuses on the 1990s. Please check it out and subscribe/rate/review on the iTunes. Speakeasily vs. the '80s will be back soon!!
01:19 12/05/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Critters 2 (1988)
Are you ready to have a BALL? Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes returning guest, comics industry maven, professional nerd, and furball expert, Jann Jones to discuss Critters 2. Cashing in on the Gremlins creature feature craze, Mick Garris’s 1988 follow-up to Critters, is truly a peek ‘80s trash experience with its ferocious man-eating balls, intergalactic bounty hunters, a Crite-killing centerfold, EDDIE DEEZEN appearance, and of course – the star of the movie, a mega Critters Ball.
68:01 10/22/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Return of the Living Dead (1985)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Joe Donohoe (writer, nurse, former taxi driver, and publisher of Specious Species magazine) for a BRAINZ-fueled discussion of Dan O’Bannon’s game-changing zombie punk hit, Return of the Living Dead. With its goth punk soundtrack that’s all killer no filler and a tomb-strippin’ Linnea Quigley, this is a modern horror classic we dig to no end. Where Rasputin’s preserved member, Doctor Manhattan’s bouncing dong, and Bananabots fit in, is up to you to decide.   Joe Donohoe:   More Speakeasily: 
89:56 08/29/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Ice Pirates (1984)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes no-budget film auteur Davenzane Hayes to discuss 1984’s sword and spaceship classic Ice Pirates! Join us as we contemplate how mechanized castration, robot pimps, Bruce Vilanch, and the Knights Templar all ended up in this pile of post-apocalyptic piraty poop. Warning: listening to this episode may increase your risk of contracting Space Herpes. And crabs. And Olestra fat substitute.   Davenzane Hayes:   More Speakeasily: 
102:36 06/23/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Christian Divine, writer for the award-wining video game franchise LIFE IS STRANGE, for sone Druidic horror with Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)! What do Stonehenge, robot assassins, melting heads, and novelty salesmen have in common? Not much! Except this film that reminds us to FEAR the IRISH.  Christian Divine: More Speakeasily: 
89:29 04/15/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: River’s Edge (1986)
Bonnie Bloomgarden of the mystical rock band Death Valley Girls joins us for a very special episode of Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s. Together we somewhat bravely tackle the controversial and stylized movie about teen murder, disaffected stoners, and the dark morality of peer pressure – 1986’s River’s Edge. There’s also Goth talk, Little White Doggie talk, Occult vs Positive Thinking talk, and so much more.   Death Valley Girls:   More Speakeasily:
89:16 03/21/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes drag performer, cosplayer, cat costumer, and Sacred Silversexual Annalyn Bond for a deep dive into the 1987 coked-out classic Hard Ticket To Hawaii. This movie is where dad jokes meet sexual harassment. It really has everything: exploding blowup dolls, a frisbee death scene, at least three Playboy Playmates, karate, umbrella drinks…it’s the best fantasy a 10-year-old boy could ever have.  Annalyn Bond: More Speakeasily:
85:56 03/01/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Night of the Comet (1984)
It’s end-times fun-times as Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes musician, composer, DJ, and synth master Gregg Foreman (aka Mr. Pharmacist) for an earth-shattering discussion of Night of the Comet (1984). What better time than the dystopian present to immerse ourselves in this apocalyptic teen comedy classic. This movie has everything: zombies, guns, malls, big hair, the end of the world, and chicks kicking ass. Gregg Foreman: More Speakeasily:
97:26 02/09/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Valley Girl (1983)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes creator of the interactive Listography books and pioneering former owner of Oakland's Eli’s Mile High Club, Lisa Nola, and her partner James Spooner who directed the 2003 documentary AfroPunk, co-founded the AfroPunk Festival, and works as a cartoonist and tattoo artist in Los Angeles! Together we dive headfirst into the totally tripendicular film Valley Girl (1983). Can the preppy daughter of hippies and a “punk hunk” find love somewhere between Hollywood and the Valley? Only a romantic montage set to Modern English can tell. Lisa Nola: James Spooner: More Speakeasily:
97:11 01/20/2021
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: C.H.U.D. (1984)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes comics industry luminary and C.H.U.D.thusiast Jann Jones (AKA Pickles Kintaro) to discuss the great Regan-era tale of government environmental conspiracy. C.H.U.D. – it’s an acronym that has become a noun, a verb, an adjective, and even a dance, but we dive deep into its underground origins in the hellacious New York City of 1984. Along the way, we also get into gender equality and accountability in comics, poodle hair and dirty Keds, Childlike Humanoid Urban Muchachos, and possibly the worst boyfriend in cinema history. Get ready to C.H.U.D.easily! Jann Jones: More Speakeasily:
86:29 10/18/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Better Off Dead (1985)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Bay Area art curator, artist, Dj, actor, activist, and overall ‘80s pop culture nerd Jeff Bostic to discuss the 1985 feel-good suicide classic Better Off Dead! From dare-devil skiing to guitar-playing hamburgers to psychotic paperboys, this one has it all. The first film in the Savage Steve Holland teen trilogy really knows how to put its testicles all over you and we’re about to learn a little too much about one of the featured actors. Check out Jeff Bostic’s new art happening, Metronome: Bay Area Abstract Art Show, 9/24/20: Jeff Bostic: More Speakeasily:
61:29 09/19/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Flash Gordon (1980)
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on because Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes “Flash” Gordie The Mailman Adams of the Gordcast and Zardozen Minutes podcasts for the space opera spectacular Flash Gordon (1980)! Prepare to blast off for Mongo, and don’t forget your S&M gear, green Twinkies, and cha-cha heels because I hear we’re in for some hot hail. Gordie the Mailman: More Speakeasily:
100:57 08/24/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: 9 to 5 (1980)
Pour yourself a cup of ambition because Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Jamie Bancroft (AKA Dolly Trauma), a founder of Austin International Drag Festival and the upcoming website The Drag Channel, to discuss the sexual harassment classic, 9 to 5 (1980). Are you thirsty for Dabney? Jamie Bancroft: More Speakeasily:
89:17 07/19/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Vibes (1988)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes two titans of podcasting – Mogwai Minute’s Neil Brown and Bat Minute’s Niall McGowan – to vibe out with us for the 1988 romantic occult comedy VIBES. Cindi Lauper, Jeff Goldblum, and Peter Faulk make up the wackiest and sexiest version of the Three Stooges since Moe Howard gave up mini-skirts. Neil Brown: Niall McGowan: More Speakeasily:
88:08 06/06/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Troll 2 (1990)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes, all the way from Liverpool, fashion photographer/blogger Lal Gall and Jonfen Parker, the host of podcasts Bat Minute and Hedwig: Inch by Angry Inch, for a close encounter with Troll-kind. Yes, a film that’s so good it doesn’t need a Troll 1 – we’re talkin’ ‘bout Troll 2! Besides being blatant anti-vegetarian propaganda, this is a cautionary tale of what happens when you let Italians go to Utah. Lal Gal: Jonfen Parker:   More Speakeasily:
93:02 05/07/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Eye of the Tiger (1986)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Alamo Drafthouse New Mission SF’s Creative Manager and shlockmeister supreme Jake Isgar. He is the Wizard of Weird Wednesdays and the Tsar of Terror Tuesday, and he brought us a prime cut of revenge porn called Eye of the Tiger (1986). See Gary Busey as a Vietnam vet who takes on the local dirt bike gang behind a farm-to-table crack operation. Thrill to Seymour Cassel as the Hawaiian-shirted sheriff who hates him. Soar with Yaphet Kotto in his funky biplane into the clouds of deferred retirement. Jake Isgar:   More Speakeasily:  
86:37 04/10/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Making Mr. Right (1987)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes actor Galen Howard, known for roles in Agents of Shield, Brooklyn 9-9, and also as that guy who ate a bunch of Cannoli in that one Weezer video. Galen brings us a charming romantic comedy about a modern woman and the robot who loves her -- Susan Seidelman’s Making Mr. Right. This stylish piece of New Wave eye candy may make you think of John Malkovich and throw pillows in a whole new light. Galen Howard: More Speakeasily:
71:05 03/30/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Mortuary Academy (1988)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s is joined by “Cine-Masochist,” musician, and co-founder/producer of the long-running SF club Popscene, DJ Omar Perez. He joins us for one of his favorite violations of decency and taste, Mortuary Academy (1988), proving that he is perhaps more of a “Cine-Sadomasochist.” Is this film simply Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov’s love letter to underage necrophilia or is it pure comic genius? You be the Cine-judge!   DJ Omar Perez:   More Speakeasily: And now on Spotify too!
62:42 03/18/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: The Search for Animal Chin (1987)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s goes on a quest with Pete Mummert of The Indiana Jones Minute for the true meaning of skateboarding with the seminal 1987 skate flick, The Search for Animal Chin. Is it just privilege on the half-pipe or is it a gnarly ollie into existential philosophy? You be the judge and join us while we estimate Tony Hawk's net worth.   Pete Mummert:   More Speakeasily: And now on Spotify too!
66:49 03/07/2020
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Cherry 2000 (1987)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s gives you the gift of sexbots this xmas season as we welcome Drag King and Cholo Goth Papi Churro for a screening of CHERRY 2000 (1987). Ignore your families and let us transport you to the Mad Maxian dystopian future/past of the year 2017 where men fall in love with their sex toys, women are accompanied by lawyers at all times, and the only hope is Melanie Griffith.     Papi Churro:   More Speakeasily: And now on Spotify too!
79:19 12/25/2019
Episode 114: Piper & Jack Davenport, Biker Erotica Between Two Ferns in the Honeycomb Hideout
Are you ready for this NSFW MEGASODE!? The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast welcomes smut royalty with the king & queen of biker-erotica, Piper & Jack Davenport! Prepare to rev your engines as they each do dramatic readings from some of their best MC romances. We also spend time munching away in the Honeycomb Hideout and talking about Zach Galifianakis's ferns.   Credits: "The Whip" by The Frantics Guests: Piper & Jack Davenport More Speakeasily: And now on Spotify too!
147:40 11/20/2019
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Hot Dog... The Movie (1984)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Thee Eric Wynn, host of the radio show Goth Yearbook and the music director of Santa Rosa's indie station KRJF, to the trash dungeon to discuss the 1984 schlocky ski sex comedy, HOT DOG...THE MOVIE. Strap on your skis and whip out your hot dog because it's gonna be a gnarly slope of a ride. Eric Wynn, Goth Yearbook: More Speakeasily: And now on Spotify too!
95:56 11/11/2019
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Streets of Fire (1984)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes filmmaker, musician, Diane Lane enthusiast, and all-around Dracula NERO NAVA to discuss 1984’s STREETS OF FIRE. This “rock and roll fable” is a prime example of ‘80’s ‘50s and an adventure in miscasting. Extra points for the inclusion of Willem Dafoe’s pleather waders and Rick Moranis as Dick More-anus. Nero Nava: More Speakeasily: And now on Spotify too!
71:58 10/29/2019
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s: Hardbodies (1984)
Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s returns with a special guest, 1980’s trash aficionado Gabriel Wheeler. Gabriel chose 1984’s HARDBODIES – a sex comedy of epic proportions guaranteed to fill your beach bum with sand. So let us go on a journey to a world without AIDS and skin cancer to this t#ts flick about three middle-aged assholes preying on the young, beautiful and stupid. Boogie till you puke, everybodies! More Speakeasily:
69:47 10/22/2019
Speakeasily Vs. The '80s: Moving Violations (1985)
Welcome to our new side series, Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s -- a crash course in ‘80s schlock movies you’ve probably forgotten (or should have). Our first episode covers the John Murray vehicle Moving Violations (1985). A cast full of near-famous siblings presides over this wacky traffic-school comedy. Watch for a frizzy-haired Jennifer Tilly, a very Tom-of-Finland-esque 
James Keach, and, of course, the smarmiest of all of the Murray bros.   More Speakeasily:
41:58 10/13/2019
Episode 113: Disasterina & Ave Rose, Crackers, and Vampires
The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast welcomes L.A.'s most disastrous drag queen, Disasterina, and artist/performer Ave Rose! Hang out with us as we discuss taxidermy, ComicCon booths, literal trash, Dragula, scientific stuff we don't know enough about, everyone's favorite carb -- crackers, and the partying vampires in What We Do In The Shadows! Credits: "The Whip" by The Frantics Guests: Disasterina & Ave Rose   More Speakeasily:
97:11 07/20/2019
Episode 12: Chaki The Funky Space Wizard, Flamin' Hot Doritos & Velvet Buzzsaw
The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast invites you to step up and smell the cape of one of the hawtest, most talented Mexican Jews around, Chaki the Funky Space Wizard! We turn up the heat and a few stomaches with bags of Flamin' Hot Doritos and watch the heavy-handed scathing commentary of the Art world, Velvet Buzzsaw. The gloves come off and our true feelings about Jake Gyllenhaal are revealed.  Credits: "The Whip" by The Frantics Guest: Chaki The Chaki Horror Radio Show Poulet Pourri voice: Jeffrey Gullett More Speakeasily:
76:05 06/13/2019
Episode 11: Cheeki Kahnt, Mötley Crüe & the Tao of Peeps
The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast forays into the world of fabulous filth with the multi-talented probationer Cheeki Kahnt. In-depth discussions of Korean spray toilets, Drag and body hair, Selena vs. Mötley Crüe, and the nightmare candy Peeps ensue. Have you seen The Dirt? Two out of four have not.  Credits: "The Whip" by The Frantics Guest: Cheeki Kahnt A$$hole T-shirts/Cyclucks voice: Jeffrey Gullett More Speakeasily:
104:10 04/28/2019
Episode 10: Lal & Jonfen -- Cadbury Cads or Russian Troll Dolls?
The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast continues its campaign against decency by dragging Liverpool's Fab Two -- fashion photog & blogger Lal (kamikazerainbow) and podcasting's dark knight Jonfen (The Bat Minute) -- into a cultural exchange of drag talking, Cadbury Creme egging, and Russian Doll trolling.  Credits: "The Whip" by The Frantics Guest: Lal & Jonfen Poullette Spray voice: Jeffrey Gullett More Speakeasily:
99:38 03/25/2019