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Storytelling. True Life Experiences. San Francisco Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason speaks of Child Abuse, Racism, Drug Addition, Gay Life., Marathons, physical fitness & more. Life Lessons learned.


The Life of a Waiter | Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
  From passing Hors D'oeuvres,  To serving  dinner,  To slicing the wedding cake,  To clearing the tables,  To stacking the chairs,  and then finally, making my way home.   Having worked in the homes of Larry Alison, The Getty’s, The Joost, The Fishers, The John Deere Family, The Gallo Family, and The Japanese Consulate General of San Francisco. Having served  Margaret Thacker, Sharon Stone, Cheech Marin, Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford, Julia Child, The Queen of Thailand, and Joe Montana [to name a few]; I have many stories to tell - stay tuned for more of "The Life of a Waiter."   San Francisco Event Manager, Tony Eason:
15:04 11/14/23
Former President Donald Trump Montage | A Story of Fact Not Fiction [ Part 2]
Donald Trump Montage | A Story of Fact Not Fiction - Part 2 A audio news montage of the twice impeached & presently indicted former United States President, Donald John Trump [Part 2} Turn off the lights, gaze at the ceiling & listen to Audio News Montage of Part 1 & Part 2 of the truth behind Donald John Trump on the Ynot Truth Podcast  [available on most podcast apps].   Trump Audio Version | Part 1: Trump Audio Version | Part 2:   Former President Trump Montage Downloadable Video Version - Part 1: Former President Trump Montage Downloadable Video Version - Part 2:   Ynot Truth Podcast Website:  
44:10 3/31/23
President Donald Trump Montage | A Story of Fact Not Fiction [Part #1]
An audio news montage of the behavior & actions of the former United States President, Donald John Trump. Unempathetic. Hostile. Egocentric Manipulative. Impulsive. Seditious. Misogyny. Racist. DSM-5 Similar to the behavior of a child, anyone who speaks "the truth" /or/ not in the best light of the former U.S. President is vilified, ostracized, and nicknamed by him. Due to user violations, the twice impeached, former U.S. President Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & several other social media platforms.   Donald Trump has been involved in anywhere between 3,500 to over 4,000 lawsuits in his long career as a businessman, showman, and politician, according to a tally by USA Today.   Trump was sued at least 60 times in the first three weeks of his presidency, according to the Los Angeles Times  Lay down, turn off the lights, gaze at the ceiling & listen to the truth behind Donald John Trump as spoken by himself.    Former President Trump Montage Downloadable Video Version - Part 1: Former President Trump Montage Downloadable Video Version - Part 2:   Ynot Truth Podcast Website:   "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." - Galatians 6:7-8.
31:59 3/13/23
AIDS/Lifecycle / California AIDS Ride. | A 540-Mile Bike Ride Saved My Life [1994]
In 1994, Tony Eason realized that there was more to life than:  guzzling alcohol, snorting cocaine, ingesting ecstasy, speaking of what others need to work on, and/or bathing in self-pity.  Therefore, he put down the cocaine and embarked on a 540-mile, 7-day, bike ride titled California AIDS Ride sponsored by Tangeray #2; created by Dan Pallota & Pallota Teamworks. Presently, Tony Eason has completed twenty bike rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles, CA. [now titled AIDS/Lifecycle]. From a cocaine addict to a cyclist, to a yoga teacher, to a marathon runner, to a swimmer, it all began from that first step! Listen to how the cycling journey changed the course of Tony Eason's Life. If you would like to read more about Tony Eason's twenty AIDS/Lifecycle / California AIDS Bike Ride Experiences - click here:   Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:    
11:04 2/2/23
Gay San Francisco - Coming Out | LGBTQIA [1983]
Listen to "Coming Out of The Closet" to hear San Franciscan,  Tony Eason's journey from Heterosexuality to Homosexuality & uniting with the Gay / LGBTQIA Community. Many people use the term "coming out" to refer to the process of telling someone else how they identify in terms of their romantic orientation, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Coming out is a lifelong process that has both intrapersonal and interpersonal components, most people have an initial phase - first coming out to themselves.   The intrapersonal component involves: recognizing a dissonance between one's internal experiences, desires, or feelings as compared to societal norms. The interpersonal component involves: Seeking out a community of people with similar experiences, desires, or feelings.   Ynot Truth Podcast Website:   Tony Eason Website:  
12:22 1/6/23
West Berlin, Germany | An American Abroad [1986]
West Berlin 1986 - 1989, I lived in Kreuzberg, West Berlin., SO 36 , Germany. A cultural melting pot. From Oranien Bar;  To Cafe M – Goltzstrasse 33:  To drinking beers at the Risiko. with Blixr Bargeld of The Bad Seeds. To dancing at Dschungel Club with Sadie – Nürnberger Straße 53,  To hanging with Nina Hagen. To standing on the film set of "Der Himmel Uber Berlin"  with Nick Cave. I experienced the best years of my life [so far] in #Berlin But let me tell you - getting a job was a bitch! [laughter] Yet, I got one! A time I will never forget!       Listen Here: Listen Here:   CORRECTION: I made 1200 Deutsche Marks per month not per week.   West Berlin, Germany | An American Abroad | YouTube Trailer:   Tony Eason's Berlin Tour: Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:      
12:45 7/27/22
How to Start A Podcast in Six Steps [2022]
Like many beginner podcasters, I had no idea “How to start a podcast?" So, I researched Facebook groups, Youtube Tutorials, Quora, and various forums on “HOW TO START A PODCAST CHANNEL?” Let me tell Ya: “It was no cakewalk! Yet 6 months later, in 6 steps, I launched the Ynot Truth Podcast" Presently, in the hopes of being of service, I've recorded: What I have done to get where I am NOW .. Listen here: Listen Here: Podcasting in Six Easy Steps: 1:06 = Step #1: Develop a Podcast Concept. Define your Goals. 3:06 = Step #2: Choose your Podcast Format. 5:02 = Step #3: Choose Podcast Recording Equipment. 16:22 = Step #4: Studio Setup & Design. 20:47 = Step #5: Choose your Podcast Software. 25:45 = Step #6: Record your Podcast Trailer.   Ynot Truth Podcast Studio Equipment: 59-Inch Computer Desk Home Office Workstation 4-Tier Storage Shelves Viozon Selfie Desktop Live Stand Set 6-in-1 Godox SL-60W LED Video Light and Softbox Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Digital Camera Canon EOS M50 Mark II [Camera Upgrade]. Shure MV7 USB Microphone Packing Blankets [reduce reverberation]. Manfrotto AutoPoles - Sliver Manfrotto AutoPoles - Black Manfrotto AutoPoles 59" Extension - Silver ? Manfrotto AutoPoles 59" Extension - Black Manfrotto 035RL Super Clamp EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset
29:01 6/25/22
Iyengar Yoga Institute Interviews Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason [2022]
After 20 years of teaching yoga in San Francisco. Yoga Teacher, Tony Eason is interviewed by Magi Khoo of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. Tony speaks of how he got introduced to yoga, his feelings about his Iyengar Yoga Institute 2 yr. Advanced Teacher Training experience, and how hatha yoga can become more accessible to the African American communities.   Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website: Full YouTube Video [here]: Listen Here: Listen Here:  
19:16 4/19/22
Ukraine WAR | Остановить войну украина | [2022]
Humans killing humans will not be applauded. In support of the Ukrainian Citizens & Президент України, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, I pledge to assist in getting "The Truth" out about Putin's "Special Military Operation" . Therefore: I DARE YOU! Turn the lights off. Lay on the bed looking at the ceiling.  Hit the "play button." And then, imagine the constant shellfire, death & destruction occuring in Ukraine.  Or Watch the full YouTube Video here: Long Live Ukraine!     1 00:00:03,540 --> 00:00:08,660 Last night, as I lay my head to rest, I could not sleep. - Прошлой ночью, когда я лег спать, я не мог уснуть.   2 00:00:09,540 --> 00:00:15,460 Staring at the ceiling - Уставившись в потолок,    3 00:00:16,740 --> 00:00:18,660 I heard voices in my head. - я услышал голоса в своей голове. 4 00:00:20,940 --> 00:00:22,350 Children singing. - Дети поют. 5 00:00:23,540 --> 00:00:25,450 Children crying. - Дети плачут. 6 00:00:27,040 --> 00:00:40,430 [Amelia Anisovych, sings " "Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy"" in Poland - Амелия Анисович, поет "Ще не вмерла Украины" в Польше] 7 00:00:42,340 --> 00:00:53,540 [Crying Man States: "God, Why do you bring this all upon me?" - Боже, зачем ты принес все это мне?] 8 01:20,640 --> 00:01:29,150 [Medics at Zaprizhzia children’s hospital are doing what they can to treat and comfort these innocent victims of war. The girl who lost her leg was so traumatized she wouldn’t eat or drink for days. She couldn’t mentally handle it. We had to feed her intravenously. - Медики Запорожской детской больницы делают, что могут… Лечить и утешать этих невинных жертв войны. Девушка, потерявшая ногу, была настолько травмирована, что несколько дней не могла есть и пить. Она не могла справиться с этим. Нам пришлось кормить ее внутривенно..] 9 00:01:30,040 --> 00:01:44,660 [Imagine having no food. Imagine having no water. Imagine holding a dead  child.  - Представьте, что еды нет. Представьте, что воды нет. Представьте, что вы держите мертвого ребенка.]   10 00:01:56,740 --> 00:01:57,060 [Bomb Shelter Siren Sounds]  11 00:01:58,640 --> 00:02:12,550 [Putin’s  War has begun. An Apocalyptic scene in the capital of Kyiv. - Война Путина началась. Апокалиптическая картина в Киеве. 12 00:02:12,560 --> 00:02:26,900 A nonstop onslaught. over the last 24 hours, with mass casualties of thousands of civilians trapped in cities under near-constant Russian shellfire. The War in Ukraine creating a flood of refugees pouring across European borders. -  Десятки тысяч мирных жителей Украины оказались в ловушке в городах под почти непрерывным артиллерийским обстрелом со стороны России. 13 00:02:26,900 --> 00:02:31,450 [Tens of thousands of Ukraine civilians are trapped in cities under near-constant Russian shell fire. It is the fastest-growing humanitarian crisis on the continent since World War II.  - Десятки тысяч мирных жителей Украины оказались в ловушке в городах под почти непрерывным артиллерийским обстрелом со стороны России. Это самый быстрорастущий гуманитарный кризис на континенте со времен Второй мировой войны. ] 14 00:02:31,640 --> 00:02:32,400 [Остановить войну] 15 00:02:36,410 --> 00:02:43,060 [As the morning sun appeared; the voices in my head did not cease. - Когда появилось утреннее солнце; голоса в голове не умолкали.] 16 00:02:46,240 --> 00:02:56,960 [Still, I heard the voices of children. I also heard the voices of Ukrainians. - Тем не менее, я слышал голоса детей. Я также слышал голоса украинцев.] 17 00:02:59,840 --> 00:03:05,760 [I am pregnant and I am forced to flee and leave behind my husband, my parents for my own safety. - Я беременна и вынуждена бежать и бросить мужа, родителей… ради безопасности.]   18 00:03:09,240 --> 00:03:14,260 [Kids crying and afraid, it’s a catastrophe.- Дети плачут и боятся, это катастрофа] 19 00:03:15,840 --> 00:03:20,300 [I want to send warm greetings to the Russian Federation which “saves us” Please, see how they “save us. - Хочу передать сердечный привет Российской Федерации, которая нас «спасает». Посмотрите, пожалуйста, как они нас «спасают».] 20 00:03:25,060 --> 00:03:40,360 [We are all human, we are all brothers and sisters, this is what we were taught.  We need to live in peace, as neighbors. Today a grandma came to market with 30 eggs to sell. She saw us here and gave them to us instead to share with the people. - Все мы люди, все мы братья и сестры, этому нас учили. Нам нужно жить в мире, как соседи. Сегодня бабушка пришла на рынок с 30 яйцами, чтобы продать. Она увидела нас здесь и дала их нам, вместо того чтобы поделиться с людьми.] 21 00:03:43,350 --> 00:04:03,050 [Everyone is simply in shock. People lived calmly, and went to work but now there are constant explosions. This is morally very hard and sad because we are all fraternal nations.- Все просто в шоке. Люди жили спокойно, ходили на работу, а теперь постоянно взрывы. Это морально очень тяжело и печально, потому что все мы братские народы.]   22 00:04:06,040 --> 00:04:11,150 [Humans killing humans is not to be applauded.  - Людям, убивающим других людей, не следует аплодировать.] 23 00:04:13,940 --> 00:04:18,850 [Russian Citizen #1: I think it is absurd. It’s an absurd war. Why should we wage it? I don’t understand. - Гражданин России №1: Я думаю, что это абсурд. Это абсурдная война. Почему мы должны вести ее?  Я этого не понимаю.]   24 00:04:20,140 --> 00:04:34,860 [Russian Citizen: #2: Whom should we fight a war against? Ordinary people? There are children, old grannies, and grandpas. I’ve got relatives there. You would have to be a total idiot to fight. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. We’ve got more relatives there than you can count. -  Гражданин России: #2: Против кого мы должны вести войну?  Против обычных людей? Против детей, старых бабушек и дедушек.  У меня там родственники. Нужно быть полным идиотом, чтобы воевать. Украина была частью Советского Союза. У нас там больше родственников, чем можно сосчитать.] 25 00:04:35,740 --> 00:04:40,450 [This war will be stopped by the power of the people. - Эту войну остановит сила народа.]   26 00:04:43,940 --> 00:05:03,150 [What was it, a decree? That thing when Putin ordered the start of the war. He should stop it! What should we do about it? - Что это было, указ? То самое, когда Путин приказал начать войну. Он должен остановить это! Что с этим делать?] 27 00:05:03,640 --> 00:05:13,150 [I don't know. The only thing we can do about it is to disagree. - Я не знаю. Единственное, что мы можем с этим поделать, это не согласиться.] 28 00:05:21,040 --> 00:05:26,760 [According to the human rights organization, Russian police detained at least 1400 people across the country. - По данным правозащитной организации, российская полиция задержала не менее 1400 человек по  всей стране.[ 29 00:05:28,540 --> 00:05:46,270 [I am asking every individual, who has friends, family, and relatives in Russia to call Russia. - Я прошу всех, у кого есть друзья, семья, родственники в России, звонить в Россию.] 30 00:05:46,280 --> 00:05:47,350 families, 31 00:05:47,360 --> 00:05:53,150 relatives in Russia to call rush. 32 00:05:55,460 --> 00:06:00,460 [There are two Russians. Old & young. Online & Offline. - Есть две категории русских. Старые и молодые. Онлайн и оффлайн.] 33 00:06:01,840 --> 00:06:04,310 [Those who get their news from social media [which the authorities are now out to control]. - Tе, кто получают новости из социальных сетей[которые сейчас власти не контролируют] 34 00:06:05,320 --> 00:06:07,000 [Stop War - Остановить войну] 35 00:06:07,150 --> 00:06:24,250 [And the older generation that relies on television channels and talking heads that do the Kremlin's bidding. - И старшее поколение; который опирается на телеканалы, контролируемые Кремлем.] 36 00:06:24,420 --> 00:06:32,610 Listen to the stories of Ukrainians who are calling their relatives back in Russia trying from their bomb shelters to tell them what's going on. Russian citizens are not buying the Ukrainian stories because they believe what they're seeing on Russian tv   37 00:06:32,620 --> 00:06:37,020 [Any Russian citizen calling the war in Ukraine “a war” as opposed to the Kremlin’s “Special Military Operation” is now at risk of 15 years behind bars. - Любому гражданину России, называющему войну в Украине «войной», а не «Спецоперацией» Кремля, грозит 15 лет тюрьмы.] 38 00:06:37,030 --> 00:06:42,980 a special military operation is now at risk of 15 years behind bars. 39 00:06:42,990 --> 00:06:51,220 [That new law refers to foreign journalists as well. - Этот новый закон касается и иностранных журналистов.] 40 00:06:51,220 --> 00:06:53,250 [The new law has effectively paralyzed foreign journalists’ operations working in Russia. - Новый закон фактически парализовал работу иностранных журналистов в России.] 41 00:06:53,260 --> 00:06:56,710 [Online the authorities have completely blocked Facebook, partially jammed Twitter, and stopped Russian citizens from uploading to TikTok. - В сети власти полностью заблокировали Facebook, частично заблокировали Twitter и запретили гражданам России загружать материалы в TikTok.] 42 00:06:56,720 --> 00:06:59,850 [Instagram no longer allows Russians to upload material. - Instagram больше не позволяет россиянам загружать материалы.] 43 00:07:00,240 --> 00:07:09,460 [Russian Citizens can still use VPNs to circumvent the Kremlin's censorship or messaging apps like Telegram. - Граждане России по-прежнему могут использовать VPN, чтобы обойти цензуру Кремля или приложения для обмена сообщениями, такие как Telegram.] 44 00:07:13,440 --> 00:07:26,000 [Stop War - Остановить войну]   Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:  
07:44 3/30/22
Gay & Naked in Las Vegas
Once upon a time, a prominent Las Vegas Hotel hired Tony Eason for his most lucrative event floral contract to date.  A New Year's Eve Party in Las Vegas. After successfully completing the gig, in celebration of his success, Tony Eason visits a local gay bar. followed by cocktails at the Hard Rock Casino & honeymoon style gay sex & more.   Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website: Listen Here: Listen Here:  
07:59 3/4/22
Racism & Abuse | Childhood of a Black Man [1972]
After years of child abuse, verbal abuse, being raped & racism, I’ve realized: One must discard the unnecessary baggage - living life with only "carry-on" luggage .    The Childhood of a Black Man.   Listen Here:   Listen Here: Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:  
09:25 2/1/22
Plane Flight From Hell - ”With A Broken Leg!” [1996]
  After a bicycle crash in Berlin, Germany, with a fractured tibia, Tony Eason embarks on an emergency International Airline Flight home from Berlin Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" Airport [TXL} to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport [CDC] to San Francisco International Airport [SFO]. Traveling with a boxed bicycle, suitcase, and backpack, every aspect of the plane flight home went wrong. including pre-requested wheelchair assistance. It was a plane flight from hell. Trust me, "Never travel solo on an airlines/plane flight with a broken leg!"   Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:  
10:44 1/15/22
Gay Sex Online Dating | Catfished
  Once upon a time, Itching for some excitement, I scanned through the San Francisco online dating - GAY s+x personals There was a wide range of single gay men available on the internet. Bears  Twinks  Submissive Bottoms Alphas Cross Dressers Slaves [and more]. After DISQUALIFYING online profiles with no pics or biography descriptions, I found a homosexual male who could fix my itch. Therefore, I consented to a meeting. Yeap, I was Catfished! But, I opened up a can of "Whoop Ass!"   Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:        
05:47 1/4/22
A Marathon Run with the Marines - USMC | 26.2 Miles [2014]
    In Honor of Master Gunnery Sargent Ralph Anthony Eason [E9}, Tony Eason commits to running the Marine Corps Marathon [26.2 miles / 44 km]. One month prior,  on a marathon training run, Tony develops IT Band Syndrome. Unwilling to surrender to defeat, having not run in a month, he arrives to Arlington, Virginia start line. With a knee injury, fortitude, and the tough love of the United States Marine Corps, he endures a brutal yet profound marathon journey.       Marine Corps Marathon #RunWithTheMarines | Tony Eason : Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website: Listen on:    
07:24 12/21/21
Iyengar Yoga Institute | Yoga Teacher Training [2000]
  After 10 yrs. of laughing at other yoga students, debating the pros and cons of B.K.S. Iyengar vs Pattabhi Jois and critiquing the knowledge of yoga teachers, I committed myself to the 2yr Advanced Teacher Training Program of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco.  A small part of my commitment (for the next two years) was attending an asana class which would focus on “my posture.” Friday nights 6:00 - 9:00 pm. In my 1st quarter [of 6]; 37 yoga students attended the Friday night "ass kicking 3 hour yoga class."  In the 2nd quarter [of 6], the Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher removed “my glorious ego” and restored humility to my life. Which in turn, allowed me the opportunity to grow & the opportunity learn. In my 6th quarter [of 6] in the yoga teacher training; 7 [of 36] yoga students remained in the Friday night yoga class.. Upon completing the 6th quarter of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco's 2yr. 500 hr. Advanced Teacher Training Program [2002], I was proud to be 1 of 7. Also, I was proud of the other 6 students who persevered. A memory I will always cherish ...     Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco Graduate, Tony Eason [2002]: Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website: Iyengar Yoga Advanced 2-Year Teacher Training Program:             Listen on:    
06:54 12/16/21
Cocaine Addiction | The Walk of Shame [1993]
The year 1982. I was 22 years old. New to San Francisco. Young & Beautiful.  Virginal in more ways than one.  And I was desperately seeking friendships. San Francisco's Night Life was booming! Yet after 84 nights of alcohol, cocaine & ecstasy, things began to change. As a drug addict, borderline alcoholic and delusional twink, I experienced the walk of shame.  And then, I chose the path of sobriety & recovery.   27 JAN 2022 - CORRECTIONS: The Year was not 1982. The Year was 1994. The age is not 22. The age is 32.     Listen Here: Listen Here: Ynot Truth Podcast Website: Tony Eason Website:  
04:10 12/13/21
Ynot Truth Podcast Trailer | Tony Eason
After 59 years of existence, marathoner, cyclist, swimmer, yoga teacher, and podcaster, San Franciscan, Tony Eason shares true stories about his life challenges, epiphanies, successes, and failures. Life Lessons Learned: Storytelling. An Audio Diary of his true life experiences - "The Ynot Truth!"   Podcast Episodes: Drug Addiction, Marathon Training, Bike Tours International Travel Homosexuality, Racism Booty Calls Behavioral Changes Gay Sex Achieving Goals Fitness Training and more The Cause. The Effect. What I learned from it. Podcast Website: YouTube Video Trailer: Tony Eason Website:  Ynot Truth Podcast RSS Feed:   Listen on:    
01:32 12/7/21