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Confessions Of A B2B Marketer

Why is it that some B2B SaaS or agencies seem to grow seamlessly whilst others struggle to find customers/clients? And those that grow… what is it about them? What are they doing differently to attract a wealth of clients and customers? This podcast aims to answer these questions as we follow Tom Hunt along his journey to grow a B2B SaaS business and agency... meeting his friends, family and business associates along the way.


Content/SEO/Social Flywheel #3: Podcast Booking 14:46 05/16/2022
Content/SEO/Social Flywheel #2: The Plan 14:52 05/06/2022
Content/SEO/Social Flywheel #1: A Journey 11:53 04/27/2022
No Prep Podcasting, How To Make Them Profitable & Systems 33:09 04/25/2022
Update On Fame's Progress, Tom's Business Philosophy & The Best Way To Start A B2B Business 31:42 03/29/2022
Update, October Income Report & We're Back 14:27 11/19/2021
Does AppSumo Work? with Leo Bassam, Founder & CEO at Plutio 23:07 06/15/2021
Viral SaaS Growth with Julia Enthoven, Co-Founder of Kapwing 15:14 04/28/2021
Bitcoin, April Income Report & 2021 Progress 19:56 04/13/2021
Everything Is Marketing with Corey Haines, Founder of Swipe Files 36:38 03/17/2021
The Only B2B SEO Signal To Consider In 2021 with Nick Jordan, CEO of Content Distribution 33:29 03/02/2021
Why Does Vineet Devaiah Have Beef With bCast? 20:53 02/16/2021
Selling A SaaS Then Starting An Agency With Dave Schneider, CEO at Shortlist 33:27 02/03/2021
January Income Report & 2021 Goals 12:48 01/19/2021
The Best SaaS Cold Email Of All Time With Geoff Atkinson of Huckabuy 22:01 12/08/2020
Sujan Patel Shares 4 SaaS Growth Strategies For bCast 34:04 11/24/2020
300k Sessions Per Month With Sujan Patel of Mailshake 27:29 11/10/2020
The Ultimate SaaS Onboarding Flow With Ajay Goel 23:47 10/27/2020
Bootstrapping To $640k MRR With Omar Zenhom of WebinarNinja 26:37 10/13/2020
The Big Race & September Income Report 13:55 09/30/2020
Founders Doing Customers Support? With Mike Hawkins 25:30 09/15/2020
bCast AppSumo Launch, 50% Client Growth & Income Report 24:57 08/11/2020
The Impact Of Freemium with Kieran Flanagan 27:18 07/14/2020
How To Build & Monetise A Community with Louis Grenier 36:04 06/30/2020
How To Build An Inbound Marketing Machine with Dylan Hey 33:21 06/16/2020
7 Steps To $1m ARR with Guillaume Moubeche of lemlist 44:30 06/02/2020
How Max Altschuler Grew & Sold Sales Hacker 41:15 05/19/2020
9 Unconventional SaaS Marketing Strategies with Tim Soulo 51:13 05/05/2020
SaaS Marketer Strategy & Income Report April 2020 29:25 04/21/2020
Copying A SaaS Business Idea? With Justin of Transistor & Neil of bCast 42:08 04/06/2020