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A fortnightly Employment Law podcast placing a spotlight on recent cases and keeping you up to date with the very latest changes in the law. CPD available. This podcast is an overview of the cases and law. How the law will apply in any particular case will depend on the individual circumstances. Listeners should seek legal advice if any of the matters discussed are relevant to a specific issue or concern. “These podcasts include excerpts from “The Corporate Machine” by Seastock and “Vivaldi - Motet for Soprano and Orchestra larghetto” by Advent Chamber Orchestra licensed under an Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License”, to view the license visit


OPEN Talks - Diversity & Inclusion at Mayer Brown and in the Legal Sector 14:48 07/08/2022
Enforcing Non-compete Clauses: the Importance of Delay and the Balance of Convenience 11:57 06/06/2022
Special DE&I Podcast - Equal Pay Settlement for US Women's National Soccer Team 17:40 05/03/2022
Enforcing a 12 month non-compete, resignations turning into dismissals and agency workers' rights to vacant roles 17:14 04/04/2022
Special Global Podcast Part 3: The Evolution of Work: Managing the Challenges from a Global Perspective 10:30 11/22/2021
Special Global Podcast Part 2: The Evolution of Work: Managing the Challenges from a Global Perspective 24:22 11/22/2021
Special Global Podcast Part 1: The Evolution of Work: Managing the Challenges from a Global Perspective 23:22 11/22/2021
Do employers have to offer a right of appeal on redundancy? 07:21 09/24/2021
Whistle-blower manipulation – limiting the Jhuti principle? 10:51 09/22/2021
Discrimination Update – interim relief and gender critical beliefs 14:33 07/16/2021
Friction, upset, fire and re-hire: Return to work red flags for employers 13:46 06/07/2021
Returning to work from lockdown - two recent cases 13:56 05/10/2021
Splitting employment contracts on a TUPE transfer and disciplinary action against an employee for refusing to wear a face mask 17:21 03/17/2021
Disclosure of employee phones in litigation and covert surveillance by employees in the workplace 13:08 03/01/2021
Discrimination claims: when is a ‘protected act’ protected and how often should employers conduct harassment training 12:46 02/15/2021
Employment tribunal disclosure orders against non-UK parties and extending time to submit tribunal claims 17:28 02/01/2021
Interim relief in discrimination cases and covert surveillance in the workplace 24:50 01/15/2021