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Welcome to The Ultimate Blog Podcast! This podcast is for you if you’ve ever wanted to learn blogging basics so that you can start your own blog or if you have been a blogger for years but are struggling to grow or need inspiration and community. Every Tuesday we will be sharing a new episode where we will cover topics from the basics of starting a blog, monetizing and growing your site, to finding the inspiration you need to keep going. You will also find guest interviews with experts on different blogging topics as well as interviews with bloggers who’ve been in your shoes. Amy Reinecke and Jennifer Draper are bloggers themselves who want to encourage you to believe in your potential, step outside the norm and step into a life where you create your own schedule, your own success and your own story. We'd love to connect with you on our other platforms so please visit us at or follow us on Instagram at @sparkmediaconcepts


27. A conversation about mindset, confidence, and encouragement to push forward in your blogging business with Melissa Pepin 42:28 06/21/2022
26. Creating an Online Course with Lindsay Bowden 37:59 06/14/2022
25. An Ultimate Blog Bootcamp Success Story: Brittany Glynn 39:23 06/07/2022
24. Amy Williams Shares Her Insight on Blogging 48:35 05/31/2022
23. Spillt - A New Wordpress Plugin for Food Bloggers with Ann and Maddy Baum 34:49 05/24/2022
22. An Ultimate Blog Bootcamp Success Story: Jennifer Alastanos 28:17 05/17/2022
21. How to Find the Confidence to Start a Blog and Battle Imposter Syndrome with Life Coach, Lyndsey Chambers 60:40 05/10/2022
20. Corry Frazier on Brand Photography and How It Can Impact Your Blog 44:26 05/03/2022
19. Social Media and Your Blog with Ashleigh Henry 54:21 04/26/2022
18. How to Create a Cookbook with Chelsea Cole 41:27 04/19/2022
17. An Open and Honest Conversation about Starting a Blog 28:35 04/12/2022
16. Time Management Tips with Courtney Wolf 44:42 04/05/2022
15. Amy's Blogging Journey 26:09 03/29/2022
14. From Chef to Food Photographer and Full-time Blogger with Krista Stechman 33:32 03/22/2022
13. 8 Habits for Success 32:13 03/15/2022
12. How Elizabeth Amell Used Her Personal Experiences to Help Others Through Blogging 43:24 03/08/2022
11. Whitney Bond on Working with Brands 67:20 03/01/2022
10. Chelsea Cole on Income Streams as a Blogger 52:23 02/22/2022
9. Using Pinterest as a Blogger with Kate Ahl 57:16 02/15/2022
8. Finding your avatar and niche 17:29 02/08/2022
7. Jennifer's Blogging Journey 29:35 02/01/2022
6. Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Posts with Shanna Hutcheson 49:13 01/25/2022
5. Top 5 mistakes that bloggers make 16:03 01/18/2022
4. How to Make Money Blogging 20:48 01/11/2022
3. How Jordan Smith went from hobby blogger to full-time blogger 43:17 01/04/2022
2. 8 Benefits of Blogging 22:12 01/04/2022
1. Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Podcast! 19:29 12/15/2021