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Consumer Technology News & Views About The Hosts: Marsha Collier is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. Learn about her at Marc Cohen Has Spent 30 Years Informing Southern Californians About Technology. Show Contact Info: marcandmarsha@Gmail.Com Twitter #techradio @MarshaCollier & @realmarccohen


Techradio Tech news: Twitter, Starlink, Gifts and more
Elon's Twitter on fire; SpaceX Starlink: Metaverse a bust in EU; iPhone data NOT anonymous; Thanksgiving weekend sales; Top ten items sold on Amazon; Must have tech gifts: The Perfect Jean, Ticktime, HelloFresh + Buddy the Elf and more; streaming new holiday movies
43:12 12/04/2022
Tech news: Twitter, online banks, Privacy and more
Elon's week at Twitter; AirTag alternative; Phishing emails; iPhone charging tips; Online bank safety; Deleting contact info from Facebook; Tech Holiday gifts; Streaming
43:12 11/14/2022
Tech news: Twitter, Gmail tracking, Mario Bros, Amazon and more
Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover, Gmail package tracking; WiFi passwords; Etsy Image search; Google Lens; Amazon Music for Prime; Dogs & cats Alexa; Super Mario Bros hack; Google Play games on PC; T-Mobile luggage; TikTok ban; Streaming
46:43 11/06/2022
The real Elvira talks Halloween tech, costumes and Twitter
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (AKA Cassandra Peterson) joins us to talk tech, her latest projects, movie tech and the scariest movies of all time; Quick & easy Halloween costumes for tech nerds; Elon owns Twitter; 11TB of vintage files available online; Streaming
43:38 10/30/2022
Techradio News: Apple, Microsoft accessibility, iPads, iOT
Twitter news: New tech! Apple hardware; Microsoft Adaptive accessibility accessories; Level Lock+; Smart plugs for the holidays; Uber ads; Residents start ISP; States that break devices; Netflix top 10
46:20 10/22/2022
Microsoft Surface, Elon's Perfume, Ukraine Starlink, Amazon data, Digital license plates
Microsoft Surface; Office 365; Elon Musk and Ukraine, raises cash w perfume; Amazon Smart Home data points; California Digital License plates; Oil Company fires back; Auction Original iPhone; Gmail political spam; Netflix Ads; streaming
45:31 10/16/2022
Techradio news: Twitter, Elon. Cybertruck, PrimeSale, EV batteries & Spam
Google Pixel launch; Busy Elon Musk: Starlink, SpaceX, Twitter, Cybertruck; Hurricane Damaged EV batteries; Bi-directional charging EVs; October Black Friday, Amazon; Political spam and unsubscribe; Stream Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin
40:49 10/09/2022
Techradio news: AI, Tesla Robot, Amazon Alexa, EV charging
Tesla AI robot; Amazon hardware event, Kindle, Alexa, robots and more; Nreal Air AR glasses; Tim Cook on AR; Flying taxis; MoviePass; Should you charge EVs at home?; Google Message reactions; Stadia shut down; Netflix Top 10; Streaming
45:14 10/02/2022
Technews: Privacy, iOS 16, Storage, Signal strength, Lego
New Google Privacy app; iOS 16 Safety Check & security; Storage: Floppy disks, SSDs or HDDs?; Smartphone hidden features; Improve signal strength; LEGO sets retiring; Ring Nation; Sci-Fi streaming; Netflix Top Ten
43:32 09/25/2022
Football, Starlink, Apple Amazon and Samsung news
Thursday Night Football, Starlink high performance dish; New on Apple iOS & iPad OS; Tim Cook's attitude, Samsung 55" Odyssey Ark gaming monitor; Find Amazon's hidden coupons; Avast joins cookie app; Set up phones for kids; TV streaming
43:32 09/18/2022
Apple event, 5G, Satellite Connectivity and Android
Apple Event coverage: iPhone 14, Apple Watch, Airpods; 5G; Satellite connectivity; Android new features; Queen Elizabeth; Starlink Best Effort; Tom Hanks Trivia; TV streaming
43:32 09/11/2022
NASA Artemis, Amazon's Acquisitions, SpaceX & T-Mobile, Aibo
This week's tech news: NASA Artemis 1 launch; Amazon's acquisitions, creepy?: Sony Aibo; Starlink, Tesla & T-Mobile; Moviepass returns;  Misdirected spam texts; Charging batteries; COVID test expiration; Recycle old TVs; Streaming
45:37 08/28/2022
Urgent Apple Update, Tesla Virtual Power, Dodge EV muscle car
Apple 15.6.1 Security Update; Tesla Virtual Power Plant Trial; Beware Free Microsoft Office drives; Snapchat Pixy drone farewell; What scammers do with your email address; Dodge EV Muscle car
26:33 08/21/2022
Starlink, Encryption, Samsung, ISP news, EV tax credits and more
Starlink news; Facebook end-to-end encryption;  Man built his own ISP; Samsung Unpacked reveal; Some Epson printers end of life; IRS hiring 88,000 new agents; EV tax credits; Cheap phone plans; When your tech will die; Hulu review; Streaming
45:37 08/13/2022
Data Caps, Broadband Usage, EVs, Solar and The Orville
Starlink Data Caps; HOw to check your broadband usage; Cybertruck, Lucid, EVs & Tax credits; Solar net billing & batteries; Robocalling task force; Ring cameras Data sharing; Sites that are not instagram; Find Wi-Fi passwords; The Orville: Kaylon vs Borg?; streaming
45:37 08/07/2022
Instagram Changes; Starlink Upgrade, Samsung Repair Mode
Instagram walks back changes; Starlink gets upgrade; Lego Personalized Mini figures; UK soccer club Smart scarf; Goodpods podcast app; Samsung Repair Mode; $181 Million in Bitcoin in dump; Cheap Alibaba EVs; Avoid Infected Phones; The Orville streaming
44:56 07/31/2022
Tech news: Covid19, Paxlovid; Elon sells Bitcoin, Solar, NASA
Covid19 variants & Paxlovid; Elon sells Tesla Bitcoin, How to Mine Bitcoin, Amazon Acquires Primary Medical Care service, We Do Solar Balcony solar panels; Ripping CDs again?; Attend @NASA Artemis I launch #NASASocial; The Office Lego set; Must watch streaming
44:58 07/24/2022
Techradio Tech news: Twitter, Amazon Prime, Climate Change, Computer Eye Strain
Elon Musk and Twitter; Amazon Prime & Prime perks: Grubhub; smart Prime Day shopping; Climate change and artificial turf; Paypal updates fees; Computer eye strain and Gunnar Glasses; Must watch streaming.
45:37 07/10/2022
Tech News: Drug Pricing, EV Batteries, Starlink and CDs
Boring company in Las Vegas; CVS whistleblower & Pharmacy pricing coupons; iFixit Genuine repair parts; EV battery lifespan; Echo Alexa tips; Prime Day mistakes; Starlink for moving vehicles; CD revival; Paid subscriptions; Streaming
45:48 07/03/2022
Privacy after Roe v Wade, Facebook Tracking, Travel Tips and Solar
Data, search & period apps post Roe v Wade; $90M Facebook tracking lawsuit; Google travel aids; TSA PreCheck & Airline apps; Field of Dreams TV extras; Alexa mimics voice; Solar panels in blackouts? Goal Zero; Prime Day; Review: PaMu earbuds; Streaming
45:37 06/26/2022
FBI Warning, Tracking jets, Free Photoshop and More
FBI warning LinkedIn scams; Lawsuit: Alexa is listening; IE RIP; Nest Doorbell & Google maps widgets; Adobe Photoshop FREE online; iPhone to USB-C; FDA approves Alopecia drug; CelebJets deal w Mark Cuban; Switchbot smart door lock; Stream James Bond
45:37 06/19/2022
DuckDuckGo x Microsoft, California Right To Repair and NASA Moon Suits
DuckDuckGo x Microsoft; Twitter following; California nixes Right To Repair; Amazon PS5 & Xbox ordering; Tim Hortons Coffee/data grab; Oura ring x Gucci collab; Facial Recognition site; NASA moon spacesuits; Sony DSLRs; Cheap Gas Prices; Flash vs External HDDs; Streaming
43:23 06/05/2022
Tech News from Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung & Top Gun
Amazon Retail store; Google Photos Skin tones;  Apple iPhone Repair Kit; New phones? should you keep old one?; Apple Union Votes; Facebook privacy settings; Password managers; Flight simulator Top Gun update; Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi; Movies
45:34 05/31/2022
Techradio news: Angelyne, Biometrics, Home Tech
Starliner docks with ISS; Facial Scanning at airports, Real ID & Mastercard; Hacked: Microsoft, Tesla and Safari; Google Maps back in time; Internet throttling; 4K Cinebeam projector; Samsung bespoke art fridge; Graduation gifts; Angelyne on Peacock
45:34 05/22/2022
Google I/O, New Covid drug, Electric Cars & Optimus Prime
Google I/O reveals; Evusheld for COVID; Ukraine Drones; Twitter Privacy Game; Solve Wordle fast; Stopping Data Collection; Apple Cloud Settlement; Disable Ad ID on iOs; Real Cost of Electric Cars; Lego Optimus Prime; Norm MacDonald Netflix
44:59 05/16/2022
Tech News: Wireless, Vaccines, Storage. Streaming and More
FDA restricts J&J vaccine; Starlink for Motor Homes; Samsung SD works for 16 years; T-Mobile 5G home wireless; Selfie cam reads your eyes; Review: Fugoo Waterproof speakers; Upgrade to Windows 11?; Apple iPods & how to upload without iTunes; Who's on your Wi-Fi; Streaming
40:50 05/08/2022
Fun on Twitter, Internet Privacy, Home Security, Tech Myths and More
Twitter, Elon, & new CEO; Billionaires own media; Google will remove doxxing; DeleteMe; Microsoft adds VPN; Power banks save old tech; vulnerable Home Security Systems; Ukraine Apps; Tech Myths; Review: Dreo Macro Pro; Screenshots on Windows; Light Bulb ban; Find Stream TV
45:37 05/01/2022
Elon's Twitter deal, Space news; Old Enough on Netflix, new navigation & more
Elon Musk buying Twitter?; China Lockdown = less iPhones?; Hot app: BeReal;  what3words navigation in cars; Last minute Tax eFile; Space news: Lunar dust sold at auction, Rare planet alignment, New Google earth features; Viral on Netflix: "Old Enough"; Best documentaries
37:45 04/18/2022
How Elon, Bezos & Zuck Change the World - Plus Tech Tips
Amazon Prime Subscriptions; Bezos, Musk & Zuck in the news: Cybertruck, Twitter, SpaceX, Zuck Bucks; BeReal app sweeping campuses; Backup Gmail; Unplug appliances; Do Covid tests expire?; Subscription boxes; Streaming this weekend
45:37 04/10/2022
Starlink, Dyson, Amazon, Google tips + more
Internet April Fools; Amazon Deal Alerts; Don't pause Starlink; Dyson's Zone Air-Purifying Headphones; Twitter Join Date; Apple Store Repairs; Samsung + iFixIt; Delete portion of history; Cheap tech; BeHear Review Pt 2; 1950 census
45:39 04/03/2022