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Consumer Technology News & Views About The Hosts: Marsha Collier is an award winning tech author who has sold over a million books. Learn about her at Marc Cohen Has Spent 30 Years Informing Southern Californians About Technology. Show Contact Info: marcandmarsha@Gmail.Com Twitter #techradio @MarshaCollier & @realmarccohen


Tech Trends Now: Adobe TOS, Juul Ban Lifted, Samsung Repairs & More
Adobe TOS controversy; FDA rescinds Juul Labs marketing ban; Samsung changing repair program; Chrome settings to enlarge phone text; Disable Recall in Windows 11; Google is deleting Timelines - save yours; Image Search while shopping online; Brands scammers impersonate; Top streaming
38:10 6/11/24
Tech Buzz Weekly: Ticketmaster Breach, iPhone Cash, Tesla Recall & Blazing Rubik's Cube
560 Million Ticketmaster breach; iPhone 7 Class Action settlement; Tesla Recall; New Rubik's Cube record 0.305 seconds; QR Code menus RIP; New Android features; Used Tesla buying tips; Amazon Prime x Grubhub-Prime Perks; Plastic bag ban (again); Movie Pass Documentary; Tops in streaming
43:26 6/2/24
Tech News: Spurlock Tribute, AI Updates, iFixit, and Streaming Wars
Morgan Spurlock RIP; Update Chrome Browser; AI news: ChatGPT partners with Reddit, Google Generative AI hallucinating again, Scarlett Johansson; AT&T AST SpaceMobile challenging Starlink; iFixit leaves Samsung repair deal; Live Nation sued by DOJ; Tops in streaming
33:36 5/26/24
Tech Today: Google's Generative AI, Review: Pixel 8 Pro, EV Battery Compensation and More
Google Generative AI Killer app; Phishing through Docusign; Chevy Bolt EV battery compensation; Google Dark Web monitoring; REVIEW: New iPad; REVIEW: The impressive Google Pixel 8 Pro; Problem with Hertz selling used Tesla; Streaming
43:11 5/19/24
From Solar Flares to Cyber Scares: Navigating the Aurora, Data Breaches, and Cutting-Edge Tech EVs
Solar storms bring Northern lights to the lower US-how to see them best; Breaches: Dell; JP Morgan and Ascension; Vulnerabilities of Biometrics; Apple apologizes for Controversial iPad ad; Cybertrucks being smuggled; Affordable Chinese EVs; Neuralink's advances with video games; Streaming
44:41 5/12/24
Tech: New Data Breach, Ecobee Woes, SpaceX deal, and Smartphone Fails
Collection agency data breach; Ecobee shutting down old thermostats; Auto sales changing; SpaceX Hardware for $1?; Prime orders faster than ever; Limit your phone carrier's access to data; Smartphone accidents, ranked; Holocaust Memorial month #CancelHate campaign; Red Cameras are back; top 10 streaming
36:31 5/5/24
Tech Talk: From Health to Privacy - Breaches & Bugs,: Apple, Smart TVs, Hybrid EVs, Top Streaming
Breaches & bugs: Kaiser Permanente, Cerebral, Ring employees spying scandal; Apple news: ID reset issue, Vision Pro's future, Deepfake apps; Smart TVs and data privacy; The efficiency of Hybrid cars; Top 10 streaming
43:37 4/28/24
How Tech Shapes Your Choices: From Roku Hacks to Eclipse Watching and EVs
Roku 's second hack - now 576.000 accounts;  X does another sweep-you might lose followers; Apple permitting used parts repair iPhones; Where to see the next eclipse; McDonalds unveils scented billboards; Google rolling out Find My Device and trackers; Tesla opens up Supercharger network; EVs that still get tax credits - or maybe buy a hybrid?; Streaming
39:16 4/14/24
Tech Digest: AT&T Breach, Dropcam Discontinued, Amazon's 'Just Walk Out' Ends, Solar Eclipse Photography, OpenAI's Voice Cloning, Pixel Accessibility, and More
AT&T breach -:what to do; Dropcam and Nest Secure Devices discontinued; Amazon ending "no check out" tech; Photograph the solar eclipse with your smartphone; OpenAI Text to Voice Voice Cloning; Pixel accessibility - Photo Guided Frame; Get a private number; New Android Photomoji; Improve mobile signal; streaming 
42:25 4/7/24
Tech news: Changes on X, EV expense, Eclipse, RCS and more
New Premium features at X (Twitter); Secret cost of EVs; Where to find legit solar eclipse glasses; NASA firing rockets during eclipse; AI tax scams; NYC weapons detection; Apple getting RCS messages; Starlink improved internet; Google Fi; Microsoft office 2024; Vinyl records outsell CDs (again); Top in streaming
41:19 3/31/24
Tech: Breaking Barriers with Neuralink, Accessibility with BeMyEyes, Apple Antitrust Battles & Lock Hacks, Legacy Miles, and Retro Tech Resurgence
Neuralink proof with quadriplegic; BeMyEyes app; DOJ Antitrust suit Apple; What Microsoft has to do with Apple suit; Hotel roomkeys hacked;  Bequeathing airline miles; FTC, DOJ and McDonald's ice cream machines; Android satellite phone; Old tech making a comeback: games, cameras on eBay; Streaming
45:17 3/24/24
Latest tech buzz: AI, Cybertruck, Wi-Fi texting and more
Fake Antivirus software; SXSW audience boos AI; FCC Officially Raises Minimum Broadband Metric From 25Mbps to 100Mbps; Amazon's new AI tools; Tesla Cybertruck; Pixel phones get call screening; How to Use Wi-Fi Calling for Calls and Text; Logitech Webcam; Security of Apple Pay & Google Pay; Tops in streaming
40:20 3/17/24
Raging Storms in SoCal, Home WiFi Safeguarding, and Elon's Next Big Move: Tech Podcast
The Aftermath of SoCal's Wild Weather, Safeguard Your Home Network, and Dive into Elon's Latest Vision for X. Plus, Tesla's Supercharger Innovations, Starlink's Game-Changing Price Slash, Exclusive ChatGPT Discussions, and Unveiling Pixel's Call Screening Power. Stay Tuned for Insider Tips on Streamlining Your iMessage Experience and Discover the Hottest Picks in Streaming Entertainment
44:31 3/10/24
Rent a printer, Fix your laptop, OnePlus phone magic and more
AT&T $5 apology; Some video doorbells hacked, was yours?; Apple's decision to end EV project; HP's new monthly subscription plan for printers; REVIEW: OnePlus 12 Flagship and 12R mid range smartphones -definitely worth a look; Windows 11 AI and Microsoft account; Lenovo's repairable laptops; Tops in Streaming
45:54 3/4/24
NASA moon landing laser correction, Avast selling data, Microsoft AI Reading Coach +more
AT&T outage; FTC bans Avast from selling user data; Intuitive Machines' and NASA's lunar lander success despite laser malfunction; Google Pay sunsets, time to switch to Google Wallet; Air Canada AI's chatbot misinformation; Human creativity vs AI; Gmail hoax; FREE Microsoft AI Reading Coach; Personal data removal services; Tops in  Streaming
46:40 2/25/24
SpaceX launch, Apple Vision Pro and tech reviews
Rains, earthquakes hit SoCal; SpaceX + NASA private Lunar Lander launch; Twitter power Putin interview garners 203.4M views; DEFIANCE Act against AI deepfakes introduced; REVIEWS: Birdfy AI Bird Feeder and Withings Body Comp Scale; Beware of Fake LastPass app; Apple Vision Pro; Top in streaming
36:57 2/18/24
Electric use crisis? How to stream and record for FREE and more
Starlink beaming 42 Million GB per day; RIP Wordpad; Do we have enough power for crypto? EVs?; Current streaming prices; Stream the Super Bowl; REVIEW: Tablo TV, Coolify2S; Top 10 Streaming
46:39 2/4/24
Samsung Unpacked, CES product reviews, Roku, Streaming and more
Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S24 phones; EV drivers charging in freezing weather; CES REVIEWS: PNY Duo-link and Elite-X flash drives, Keenray Towel warmer; Vacation rental scams; How Roku makes money; Sega handheld console; Chuck E. Cheese game show; Top 10 streaming
42:39 1/21/24
Exploring the Future: Hertz's EV Venture, CES Innovations from Smart Baby Bottles to AI Personalization, the Latest in Technology & Entertainment
Hertz Selling EVs and challenges of EV adoption; SpaceX Starlink texts; Tablo Subscription Free Live TV;  GE Profile Indoor Pellet Smoker; Gyrogear Hand Stabilizer for tremors; Withings BeamO Remote Health Monitoring Device; Ember Smart Baby Bottle; Hyundai Air Taxi; Invoxia Minitailz Pet Health Monitoring & GPS collar; AI and tech personalization;  Acer Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs Gaming laptop; Top 10 Streaming
41:11 1/14/24
CES, Broadband, EVs, AI classes, Online Pharmacies and more
Small business bookkeeping; Dish Network now Echostar; CES coverage and how to watch; Spectrum raising rates; Solid State EV batteries; FREE AI classes from IBM; Insurance more expensive than online drugs; 90s computer nostalgia; Top 10 streaming
41:49 1/7/24
CES preview, Mobile malware, Windows 10 phase out and more
iPhone Password Lock out; Apple Watch ban halted; What does CES look like; Smartphone malware?; Windows 10, can you save it?; Where are satellite phones; What NOT to Google; Review: Maestro; Top 10 streaming
34:23 12/31/23
Satellite Internet; Google Class Action Payout, Holiday WiFi
Comcast Xfinity hack; HughesNet Offering 100Mbps Satellite Internet; Peloton sunsets early models; Google Antitrust Lawsuit payout; Hyperloop RIP; Set up your Guest WiFi; "It's a Wonderful Life" secrets; Top 10 streaming.
38:45 12/24/23
Recalls, Auto tech, iMessage, Google trends
Tesla recalls; Digital Downloads; GM Infotainment vs Car Play and Android Auto; Beeper messaging vs Apple; Google Time Trends; Pinterest trends for 2024; Tech that disappeared in 2023; Repair for iPhones and Macs; iOS 17 top features; Top in streaming
41:11 12/17/23
Christmas AI, 23andMe Beeper Message app for Android
X (FKA Twitter) CEO reports 10 million signed up in December; Beeper iMessage app for Android; 23andMe data breach; AI for Christmas; Google Drive for iOS; Feds, police can access your phone records; Huawei EV has a 531 mile range; Top 10 streaming
30:31 12/10/23
Technology this week: What's new? Gift ideas and tips
Tesla Cybertruck launch; Amazon hires SpaceX Starlink; Bitcoin transactions water footprint; What's App Secret Code; One year of ChatGPT; Best Tech products in 2023; Gunnar Optiks; 10 Tech gifts; Tops 10 streaming
40:52 12/3/23
Tech news: AI, EVs, Proton security and more
AI news; OpenAI: SpaceX news: Satellite to Phone, Starship; Google Drive Competitor- Proton; Expensive EV Repairs; EV Batteries recycled; Windows Activation issues; No more standalone apps; Electronics TSA Travel questions; Top 10 Streaming
40:14 11/26/23
Tech news, RCS, Free tech classes, online deals & safety tips
Amazon sells cars now; Apple adopts cross platform RCS messaging; Facebook Privacy settlement; FREE #AI courses; Favorite deal sites; Maximize holiday shopping savings; Safe shopping with a Virtual Credit Card; Avoid being hacked; Top ten streaming
37:23 11/19/23
AI tech, Saving memory, getting holiday deals
Humane OpenAI Ai Pin; X launches Grok (xAI); Chrome Memory Usage Updates; Major Windows 11 Update; Amazon Prime features; Using Image Search to find holiday deals; DVD rebound; Top 10 Streaming 
38:26 11/12/23
Tech news: NASA app, AI blunder. Mint, Twitter, VPNs
X (formerly known as Twitter) News: Payment tiers, Everything App; Mint budgeting tool shuts down; NASA Space Station App; Why no new iPad?; iPod resurgence; Using ChatGTP for a speech; The Beatles AI song; Google ranks safe VPNs; Top 10 Streaming
40:33 11/5/23
Fun tech news: Amazon Clinic, SEO tricks, 5 second rule and more
iPhone 15 Pro update; Five second rule; Toyota on EVs; Retail Google SEO tricks; Amazon Fresh; Sniffles - Amazon Clinic to the rescue; Google and Apple want Passkeys; Android Auto & Apple Car Play users listen to the radio instead;  NEW Beatles song; Student loans and free Pizza; Ring Pet Tag; Ted Lasso dolls; This week's top streaming
40:59 10/30/23

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