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Rebuilding Trust With Your Body

This is a podcast for those who are ready to finally discover peace with their bodies. Registered dietitian, Katy Harvey, breaks down the nonsense of diet culture and the many ways we are taught not to trust food - and ourselves. Since 2011 Katy has been helping 1:1 clients heal from chronic dieting, eating disorders, disordered eating, and negative body image. Every Tuesday, she provides actionable tips on how to find freedom with food and connect with the wisdom of your body, so that you can have the time, confidence, and energy to do what you love (without constantly stressing about your weight). If you’re ready to discover the joy and freedom of rebuilding trust with YOUR body, you’re in the right place! Hit subscribe, and get ready to change your life.


#125: How to Navigate Your Next Vacation With Food and Body Image: 4 Lessons I Recently Learned
In today’s episode, you’re going to learn 4 pieces of advice that will help you navigate your next trip or vacation when it comes to eating before, during and after traveling. We are also going to talk about how to deal with body image, your fear of being in photos, and those nagging thoughts about “needing” to lose weight before a vacation.    I’m going to share the lessons that I recently learned on my family spring break trip, and I’ve translated it into tips and strategies that you can apply for your next vacation.   These are 4 lessons that are going to help you:   Let go of feeling the pressure or desire to diet leading up to a trip. You don’t have to shrink your body in order to deserve a vacation.  Have strategies with food before, during and after you travel to make it easier on your digestive system, your wallet and your stress levels. Enjoy food as part of traveling, without it becoming a nonstop party with food that leaves you feeling bloated, miserable and out of control. Embrace the photos taken on vacation as images capturing memories of you out there living your life fully (rather than a reason for you to zoom in on pictures with you in them and pick yourself apart).    If you have been procrastinating on booking a trip, are too ashamed to be seen in a swimsuit, or you just need a reminder that you deserve to live life fully, then this is the episode for you.   And if you know someone who has a hard time with food and body image when they travel, send them this episode and let me give them the support and guidance they need.   Today’s Wellness Woo is ab workouts to allegedly cinch your waist and flatten your belly.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Sign up for the “What’s Weighing On You?” Masterclass Take my free 2-minute quiz to discover your path to food freedom   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
43:34 4/16/24
#124: Worried About Your Weight But Sick Of Dieting? This Is For You!
If you have said peace out to dieting, but you’re still stressed and anxious about your weight, then you’re in the right place. In this episode, I’m covering what to do if you are worried about gaining weight, and you’re worried about your health…because we both know that dieting isn’t the answer.    We’ll also be talking about the reasons you might be stuck in what I call “No Man’s Land” where you’re not really dieting, but you’re not fully eating intuitively either.    Plus I’m breaking down 2 case studies that I’ve never shared before about clients who were able to tackle their fears around weight and how they got to a place of peace with their bodies while ditching diets for good.    If you’re sick of dieting but not fully on board with intuitive eating (yet!) - this is the episode for you! Pop in your earbuds and let’s go!    Today’s Wellness Woo is Isagenix.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Sign up for my FREE masterclass What’s Weighing On You? happening LIVE April 18, 2024   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy
42:28 4/8/24
#123: How Much Protein Do You Actually Need?
You know you need protein, but how much? And does it live up to the hype, or is the current protein trend just another diet culture obsession?   I’m breaking it all down for you in this episode. You’ll hear:   How diet culture has co-opted protein as the current weight loss trend What protein is, why your body needs it, and how it’s digested (so you can use this knowledge to apply gentle nutrition to your eating) How to tell how much protein your body needs Ways to get in enough protein without tracking or measuring  How to approach protein within your intuitive eating journey   I’ll also be addressing the “protein leverage theory” and how you can be intentional about protein, without being obsessive or diet-y about it.    Today’s Wellness Woo is skincare routines.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Grab My FREE Hunger & Fullness Guide   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy
36:24 4/2/24
#122: Food Freedom for Runners and Active People With Serena Marie
Today on the show I am joined by Serena Marie, a fellow non-diet dietitian, AND she’s also a sports dietitian, so she has this really cool perspective on how we can combine the world of exercise with food freedom and intuitive eating and it’s SO REFRESHING!   You’re going to hear us talk about how common it is for people who are active to under fuel their bodies, and how this ends up backfiring.    Serena’s focus in her work is primarily around running, so you’ll hear us referencing running a lot throughout this discussion, but even if you’re not a runner or you aren’t currently exercising on a routine basis, this episode is still for you because you’re going to learn how to think about viewing your body as your teammate as Serena calls it. We talk about how to think about eating as self-care, and how we can use gentle nutrition (whether it be sports nutrition, or gentle nutrition for specific health conditions, or just general gentle nutrition strategies) to proactively and compassionately care for our bodies.    Resources mentioned in this episode: Connect With Serena Marie on IG Listen to the Dear Runner Bod Podcast  Check Out Serena’s Collect Your Bling Mini Pod Freebie Join Serena’s Eat like an Athlete Bootcamp & Membership Community    For full show notes, visit:   Connect with Katy on IG! Join Katy’s Free FB Group Intuitive Eating Made Easy
47:17 3/26/24
#121: The 5-Minute Journal Exercise to Improve Your Self-Worth and Body Image Starting TODAY
In this action-packed episode I’m breaking down the quick and easy 5-minute morning journaling exercise that you can do that is going to help you feel more accepting of your body and improve your sense of “enoughness.”    We’ve been taught in SO MANY ways that our worth is dependent on the size and appearance of our bodies. How many times have you started your day feeling like crap about yourself because you got on the scale and didn’t like the number you saw, or you put on some pants and they were tighter than last time you wore them?    In this episode you’re going to learn how to rewire the thoughts in your brain by taking ACTION each day geared towards intentional body kindness. I’m not talking about fluff. I’m talking about meaningful and simple things you can do to start relating differently to your body - and trust me, it’s going to be a game-changer for you.    Go ahead and pop in your ear buds, push play and let’s dig in!   Today’s Wellness Woo is Reliv supplements.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Click Here for the Journal Guide & Worksheet Watch the “50 People, 1 Questions Video”   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
31:13 3/19/24
BONUS - It’s Getting Hot In Here: Ozempic, Semaglutide and Intuitive Eating PART 2
This episode is a BONUS Part 2 for my previous episode about ozempic, semaglutide and whether these GLP-1 drugs can coexist with intuitive eating. And boy, oh boy was that a juicy episode.    A lot of people were shocked by what I had to say. The discussion that happened inside my Facebook group following this episode was on fire, and so many great points were brought up, and in this episode I want to dig into some of those comments and keep this convo going.   I’m also going to be busting some myths, and talking through how to see past the diet culture B.S. that’s wrapped up in all of this.    Make sure you also listen to Part 1, Episode 120: Can Ozempic and Other Semaglutide Medications Ever Align With Intuitive Eating?   After you listen to this episode, DM me on IG or FB with your thoughts! This topic is so complex and nuanced, and we need to keep talking about it. 
37:27 3/15/24
#120: Can Ozempic and Other Semaglutide Medications Ever Align With Intuitive Eating?
You’ve probably heard all the hype about semaglutide medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro and Zepbound. They’re all the rage right now for weight loss, and diet culture has certainly jumped on the bandwagon.   But if we set diet culture aside, can these medications be useful for someone who is trying to eat intuitively? Is it even possible to do intuitive eating if you’re taking a medication that messes with your appetite signals?    My answer might surprise’s YES.    In this episode, I’m going to break down why semaglutide is different from diet pills of the past (Fen Phen, I’m lookin’ at you), and the circumstances where these medications can actually help someone to eat more intuitively, make peace with food, and to genuinely honor their health.    This is one of my juiciest episodes to date, and I’m not holding back.    Pop in your earbuds and push play! Let’s do this!   Today’s Wellness Woo is essential oils.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Grab My Free Body Image Guide    For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
36:30 3/12/24
#119: Grieving the Things You've Lost to Diet Culture With Erin Kinzel
Did you know that the frustration you feel about your eating and your weight is probably related to GRIEF?   You might be scratching your head, but after you listen to this episode you’re going to be nodding your head in total agreement.   There’s a lot to grieve when it comes to letting go of dieting - the time you lost to futile efforts that didn’t result in lasting weight loss, the money you spent on diets and shakes that didn’t make you permanently skinny, the social situations you skipped or didn’t enjoy because you were so stressed about the food. How about grieving the sheer fact that dieting has basically been one big scam? And that you’ve been misled and lied to all these years.    In this episode, I sat down with Erin Kinzel, a grief expert, who shares how she realized on her own intuitive eating journey that grief was an essential component. She shares how grief fits into the process, and steps for allowing yourself to grieve.    When you listen, you’ll also learn how to take back your power. You’ll learn how allowing yourself to grieve and feel anger and sadness are actually “superpowers” that allow you to move forward in ways that are so much more productive and freeing.    Hit play to hear all of this, and get ready to take notes because this is an incredibly powerful episode.    Today’s Wellness Woo is The Dirty Dozen.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Check out Erin Kinzel’s video course on grief and intuitive eating (Get ½ off through March 2024) Follow Erin Kinzel on Instagram Podcast: Personal Growth Sucks wherever you listen to podcasts   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy
58:10 3/5/24
#118: Are You Making This Major Mistake With Intuitive Eating? Listen to Find Out
When you first heard the term “intuitive eating,” what came to mind? Maybe you thought just eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. Or perhaps you assumed it meant you should simply eat whatever you want, whenever you want.    These are two common misconceptions of what intuitive eating actually is, and one of them is leading to a major mistake that I see over and over again in people who are trying to ditch dieting and eat intuitively.    In this episode, you’ll learn what this mistake is, whether or not you’ve been making it, and how to easily fix iit.    I’ll also be sharing with you a simple framework from inside my program, Non-Diet Academy, that is going to help you to get dialed into the appetite signals from your body and will help you to eat what your body truly needs.   Today’s Wellness Woo is seed cycling.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Check Out Non-Diet Academy Here   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
25:16 2/27/24
#117: How to Succeed With Intuitive Eating (Even if You're Scared it Won't Work for You)
QUESTION: Are you worried that intuitive eating won’t work for you? Do you fear that you’re doomed to a life of struggling with food and your weight? It doesn’t have to be that way, I promise.   In this episode I’m sharing stories of other people who had these fears and how they worked through them, the steps they took to make peace with food (without ending up in a free-for-all with their eating), and what it was like for them after they had done this work.    You’re going to not only feel more hopeful and inspired, but you’re going to learn HOW other people have embraced intuitive eating, even when they were still desiring weight loss.    Stop what you’re doing, and get ready to listen to this episode. I cannot wait for you to hear the stories and strategies inside.   Today’s Wellness Woo is electrolyte powders and drinks.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Check Out Non-Diet Academy   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
29:42 2/20/24
#116: Beyond the Basics: What Comes After the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating?
So you understand the basics of intuitive eating…now what? What happens next? That’s the question I’m answering in this episode.    Once you understand how the 10 principles of intuitive eating work, you’re not done with healing your relationship with food. In fact, I’d argue that you’re only just beginning. You can think of the 10 principles as the basics, and my hunch is that you want to go beyond the basis.    If you’re ready to FULLY have peace with food, for eating to feel easy, and to trust that you are taking care of your health, then listen as I walk you through the 4 areas that you’re going to want to focus on next.    These 4 areas are going to help you go deeper and cultivate long-term healing in your relationship with food and your body. No more quick fixes around here. We’re in it for true and lasting peace and freedom with food. Sound good? Hit play and let’s do this!   Today’s Wellness Woo is intermittent fasting.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Grab your free spot at The Eating Made Easy Masterclass   For full show notes, visit:   Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy
45:38 2/13/24
#115: Gentle Nutrition Demystified: Actionable Steps to Manage Your Health Without Dieting
If you’re confused by where nutrition fits in with intuitive eating, you’re not alone. In this episode I’m spelling out what “gentle nutrition” is and how it’s different from what we’re taught “healthy eating” looks like via diet culture.    I’ll be giving you practical strategies you can implement right away to honor your health with nutrition, as well as some key mindset shifts to help you look at food and nutrition different than you have before.    Here’s an overview of what you’ll hear in this episode:   What is “gentle nutrition” and why do we use this instead of dieting to manage health?  How to know what types of gentle nutrition you’re ready for, and what’s going to actually improve your health (vs what’s unnecessary and not worth worrying about) Actionable steps you can take using specific gently nutrition strategies   Today’s Wellness Woo is inflammation   Resources mentioned in this episode: Check out Non-Diet Academy and Join My Next Cohort Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy   For full show notes, visit:
38:02 2/6/24
#114: Finding Confidence in Yourself With Desiree Petrich
There’s something we need to shift if we want to be more confident. (And, no, it’s not our macros or our workout routine).    We must look at confidence differently. We must stop equating confidence with a “look,” or with a number on the scale. Instead, we can approach confidence with gentleness, compassion and embracing our true selves.    Does that mean we can’t or shouldn’t strive for goals or changes in our lives? Of course not.   But it does mean that we might be better off approaching our goals differently.   In this episode, my guest Desiree Petrich is going to share her expertise as a confidence coach. She will blow your mind as you hear her talk about how to think radically differently about goal setting, striving to be the best version of yourself, and what your self-talk sounds like.    Today’s Wellness Woo is the Galveston Diet   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Grab My Free Body Kindness Guide & Journal Pages Download Desiree’s Foundations of Self Framework
61:19 1/30/24
#113: How to Embrace Your Fears Around Not Dieting and Cultivate a Healthy Relationship With Food
What scares you the most about letting go of dieting? What are you afraid will happen if you aren’t trying to “be good” or “eat healthy?” When we can notice our fears and name them, it allows us to get curious about them and to work through them - rather than letting our fears control us and keep us stuck.   I would be willing to bet money on the fact that your fears about healing your relationship with food fall into these 2 categories: 1) Gaining weight, 2) Becoming unhealthy. (“OMG, is she in my head?”)   In this episode you’re going to learn how to embrace and overcome these fears, and how to create a healthy and positive relationship with food and your body instead.    You see, healing your relationship with food will give you the freedom to LIVE LIFE MORE FULLY because you won’t be constantly stuck in your head thinking about how many calories you ate or whether or not you’ve gained weight.    All of this is possible - and it’s going to require you working through your fears. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Go ahead and hit play, and let’s dive in!   Today’s Wellness Woo is seed oils.   For full show notes, click here.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Click here for me free body image journal prompts Click here for more info about Non-Diet Academy     Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
37:36 1/23/24
#112: Practical Advice for Overcoming Roadblocks With Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating
Do you ever feel like you’re confused or stuck with how to let go of dieting and listen to your body instead? You’re not alone! In fact, there are several roadblocks that make it harder to connect with your hunger signals - and today I’m going to break them down for you.    These are things that I’ve seen over and over again as a dietitian and a coach, and I know that if you can overcome these roadblocks you are going to start to see noticeable shifts in your relationship with food. You’re going to start feeling like it’s easier to trust your body’s appetite signals without second guessing them. You’re going to find yourself thinking not just about what you want to eat because it would taste good - but you’re also going to be able to recognize what would FEEL good to your body in that moment because you’re no longer judging the food or battling old remnants of dieting rules floating around in your mind.    Get ready to take notes, because this episode is jam-packed with practical tips and things you’re going to want to reflect on.   Today’s Wellness Woo is ultraprocessed food.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Grab a free copy of my guide for reconnecting with your hunger   For full episode show notes, click here.    Let’s get to know each other: Connect with me on Instagram! Join my free FB group Intuitive Eating Made Easy  
46:22 1/16/24
#111: Getting Personal: How I'm Juggling Intuitive Eating and Nutrition as a Mom
Want to hear me spill the tea on how I navigate intuitive eating myself? In this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain to share what it’s like to juggle intuitive eating personally AND for my kids and family as a working mom.   I’ll also be sharing some challenges that happened in 2023 that forced me to approach intuitive eating differently than I have before, and that pushed me way out of my comfort zone for how I relate to my body.   I don’t often record personal episodes, so I wanted to share where I’m at on the journey of “walking the walk” with the things I believe and teach here on this podcast.    Get cozy and hit play to listen to this raw and vulnerable episode. I hope that you’ll enjoy hearing more of a behind-the-scenes look into my life, and that you’ll be able to take some of the lessons I’ve learned and apply them in your own life.    Today’s Wellness Woo is 75 Hard.   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Grab My Free Meal Planning Guide & Templates Let’s connect on Instagram! Join my FB Group Intuitive Eating Made Easy 
44:14 1/9/24
#110: The Must-Have Tools for Kickstarting Your Intuitive Eating Journey
Want to dig into intuitive eating, but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you have been trying it for a while and now you’re ready to get serious about doing it the right way with the tools and strategies that I use with my clients?   This episode is perfect for you!   We’re going to be digging into the top 3 tools that are ESSENTIAL when you’re trying to kickstart (or recharge) your intuitive eating process.    You’re going to hear:   Why these 3 tools in particular are game-changers that will help you find freedom with food faster and without getting lost and confused along the way. How you can start applying these tools right away so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence that you are on the right track with intuitive eating. The importance of identifying and rewriting the faulty stories in your mind that are holding you back from making peace with food and your body.   I have a hunch you’re going to love this action-oriented episode. Let’s dive in!   Today’s Wellness Woo is: The saying “New Year, New You”   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Click here to join Intuitive Eating Exploration  Message me on IG for more info about my next Non-Diet Academy cohort!
39:21 1/2/24
#109: Why You Don't Need to Plan on Jumping into a Wellness Routine in the New Year (And What to do Instead)
The New Year is upon us and you know what that means….New Year’s resolutions, along with the constant pressure to “eat healthy” and start a wellness or fitness routine.   There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to improve your health or take care of your body. But the way that our culture tells us to do that in the New Year is a recipe for disaster, and rarely results in long-term behavior change or improvements in our health.   In this episode I’m going to share some strategies for preventing yourself from getting sucked into diet and wellness culture in the New Year, along with a more productive way to set goals that will actually improve your health and wellbeing. I’m also going to share some fun alternatives to New Year’s resolutions that just might inspire you to take on 2024 with some new energy around your relationship with food.    Sound good? Hit play and let’s dive in!   Today’s Wellness Woo is Whole30.   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Join Intuitive Eating Exploration (my 5-week program where we will go through the Intuitive Eating Workbook together)
25:51 12/26/23
#108: Rethinking Exercise During the Busy Holiday Season
The holidays are such a busy time, and fitting in exercise might seem next to impossible. That’s why in this episode we’re going to look at some fun and creative ways to approach exercise during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (so that it doesn’t feel like just another chore on your endless to-do list).   I’ll also be sharing one of the *most powerful* mindset shifts you can make when it comes to your relationship with exercise - and it’s going to help you think SO differently about the endless ways that you can move your body and actually enjoy the way it makes you feel.   Go ahead and pop in your ear buds, hit play, and let’s dive in!   Resources Mentioned: Download my FREE holiday intuitive eating guide Join my 5-week program starting in January called Intuitive Eating Exploration
18:11 12/19/23
#107: Prevent the Body Shame Spiral Over the Holidays With These 5 Simple Tips
In this episode I’m going to give you some tips, strategies and tools specifically for dealing with body image during the holiday season. Because let’s face it, being around people you haven’t seen in a while can be really challenging.   It’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re worried about what other people are thinking about you, especially if your body has changed this past year.    So pull up a seat and let’s dish about how to proactively manage your inner critic, neutralize the fears around weight gain, and cultivate a holiday season where you can actually enjoy the food and festivities without guilt and worry.   Today’s Wellness Woo is holiday weight gain statistics   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Grab my free holiday intuitive eating guide Download my free body kindness guide
25:51 12/12/23
#106: How to Handle Comments People Make About Food and Weight at Holiday Gatherings
Have you ever been in a situation where someone comments on what you’re eating? Or perhaps they make a comment about your body or your weight? These comments can be so frustrating and triggering, and it’s hard to know how to respond.    The holidays are a prime time for these types of food and weight comments to happen because we’re around a lot of people, and our society is obsessed with theses topics.    In this episode I’m going to teach you the 3 levels of boundaries that you can use to navigate these discussions, as well as some scripts you can use if dieting or weight comes up. No more putting up with “concern trolling” or unsolicited feedback on what you’re eating. You deserve to enjoy your food during the holidays without someone making judgmental comments.    Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa or peppermint tea and hit play!   Today’s Wellness Woo is energy drinks.   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Grab My FREE Holiday Intuitive Eating Guide   Subscribe to this podcast to automatically get new episodes every week!
25:00 12/5/23
#105: When Trying to Eat Healthy Becomes Disordered With Marie-Pier Pitre D'Iorio
In this episode we delve into the intricate and often tangled relationship between eating healthy and the potential pitfalls that can lead to disordered eating. With the best intentions, many of us embark on a journey to better our health through dietary changes, only to find ourselves trapped in a web of restrictive habits and emotional turmoil around food.   Join me for this conversation with fellow dietitian, Marie-Pier Pitre D'Iorio, owner of The Balanced Practice who shares how “healthy eating” can be a slippery slope into disordered eating. She also shares insights into how society’s emphasis on wellness and an idealized image of health can inadvertently lead to unhealthy obsessions and harmful behaviors.   Marie-Pier also shares some practical and tangible tools that you can use when you are feeling guilty about eating certain foods, as well as when you are struggling with body image or seeing yourself in photos, especially during the holidays.    Today’s Wellness Woo is Turkey Trots and Thanksgiving workouts   Connect with Marie-Pier D’lorio on Instagram Check out Marie-Pier’s podcast The Balanced Dietitian Podcast   Resources mentioned in episode: Grab my FREE Holiday Intuitive Eating Guide
58:10 11/28/23
#104: Why the Mindset that You Need to “Earn” or “Burn Off” Extra Calories Does More Harm Than Good
Do you ever feel like you have to earn your food through exercise? Or burn off the calories you eat by working out? You’re not alone, and this mindset can be especially stressful during the holidays.   In this episode, I’m going to be breaking down why the “earn and burn” mentality does more harm than good, and how you can think differently about exercise throughout the holiday season - so that you can enjoy your favorite holiday foods, move your body in ways that feel good to you, and stop stressing about how many calories you’ve eaten or burned that day.    Today’s Wellness Woo is “shockumentaries” about food and health.   DM me about my Black Friday discounts! Grab my FREE holiday intuitive eating guide
19:43 11/21/23
#103: Things to Be Grateful for About Yourself This Thanksgiving (That Have Nothing to Do with Weight)
With the holiday season in full swing, it's an ideal time to practice gratitude. In this special Thanksgiving episode we’re going to explore the numerous reasons to be thankful for yourself this holiday season that transcend physical appearance.   From acknowledging your resilience, self-compassion, and the accomplishments that make you unique, to celebrating your inner qualities and the positive impact you've had on the lives of others, this episode will inspire you to embrace the spirit of self-gratitude and acceptance.   Hit play for this uplifting and refreshing conversation that will empower you to recognize and celebrate your individuality, worth, and character this holiday season. Discover the joy of Thanksgiving in a new light - one that enriches your soul and strengthens your bond with your true self.   Today’s Wellness Woo is Optavia.   Resources Mentioned: Grab my Free Holiday Intuitive Eating Guide   Subscribe to this podcast for new episodes every Tuesday!
21:08 11/14/23
#102: Holiday Eating Extravaganza: 7 Ways to Prepare for the Food-Focused Holiday Season
It’s that time of year when food becomes a major focus, so join me in this episode as I unpack 7 strategies to help you navigate the holiday food festivities!   I’ll be sharing mindset strategies to help you focus on the things that are actually helpful, tips for listening to your body and eating intuitively, as well as a big tip for what NOT to do (you’re going to thank me for this one, trust me).    Make sure you hit the subscribe button for this podcast because I’m doing an entire series of episodes about handing the holidays over these next several weeks, and you’re not going to want to miss some of these other discussions as well.    Put on your favorite sweater and cozy socks, and let’s dive in!    Today’s Wellness Woo is Superfoods.   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Download My Free Holiday Intuitive Eating Guide
32:32 11/7/23
#101: Unlearning Body Shame And Doing the Work to Heal From Within with Amanda Mittman
Today we are going to be talking about body image. It’s almost impossible to work on our relationship with food without also working on body image - because the way we feel about our bodies has such a major impact on how we approach our eating.    You see, the way we feel about our bodies deeply impacts how we think and feel about food, and therefore how we eat. And unfortunately, the deep body hatred that many of us feel is creating so much dysfunction in the way that we eat that we are stuck in this vicious cycle.    Today we’re going to work on breaking out of that cycle by going deeper and talking about body image. In fact, I’m bringing on an expert in this area to help us explore body image in ways that you might not have done before. Her name is Amanda Mittman, and she’s a fellow dietitian, and the way she talks about body image is so powerful. You’re going to love it.    Go ahead and hit play and enjoy!    Today’s Wellness Woo is raw or unpasteurized milk.   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Grab my Free Body Image Journal Prompts Follow Amanda Mittman on Instagram
55:07 10/31/23
#100: My Journey to 100 Episodes: How I’ve Learned, Healed & Grown as an Intuitive Eating Expert
Get ready to party because we're celebrating the big 100! In this special episode, we're peeling back the curtain on my journey as an intuitive eating expert and the amazing transformation it's brought, as well as the lessons that YOU can take from it.    From day one, I embarked on this wild podcasting adventure with one mission: to help you learn to reconnect with and trust your body. From the personal stories from guests sharing about their own ups and downs in their intuitive eating process, to the experts who have shared their wisdom for how we can know and trust ourselves more deeply - it’s all been incredible and healing.    I’m going to be peeling back the curtain and sharing some juicy revelations about my own personal growth and healing journey too. I’m going to let you in on what types of courses and mentors I work with, and some of the most powerful lessons I have learned along the way.    So, let’s toast to 100 episodes of fun, wisdom, and growth, and get ready for what's next! As we celebrate this awesome milestone, come join me and continue your journey to embrace food freedom, body trust and intuitive eating. Let’s say goodbye to dieting for good! Here's to the next 100 episodes. Cheers! 🎉🎙️   Links Mentioned: Join my FB Group Intuitive Eating Made Easy Connect With Me On Instagram
42:05 10/24/23
#99: Have You Had Your Pap Smear and Breast Exam Lately? Going to the Doctor When You're Struggling With Weight or Body Image
This is the most deeply personal episode I’ve ever created. And it just might save your life (I’m not exaggerating, and you’re going to hear why I know this is true).   Getting your pap smear and breast exam is an incredibly vulnerable experience, especially if you are struggling with weight, body image or have a history of trauma. Going to the doctor in general is sometimes so stressful and shaming that we will avoid it or put it off until later, telling ourselves we’ll get around to it when life is less busy or stressful.    It’s one thing to know you *should* go to the doctor and get your well woman exam. It’s another thing to actually go through with it. I’m going to help you understand this and strategize about it.    In this episode I’m going to be sharing:   The life-changing lesson I learned while working at a breast cancer center Why so many of us put off and avoid going to the doctor…and the potential consequences this can have Tips for preparing for a well woman exam to make it feel safer, less stressful and more comfortable for you (as well as a game plan for afterwards)   Trigger Warning: In this episode you’ll hear me talking about trauma, cancer, weight stigma and death. It’s ok to skip this one if that’s too heavy for you right now.    Today’s Wellness Woo is soy and breast cancer.   Resources Mentioned: Grab a copy of the Back in the Swing Cookbook (all proceeds support breast cancer survivorship research!)  
28:12 10/17/23
#98: From Disordered to Recovered: Healing Your Relationship with Food, Body Image and Alcohol with Heather Lasco
Today on the show I have a special guest named Heather Lasco, a fellow registered dietitian, and we are talking about so many things related to our relationship with food and our bodies. Heather is such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and I know you’re going to learn a ton from her.    You’ll hear us talk about:  1. The overlap between dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders (and some surprising insights about common misconceptions about why these issues with food tend to get overlooked).   2. Body liberation as a powerful tool to help you navigate body image struggles, and why body positivity tends to fall short.    3. AWhat to do if you’re feeling “stuck” in your process of finding peace with food. Maybe you’ve realized that dieting doesn’t work, and you’re listening to your body with food, but you still aren’t happy with your body and you don’t know what to do.    4. And finally, we talk about how to explore your relationship with alcohol alongside food, and some key differences in how to think about alcohol vs food when it comes to giving yourself unconditional permission.    There’s SO much richness to this episode and I can’t wait for you to hear it.    Today’s Wellness Woo is continuous glucose monitors.   Resources Mentioned: Join my Facebook group Intuitive Eating Made Easy Check out Heather Lasco's Resources
51:44 10/10/23
#97: Understanding the Deeper Reasons That You're Struggling With Food and Exercise & 3 Powerful Tools You Can Apply Immediately
If you’re struggling with food, here’s an uncomfortable truth: It’s not about the food.    What do I mean by that? I mean that food struggles are typically caused by a combination of biological factors (e.g. dieting, deprivation, restriction), and also unmet needs and unfelt emotions outside of food.   That’s what we’re diving into in this episode. We’re going to look at the deeper reasons you’re struggling with food and exercise, and how to figure out what it’s going to take for you to truly get to the place where you have peace and ease with food.    Then I’m going to share with you 3 powerful tools that will help you when you’re struggling with your eating, your exercise or your body image. These tools are things that you can apply right away TODAY in your life, and not only are they going to help you cope with these struggles but they’re also going to help prevent you from struggling moving forward - how awesome is that?!   Pop in your earbuds and hit play!   Today’s Wellness Woo is Non-GMO Foods   Resources Mentioned in Episode: Grab the Free Body Kindness Guide & Journal Pages
32:10 10/3/23