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Ball is Bae NBA Podcast is India's largest NBA podcast. Hosted by Ashwin and Vineet, the Podcast combines their love for the beautiful game with their need to voice an opinion, and talk about things no one talks about. Vineet is a huge Spurs fan, and Ashwin resents any word which rhymes with long term loyalty. They have both been caught on camera being wrong about their predictions, and right about calling each other out over the other's wrong prediction.


701 : Top 20 NBA players of the 2023-24 season
I bring the list of the top 20 NBA players for the 2023-24 season. I make some changes to my own list as I think through them while talking about them .. so yeah this is a tough list to make and even till the end of the pod i had to make changes to the list. I hope you enjoy the pod and let me know what you think - do you disagree with anyone on the list ?
23:14 10/25/23
Of Tank, CBA, and Picture
In this episode of the often rizzled #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the Tank for Franc process going on in the NBA, and how this draft is the first since 2003 for which tanking makes complete sense. We also discuss the terms of the new CBA and wonder how ethical it is for the NBA to allow gambling endorsements in it. Lastly, we take pictures of the end of the NBA regular season and predict which teams will do what.
39:42 4/12/23
Of Ja, Pau, and Replacement
In this episode of the often hung-on #BallisBae NBA Podcast, Vineet and Ashwin talk about the Ja situation in Memphis. We discuss whether it is the wrong image he seeks, or he got wrong friends, or something to do with his father. We also talk about recent jersey retiree Pau Gasol who, in Vineet's opinion, was robbed of at least one MVP trophy. Lastly, we discuss our pick for the Maurice Podoloff MVP Trophy as we harper on about Jokic or No Jokic in our discussions.
44:48 3/23/23
Of Bees, Egos, and Offering
In this episode of the often attacked #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the new tapestry of the NBA post the all-star break. We discuss the top teams who we assume will do well in the playoffs and which teams are still knocking on those doors. We further drill down into why the NBA All-Star game has lost its meaning and what can be done to remedy it. Lastly, we discuss the Quin Snyder move to Atlanta and wonder if he can change the fortunes of Trae Young and co.
23:48 3/8/23
Of Returns, Rules, and Rebuilds
In this episode of the often tallied #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the first returns in the All-Star game and how KD always manages a teacher's note for it. We march on to introduce some radical changes to the NBA game, and we talk about teams that need to break up and start the rebuild.
46:46 1/17/23
Of Bojack, Feasto, and Resolutions #BallisBae
In this episode of the highly anniversaried #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the state of our early season predictions, and about TV shows that we felt will last till the end of time. We also take a look at the recently concluded Feasto All-India Basketball tournament and some things there that were undesirable. Lastly, we talk about our new year resolutions for Ball is Bae and what promising promises we hope to take on this year.
48:16 1/8/23
Of Guthka, NorthWest, and Atlantic
In this episode of the often ending #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the reason the New York Knicks exist as a franchise. We also delve into the last of the 30 team previews to end that segment until next year.
51:19 12/19/22
Of Sniffle, South-East, and Pacific
In this episode of the often unlevelled #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the Snifflebug affecting the podcast, and we continue our talk by discussing the ten teams from the Southeast and the Pacific division of the NBA. Catch the podcast on all your podcast listening platforms.
42:58 11/20/22
Of Quality, South-West, and Central #BallisBae
In this episode of the often sequeled #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the quality of all NBA teams, starting with the South-West division of the West, and the Central division of the East. This is part one of three where each week, we talk about ten teams and what their season will look like. Let us know who your favorite team is and what you think their year will look like.
55:23 11/2/22
Of Melodrama, Cringerama and Wembanyama
In this episode of the highly corrected #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the scrimmage melodrama in Golden State, we talk about the accusations of cringe in Abu Dhabi, and we talk about the generational talent dribbling the ball in France. We continue with our conspiracy theories, this time with Steve Kerr and Lebron joining the fray. Please subscribe to the pod for weekly shows during the season.
51:03 10/17/22
Of Principle, Progress, and Press with Pete Croatto
In this episode of the often chosen for book tours #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk to author Pete Croatto who talks about his latest book, From Hang Time to Prime Time. The book is a time machine transporting us to the years between 1975-1989 and the steps the NBA took to becoem the global giant it is today. We talk about the principles of media in this age of race-to-first philosophy, the need for nuance, and how the media coverage of the NBA has changed with the NBA.
66:57 10/1/22
Of Nepotism, Netflix, and Nasty
In this episode of the often drifting #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the advantage of having a previous member of the NBA in your family. We also talk about the Redeem Team documentary featuring the worst underdog story of all time, and how they would've been better off making one with the Argentinian team. Finally we talk about the Robert Sarver saga in the Phoenix organisation, and how there might be something nastier under the sheets.
44:36 9/21/22
Of Donaghy, Goodman, and Holmgren
In this episode of the often admired #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the Netflix documentary about the disgraced former NBA ref Tim Donaghy and his involvement in the 2008 NBA match fixing scandal. Vineet talks about the perfect comparison for Ashwin's personality in his opinion, which is Saul Goodman. We also talk about the 66th Kerala State Senior Basketball Championships, a place where Ashwin did some commentary for Straight Out of India. Finally, we discuss Chet Holmgren's injury and figure out whether there will be any changes to the CBA with regards this development.
52:30 9/5/22
603 - Of Navy, No-Gooder, and Nicknames #BallisBae
In this episode of the often found-flying #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about Ashwin's latest Indian basketball commentary stint, and his battle with Straight Out of India members. We talk about the Navy team which wowed one and all, discuss the shenanigans of the newest Hawk, Dejounte Murray, and deep dive into the best NBA nicknames of all-time. (00:00) - Start (00:17) - Actual Start (00:54) - In the association this week (01:29) - Enter Vineet (02:13) - Ashwin's stint commentating with Straight Out of India (03:51) - Another Vineet secret comes tumbling (05:39) - Ashwin's story continues ... (12:28) - Working with Deepak P Babu of Straight Out of India (13:48) - Ball is Bae vs. Straight out of India (20:49) - The Indian National Basketball team needs Billa (22:48) - DeJounte Murray - the New Heel in the NBA (27:50) - Did the Spurs fix Dejounte's triple-doubles? (28:36) - Do the Hawks fare well now with Dejounte? (31:54) - The coolest NBA Nicknames (32:36) - What makes a cool nickname? (33:54) - Quiz: Do you know these nicknames? (40:58) - Ashwin's Mount Rushmore of Nicknames (44:24) - Vineet's Mount Rushmore of Nicknames
49:15 8/15/22
602 - Of Luxury, Weight, and Ball-Hog
In this episode of the often-weighted #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the comments made by Warriors' GM Joe Lacobs about the injustice in the luxury tax calculation, we discuss the weight clause in Zion Williamson's new contract, and we look at the difference between a ball-hog and someone who has the ball a lot. (00:17) - Real Start (00:41) - In the association this week (01:02) - Welcome Vineet (03:09) - Joe Lacobs' reaction to the Luxury Tax (13:34) - Who loses more? Warriors or Draymond? (14:40) - What will determine whether the Warriors bring back Dray? (18:13) - Vineet's personal hiring policies. (20:36) - How does Don Mitchell to NYC work wonders for the Knicks? (24:19) - What's the difference between Ball Hog, and Style of Play (26:50) - Zion Williamson's unique contract (28:39) - De-escalator's in Zion's contract (31:21) - Will Zion be able to hit his targets? (32:16) - What Zion can learn from Lebron? (33:31) - Is this the way future contracts will be written?
37:35 8/2/22
601 - Of Six, Hundred, and One
In this episode of the highly centurioned #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we celebrate season six of the pod with our hundredth episode, and talk about ONE team each we're excited to see this year. We also talk about the new media, old media debate where Vineet teaches Ashwin about what those terms mean, and what they don't. Lastly, we try to define what the legacy of Kevin Durant would be and how fair is it to highlight his offensive capabilities in an era of offensive dominance. (01:29) - Vineet and Ashwin talk about the 100th episode (03:24) - The story so far in the NBA (04:46) - KD to the Wizards ? (07:22) - Why does no one believe in the Nets? (09:49) - Is the balance swaying too much towards the NBA Superstars ? (11:03) - The legacy of Kevin Durant !! (14:44) - Is it cool to bean offensive geniusin an offensive era? (26:30) - Can you really succeed with getting picks in a trade? (28:14) - Will Shai stay in OKC? (29:34) - Which ONE team are you excited to see next year? (32:49) - Big Money making its way to the NBA (35:13) - New Media vs. Old Media
46:40 7/25/22
514 - Of Jazz, Social Justice, and Mistakes
In this often right but sometimes wrong podcast, we talk about why, if and how will the Jazz dynamic (?) duo move forward. Kareem calling out Lebron and then backtracking, on what it means to be an athlete with a powerful voice and discuss the Grizzlies' chances in the playoffs. (3:45) Will Donovan and Rudy find a way to work together (22:28) Should Lebron be more vocal on social justice warriors (46:22) Are the Grizzlies going to be a problem in the Playoffs ? (55:50) More pod love for Jokic, MVP of 2022 ? (58:23) What changes would we do to our Top 20 list ?
64:33 4/8/22
513 - Of Whisky, LeChase, and Order
In this episode of the often listicling #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we compare the sobering effects of scoring through the lens of Lebron, we wonder how Kareem had so many points in his career, and we list the top 20 players currently playing in the NBA.
42:31 4/2/22
512 - Of Gravity, Virality, and Russ
In this episode of the often berated #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the gravity of James Harden's move to the city of Brotherly love, we discuss how we can now be consultants of the viral variety, and we discuss the fall of Ashwin's favorite basketball player Russell Westbrook. 00:00 - Start 00:17 - Real Start 03:00 - Harden fitting in well with 76ers 09:20 - Imagine if you're KD 10:01 - The Russell Westbrook question 19:35 - Kobe as opposite of Russ during distress 29:34 - Jokic vs Embiid for MVP 33:02 - Vineet has a question 36:49 - The Miami conundrum
45:25 3/19/22
511 - Of Trades, Babies, and Kings
In this episode of the often late but always updated #BallisBae NBA podcast, we discuss the big trades that went down this trade deadline. Debate on which coaches did not deserve the rare honor, and who got snubbed. We touch up Kevin Durant's horrible All-star captain performance and his petty attitude.
55:27 2/20/22
510 - Of Reserves, Records, and Replacement
In this episode of the often relapsing #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we discuss the all-star reserves, and which starter should, in fact, have been a reserve. We go on to tackle records which are going to fall soon, and we do the TNT team a favor by conducting mock interviews for their future hosts. (3:00) All star starters, snubs, and discussions (16:19) We discuss East Reserves (23:00) We discuss West Reserves (31:00) We believe Warriors' and Mavs stories. (34:30) Can Draymond Green replace Chuck ? (52:15) When will Lebron cross Kareem's record ?
55:26 2/3/22
509 - Of Klay, Trade, and Boardman
In this episode of the often aged #BallisBae NBA podcast, we discuss the return of Klay Thompson to the NBA, we discuss trade deadline but spend most time on THAT ONE TRADE, and we talk about the different skills that make money and how we miss Kawhi and his words.
55:26 1/18/22
508 - Of Groom, Hand, and Dirk
In this episode of the often flummoxed #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the recent addition of a groom to the crew, we talk about hand and how important it is to have hand in a relationship, and finally we talk about Stoic Dirk and the time we talked to him on a NBA call. We also talk Cleveland Cavaliers, Lakers, and the rise of the Grizzlies.
34:28 1/11/22
507 - Of Greatness, Guruji, and Gobert
In this episode of the often dusted #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the greatness of one Wardell Steph Curry, and then sully the conversation by comparing him to Kevin Durant. Furthermore, we talk about the situation in Indiana, the land of basketball, and wonder what effect the presence of their Guruji Rick Carlisle has had on it. Lastly, we come to the rescue of our DPOY Rudy Gobert, who is being harassed all round by fans and players alike for making it impossible to score in the middle.
71:20 12/16/21
506: Of Raftaar, Lakers, and Spurts
In this episode of the often invited #BallisBae NBA Podcast, Vineet and I talk about Raftaar visiting the INBL #DoneHiding launch in Bengaluru. We also delve into what the Lakers can do excluding freaking out with their personnel, and lastly, we try to diagnose the favorite Warrior 3rd quarter spurting. (3:02) INBL introduction (6:30) What can the lakers do to improve their game? (14:10) Is Anthony Davis to blame for the Lakers Woes (26:15) Can a 'Best'brook actually contribute to the success of the Lakers? (32:15) We try to analyze why the Warriors are so successful in the third quarter. (39:50) Why are the Wizards so good? Have we missed something?
51:44 11/27/21
505: Of Warriors, Zion, and Sarver
In this episode of the often sleepless #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the resurgent Warriors and whether this scintillating form can continue for long. We also talk about our favorite Zion Williamson and how this gain of girth could be a hidden blessing. Lastly, we discuss the issues surrounding the Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and what the NBA might do in the near future. (4:37) Warriors - Hype or Hooplah (13:48) Covid and Identity (23:43) Identity, Branding and the Genius of Kobe (30:45) Can an Out of shape Zion make a comeback and be the force he can be ? (37:51) Suns Franchise is in a controversy .. is the owner to blame?
55:12 11/12/21
504: Of Instructions, Impressions, and Long con
In this episode of the often sensitive #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about secret instructions for the #NBA Top 75, the impressions made by the voting elite, and what long con brews in the tunnels between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. (4:45) We discuss the NBA 75 list (12:30) Snubs of the list starting with Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol etc. (31:27) Ashwin and Vineet talk about why more emphasis should have been put on players that were 2nd or 3rd best on championship teams in the NBA75 list (48:00) What should Westbrook do to be successful in the Lakers Offense (54:30) Ashwin proposes a Ben Simmons for Russell Westbrook trade. (1:13:00) Is James Harden affected by the new foul rules
80:23 10/30/21
503: Of Ranveer, Pedigree, and Five Thirty-Eight
In this episode of the often lambasted #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the brand new ambassador of the NBA in India, we discuss the effects of pedigree in the NBA, and ruminate about the pre-season analytical rankings going around the analytical world. Show Notes (3:30) - Was Ranveer the best choice for the NBA Ambassador in India (22:10) - Eastern conference top 10 (30:10) - We talk about our new fav team in the East - Chicago Bulls (43:35) - Eastern conference top 10 (54:00) - Is MPJ over-rated? Ashwin thinks so (1:07:40) - Should the Indian women's team get hate comments for their recent performance?
72:08 10/20/21
502: Of Chamber, Vaccinations, and Groups
In this episode of the highly philosophical #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the stance taken by various NBA players regarding the Covid-19 vaccinations. We try to iron out the differences between the two groups, while talking about how echo chambers can derail the nicest of intentions. Finally, we talk about IM groups and how they can exist without existing for politically correct reasons. (7:00) How has the ballisbae been taken off whatsapp NBA groups (11:00) How should the NBA handle Anti-Vax players and Ashwin does some Roleplay (24:30) Vaccine discussion leads to Overall philosophical discussion around Echo-chambers (40:12) Who are the new rookies we are excited to watch and why? (42:33) Who was a better scorer Harden or Kobe ? This spirals into a debate about what a Pure scorer actually means (58:30) Steph > Durant (1:05:00) Has Ashwin changed his stance that the Lakers are a Superteam?
80:27 10/7/21
501 : Of 75, Persona, and Choice
In this episode of the often pored-over #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we discuss the top 75 players of the NBA by creating a mini-list of our own. We debate the prevalence/importance of persona vs performance, and we make tough choices to break rules to avoid leaving greatness out. (3:49) - Ashwin gives a short oral history of the NBA (7:34) - Vineet talks about his favorite era of basketball (13:30) - Why Middleaged men start Podcasts (15:13) - Some background on the history of the NBA 25/50 list (19:50) - We debate the top 10 Guards - which turned into a Chris Paul v/s Russell Westbrook argument for the last spot. (56:09) - We debate the top 15 forwards for the list - Lamar Odam was mentioned here :) (1:26:37) - Vince Carter had us both torn between love and analysis Follow the podcast on all your favorite podcast platforms and follow us on social media @BallisBaePod
103:33 9/29/21