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Sales Psyched! is a sales enhancement show hosted by sales psychologist, Dr. Chris Croner. When you subscribe to this show, you'll get access to the latest sales psychology techniques and strategies designed to take your sales team's performance to the next level. This podcast for sales managers and business owners is rooted in psychology and will help you improve your sales. Episode topics range from sales hiring, sales development, behavioral interviewing, sales training, sales mentorships, sales management to selling techniques that harness and leverage the power of sales psychology. Get your weekly Sales Psyched! tips every Monday! Short episodes for busy listeners. Subscribe today! #GetSalesPsyched


Ep 40: How the Best Salespeople Turn Problems into Opportunities 04:31 01/17/2022
Ep 39: Try a Creative Approach to Selling 01:46 01/10/2022
Ep 38: The Key to Handling Sales Rejection 03:32 01/03/2022
Ep 37: Learn to Identify Opportunities for Relationship Selling 03:22 12/27/2021
Ep 36: Salespeople: Are You Exceeding Customer Expectations 03:37 12/20/2021
Ep 35: How to Use Reverse Psychology in Sales 02:55 12/13/2021
Ep 34: Best Corporate Gift Idea to Send to Your Clients 03:44 12/06/2021
Ep 33: Improve Sales Team Satisfaction Without Money 02:46 11/29/2021
Ep 32: Uncover Your Buyer's Authentic Self to Sell More 04:31 11/22/2021
Ep 31: Boost Your Buyer's Self-Esteem to Sell More 03:18 11/15/2021
Ep 30: Use a Mentor Program to Boost Sales 04:07 11/08/2021
Ep 29: The #1 Thing a Sales Manager Can Do For a Salesperson 02:46 11/01/2021
Ep 28: Learn How Buyers Commit to a Purchase 03:48 10/25/2021
Ep 27: How to Leverage Voicemails During the Sales Process 03:21 10/18/2021
Ep 26: How Sales Candidates Fool You Into Hiring Them 03:46 10/11/2021
Ep 25: One Technique Sales Teams Can Learn From The Show: Mad Men 03:15 10/04/2021
Ep 24: How to Close a Deal With a Procrastinating Prospect 04:28 09/27/2021
Ep 23: The #1 Thing You Can Do For A Client or Prospect 03:05 09/20/2021
Ep 22: Get to Know Your Prospects' Personalities 05:20 09/13/2021
Ep 21: A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Words 03:23 09/06/2021
Ep 20: Prospects and Clients Want to Talk About Their Kids, Not Your Kids 03:24 08/30/2021
Ep 19: How to Inspire Drive in Your Kids 04:43 08/23/2021
Ep 18: Great Coaches Treat Each Player Differently 03:27 08/16/2021
Ep 17: This Sales Interview Question Leads to the Truth 04:32 08/09/2021
Ep 16: Sales Expert Thinks Outside the Box to Close the Deal 02:57 08/02/2021
Ep 15: How to Win Back a Customer by Losing a Sale 03:10 07/26/2021
Ep 14: The Most Inspirational Trait of Sales Managers 03:59 07/19/2021
Ep 13: True Sales Hunters Love to Compete 02:57 07/12/2021
Ep 12: Prospects Cannot Resist This Sales Psychology 03:02 07/05/2021
Ep 11: One of the Most Powerful Salesperson Motivation Secrets 03:03 06/28/2021