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Sales Psyched! is a sales enhancement show hosted by sales psychologist, Dr. Chris Croner. When you subscribe to this show, you'll get access to the latest sales psychology techniques and strategies designed to take your sales team's performance to the next level. This podcast for sales managers and business owners is rooted in psychology and will help you improve your sales. Episode topics range from sales hiring, sales development, behavioral interviewing, sales training, sales mentorships, sales management to selling techniques that harness and leverage the power of sales psychology. Get your weekly Sales Psyched! tips every Monday! Short episodes for busy listeners. Subscribe today! #GetSalesPsyched


Ep 48: Sales Lessons to Learn from Tom Brady
Today's episode focuses on how sales managers and their sales team can learn a thing or two from the famous retired football star, Tom Brady.
02:23 3/11/22
Ep 47: High Risk, High Reward in Sales
Today's episode focuses on risk taking in sales and the rewards that can follow. Knowing how and when to take risks is an important skill all salespeople should know and master.
02:54 3/7/22
Ep 46: March Madness With a Surprise Twist
Today's episode is all about March Madness and how to add your own personal 'twist' to it.
02:09 2/28/22
Ep 45: Sell with Emotion: People Buy Dreams, Not Things
This episode focuses on utilizing emotions in sales.
02:36 2/21/22
Ep 44: Your Attitude Matters Especially in Sales
This episode focuses on the importance of attitude in sales and how it can either help or hurt your chances of closing.
04:01 2/14/22
Ep 43: Passion is Contagious and Compelling in Sales
This episode reveals just how powerful emotions can be in sales.
02:02 2/7/22
Ep 42: How to Sell to a Big Ego Buyer
This episode focuses on selling to big ego buyers, aka, the, 'I know best' buyers.
02:37 1/31/22
Ep 41: 3 Tips to Make a Great First Impression During a Sales Meeting
This episode emphasizes the importance of first impressions and how quickly they can either make or break an opportunity.
02:55 1/24/22
Ep 40: How the Best Salespeople Turn Problems into Opportunities
This episode reveals how problems can be used to create powerful opportunities in sales.
04:31 1/17/22
Ep 39: Try a Creative Approach to Selling
This episode is a friendly reminder for you to try and find new and creative ways to approach customers.
01:46 1/10/22
Ep 38: The Key to Handling Sales Rejection
Learn what you should be looking for in your sales candidates before hiring them to ensure they have the personality needed to handle sales rejection effectively.
03:32 1/3/22
Ep 37: Learn to Identify Opportunities for Relationship Selling
The best salespeople are always seeking opportunities to touch their clients in special ways through relationship selling. Listen to this episode to hear a real-life example of this and learn what psychological hot buttons to use in your own sales encounters.
03:22 12/27/21
Ep 36: Salespeople: Are You Exceeding Customer Expectations
Today's episode covers a story about how one man in one company seized the reputation as the highest quality hotel chain in the world and what salespeople can learn from it.
03:37 12/20/21
Ep 35: How to Use Reverse Psychology in Sales
Often times, putting even more pressure on a struggling salesperson can be exactly the wrong prescription for helping them and can make things worse rather than better.
02:55 12/13/21
Ep 34: Best Corporate Gift Idea to Send to Your Clients
In this episode, Dr. Croner shares his favorite client gift idea that is appropriate in most gifting situations.
03:44 12/6/21
Ep 33: Improve Sales Team Satisfaction Without Money
In today's episode, Dr. Croner shares a story that demonstrates a strategy that can generate loyalty and satisfaction among your sales team without money.
02:46 11/29/21
Ep 32: Uncover Your Buyer's Authentic Self to Sell More
In today's episode, Dr. Croner discusses a psychological principle of discovering a person's authentic self and the powerful impact it can have on your sales.
04:31 11/22/21
Ep 31: Boost Your Buyer's Self-Esteem to Sell More
People love to be acknowledged and respected. So, when you deliver the gift of self-esteem to your client or prospect, it is especially outstanding and psychologically powerful.
03:18 11/15/21
Ep 30: Use a Mentor Program to Boost Sales
This is one of the most important gifts any of us can receive in the course of our career.
04:07 11/8/21
Ep 29: The #1 Thing a Sales Manager Can Do For a Salesperson
As a sales manager there is an easy, psychological-backed action that you can take to motivate your salespeople . . . bring them a lead.
02:46 11/1/21
Ep 28: Learn How Buyers Commit to a Purchase
Understanding the psychology behind how buyers close can help with selling and persuasion.
03:48 10/25/21
Ep 27: How to Leverage Voicemails During the Sales Process
In today's episode, Dr. Croner talks about a part of the sales arsenal that can be very powerful but is all too often handled much too casually. That is . . . leaving voicemails. Let's dive into some examples now!
03:21 10/18/21
Ep 26: How Sales Candidates Fool You Into Hiring Them
We have all experienced this . . . the exciting, charismatic candidate who looks great, sounds great and blows us away with his energy and enthusiasm during the interview. We are so excited to have found this superstar. He's hired! But then . . . nothing. Let’s talk about this frustrating but all too common conundrum in today's episode.
03:46 10/11/21
Ep 25: One Technique Sales Teams Can Learn From The Show: Mad Men
In today's episode, Dr. Croner shares a sales strategy you can learn from the famous TV show: Mad Men; and tells a story of a client using said strategy in real life. Enjoy!
03:15 10/4/21
Ep 24: How to Close a Deal With a Procrastinating Prospect
Have you ever had a prospect that likes the product, trusts you, but just won't close? We call this prospect "The Procrastinator." And man, procrastinators can be so frustrating. Today, Dr. Croner is going to give you some psychological selling tips to help get that procrastinating prospect over the finish line.
04:28 9/27/21
Ep 23: The #1 Thing You Can Do For A Client or Prospect
As a sales manager, you are always searching for a differentiator . . . an edge you can provide to your salespeople for both new business development and to solidify ongoing relationships. Sometimes we get caught up in technique when the real answer is substance and it is right in front of us.
03:05 9/20/21
Ep 22: Get to Know Your Prospects' Personalities
It really pays to know the personalities of those you are selling to. It will give you an edge over competitors who sell well clinically but miss the opportunity to connect emotionally.
05:20 9/13/21
Ep 21: A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Words
Today's episode follows up on the topic discussed last week in Episode 20. Dr. Croner outlines an actual success story that emphasizes the point of "talking about their kids and not your kids" and what a brilliant, up-and-coming architect did to land a job. Listen in now!
03:23 9/6/21
Ep 20: Prospects and Clients Want to Talk About Their Kids, Not Your Kids
When you go to one of your kid’s school concert and the children all come out on stage, who do you immediately look for? YOUR kid, of course. Prospects and clients are the same way. They want to hear about their company not yours. In today's Sales Psyched! episode, Dr. Croner gives an opening line to help focus your sales presentation on the "prospect's kids" and set the right tone for the meeting.
03:24 8/30/21
Ep 19: How to Inspire Drive in Your Kids
In today's episode, Dr. Croner discusses a question that is often asked by clients: "What can I do as a parent to teach my kids Drive?" Listen in to hear Dr. Croner best recommendation for building Drive in your kids.
04:43 8/23/21