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Women Who Code’s mission is to inspire diverse women to excel in technology careers. In this podcast, we talk with technology leaders from around the world about their journies in the industry, their love of technology, trending innovations, the future of work, and ways that we can improve diversity, equality, and inclusion.


Career Nav #38: Tech Education for Software Engineers and Data Scientists
Anna Shur-Wilson, Program Manager for Career Navigation at Women Who Code, interviews Florien Pickering, Partnerships Manager at Academy. They discuss finding potential employees by looking in non-traditional places, Academy’s unique assessment, and the differences between a traditional boot camp and an incubator learning environment.
34:26 3/27/23
Conversations #76: Calli Rogers, Director, Data Engineering, CapTech Ventures
Calli Rogers, Director at CapTech talks about her career journey, her transition from Java services to Data Engineering, how she remains competitive by constantly learning new things, and how she overcame the bias against her from being not only one of the few women in tech on her teams, but also in her rise to leadership roles.
25:49 3/22/23
Career Nav #37: Looking for a Path Between Computer Science and Urban Planning
Cat Liao, Social media and Content Coordinator for Women Who Code, speaks with Valeria Belén Cerpa Salas, LEED for Communities Intern, U.S. Green Building Council. They discuss the trajectory of Valeria’s career, her experiences in the industry that led her to work in the urban planning field, and a recently completed project that looked at initiatives that would employ computer science to create more sustainable industries.
26:43 3/20/23
Talks Tech #35: Measuring and Remediating Open Source Software Risks
Nirvi Badyal, Research Engineer, Scantist and Founder & President at HeForShe-NTU, shares her talk, “Nirvi Badyal, Software Engineer at Scantist and Founder & President at HeForShe-NTU, shares her talk, “Measuring and Remediating Open Source Software Risks.” She talks about the convenience of using open source, as well as the risks. She discusses was to measure vulnerabilities in dependency trees.
27:15 3/16/23
Career Nav #36: The Importance of Philanthropy in Technology With Proton
Molly Devine, Individual Giving Manager at Women Who Code, interviews Irina Marcopol, Brand and Community Lead at Proton, and Patricia Egger, Security Co-lead at Proton and Co-founder and Vice President of the Women in Cyber Association in Switzerland. Out of 600 potential charities, Women Who Code was chosen as one of 10 to receive a donation from the Proton Lifetime Account Fundraiser. The 2022 raffle raised a record-breaking $784,670, of which Proton donated $71,800 to Women Who Code.
39:27 3/13/23
Conversations #75: Sijing Zhu, Senior Manager Data Science at The Home Depot
Akshita Korwar, Software Developer at Hulu and Network Director of Women Who Code Seattle, interviews Sijing Zhu, Senior Data Science Manager at The Home Depot. They discuss the importance of continued learning, listening skills being a priority for success, and time management being key in accomplishing goals.
27:08 3/8/23
Career Nav #35: How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups
Priyal Jain, Development Engineer at Calsoft and Women Techmakers Ambassador, shares her talk, “How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups.” She discusses the importance of being involved in community, even if you don’t feel that you can contribute. She also shares her views on being straightforward and accurate to your priorities.
13:29 3/6/23
Talks Tech #34: AI in Mixed Reality Series - Introduction to Extended Reality
Manorama Jha, Software Development Engineer, AI, and Computer Vision, 3DAI at GridRaster Inc., shares her talk entitled “Introduction to Extended Reality.” In it, she discusses the challenges of developing immersive extended-reality experiences while explaining the fundamentals of building the Metaverse.
26:44 3/1/23
Career Nav #34: The Power of Communities for Self-Taught Developers
Noelle Notermann, Senior Engineer at Target, interviews Ayu Adiati, Software Engineer. They discuss balancing learning, life, and being a mom. They also talk about staying motivated and accountable while becoming a self-taught developer.
54:45 2/27/23
Conversations #74: WWCode Leaders: Black Women in Tech Corporate America
Natalia Daies, Director of Communications at Women Who Code, and Samaria Rooks, Chief People and Inclusion Officer at Women Who Code sit down for a conversation about Black women in technology. They discuss Black women showing up boldly in corporate spaces, ways to measure a company’s commitment to DEI, and the importance of applying for positions without having every single qualification.
33:34 2/22/23
Career Nav #33: Navigating a Heavily White-Dominated Field as a Latina in Stem/Data Science
Faith Pueneh, Front End DeveloEngineer per at CAD Consulting Limited and Lead at the Women Who Code front-end track, interviews Monica Puerto, Analytics Associate Manager at Essential Federal Services. They discuss Monica’s path to tech, who inspires her to persevere, and how Universities can contribute to more diverse work forces.
22:31 2/20/23
Talks Tech #33: Blockchain Regulations and Security
Bhavya Batra, Product Manager at XponentsVentures and Blockchain Fellow at Women Who Code, interviews Neha Jain, Founder & CEO at IntelliBlock Technologies. They discuss the security risks and benefits of Web3 applications. Neha also shares the many opportunities available in blockchain technology.
23:40 2/16/23
Career Nav #32: Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do About It
Sheree Atcheson, Group Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at Valtech, Women Who Code Advisory Board Member, and author of "Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do About It,” shares her talk, “Leading From Every Level: Demanding More Now, Not Later.” She discusses leadership at every level and how you should always practice leading for the position that you want in the future.
10:43 2/14/23
Conversations #73: Martina Mickos, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Workday
Eliza Sarobhasa, Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code Python, interviews Martina Mickos, Technical Architect at Workday. They discuss Martina’s roles at Workday, what the day-to-day for an architect looks like, what skills are important for the role, and her thoughts on leadership and career goals.
31:45 2/8/23
Career Nav #31: What Is the Future of the Community in an Always Evolving World?
Madona Wambua, Senior Android Engineer at Western Governors University, shares her talk, “What Is the Future of the Community In An Always Evolving World.” She discusses the importance of community to her, the benefits of community for everyone, and ways to get involved at different levels of action.
40:06 2/6/23
Talks Tech #32: Leading Technical Transformations at Projects - While Releasing New Features Regularly
Anastasiya Meishutovich, Senior Engineer and Technical Lead of Reconciliation at Duco, shares her talk, “Leading Technical Transformation at Projects While Releasing New Features Regularly.” She discusses how her team used traffic mirroring between their existing and new service, keeping their transition seamless to the user, and the importance of transparency between teams.
26:53 2/1/23
Career Nav #30: How to Know if a Job is Right for You
Christine Liu, Senior Innovation Editor at Harvard Business Publishing, shares her talk, “How to Know if a Job is Right for You.” She discusses some important questions to consider when deciding on your next career move. She talks about trusting your gut, how to get a realistic picture of company culture, and the value of asking for what you need.
17:25 1/30/23
Conversations #72: Maura Hart, VP of Technology - Merchandising, The Home Depot
Jessica Koubi, Senior Software Engineer at Pipeline and Women Who Code Python Evangelist, sits down with Maura Hart, Vice President of Technology at The Home Depot. They discuss Maura’s education and career paths, how technology impacts The Home Depot, and the challenges you face when working for such a large company.
15:30 1/25/23
Career Nav #29 Tech Career Progression, From Start to Transition and Beyond
Tammy Miller, Software Quality Assurance Tester / Business Analyst, Eagle Technologies, Inc., and Deepali Chouhan, Product Owner at Ping Identity, and WWCode Vancouver Network Director, sit down for a discussion, “Tech Career Progression, From Start to Transition and Beyond.” They share how they each got into their journey in tech and talk about the importance of continued learning in the field.
24:15 1/23/23
Talks Tech #31: Accessibility Is Never Done
AmyJune Hineline, CPACC, Senior Community manager at, shares, “Accessibility is a Moving Target.” She discusses types of disabilities, agents for accessibility, and the importance of testing for accessibility in every phase of web development.
38:56 1/19/23
WWCode Career Nav #28: One Should Always be Unfinished
Shrishti Vaish - Data Analyst at Numerator and Women Who Code Python Track Lead, shares her talk, “One Should Always be Unfinished.” She discusses pushing yourself to be better and wanting more. She also discussed the importance of being adaptable, and her desire to see the world and life from a different perspective.
10:30 1/16/23
Conversations #71: Donna Hart, Chief Information Security Officer at Ally
Deepali Chouhan, Product Owner at Ping and Women Who Code Vancouver Director, sits down to speak with Donna Hart, Chief Information Security Officer at Ally. They discuss Donna’s work in cybersecurity, the mindset she’s used to navigating her career, her philosophy on leadership, and some of her work experiences at Ally.
27:59 1/11/23
WWCode Career Nav #27: Tips To Boost Your Research Career
Dr. Houda CHIHI, Senior Researcher at Innov'COM Laboratory of Sup'COM, Tunisia, shares, “Tips To Boost Your Research Career.” She discusses the questions to consider when trying to decide if a career in research is right for you and goes through the steps of successful research.
09:51 1/9/23
Talks Tech #30: Fun with Feature Flags
Desy Kristianti (she/her), Senior Frontend Engineer at Prolific, presents her talk entitled “Fun with (Feature) Flags.” She discusses what they are, why would we use them, and how we can implement them successfully within a company.
19:11 1/5/23
Career Nav #26: How to be a 360 Degree Growth Enabler
Pragati Ogal Rai, Head of Developer Relations, APJ Twilio and CEO of ISSA India Chapter, shares her talk, “How to be a 360 Degree Growth Enabler.” Pragati is also the chair at Women in Cybersecurity India Chapter. She's the author of a book called "Android Application Security Essentials" and the winner of the 2014 Zinnov Thought Leadership Award. She shares a few experiences on her career journey that she resonated with when reading John C. Maxwell, regarding leading by influencing those around you.
21:14 1/2/23
Talks Tech #29: Quick Guide to Product Management in Web3
Mara Matosic, Product Strategist and Recovering Co-founder and Legacy Director of Women Who Code Mexico City, shares “Product Management in Web3.” She talks about her insights into how Web3 is changing the face of product management and how it allows for real-time feedback and interactions with users.
18:43 12/28/22
WWCode Career Nav #25: Energize Your Virtual Meetings
Kelly Anlas, Engineering Manager at Twitter and a Woman Who Code NYC Director, shares, “Energize Your Virtual Meetings.” She discusses how bringing energy to meetings is strategic, proactive, and generous. She gives tips on engaging others and talks about the importance of contributing and receiving value in meetings.
17:00 12/26/22
Stories of Inspiration and Hope From the Past Year
In this special edition of the Women Who Code Podcast, we have collected the most inspiring, insightful and important things that our guests have said over the past year. Women Who Code has accomplished so much as a community over the past twelve months. We’ve hosted more than 1,900 events, uploaded over 700 educational videos, and we’ve grown to a community of 320,00 members in 147 countries. The Women Who Code Podcast has also grown, posting 125 episodes in 2022, and expanding to have three shows Women Who Code Conversations, Women Who Code Talks Tech, and Women Who Code Career Nav covering distinct and important topics.. For now we’d like to celebrate by remembering some of the best and most inspirational moments from the podcast over the past year. Thank you so much for being a listener, and for being a part of the Women Who Code community.
23:06 12/21/22
Talks Tech #28: Blending Art and Science to Identify Actionable Drivers of Shrink in Stores
Priyanka Khare, Data Science Manager at The Home Depot, shares her talk, “Blending Art and Science to Identify Actionable Drivers of Shrink in Stores.” She defines shrink and discusses examples that are controllable versus uncontrollable at the store level. She shares the process of designing a system to improve shrink and the importance of speaking the language of your target audience when creating and implementing new processes.
19:40 12/20/22
Women Who Code Talks Tech 27: The ABCs of Automating Tests for Software Applications
Spreeha Dutta, Software Engineer at Shell, Blogger, and Spotify podcast producer of A Walk Through Changing Times, shares the “ABCs of Automating Tests for Software Applications.” She shares the benefits of automation, with the understanding that it is not practical to always use automation as a tool. She also discusses Chrome extensions versus writing your own automation.
24:17 12/12/22