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Nikki Leigh is an award-winning author, a Certified Love and Relationship Coach and the host of Ready for Love Radio, the international radio show, streamed to 196 countries each week on New Visions Radio ( The show has over 350 shows in the website archive as June 2021. She will celebrate 8 years on air on September 1, 2021. Nikki’s experience as a love coach tackles a wide variety of topics pertaining to love, relationships, intimacy and sex, including ones that can be very difficult to discuss personally or professionally. She shares these messages through her blog, her books, coaching, her Love, Accept and Respect Yourself Program and her Ready for Love Radio show. All information can be found on Combine her work with her experience as a coach, an interviewer and radio host, and it is a winning combination for her Ready for Love radio show. It has created a successful radio show that has endeared her to millions of loyal listeners around the world and enabled her to attract feature guests with many different expertise, including a number of nationally and internationally known experts in their field. Love Coach Journey Blog – Ready for Love Radio – Email Nikki –


Crafting Healthy Masculinity with Frank Paul Vignola
In the media and on social media, we hear plenty of people talking about “toxic masculinity”. However, we don’t hear many talking about “healthy masculinity”. I think we should be and need to talk about “healthy masculinity” and we’re going to kick that discussion off right here, with my guest Frank Paul Vignola. He is a man’s life coach and he is the author of Crafting Masculinity. We invite you to join us for our discussion about his story, his coaching, and how to have healthy masculinity. (Replay times and the replayer will be posted below in case you miss the premiere.
62:06 6/2/23
Self Actualization Thru Kink with Master Joshua
“I do not have the answers, but I have the right questions to help people find the answers for themselves.” That is one of the most empowering statements I have ever heard and it’s part of tonight’s show. It was made by Master Joshua during our interview. He works with people to help them rid themselves of shame and to discover themselves. “The experiences we’ll share, you and I, form a process of self-actualization. This process isn’t about achieving goals or overcoming obstacles, though that’s often a part of it. The actualization I speak of entails embracing who you are on one hand, and becoming who you need to be on the other.” I hope you will join us for this fascinating conversation.
61:04 5/26/23
Swipe Right Effect with C K Collins
What should you do when a relationship ends? What is the right decision for you when a spouse cheats? How do you decide how to get unstuck when your life seems to be going nowhere? Are you one of the people who has faced or is facing these questions? Maybe you have a friend who is in one of these situations and you want to help them, If so, you need to tune in to this show and learn about The Swipe Right Effect and my guest C K Collins, also known as Kelly.
54:50 5/19/23
The Status Game with Mark Bradford
How do you determine how you understand yourself? How do you choose the people you are attracted to and who are your friends? There could be many different answers to those questions. My guest today is Mark Bradford and he says that the answers are based on “status”. He explains this in his Status Game, book series and we’re going to talk about his thoughts on this show. Join us, see what you think, and feel free to share your thoughts.
60:28 5/12/23
Exploring Somatic Pleasure with James Humecky
What is Somatic Pleasure? I am going all the way to Hawaii to find a great resource for the answer to that interesting and sensual question. His name is James Humecky and he brings decades of experience to the profession. I recently met James and knew he had to be a guest on Ready for Love Radio. He has so much great wisdom to share with us. We will begin to tap into that wisdom on this show and start to get to know him. I will give you a hint about “Somatic Pleasure” – 1 – living an authentically embodied life and 2 – revealing/liberating our creative/sensual/sexual nature through sensation-based awareness. We’ll dig into this and much more on the show. Join us and if you can’t, definitely check out the replay which will be posted on
60:34 5/5/23
Awakening the Soul of Power with Christian de la Huerta
How do you define or identify a hero? Do you feel that you are a hero? My guest, Christian de la Huerta, is the author of Awakening the Soul of Power. Awakening the Soul of Power, the first book in the Calling All Heroes series rethinks what heroism means in the 21st century and reveals practical tools to help you embark on a journey to personal freedom. If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to unlocking the secrets of personal empowerment and unleashing your inner hero. Join us for this fascinating conversation… (More information about the book –
62:34 4/28/23
Finding Your Super Power with Michelle Chappell
Did you know that each one of us have our own Super Power? My guest, Michelle Chappel says that we do and she’s with me this week to talk about what they can be and how we can find them. She is a psychologist and a singer/songwriter and she’s going to share the story on how she went from Princeton to being a singer and much more.
59:36 4/21/23
Aphrodisiacs in Your Garden with Melinda Joy Miller
Spring is in the air and it is time to start thinking about our gardens and our plants. That’s why I planned to have Melinda Joy Miller back to talk about Shamanic Gardening. She suggested we should talk about aphrodisiacs and sustainable gardening. She also suggests that we all have a bit of a Shaman within us. On this show, let’s delve into our inner shaman and our sensual side and learn more about aphrodisiacs and about how to garden in a more sustainable way. The conversation will take some interesting directions… definitely plan to join us and the replay will air over the weekend and will be embedded below for you and your friends. I’ll also be sharing it on an interesting website I have that might be of interest and that is looking for contributors – feel free to take a look (
61:10 4/21/23
Brave Voices with Cheryle Gail Grace
This is the mission of my guest this week – “ Brave Voices educates, inspires, supports and mobilizes adults, families and communities to Think, Listen, Learn and Speak Up before a child is harmed. End the silence that perpetuates the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse. For those who where harmed as children, Brave Voices is a place to be heard, and to share their lived experience, wisdom, strength and hope on Archive Storycorps and the Library of Congress.” Tune in with me, to meet Cheryle Gail Grace the founder of Brave Voices. It’s a great cause that you should know more about! And, I’m very happy to share this with you. (
60:28 4/14/23
Love Life After Loss with Marie Alessi
Marie Alessi has chosen to dedicate her journey to changing the narrative of grief. After losing her husband to a brain aneurysm, she founded the Movement “Loving Life After Loss” and now inspires others in processing their loss, by being a shining example of choosing Love over falling apart. Marie Alessi joins me to share her story, the journey it inspired and the unexpected twists and turns it has taken. Please join us for her inspiring story and share her TedX talk in the video even before the show airs. It is posted just below. The show premiers Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. Full details are below. (
60:59 4/7/23
Our Transgender Journey with Christina Anne
What would you do or say if your child or a child you care about came to you and asked for your support when they transition? It could happen and your response will be critical. And your next moves will also be very important for both of you. This week on this show, I have a conversation with “Christina Anne” about her journey with her child. She started a blog to share their experiences and she decided to turn the blog into a book to share with other parents to help them. The book is titled Our Transgender Journey. Feel free to join us – I learned some interesting things and look forward to sharing them with you.
61:24 3/31/23
How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants
Does it frustrate you when your partner won’t step up and make decisions? If it does – you aren’t alone. My guest this week on Ready for Love Radio, is Elliott Katz, the author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man. Women who read that book asked for advice on HOW to get their men to “wear the pants” in their relationship. So, he’s back today to talk about his new book How to Get Your Man to Wear the Pants… So You Don’t Have to Inspiring him to make more decisions, take the lead and Stop Leaving it all to you! Is there a secret to getting your partner to “wear the pants” in your relationship? Tune in and we’ll share insights to help you! There are a couple of other relevant podcasts shared at the bottom of the page that you might enjoy too – one with Elliott Katz about his earlier book, which we mention on this show and my show with my friend Ray Powers last week when we discussed relationships.
58:57 3/24/23
Open Discussion About Relationships with Ray Powers
This week on Ready for Love Radio, host Nikki Leigh, has an open conversation about relationships with Ray Powers, program director of New Visions Radio. Listeners may also know him as the host of The Ray Powers Hour which has aired before Ready for Love Radio for the last six years on Thursday nights. We’re great friends and “partners in crime” and on this show, we’ll have very open conversation about our thought about relationships. Tune in and join us – you never know what either of us will say.
60:00 3/17/23
Bonding-Based Lovemaking with Carolin Hauser
This week my guest is a relationship expert who offers a range of specialties to help couples improve their relationships and find their ways back to one another. Many times on the show, I have said that the brain is the largest sex organ. That comment will take on a new meaning in this show as we discuss the brain and how it works in our relationships. We discuss how Dopamine and Oxytocin affect us and much more. We also discuss bonding-based lovemaking and the differences between making love for pleasure and for procreating… it’s an interesting conversation. My guest, Carolin Hauser, also shares tips and resources to help us find out how to enjoy both forms of lovemaking and much more. Won’t you join us…
55:14 3/10/23
Divine Messy Human with Amanda Kate
Do any of these things sound familiar? “The first sign things were not completely right was highlighted shortly after having children when physical symptoms appeared including a lack of restful, good-quality sleep and general lack of ability to function “normally”. As with a great number of new moms, I put it down to having 2 young children and a husband who worked away from Monday to Friday and spent much of the weekend pursuing his own interests. In around 2013 things intensified and I found myself needing 3-hour naps in the afternoon to get through the day – a very unlikely behavior for someone who was usually a motivated, self-starter with loads of energy. As with many people in our modern life, I ignored the signs and pushed on through putting it down to the “changing weather” or a “phase” I was going through.” My guest, Amanda Kate, found the answers and much more. We’ll share them with you on this show – premiering Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT (US). The recording will be posted below at 10 pm ET, right after the show ends.
60:00 3/3/23
Exquisite Partnerships with Veronica Monet
I welcome Veronica Monet to Ready for Love radio. We will talk about her background, how she got into coaching and much more. Our discussion focuses on the needs of both partners, what the male and female within the relationship need and want and how to go about communicating and attaining those things within the relationship. We will also share a “sensate focus” lovework (homework) project at the end that originated with Masters & Johnson. (The sex researchers that you may have heard about… ) Check below for more information about our interview.
59:19 2/24/23
Long-Term Relationships with Andre Paradis
What does it take for a healthy and successful long-term relationship? Love, respect, passion, equality, partnership, money, lots of material possessions, children, I could go on all day listing possible things that could be the things that are needed – and I’m sure everyone that reads this has definite ideas about what is and is not needed. And, there are many different perspectives about what is right and wrong about what is needed. This week, my guest, Andre Paradis and I, discuss his perspective on what is needed to have a successful long-term relationship. I welcome your thoughts in the comment section of the show page ( about our discussion.
62:43 2/17/23
Healthy Habits for Less Anxiety with Cathy Hannah Perez
We know there will be some degree of anxiety in our lives. That comes with being a human being. But can we lessen the amount of anxiety and should we? What role does curiosity play in anxiety? Curiosity? Yes. I know that may sound unusual, but it does make a difference and my guest this week has an interesting perspective about curiosity and anxiety that I think you will find interesting. Join Cathy Hannah Perez and me and let’s see what we can do about anxiety in our lives. (If you missed the show last week, the content this week compliments it very well and you may want to hear both. That show is archived here –
58:51 2/10/23
Life Design with Shana Francesca
What does it mean to have a Life Design? We discuss that on this episode of Ready for Love Radio with my guest Shana Francesca. It is an interesting concept and it’s also interesting to hear how she made the shift from interior design to life design. Join us for this and much more. Details below on the topics and questions we will discuss and the dates and times you can hear the show, plus an archive of the show will be posted.
60:19 2/3/23
Post Betrayal Transformation with Dr Debi Silber
Have you been betrayed? My guest, Dr Debi Silber, shares fascinating information today. She reached out to me about being a guest, and after watching her TexX Talks, I had to have her on. Those talks are included below so you can watch them too. In one, she talks about betrayal and in the other she talks about self-sabotage. Both are fascinating topics and she shares interesting information. Will you join us? The show airs 4 times on and the TuneIn app. If those days and times aren’t good for you, the replay will be posted below after the show premieres on Thursday night.
45:19 1/27/23
Stop Stretching with Yogi Aaron
One of the most sought-after teachers today, Yogi Aaron is trailblazing a new path in the world of yoga. Known for his unorthodox perspectives on stretching and flexibility and how both cause more harm than good, his teachings aim to help as many people as possible live a pain-free life so they can realize yoga’s true intentions. On this show, Yogi Aaron is my guest, and we’re going to discuss his revolutionary and unconventional yogic ideas. You will learn new things about how your body works. I confess that I know very little about yoga. But, I have gone to chiropractors for many years and I managed a chiropractor’s office for several years and learned quite a bit about the body. So, when Yogi Aaron contacted me about being a guest, and wanted to discuss his book “Stop Stretching”, I was definitely intrigued. Let’s dive into why he says we should stop stretching, how he came to that conclusion and what we should do instead. (I’ll let you know now, I’ve extended an invitation to accept listener questions and to invite him back for a question and answer session to discuss questions listeners send for him. Send them to
51:11 1/20/23
Love Like a Man with Guy Blaise
Guy Blaise, the author of Love Like the French, is back with a handbook for the American men who are ready to understand romance and to make a real connection with their partner. In October of 2019, Guy was a guest on Ready for Love Radio to talk about his book, Love Like the French (the interview is at the bottom of the page). We had a great talk and he shared great information. On this show, he’s back to share more thoughts about how to Love Like a Man and we will have a great talk again. Join us – the show premieres Thursday night, January 12th and will replay each night over the weekend. (If you miss the show on air, the replay will be shared below, after 10 pm ET on Thursday the 12th.)
59:19 1/13/23
Tips for Long-Term Relationships with Carolyn Howard Johnson
I sit down with my long-time friend Carolyn Howard Johnson to talk about her 60+ year marriage and about their relationship. Here are a few of the things we’ll discuss —
59:01 1/6/23
What YOU NEED to Know About Human Trafficking
On this podcast we discuss a serious topic that many people know few facts about. That topic is human trafficking – sexual trafficking and labor trafficking. The stats will shock you and disgust. It is a much more prevalent concern than most people realize. I saw a notice that Nancy Hartwell was available to be interviewed about human trafficking and it seemed like a unique topic, but I had no idea about the scope of the problem until I started doing some research for the show. Do you remember the story of the man in Cleveland Ohio that kept 3 young women hostage for years? That is just one of many stories throughout the country. I highly recommend people tune in to learn more and to be more aware of what’s happening around us. I would bet the people on that street in Cleveland wish they had had any idea what was happening next door to them…
56:30 12/30/22
Changing the World One Orgasm at a Time
On Ready for Love radio this week, I talk with Michael Schuessler about how he helps people to improve their love lives and sex life. He also helps people to understand that it all begins with learning to love ourselves and to give to our lovers….
59:27 12/23/22
More Love and Joy in Your Life
Do you want/need for Love and Joy in your life? Even when we are happy in our lives, who would turn down more love and joy? I wouldn’t! My guest on this show is Melinda Joy Miller. I first heard about Melinda Joy, when Susan Kaye and I were writing Am I Normal If? She has worked and studied with Melinda Joy and learned much from her. about the Sacred teachings of the Ancient Seneca traditions, Melinda Joy learned from Grandma Twlyah over the years. When I heard about that… I had to talk with her. We talk about Love and Joy this evening and I’ve scheduled to have her come back in April 2023 to discuss Shamanic Gardening, in time for gardening season. (Let me know if you’d be interested in a follow-up show for your questions.
64:20 12/16/22
Connection in a Time of Disconnection with Edie Weinstein
Over the last several years, we’ve become more aware of the need or the lack of touch in our lives with the presence of Covid in the world. Since the government told us not to reach out and touch others, it is amazing how aware we become of touching, connecting and speaking to other people. After a year or more of being told to avoid or limit our exposure to others, how do we reconnect with friends, family, co-workers and strangers that we have to be around? How do we compensate for limitations of touch and connection that we may have in our lives? How do we increase the connections and touch in our lives? My guest, Edie Weinstein and I discuss these topics and much more in this show. Below I share details about when the show airs, and how to listen to it. The replay will be posted after the premiere airs. You can find out much more about my guest below and her recent TedX Talk is also embedded below.
60:12 12/9/22
Be the Strong Man a Woman Wants
What do women want? We tackle that age-old question on Ready for Love RadioBeing the Strong Man a Woman Wants Do women want a bad boy? Do women want a nice guy? Do women want to “rule the roost”? Or – do they want a strong man who will take the lead, and be someone she can love and respect? You will have to listen in to see what author, Elliott Katz has to say on the topic. Stick around to the end, and I’ll share the first couple 8-10 pages of the book with you…
54:42 12/2/22
Dysfunctional Holidays and Family Gatherings
Do you plan to have time with your family, extended family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend? Are you spending time with family and friends for Christmas and New Years? Do these times make you apprehensive about spending this time together? Let me tell you - YOU are NOT ALONE! Several years ago, Leslie Beth Wish, Kristy Heart, Georg Hegelmann and I did a radio show about family relationships and the holidays. During the last part of the show I got the idea to take the questions from the show and turn those, and a few more questions, into a book to help people who stress over the holidays. I asked LeslieBeth and Kristy if they wanted to join me. Then I asked a few other former guests if they wanted to join us. When we were done we have 6 coaches and therapists, over 120 pages of tips and suggestions and a LOT of information to help you prepare for the holidays with your family and friends. Dysfunctional Family Gatherings and the Holidays Kindle ($2.99) - Paperback ($8.97) -
59:55 11/25/22
Difficult People and Difficult Relationships with Hijackals
Difficult people are often just a part of life, but some people are more difficult than others. There are times when we need to take a close look at our relationship and determine if we need to make changes and take action for our well-being. This is especially true for parents. My guest Dr Rhoberta Shaler will explain how to identify what she calls “Hijackals”. We will look at how they effect us, what we need to do about them, and much more. She is also offering a free gift below. This is a show that I would encourage people to share with friends or family that may need to hear it. As always a replay of the show will be posted below after the show airs. My show is also on many podcast directories – just look for Ready for Love Radio with Nikki Leigh, Love Coach. Shows are posted weekly, by Friday morning.
59:58 11/18/22

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