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MMA at the African Games: A Conversation with Jeff Taylor, President of Ghana's MMA Association
In this episode of Combat Sports in Africa, we delve into the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at the 13th African Games, which took place in Accra, Ghana, from March 8th to March 23rd. This year's games were not just about traditional combat sports like Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate; MMA made a significant appearance as a demonstration sport, marking a notable moment for the sport on the continent.Overseen by the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA),  the MMA tournament unfolded over two days, from March 10th to March 12th, amidst a broad array of 30 disciplines, including 6 other demonstration sports. This event, organized by the African Union, the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, the Association of African Sports Confederations, and the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, showcased eight disciplines serving as qualifiers for the upcoming Paris 2024 Games. Our guest for this episode is Mr. Jeff Taylor, the President of Ghana's Mixed Martial Arts Association. In an insightful interview, Mr. Taylor shares Team Ghana's experiences at the games, highlighting their standout moments, the preparation process, the impact of their participation on MMA and sports development in Ghana, and what the future holds for Team Ghana in MMA on both local and international stages.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
22:15 3/25/24
IMMAF Africa Championships Insight: Veja Hinda on Team Spirit, Triumphs, and the Ascent of African MMA
In this riveting episode of the "Combat Sports in Africa" podcast, we connect with the formidable Veja Hinda, the pride of Team Namibia, fresh from his recent silver medal victory at the IMMAF Africa Championships in Luanda, Angola. Join us as Hinda unravels his journey in the championship, offering personal insights into the preparations, the undeniable camaraderie within Team Namibia, and the collective spirit that fueled their remarkable showing at the championship.As the conversation unfolds, Hinda sheds light on the intricacies of his opponents' techniques and the moments that defined his bouts. Moreover, he shares his keen observations on the burgeoning African MMA scene, the escalating competition standards at the IMMAF Africa Championships, and his ambitious plans and focus areas for honing his skills in anticipation of future tournaments, potentially including a stint at the IMMAF Worlds. Immerse yourself in this deep discussion that brings you closer to the heartbeat of African combat sports, portraying the dedication and fervor driving the continent's emerging champions.Tune in to witness a narrative of passion and perseverance, encapsulated in the journey of one of Africa's bright sporting stars.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
33:52 9/21/23
Judo Global: Spearheading São Tomé and Príncipe's Judo Journey
 In this latest episode, we ventured into the heart of São Tomé and Príncipe, a picturesque island nation nestled in the Gulf of Guinea, to explore the emerging judo scene under the guidance and leadership of André Rosa, the fervent president of the São Tomé and Príncipe Judo Federation. Rosa, whose own journey with judo is woven into his childhood, imparted an in-depth narrative of his personal connection to the sport and his robust visions for its future in the nation. Our conversation ventured through the initial stages of the federation's establishment, highlighting the relentless efforts in nurturing a robust judo community in spite of a host of challenges.Through Rosa's steadfast leadership and the collaboration and support from various stakeholders, the federation has carved out significant milestones, including the development of training centres and the successful execution of national championships. In addition to the grassroots development, Rosa brought to light the country's recent involvement in the African Senior Championships Individuals 2023, showcasing a pivotal moment in São Tomé and Príncipe's journey in the world of judo. Tune in to get an in-depth view of how judo is steadily marking its territory in the nation's sporting landscape, fostering unity and nurturing positive values in the community through the vehicle of sport.São Tomé and Príncipe's Judo Global on facebook. articles regarding "São Tomé and Príncipe Judo" Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
57:41 9/17/23
Paris 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix: Thrilling Showdowns and Highlights
In this quick update from the "Combat Sports in Africa" podcast, we bring you exhilarating highlights from the Paris 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix. Dive deeper into the heart-stopping confrontations, like the fierce clash between Cisse and Cunningham, that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Stay connected and passionate about African combat sports by following us on Facebook and Instagram.   For more in-depth coverage of the event, don't forget to check out these articles:Opening day of Paris 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix concludes with golds for France and Cote D’Ivoire tuned for more updates!Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
02:43 9/17/23
African Judo Championships 2023: Legacy, Triumphs, and Community Unity
 In this quick update from the "Combat Sports in Africa" podcast, we journey through the dynamic sphere of African judo, revisiting significant milestones and recent events. From celebrating the 60-year legacy of the African Judo Union to the remarkable victories at the 2023 African Judo Championships in Casablanca, we cover it all.Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more vibrant updates from the heart of African combat sports, and don't miss the deeper dive into these topics through the following articles:60 years of the African Judo Union: IFJ Awards Gold Medal to AJU for Work Done Senior Championships Individual 2023 Morocco, Casablanca: Egypt wins two gold medals for this first day of competition African Judo Championships in Morocco: Algeria, Morocco and Madagascar in Gold for This 2nd Day of Competition African Judo Community Expresses Sympathy to the People of Morocco for Lives Lost in the Recent Earthquake Judo Championships 2023 in Casablanca: The National Anthems Did Not Sound During the Medal Ceremony. The AJU in Solidarity with the Victims of the Earthquake and the Moroccan People Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
03:01 9/17/23
Unlocking the Art of the Throw: A Conversation with Oon Yeoh of
 In this special episode, we sit down with Oon Yeoh, the Judo journalist behind JudoCrazy and coach at KL Judo Dojo, to explore the art of the throw. We dive into his article, "How do you develop a throw?", comprising 1,998 words of keen insights, and discuss why he felt compelled to write it. From the evolution of classical techniques to the importance of proper instruction and RANDORI! Don't miss this exclusive conversation!Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
101:30 8/12/23
Dakar 2023: Taekwondo's Path to Paris
Tune in for an overview of the Dakar 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Challenge, a stepping stone to Paris 2023. This short episode draws on reference material from World Taekwondo. For comprehensive results, click here.To watch the entire tournament, find it here. Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
01:59 8/12/23
Rings of Glory: Highlights from the AFBC Men’s and Women’s African Boxing Championships 2023
Catch a quick glance at the AFBC Men's and Women's African Boxing Championships 2023! From medal counts to the excitement of the finals, this episode offers a bite-sized overview of Africa's top boxing event in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Want to dive deeper? Check out the links below!For More Details and to Rewatch the Matches:AFBC Men's and Women's African Boxing Championships - IBA Boxing (YouTube)Mohammed Rabii's Semi-Finals ShineZacharie Mvogo Amougou's Final AdvanceFull Fight Results – Yaounde 2023Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
02:14 8/12/23
Shaping the Future of MMA in Nigeria: In Conversation with NMMAF's Amb Henry George
Join us in our latest episode where we discuss amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) in Nigeria with none other than Amb Henry George, President of the Nigerian MMA Federation. We talk about the sport's growth, grassroots involvement, and the Federation's strategies for talent identification and athlete development. We also touch upon the Federation's partnerships, plans for international representation, and safety measures in place.  Amb George provides an inside look at MMA in Nigeria and shares his vision for the future of the sport in Nigeria!Follow the Nigerian MMA Federation (NMMAF) on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube page  for updates and insights into MMA in Nigeria.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
25:34 7/30/23
African Prowess in the Boxing Ring: Women's and Men's World Championships 2023
Dive into the world of boxing in this powerful episode! We recap the Women's World Boxing Championships in New Delhi, where Morocco's Khadija El Mardi packed a punch, clinching Africa's first gold. We also take you to the Men's World Boxing Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, for an electrifying rundown of Africa's participation. Gloves on, and let's step into the ring! Reference Material:Get the full blow-by-blow details from these championships by visiting:Results and Statistics for Africa at the 2023 Women's World Boxing Championships, New Delhi, India - AFBC - African Boxing Confederation Khadija El Mardi Wins First Gold Medal for Morocco, Africa in Women's Boxing - Morocco World News 2023 Results and Statistics for Africa at the 2023 Men's World Boxing Championship in Tashkent, Uzbekistan - AFBC - African Boxing ConfederationFollow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
03:15 7/17/23
Gripping Action: African Judokas at the World Judo Championships 2023
Judo Unleashed: Journey with us into the electrifying arena of the Baku 2023 World Judo Championships. From Younes Saddiki's compelling performance to Soumiya Iraoui's stunning passes, and Dris's incredible feat of defeating the reigning Mongolian World Champion Tsend Ochir, we've got it all covered! Tap in for the exhilarating details on how Morocco finished fifth in the mixed team's event! For more in-depth information, refer to our sources:"World Judo Championships 2023 Day 1: Morocco's Younes Saddiki takes 7th place in the 60kg category" - Check it out here"World Judo Championships Day 2: Morocco's Soumiya Iraoui passes two rounds" - Read more"WJC 2023 Day 3: Algeria's Dris creates the feat by eliminating reigning Mongolian World Champion Tsend Ochir in the 73kg category" - Read here"World Judo Championships Doha 2023: Mixed teams - stunning Morocco finished fifth" - Get the details Stay tuned for more action-packed episodes on African combat sports, and don't forget to follow us on our Facebook page: Combat Sports in Africa.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
03:12 7/17/23
Flying High: African Stars Shine at the World Taekwondo Championships 2023
Unlocking the Arena: Join us as we delve into the thrilling action of the World Taekwondo Championships 2023 in Baku! Hear the inspiring comeback tale of Ivorian legend Cheick Sallah Cissé, who claims his first World Taekwondo Championships title seven years on from Olympic gold. For a closer look at the competition, check out our references:"Côte d'Ivoire's Cheick Sallah Cissé claims World Taekwondo Championships" - Read more"World Taekwondo Championships Baku Day 7 Report" - Check it out here Stay updated with more exciting stories from the world of African combat sports. Follow us on our Facebook page at Combat Sports in Africa and join in the exhilarating journey!Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
02:45 7/17/23
Making Waves: Senegal's Domination at the African Beach Games 2023
Unmasking the Sand Titans: In this episode, we dive into the power-packed world of Beach Wrestling at the 2nd 2023 African Beach Games. From Senegal's dominant performance to Blessing Oborududu's sand debut, we're covering it all. Don't miss out on this ringside seat to African combat sports! For more detailed information, check out our reference materials:"Traditional wrestling hotbed Senegal dominates African Beach Games" - Check it out here"African Beach Games: Olympic medalist Oborududu solid on sand" - Read moreThe official UWW Beach Wrestling rules - Get the detailsFor more exciting updates on African combat sports, follow us on our Facebook page: Combat Sports in Africa.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
02:44 7/17/23
From Namibia to the Global Stage: Veja Hinda's Debut at the 2022 IMMAF World Championships in Serbia
Veja Hinda from Namibia shares his thoughts on the 2022 IMMAF World Championships in Serbia in an interview after his impressive debut at the global competition.  He was proud to represent Team Namibia, along with his teammates and coach, on the global stage in the largest IMMAF World championship ever! Hinda demonstrated his fighting spirit and skills by finishing his opponent with an impressive guillotine choke submission win. In this interview Hinda talks about the current state of mixed martial arts and combat sports in Namibia, his development as a mixed martial artist and journey into the sport, along with some of the challenges and opportunities along the way.The SouSa MMA Studios team was proud of their debut performance, and they thanked IMMAF for the chance to participate. Let's continue to support Namibia's journey to building a competitive mixed martial arts environment and brand back home!Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
61:29 2/22/23
IBA World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event concludes in Marrakesh, Morocco
Morocco hailed after thrilling IBA World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event concludes in MarrakeshFebruary 13th, 2023 / World Boxing TourInternational Boxing Association (IBA) President Umar Kremlev has praised Morocco’s boxing family after the World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event in Marrakesh drew to a close on Friday.Africa’s inaugural Golden Belt Series event was a resounding success, with local spectators creating a tremendous atmosphere at the 2,500-seat M’Hamid competition venue as they captured outstanding action in the ring.Moroccan boxing fans certainly had plenty to cheer, with four of their athletes reaching gold medal bouts and Khadija Mardi claiming gold in the women’s heavyweight final to wrap up a thrilling event in Marrakesh.However, the event was an international triumph, with boxers from 14 different countries contesting gold medal bouts across 25 weight categories to demonstrate the global reach of the men’s and women’s competitions.“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported this excellent event in Marrakesh,” Kremlev said. “A great deal of credit should go to the boxers and their support teams as the contests on display were of a supremely high quality.“The competition has demonstrated beyond any doubt that Morocco has a growing passion for boxing, and we look forward to returning to the country soon. Marrakesh has set an excellent standard for future World Boxing Tour events to follow as the 2023 campaign continues.”The IBA confirmed last week that it is close to signing World Boxing Tour event-hosting agreements with a number of other cities.The World Boxing Tour comprises a series of events that are classified into three categories: Golden Belt, Silver Belt and Bronze Belt tournaments, which contribute to the new IBA ranking system that will help to define the most successful boxers at the end of the year. The top four athletes in each weight category will fight to be named the best of the best at the annual Diamond Belt Series event.Marrakesh hosted the third event on the World Boxing Tour, the IBA’s groundbreaking new competition series, after successful Silver and Golden Belt Series tournaments in Slovenia and Mexico, respectively, last year.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
02:35 2/16/23
Lewis Mataya talks mma in Zimbabwe, the challenging year he's had and his future combat sport goals
It’s almost 2023! With the New Year quickly approaching, we follow up with Zimbabwe’s Lewis Mataya, the 2022 IMMAF African Lightweight champion! We talk about 2022 and his combat sports journey post IMMAF's Africa Championship 2022. In this frank interview Mataya speaks  about the tumultuously challenging year he’s had personally and professionally.  Along with his desire to keep training and competing, while inspiring a new generation of young Zimbabwean combat sports athletes and future competitors!Make sure to follow Lewis Mataya on social media! Here's the first interview we had after IMMAF's Africa Championship 2022.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
45:13 12/21/22
MMA in Mauritius - Avinash Ramtohul President of Mixed Martial Art Federation Mauritius
The President of Mixed Martial Art Federation Mauritius, Avinash Ramtohul joins us to discuss the popularity  of amateur mixed martial arts on the island of Mauritius. We also discuss the history of how the sport was developed, as well as the challenges and opportunities to its development.  President Avinash Ramtohul also shares his opinions on the the state of amateur and professional mixed martial arts in Africa, the value of strategic planning, collaboration and leadership, as well as IMMAF’s (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) role and contributions to mixed martial arts in Africa. Mixed Martial Arts Federation Mauritius Recognised As The Governing Body For MMA In MauritiusMMAFM to conduct monthly trials to spot up-and-coming fightersMauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,100 nautical miles) off the southeast coast of the African continent, east of Madagascar. It includes the main island (also called Mauritius), as well as Rodrigues, Agaléga and St. Brandon.Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
56:37 10/24/22
International Mixed Martial Arts Federation's Director of Development, Dr. Andrew Moshanov
IMMAF’s Director of Development, Dr. Andrew Moshanov joins us to discuss: the development of amateur mixed martial arts , the 2022 Youth Worlds Championships, coaching younger athletes, IMMAF’s grading system, the challenges and opportunities for the development of the sport worldwide and the importance of coaching and coaches role in developing and athletes and the sport.  Recent articlesYouth Events Are A Great School For Children and Their Future SuccessIMMAF coaching courses held in Middle East and Central Asia before Youth World ChampionshipsFollow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
81:15 9/21/22
AFRICA: A Kung Fu Story. Eric Mazimpaka talks about his documentary and Tanzania Shaolin.
Film maker, stuntman and actor Eric Mazimpaka is working on a documentary project that will look at the history and future of Kung Fu in Tanzania and east Africa, titled “AFRICA: A Kung Fu Story!”. He believes that “that one can find FREEDOM THROUGH CINEMA.” Kung Fu and film making!Eric tells us about “Shaolin Tanzania”,  Master Mfaume and the community of dedicated, creative and talented young martial artists. Eric and his team’s goal is “to help foster creative growth in these talented kids while giving them the confidence and the tools to be leaders in the development of their local film industry.” They'll be fostering this creative growth by hosting a series of filmmaking workshops in Tanzania for the “Shaolin Tanzania” community!  How cool is that!? Check out his GoFundMe page “FREEDOM THROUGH CINEMA: A Film Making Workshop”. Tanzania: Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
65:58 8/17/22
South African Judoka Geronay Whitebooi talks Judo, recent competitions, life and her Judo journey!
South African judoka Geronay Whitebooi won the African Championships title in 2019 in Cape Town. She captured a silver medal at the African Games in Rabat in 2019. She claimed a bronze medal at the African Open in Dakar in 2019. She secured a silver medal at the European Cup in Dubrovnik in 2022.In this interview  Geronay  talks about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics , and her matches and experience from recent tournaments such as he Dubrovnik Senior European Cup 2022, the African Championships Oran 2022 and the Grand Slam Ulaanbaatar 2022. She openly shares her journey into the sport, how her judo is progressing and evolving, the lessons learned on and off the tatami, along with the challenges and opportunities for African and South African judoka, in addition to her motivation, passion and drive to train and compete!Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
67:30 7/10/22
Dr Degineh talks about: Jujitsu, Brazilian jiujitsu and amateur MMA in Africa and Ethiopia. Along with sport development challenges and solutions, innovation and technology in combat sports, reality
Dr Tsegaye Degineh is the  founder of the Judo & Ju-Jitsu Associations and Clubs in Ethiopia and is also the Vice President of the Ju-Jitsu African Union (JJAFU) and a member of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) Ethics commission.Dr  Degineh answers the following questions: What did you think of the Ethiopian team’s performance at the 2022 African Jujitsu Championship held in Luanda, Angola?BJJ (Brazilian jiujitsu) is growing in popularity in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. How do you think the addition of this newaza focused grappling sport will impact the local and national martial arts community?There are different styles of jujitsu, both in terms of style and competition rules. Can you give us a brief overview of the different International Jujitsu sporting organizations and how they different from each other? Can you give us a brief overview of Jujitsu’s popularity and participation rate Africa?  In terms of combat sports development, which model is more effective and why (for developing a thriving combat sport community): a country/region that focuses on one particular combat sport (like say boxing or jujitsu) or a country/region that focuses on multi combat sports, at the same time (so boxing, jujitsu, freestyle wrestling and mixed martial arts)? Should the focus be on specializing, or keeping it general and wide (in scope/style)? Let’s look ahead 10 years from now, which regions in Africa do you think could lead the way in producing future Jujitsu world champions?In terms of emerging technology/innovation and the future of sports, we hear about how AI, Web3, Big Data and the Metaverse is changing the physical and virtual landscape of sports. But how relevant is this to amateur combat sports, particularly in Africa? Moving on to the topic of “reality television”, what are your thoughts on Biniyam Shibre and his participation in mixed martial arts? For context,  Biniyam Shibre is an Ethiopian martial artists and all around creative person who is featured on a reality tv series called the “90 day fiancé”.  Tell us about your recent Jiujitsu seminar in Berlin, Germany.What are your thoughts on amateur mixed martial arts and it’s development and potential in Africa? Combat Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
36:46 7/2/22
The 2022 IMMAF African Lightweight Champion, Zimbabwe’s Lewis Mataya!
In this episode, I speak with the 2022 IMMAF African Lightweight Champion, Zimbabwe’s Lewis Mataya about his dominant Gold medal performance at the 2022 IMMAF Africa Championship! Mataya also share his approach to training, competing, along with his journey into the sport of amateur mixed martial arts. Lewis Mataya’s Hardfought Journey to Africa Championships Gold Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
79:55 5/29/22
Ethiopian team's results from the 2022 African Ju-jitsu Championship with Colin Stewart
Colin Stewart updates us on the Ethiopian Jiujitsu team’s recent competition at the 2022 edition of the AFRICAN JU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP, which was  held on March 23rd to the 26th  at the Kilamba Arena, in Luanda, Angola.Ethiopia sent two athletes, Yared Negusse and “Mita” Negash Tsehaye Alemayehu, both grapplers are versed in Judo, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiujitsu and NoGi. "Mita” Negash Tsehaye Alemayehu  won the Silver medal in the ADULTS JU-JITSU FIGHTING FEMALE -52 KG and a  Bronze medal in the ADULTS JIU-JITSU FEMALE -52 KG. Yared Negusse won the Bronze medal in the   ADULTS JIU-JITSU MALE -62 KG. Colin Stewart is a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt. He coaches both Negusse and Alemayehu in Addis Ababa’s premier BJJ dojo, KAO BJJ!For more on Colin Stewart and KAO BJJ listen to the pre-AFRICAN JU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP episode. Also, for context and history, please listen to the following previous episodes. Both interviews are relevant to the story of Jiujitsu and Judo in Ethiopia. Dr. Tsegaye Degineh and Jiujitsu sports development in Ethiopia. Johannes Daxbacher and Judo sports development in Ethiopia. Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
53:51 5/23/22
Judoka Harriet Bonface - Judo in Malawi, sport development and international competition
In this episode, I speak with Malawian Judoka Harriet Bonface about her journey into the sport of Judo, the state of Judo in Malawi, her  hopes to inspire Malawian women to practice Judo and her role as a member of the IJF Athletes' Commission. Harriet also shares her experience as the first ever Malawian Judoka to ever compete at the Olympics.For more on Harriet Bonface and Judo in Malawi Harriet Bonface Feels Humble and Honoured Lilongwe to Tokyo for Boniface, Malawi’s judo Olympian Association of Malawi Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
24:13 5/22/22
MMA Zambia President Benjamin Bush and mixed martial arts sports development in Zambia
 In this episode, I speak with MMA Zambia President  Benjamin Bush about:Team Zambia’s overall performance at the 2022  IMMAF Africa Championships,The level of mixed martial arts (MMA) talent across Africa,MMA Zambia being recognized as the Best National Federation for 2021,MMA Sports development, Youth Development initiative in Zambia,President Benjamin Bush's “combat sports’ story” and how he got involved in MMA,The current state of Combat Sports and MMA in Zambia, His coaching style and lessons learned from the 2022 IMMAF Africa ChampionshipsHis thoughts on IMMAF and advice to other African MMA communities and coaches.IMMAF articlesMMA Zambia’s Hard Work on Show as Ken Nyaondo Secures Spot in Lightweight Final Zambia continue to make strides with Youth Development Zambia MMA Federation receives Government recognition Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
61:28 5/15/22
IMMAF President Kerrith Brown speaks about amateur mixed martial arts in Africa
The 2022 International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s (IMMAF) Africa Championship were held in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 28 to 30th. This was the first time in 3 years since IMMAF held an event on African soil!In this episode of the Combat Sports in Africa podcast, I speak with IMMAF President Kerrith Brown about the Africa Championship, the state of amateur mixed martial arts in Africa, along with various combat sports development related issues and challenges, along with the impressive  milestones IMMAF has achieved, the popularity of the sport and IMMAF’s relationship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and professional mixed martial arts. IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said, “It is exciting to be able to return to Africa and create opportunities again for MMA amateurs to compete on the IMMAF platform. Africa has a record of providing top-ranked talent for IMMAF and is a hotbed of potential. Competition can be expected to jump up a notch with the addition of newcomer national teams, and everyone will be watching for the emergence of rising stars from Africa’s grassroots.” “The 2022 IMMAF Africa Championships are now officially in the books. Over the three days of action, we were treated to some of the best talent on the continent going head to head. 47 participants from 7 nations filled the 11 divisions. We witnessed 36 bouts in total and it was a competition filled with finishes as only 19% of bouts went the distance. “ 2022 IMMAF Africa Championships By The Numbers: Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
54:17 5/6/22
Natsiraishe Maritsa - fighting child marriage in Zimbabwe - Taekwondo trainer wins IOC Women and Sport Award for Africa
 In this episode we go to Zimbabwe to speak with Natsiraishe Maritsa, she’s an 18 year old Taekwondo trainer doing incredible work for young girls in her community and country.She’s using the sport of Taekwondo to engage, empower and educate her community to fight against child marriage in Zimbabwe.  Her project combines taekwondo lessons with discussions about the risks of early marriage, designed to create a safe environment for girls to discuss topics including pregnancy, gender-based violence and harassment. Her efforts have been recently recognized and awarded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Women and Sport Awards.ArticlesThe teenage taekwondo trainer fighting child marriage in Zimbabwe – photo essay: taekwondo instructor recognised in IOC Women and Sport Awards: VideoZimbabwean teen teaches taekwondo to fight child marriage Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
22:36 3/30/22
Colin Stewart and Brazilian Jiu jitsu in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
 The 2022 edition of the AFRICAN JU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP will be held on March 23rd to the 26th  at the Kilamba Arena, in Luanda, ANGOLA!   In this episode of the Combat Sports in Africa podcast, I’ll be speaking to Colin Stewart about Brazilian Jiujitsu in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Also, please make sure to check out the following GoFundMe campaign to Support Female Combat Sport Athletes: us your Brazilian jiujitsu story, how did you get involved in the sport? How would you communicate Brazilian jiujitsu’s "value proposition", to the non-initiated? You’re originally from the USA. What brought you to Ethiopia? You’re a bjj blackbelt, how and why did you decide to start training and sharing your grappling knowledge with Ethiopians/locals? Tell us a little bit about the dojo, the grapplers and what motivates them to train? Drop some names and gives us a highlight of the grappling culture/vibe at the dojo? The African Ju Jitsu Championship 2022 will be held in Angola on March 24 to the 26th. Tell us about this tournament and which Ethiopian Jiujitsu competitor will be competing there?What’s your approach to coaching and training, particularly for competition? What are y’all working on?In your opinion, what grappling characteristics define a good bjj player?So, there’s a gofundme campaign, do tell about this campaign and how we can contribute?What advice are you giving Mita in preparation for thew African Championships?  How do you think she’ll do?Also, please make sure to listen to the following previous episodes, both are relevant to the story of Jiujitsu and Judo in Ethiopia.Dr. Tsegaye Degineh and Jiujitsu sports development in Ethiopia. Johannes Daxbacher and Judo sports development in Ethiopia. Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
73:34 3/9/22
Senegal's Mbagnick Ndiaye (+100KG) wins the bronze medal at the Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2022
Mbagnick Ndiaye Medalist in Portugal "It is with great joy that we followed the magnificent journey of Mbagnick Ndiaye (SEN) in the +100kg on the last day of the Portugal 2022 Grand Prix, organized by the International Judo Federation. Perfectly focused from the start to the end of the competition, the Senegalese only lost to the Hungarian Richard Sipocz in the quarter-finals, before winning these next two matches to reach the podium." Mbagnick Ndiaye said, "There are 2 things to explain this medal: hard work with my coaches and the fact that i have been competing against the best for a long time. From now on i know i can do better so i hope this is not the end but just the beginning." Source: links: International Judo Federation Judo Unionédération Sénégalaise de Judo et de Disciplines Associées Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
02:21 3/5/22
Mr. Johannes Daxbacher and Judo sports development in Ethiopia.
Mr. Johannes Daxbacher is an active member of the IJF Military and Police commission. He's a  police commissioner in the Bavarian Police (in Germany) and a Judoka who has been actively involved in the development of Judo in Ethiopia. QuestionsPlease give us a summary of your Judo career (from competitor to coach) and overall involvement in the sport of Judo? How and why did you get involved in martial arts sports development in Ethiopia? Initially, what did you think of this initiative, and what were your goals and objectives?   What was your approach in coaching Judo in Ethiopia? What were some of the challenges and some of the opportunities? What key characteristics do you think a Judo community must have to produce high performing Judo competitors? What's your opinion on the current state Judo in Ethiopia? In addition to having coached Judo players in Ethiopia, where else in the world has Judo sent you (for teaching and furthering the sport)? Follow up question: What do these interesting experiences mean to you personally and professionally? Germany is very strong at international competitive Judo. Can you give us an overview of how (competitive) Judo is managed and organized in Germany? Follow up question:  What are the key transferable best practices from the "German model", that could be applied to a country like Ethiopia?Is Judo sports development in countries like Ethiopia and elsewhere important to the IJF? If so, tell us why? How should one measure success when it comes to sports development in Ethiopia? Can you tell us some of the major milestones and achievements you and your team have been able to achieve, on and off the tatami? From Ethiopian athletes competing internationally and winning to major institutional sports development wins?Five years from now, where do you see the state of Judo and Jiujitsu in Ethiopia? It's been quite the journey for you and your supporters, what inspires you to keep going and supporting the development of Judo in Ethiopia? Combat Sports in Africa is hosted by Garmamie Follow Combat Sports in Africa on facebook and Instagram
44:14 12/14/21