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The MCU Need to Know is a podcast dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and everything you need to know! Hosted by Trey and Jude.


Moon Knight Wrap Up! + Special Guest JB! 127:29 05/16/2022
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Quick Reaction! 22:30 05/10/2022
Moon Knight Review S1E6: God of the Night Sky 80:05 05/09/2022
Moon Knight Review S1E5: Kill the Hippo, Steal the Boat + Special Guest TheeSlushee! 115:22 05/03/2022
Moon Knight Review S1E4: It's A-Maze-Ing + Special Guest Leecho! 93:56 04/25/2022
Moon Knight Review S1E3: Stop Listening to that Stupid Pigeon + Special Guest TJ Builds Stuff! 89:21 04/18/2022
Moon Knight Review S1E2: Summon the Suit + Special Guest YebbaDebba! 79:53 04/11/2022
Moon Knight Review S1E1: This is Real. I Am Real. 68:33 04/04/2022
Spidey and His Amazing Friends Review S1E1: The Best Marvel Project Ever?? 22:48 04/01/2022
Explaining the Multiverse After Spider-Man No Way Home 77:42 03/28/2022
Who is Ms. Marvel? Our Trailer Reactions! 32:27 03/21/2022
Doctor Strange (2016) Marvel Retrospective Review! 114:32 03/14/2022
3 Important Marvel News Stories of the Week: Daredevil Coming to Disney Plus, Anthony Mackie Won't Text Sebastian Stan, and Matt Reeves offers kind words to the MCU 14:14 03/07/2022
Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official Trailer Reactions! 38:38 02/28/2022
When Did Marvel Fix Its Villain Problem? + Special Guest JB! 121:54 02/21/2022
The Meta Episode 5 47:23 02/14/2022
How Important Are the Marvel Disney Plus Shows? 62:14 02/07/2022
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retrospective Review (Part Two) 97:28 01/31/2022
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retrospective Review (Part One) + Moon Knight Reactions! 97:40 01/24/2022
Hawkeye Wrap Up: What Lessons Can the MCU Learn? + Special Guest Sean (Captioned Life) 118:04 01/17/2022
(No Spider-Man Spoilers!) Top Five Marvel Scenes of 2021! + Special Guest Tara (There Was An Idea) 94:37 01/12/2022
Top Five Marvel Scenes of 2021! + Special Guest Tara (There Was An Idea) 107:22 01/10/2022
What to Expect in the MCU in 2022! 38:21 01/03/2022
Hawkeye Review S1E6: Your Mess is My Mess 108:07 12/27/2021
Hawkeye Review S1E5: We're Weapons 114:53 12/20/2021
Spider-Man No Way Home Quick Reactions + Special Guests MCU Rewind 93:29 12/18/2021
Hawkeye Review S1E4: We're Friends Slash Partners + Special Guest THE Rob Logan 102:05 12/13/2021
Hawkeye Review S1E3: Pizza Dog + Special Guest Ellie from Oh Shoot Podcast! 108:43 12/06/2021
Hawkeye Review S1E2: Kept the Mask on Like a Pro 79:57 11/29/2021
Hawkeye Review S1E1: All Surprises Are Unexpected 70:49 11/27/2021