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An independent little podcast where we discuss bizarre, strange and supernatural stories, old and new. Cryptozoology, OOPARTS, UFOs and more. WE SAY BAD WORDS


The What Cast #466 - Strange Encounters: A Bird and an Alien
What do giant living bird pinatas and alien pranksters have in common?  Not much, to be honest, other than that's what we are talking about this week.Listen in amazement as Mateo brings us the strange tale of a man that was accosted by a polite, yet persistent wooden bird creature thing.  GASP!Marvel as Mike relates the story of 2 police officers and their unbelievable encounter with a prankster that's out of this world!thanks for listening!Be Safe!www.Thewhatcast, you hate adds and love monthly exclucive stickers head to out Patreon and check out the bonus stuff and Sticker Club!
45:27 6/19/24
The What Cast #465 - The Allagash Abduction
For any long-time fans of Unsolved Mysteries, you’re likely familiar with the Allagash Abduction case.  It’s a classic case that we haven’t covered yet, so we wanted to delve into it a bit.  While the original presentation by Unsolved Mysteries was pretty compelling, it seems there have been some red flags raised in the years since.  What do you think? Is this an authentic recollection of a genuine alien abduction, or was this merely the dilussions of a traumatized brain, bolstered by poor hypnosis?
47:11 6/15/24
The What Cast #464 - Sweden's Little Man you for listening!!!!!
53:13 5/31/24
The What Cast #463 - Random Weirdness 3
Thanks for istening everyone! Have a great weekend!
43:29 5/17/24
The What Cast #462 - More Sea Monsters
You guys have heard of the Abominable Snowman, right?  The legendary Yeti of the Himalaya’s.  The Bumble that bounces (Bumbles always bounce!). What if I told you that there is an underwater Abominable Snowman, but it has nothing to do with snow or they Yeti?  To be completely honest, there is absolutely nothing about this underwater cryptid that even resembles the lovable bumble.  Why was it even called an aquatic Abominable Snowman anydamnway?!  Mateo offers a possible explanation, but I don’t know if Mike is buying it.
42:32 5/9/24
The What Cast #461 - Kona Blue
As promised, we’ve returned for the 2nd episode this week!  A day or 2 after we recorded the previous episode, information started to come out regarding a declassified proposal for another Government UAP program called Kona Blue.  There was a lot of things that overlapped with our previous episode, so we decided to get right back on the What Cast horse and talk about it. So this is us discussing Kona Blue, Government projects, and veering off into other digressions. Thanks for checking us out!
43:15 4/27/24
The What Cast #460 - They Come From The Water
Yes, after almost a century, we’ve finally returned!  Not only that, but we’re gonna put out 2 episodes this week! For the first of this 2-episode extravaganza, we begin with a nice looooooooooong detour discussing comic books.  I promise you, this is NOT a comic book episode.  We get into the weird shit, but it’s been a while.  We had to take a minute (or 86) and nerd out.  Once we get that out of our systems, Mike gets into some recent UFO sightings, a strange ocean anomaly, and the testimony from an anonymous whistleblower talking about what he learned during his time on a UFO crash retrieval team. The second part will be the second part and I’ll tell you about that when we get there.  Simmer down and enjoy the ride, we’ve got a lot to discuss!Alien Ocean Particles: going on vacation:
71:31 4/23/24
The What Cast #459 - Wolf 424 and The Umites
Hey folks! This week we cover the mystirois raido signal Wolf 424 who some claim was actually a raido transmition from a race of aliens called the Umites. Whaat? Dont believe us?What if there were reports from the aliens? Phone calls? Letters?Yeah?! HOW ABOUT THAT?!Thank you for listening and stay safe.Just a heads up, Mateo has more medical stuff planed for next month so we may slow down a little but if you miss our half baked, dorky voices please consider checking out or Patreon where we have a ton of exclucove episodes to listen too!
54:18 3/28/24
The What Cast #458 - Goblin King: The Wizard Of Yester
It’s well documented that we love wizards on this show.  We also have a great fondness for goblins.  It’s time we combine these two loves and get down to talking about the Wizard of Yester and the Goblin Hall? Was the Yester Castle the Scottish equivalent to Solomon’s Temple?  Was powerful magic used to force demonic entities to build a fortress for their master?  Is there an army of ghostly goblins that still haunt the chamber under the ruins of the old Castle?Yes.Yes. Probably.Thanks for listening! We know we are draggin ass. Lots of doc appointments. Results were worse than we thought. We will right as rain soon. Thanks for sticking with us.Blobigator:
43:35 3/21/24
Bonus Episode - The Quick And The Weird: AI Media: We Are Screwed
35:59 2/29/24
The What Cast #457 - Dog Man Attack Cover Ups
Alien cover-ups are common place in our area of interest. Many conspiracy theories are based off of this assumption. What if this sort of cover-up is not just limited to aliens and UFOs? What if the government is actively covering up violent attacks perpetrated by a group of bloodthirsty monsters? This week we take a look at a few cases involving fatal attacks by an unknown animal or animals…or perhaps these unfortunate souls met their end at the clawed hands of a dogman!Thanks for listening!!
60:08 2/15/24
The What Cast #456 - Sea Monster Kills 4
Hey folks!This week we ponder the possibility of a real life seam monster attack. Sure, a lot of sea monster encounters ARE considered attacks but in actuality, some people got a good scare.We are talking an actual attack.Were people died.5 go in the water and one comes out.Could this be real? Did someone kill their friends at sea?You be the
57:24 1/31/24
The What Cast #455 - Giant Sea Blobs
Remember that movie The Blob? The one with the alien blob monster that absorbs and eats people, growing larger after every meal? Sure it might seem schlocky by today’s standards, but at the core, it is a genuinely terrifying idea. With that in mind, this week we take a look at a few different sightings of gargantuan underwater blobs that display some rather odd behavior and abilities. Are these giant jellyfish? Shoggoths? Alien blob monsters? Or maybe just made up sea stories. Mariners are known for the penchant for embellishment, afterall.https://www.TheWhatCast.com
37:27 1/26/24
The What Cast #454 - Beasts Of Winter
It’s cold. Everything is freezing and dead and it sucks. You know what would make winter suck even worse? Friggin’ snow monsters, that’s what! As a way to celebrate/mourn/come to terms with winter, we decided to dig into some creepy creatures that call the Frozen Wastes of Winter their home. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and pull up a seat near the fire. We’re about to chill.www.thewhatcast.comthanks for listening!
47:24 1/19/24
The What Cast #453 - 2023: Year Of The Ufo
2023 seems to have been the year of the big UFO disclosure tease. Now that the year is over, we discuss some of the revelationss that have come out this year and speculate on the truth of the phenomenon, and what the future holds for disclosure on the matter of UFOs/UAPs.Happy New Year, everyone!
52:00 1/2/24
The What Cast #452 - Urban Legends: Resurrection Mary
It's always a great time talking about urban legends. There always seems to be an air of nostalgia whenever these tales come up. It really takes you back to being a kid, when there was still adventure and wonder in the world.This week we get into some urban legends, and even take a deep dive into the phantom hitchhiker stories.Thanks for listening!!!
55:53 12/21/23
The What Cast #451 - Non Human Men In Black
In the past, we’ve talked at length about the Men in Black and the scare tactics they employ in order to silence UFO witnesses. This week, we decided to take a look at one of the more bizarre cases of MIB contact. Was John Stuart getting so close to the truth in his research on UFOs that the Men in Black had to silence him? Or, maybe he was a man so overcome with guilt that he had a mental breakdown resulting in an imagined reality.thanks for listening!
56:30 12/15/23
The What Cast #450 - Living Prehistoric Beasts
The dinosaurs are still alive, people! Or maybe they are ghosts…Could be time travelers, I suppose. Listen. No matter what way you slice it, there are reports of dinosaurs among us on the planet. Not just dinosaurs, but all manner of prehistoric beasties. You want a T-Rex? Getchoo some! You want a gigantor constrictor snake? You got it, buddy! Hey, how’s about an inconceivably large ocean dwelling centipede? Is that a bridge to far? This week we get into some of the stranger cases of prehistoric life living on modern day Earth.
56:36 12/4/23
The What Cast #449 - Colchester Castle
I don't know if you guys knew this, but there's some haunted castles in England. I know! We were shocked, as well.This week we take a look at Colchester Castle, and get into some local legends and reported sightings.https://www.TheWhatCast.com
50:48 11/18/23
Halloween 2023
For AaronThe Gideon Keys: Calgary1) The Clubhouse 2) The Water Of Life 3) The Other Mall 4) The Salon 5) The Circus 6) The Silverware Set 7) The Funeral Parlor SCP: 1061) File 2) Story: Treats Thank you! BE SAFE!
59:28 10/31/23
The What Cast #448 - Debate: Nostradamus
Is Nostradamus the greatest sage in human history, or a creative poet that made some lucky guesses? Are people today reading too much into his "predictions"?This week, Mateo makes the case in favor of Nostradamus being a visionary. Will he be able to convince Mike of this? Tune in to find out.
75:36 10/27/23
The What Cast #447 - Strange Travel Tales
No one likes public transport…Well almost no one. There is that weird creepy guy that leers at passengers from the back of the bus. I wonder what he is always fiddling around with in his pocket. He seems to be having a good time, must be some sort of fidget toy or something. I digress… MOST people do not enjoy public transportation, but you know what? I could always be worse! This week we take a look at some weirdness that was witnessed/experienced on various forms of public transportation. We talk about the recent bigfoot footage that was filmed from a train, haunted subway lines, a strange occurrence on a boat, and a bus detour that leads to spooky cult activity. Aaaaaaaaaaaaall aboard!
49:50 10/18/23
The What Cast #446 - Strange Graves 2
If you had a loved one that passed on, and you thought there was a risk that the corpse would become possessed by some sort of evil spirit, how would you deal with that? On this week’s episode we discuss a bunch of graves that were found in Poland, dating back to the 16th century, that seem to have measures in place to prevent the dead from rising. Now I’m concerned, since these graves have been unearthed, we may be faced with a Deadite plague in the near future. Klaatu Barada Nikto!
55:35 10/13/23
The What Cast #445 - Strange Religious Artifacts
Over the centuries there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of religious relics found at various sites or passed down from one person or group to the next over the centuries. Today, we attempted to cover a whole group of different weird relics, but only ended up getting to 2 of them. The rest will likely show up on Patreon (Thank you Patrons!). For the rest of you, here are 2 of the stranger religious artifacts that we came across. Do enjoy!
48:51 9/28/23
The What Cast #444 - Sea Monster Legends
Hey Folks!This week we dive into some strange sea beasts but Mike also does a heck of a job linking sea monsters to great sea beasts of legend, more importantly, sea monsters responcible for creating the earth, the sky and even human life! It's rather interesting to see as many cultures that share the belief in "the great flood" believe that all of creation came from a dragon......Thanks for listening!
55:32 9/21/23
The What Cast #443 - The M Cave
Sorry for teh sorter episode, its a rather short case...In 2014 Kenny Veach set out to find a mysterious cave he had come across on a previous hike in the Sheep Mountains near Las Vegas. Whether or not he actually found it, remains unknown. Kenny Veach was never seen again after he set out on that hike. Just what happened to Kenny? Did he find a top secret military installation? Was he killed in order to maintain his silence? Maybe it’s not so complicated as all that. People die in the mountains all the time, right? RIGHT?!
43:21 9/7/23
The What Cast #442 - Frog People
What could POSSIBLY be worse that a damn Lizard Wizard? Surely nothing could be more abominable the ever-dreaded Lizard Wizard! Sorry, bud. You’re absolutely wrong. At least the Lizard Wizards aren’t amphibious. This week, we bring you a multitude of tales that involve Frog people that display some pretty incredible abilities. Abilities that one might deem magical in nature. I mean, one of these guys used a freakin’ magic wand! You don’t get a wand if you’re not a wizard! Everyone knows this! People, we are being invaded by literal cold-blooded wizards. Our civilization doesn’t stand a chance.
55:25 8/31/23
The What Cast #441 - Flight MH370 Abducted?
On march 8th 2014 Milesian Airlines flight MH370 took off for Beijing. At 1:21 AM that flight disappeared with out a trace. After 10 years, there are still no answers. Until now.Newly released supposed satellite footage shows what people are claiming to be flight MH370 flying along until it is surrounded by 4 glowing craft who fly around the plane till it disappears.It’s probably fake. You could make that with a phone……easily.Then we wonder why there were radar reports of 4 unidentified objects flying along flight MH370’s route.…..on the same day……Have they known all along what happened to over 200 souls?Is this video fake or proof that UFO have been attacking planes?Wouldn’t be the first time…..,
56:07 8/23/23
The What Cast #440 - What's Really Going On?
John DeSouza is a retired FBI special agent with top security clearance. He has 25 years experience working with the FBI on special cases that tended toward the weird, unexplained, or paranormal. John is now coming forward with many of the things he learned throughout his career. This week we take a look at some recent interviews Agent DeSouza has participated in, and breakdown what these revelations mean for us in the age of disclosure.
58:14 8/18/23
The What Cast #439 - More Goblins?
We, here at the What Cast, LOVE goblin stories. Those big eared levitating bastards. We’ve covered the famous Hopkinsville Goblin encounter, and recently spoke with a couple of our listeners who shared their personal stories involving goblin encounters. The crazy thing is, all of those sightings described a similar creature. This week, however, we have a case that seems like it may have come directly from a fairytale! The sighting took place on an old family farm in El Yunque Puerto Rico, and involves a peculiar flute playing little trickster.
45:51 8/4/23

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