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Good and bad ideas have the power to transform cultures. Explore with us how biblical truth can create societies that thrive and flourish.


Bonus Episode: The Story Behind A Call for Balladeers
Is there room for artists in the Kingdom of God? Today, many Christians only value the arts to the degree that they serve as a means for evangelism. In “A Call for Balladeers,” Darrow Miller argues that artists play an essential role in the church’s mission of discipling the nations. He issues a call to Christian artists everywhere to become “balladeers” by using their work to bear prophetic witness to the beauty, goodness, and truth of God’s reign.Darrow Miller recently spoke about his new book with Randall Flinn, the Founder and Artistic Director of Ad Deum Dance Company. We thought the interview was so good that you would want to listen! Find out more about Darrow's new book at: acallforballadeers.comEpisode landing page: View key quotes and chapter links from this podcast episode here
89:22 09/29/2022
Christianity and Wokeness: with Owen Strachan
As “Wokeness” becomes more and more prominent in today’s culture, it becomes harder and harder to know how to respond. Many react by joining in and advocating for “social justice,” failing to understand how that phrase has been redefined in recent years to reflect the postmodern and neo-Marxist “spirit of the age.” Dr. Owen Strachan, author of Christianity and Wokeness, and Provost and Research Professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary in Arkansas, joins us this week to talk about the “woke” ideology and how to defend the truth in grace and love with our neighbors.Episode landing pageWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
61:07 09/22/2022
Hijacked Love: with Bob Moffitt
The word “love” is everywhere in society—in the news, movies, and social media. Even t-shirts proudly declare “love not hate.” But what does the word “love” really mean? Is it just a fuzzy feeling? How can we love biblically? Special guest Bob Moffitt, co-founder of Discipling Nations Alliance, joins us this week to discuss love and what it means to love truly.Episode landing pageWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
84:30 09/21/2022
You Can't Experience Beauty Without God: with Jenny Jee-El Park
How can music shape the way we see the world? How can a passion for the arts connect to a passion for God? We talk this week with special guest Jenny Jee-El Park to discuss Darrow’s upcoming book, A Call for Balladeers. As a professional musician, Jenny’s love and knowledge of music provide the lens through which she understands the world and strengthens her relationship with God. Art helps us connect with God not only intellectually but also emotionally. Join us to break down the sacred/secular divide and find love and connection in a place you may not expect.To learn more about A Call for Balladeers and discover the relationship between beauty and worship, listen to our last episode: “A Call for Balladeers."Episode landing pageWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
66:16 09/14/2022
A Call for Balladeers
The art we consume, including music, films, and literature, changes us in profound ways. Where are the artists who speak Godly truth through their art, the balladeers that disciple the nations through their respective mediums? In this episode, we discuss Darrow’s upcoming book, A Call for Balladeers: Pursuing Art and Beauty for the Discipling of Nations, as well as the Trinitarian connection of truth, goodness, and beauty and how artists are responsible for sharing these to promote the kingdom of God.Episode landing pageWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
65:39 09/07/2022
The Power of Biblical Truth to Transform Our World: with Vishal Mangalwadi
Today, our good friend Vishal Mangalwadi joins us. Christianity Today named Vishal, India's foremost Christian intellectual. He is the author of many books, including "The Book that Made Your World" and "This Book Changed Everything." Vishal's prophetic way of communicating biblical truth has impacted many people worldwide, including, most recently, Jordan Peterson, who has engaged directly with Vishal on his writings about transforming nations. Today we talk about Vishal's recent interview with Jordan Peterson and the documentary they are filming on the impact of the Bible on history. We also discuss how deeply the biblical worldview impacts our nations and what happens when culture attempts to withdraw the blocks that make up its foundation. After this epsidoe, to listen to our first reaction to Jordan Peterson's interview with Vishal Mangalwadi, check out our episode "Jordan Peterson, Vishal Mangalwadi, and the Power of the Bible to Transform Culture."View chapters, quotes, and the transcript on this episode's landing pageWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
79:13 08/31/2022
Beauty will Save the World: with Zach Dasher
Beauty can be associated with skin-deep attractiveness, but God's beauty, the beauty of love, humility, and forgiveness, is far more powerful and can never be exhausted. Creation is saturated with God's character and His beauty. This should affect our worship, but does it? Do we have a theology of beauty? Zach Dasher, media producer and nephew of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, joins us today to explain how important beauty is, why people are so hungry for it, and how we can respond to that hunger.View chapters, quotes, and the transcript for this episodeWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
72:54 08/24/2022
Eliminating the Sacred Secular Divide: with Christian Overman
Tragically, much of the evangelical church is beset by a false and destructive way of thinking called “the sacred-secular divide,” which sees reality as divided between two realms: The sacred and secular. The “sacred” deals with topics like church, salvation, heaven, and personal holiness. The “secular” covers basically everything else. According to this way of thinking, Jesus is Lord over the sacred realm, but not the secular realm, which is fallen, satanic, and destined for destruction. Likewise, the Bible applies to sacred topics but not to secular topics. In this episode, Christian Overman, author of Eliminating the Sacred/Secular Divide, joins us to discuss the tragic consequences of this false belief system for the church and the broader society. Most importantly, we discuss how to break down this false divide and honor Jesus as Lord over all! Episode Landing Page: Visit NowWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
94:28 08/11/2022
The Worldview Behind Transgenderism
The pressure to affirm transgenderism grows daily, and refusal to positively affirm the LGBTQ movement opens people up to being smeared as bigots who promote violence. This is what Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri recently discovered in his questioning of a professor from The University of California, Berkley in a July hearing in the U.S. Capitol. This week, we use the video of their exchange as a starting point to discuss the worldview assumptions behind the LGBTQ movement and how they differ from the biblical worldview. Episode Landing Page: Visit NowWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
91:06 08/10/2022
The Role of the Church
Attending a local “church” is a part of the Christian routine. During the week, we work; and on Sundays, we go to church, sing songs, and listen to a sermon. But the church is supposed to be more than that. It is not a place, but a people. It is a community, the family of God. It is not just “church” that we attend on Sunday; we are still the church on Monday. Join us today as we discuss the purpose of the church and how we can fulfill our purpose as the Body and Bride of Christ.Episode Landing Page: Visit NowWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
88:53 08/03/2022
Freedom: Can We Keep It?
Liberty is one of the most important values in the United States and now in many countries around the world. But it has come under threat from both internal and external sources. Freedom has been redefined to be choice without limit—and especially without reference to God, His created order, or moral law. Not only must our choices be unlimited, but others must actively affirm them. But freedom, virtue, and faith are inextricably linked, and when these bonds break, freedom dissolves. Stay Connected: Signup HereEpisode Landing Page: Visit NowWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
75:38 07/22/2022
Faithfulness in a Post-Christian World: Bonus Episode
In this short discussion after recording episode 31, "Living Faithfully in a Post-Christian World," the guys address how to live faithfully in churches where the winsomeness approach has caused disagreement and division. 
18:27 07/22/2022
Faithfulness in a Post-Christian World
The world we live in is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity. Some Christians resolve this tension by trying to be “nice” to the world. They want the gospel to look attractive and to keep relationships with nonbelievers peaceful so they can share Jesus’ love. While these are important ideals; in practice, prioritizing our reputation often leads to a “winsome” approach that risks compromising the gospel. Join us this week as we discuss how to respond with truth, boldness, and love to a culture where the public opinion toward Christianity is negative.Check out: The Episode Landing PageWebsite: Disciple Nations AllianceInstagram: Home PageFacebook: Home Page
71:13 07/20/2022
Hijacked Justice: with Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager
We all want to be against racism and injustice. Leading voices in the culture today tell us that to be "antiracist" and to work for social justice, we need to embrace a neo-Marxist ideology called "Critical Theory." This theory hides under the attractive label "antiracism," but beneath that hides a whole list of interconnected causes, including but not limited to Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Theory, Queer Theory, and so on. Unfortunately, many well-meaning Christians turn to these cultural "solutions" without knowing their deeply anti-Christian roots. Sadly, many of these Christians soon find themselves giving subtle support to socialism, abortion, and transgenderism. In this episode, we discuss the danger posed by the new woke ideology and encourage Christians to pursue biblical unity at a time of increasing division with our friends at the Center for Biblical Unity. Everything you need to know about this episode: Landing Page Website: Disciple Nations Alliance 
88:05 07/13/2022
Reflections on the Overturn of Roe
Click here for everything you need to know about this episode!Join us as we reflect on the overruling of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and celebrate the restoration of the rule of law in the United States, in this area. For the past 50 years, the legality of abortion gave many in popular culture the misconception that abortion was acceptable. Now, while Roe v. Wade may be overturned, the worldview of abortion activists still exists and even thrive in today's current culture. These lies threaten not only the lives of unborn children but reject the premise that our country was founded on: that all were created equal and are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's time to continue the important work of helping people embrace a culture of life so they come to see abortion as unthinkable.For more on the worldviews behind pro-life and pro-choice, listen to our "No Life = No Human Rights" podcast episode with special guest pro-life activist Sami Parker.Website: Disciple Nations Alliance 
63:43 06/30/2022
How The Bible Impacts the Workplace: with John Beckett
We, as believers, are called to be God's agents to advance His Kingdom on earth. In order to do that we must extricate the sacred-secular dualism in our minds and understand that Jesus is Lord of all areas of life. We are to live out God's Word in our lives and vocations. When work-related problems arise, do we lean on conventional wisdom, or do we ask God how we should address it? When we learn to listen to Him and go to His word for guidance, we bring His Kingdom into our vocation, and the results will be revealed over time. In this episode, we discuss this with a true leader and practical pioneer in the area of integrating faith and work, businessman John Beckett, author of Loving Mondays: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your Soul. New Landing Page: Everything you need to know about this episode!Website: Disciple Nations Alliance 
79:44 06/23/2022
Jordan Peterson, Vishal Mangalwadi, and the Power of the Bible to Transform Culture
In this episode, we react to the recent Jordan Peterson interview of long-time DNA friend Vishal Mangalwadi. Their powerful discussion sheds light on the power of the biblical worldview to transform cultures. The Bible is the source of human dignity, equality, and basic human rights. It is the source of the rule of law, economic prosperity, and so much else that we often take for granted. This critically important discussion gets to the very heart of our mission at the Disciple Nations Alliance. Join us as we unpack these precious biblical truths.Jordan Peterson Podcast: India, Europe, and the Biblical Revolution Book: The Book that Made Your World Course: Coram Deo Basics CourseWebsite: Disciple Nations Alliance
72:40 06/22/2022
Foundational Biblical Principles for Life
The Bible contains a multitude of practical principles that shape how we ought to think and act in our work, relate to our friends and in our marriages, steward creation, organize our institutions, govern our nations, and much more. These principles can be organized into a handful of basic, or foundational principles. In this episode, we discuss some of these precious foundational principles, and how do we live them out.Website: Disciple Nations AllianceStudy: The Development EthicBook: Made to Flourish
64:23 06/14/2022
Biblical Sexuality and the LGBTQIA+ Revolution: with Nancy Pearcey
God created everything with order and purpose, designed to flourish within its boundaries. This includes the human body and sexuality. The LGBTQIA+ revolution denies this order and design and, in so doing, denigrates both the human body and sexuality, leading to moral and social chaos. To see our nations flourish, the church needs to courageously champion a biblical view of creation and sexuality. At the beginning of "Pride Month," we talk with one of today's leading thinkers on these topics. Nancy Pearcey is the author of Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality. Her earlier books include The Soul of Science, Saving Leonardo, Finding Truth, and two ECPA Gold Medallion Award Winners: How Now Shall We Live (coauthored with Harold Fickett and Chuck Colson) and Total Truth. Her books have been translated into 17 languages. She is a professor and scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University. A former agnostic, Pearcey has spoken at universities such as Princeton, Stanford, USC, and Dartmouth. She has been quoted in The New Yorker and Newsweek highlighted as one of the five top women apologists by Christianity Today, and hailed in The Economist as "America's pre-eminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual."Website: Nancy Pearcey.comFacebook: Nacey Pearcey Learn more about  us on our website: The Disciple Nations Alliance
77:23 06/07/2022
Darwinism: Science or Scientism?
Darwin’s theory of evolution has essentially become the “creation” story of our postmodern, secular culture. It is taught as a scientifically proven fact in public schools, universities, and in the media. This poses a challenge to Christians because Darwin’s theory stands in direct conflict with the biblical creation account. How should we as Christians respond to this challenge? Many seem ready to accept Darwinian evolution as a proven fact while attempting to reconcile it with biblical revelation. This is the approach of “Theistic Evolution,” and the influential BioLogos project. But is Darwinian evolution a scientifically proven fact? Much of it depends on how you define science, and on the crucial distinction between science and scientism. Faithful Christians should support science but reject scientism. Website: Discovery InstituteBook: The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural PhilosophyBook:  Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent DesignBook: Darwin on TrialBook: Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges EvolutionLearn more about us on our website: The Disciple Nations Alliance
88:44 05/31/2022
Is Woke Church a Steppingstone for Theological Compromise?
In the last ten years, we have seen a digression in race relations in many western nations with the rise of the woke social justice ideology. Tragically, many evangelicals are drawn to this unbiblical ideology, and as a result, our churches and Christian organizations are experiencing conflict and division. We explore some of the reasons why evangelicals find this Marxist-based ideology appealing by discussing the recent Gospel Coalition video debate: “Is ‘Woke Church’ a Stepping Stone for Theological Compromise?”Sign Up For Our Mailing List (at the bottom of the linked page). Book: Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical JusticeBook: A Toxic New Religion
79:46 05/24/2022
Capitalism, Socialism and the Biblical Worldview
In this episode, we unpack the unending debate over these two social and economic systems. We define them and examine the ideas and principles behind them, as well as how they are expressed in the contemporary world. We end by offering a biblical worldview analysis and critique of how these systems typically function today and call Christians to biblical faithfulness in the economic aspects of life. Article: Creation is an Open SystemWebsite: 
72:38 05/18/2022
No Life = No Human Rights
Destructive ideas have deadly consequences. The clearest example of this today is a set of interlocking lies around the issues of sexuality, human life, and what it means to live a fulfilled life. These lies fuel abortion, which has claimed over 60 million victims since it was legalized in the U.S. in 1973 with the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. Now, the highest court in the U.S. is on the verge of overturning that deadly decision. A leak of the draft majority opinion was leaked to the press last week, leading to furor and upheaval across the U.S. Abortion, globally, is one of the most contentious debates of our time. In this episode, we address some of the most common pro-abortion arguments with the help of our guest and pro-life activist, Sami Parker. Then we examine the deeper worldview-level lies that fuel the abortion industry. To end abortion, we must do more than outlaw it. We must work to change minds at the level of worldview by confronting lies with truth.  LiveAction.orgMeet Baby OliviaThe Maternal Heart of God 
82:34 05/10/2022
Hijacked Sexuality
The church in the West lives in the wake of the sexual revolution and we see the devastation all around us. Millions of unborn children are killed through legalized abortion, skyrocketing rates of pornographic addiction, sex trafficking, and the LGBTQ+ gender revolution, leaving many uncertain if there even is such a thing as male and female. This only begins to tell the story. How do we as Christians begin to recover our voice to speak the truth about human sexuality in the midst of so much hostility and opposition? God is the author of sex. It is incredibly beautiful and powerful when understood within the framework God created for it. Join us as we discuss this with our special guest Katherine Gallagher.  The Grand Design course The  Maternal Heart of God videoThis show is hosted and produced by the Disciple Nations Alliance.
79:41 05/03/2022
Secularism's Pseudo Freedom
Christianity + Secularism = Liberalism while Secularism - Christianity = Woke Tyranny.Where do our freedoms come from? From God, He created us to be free. But in our fallen world, free societies are the exception, not the norm. Historically, free societies are the fruit of the Judeo-Christian worldview, which establishes our liberties as God-given and, therefore, an inalienable right. Abandon God, and you abandon the only sure basis for human freedom and free societies. Western “liberalism” finds its source here and nowhere else. To dive deeper into this topic, check out our newest blog: Freedom: Where Does It Come From?
76:16 04/26/2022
We Are All Missionaries
If you are a Christian, you have a vital role to play in fulfilling The Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” While this most certainly includes cross-cultural missions, it also includes bringing the reality of God’s Kingdom into your family, your friendships, and your vocation. You are called to be a missionary to transform the place God has you for His glory.
81:30 04/20/2022
Luis Sena: Biblical Worldview Radically Applied
"The church as an organization will never transform society. The church as a people will transform a nation; they have that power. The Holy Spirit is on the people, not on the organization." -- Luis Sena In honor of our dear friend and biblical worldview champion, Luis Sena, we dedicated this episode to reflecting on some of his key messages and teachings. This is a brief overview of a life's worth of incredible insights into how to live out a biblical worldview in every area of life today.
82:52 04/12/2022
Christ and Creation Care
As believers, we need to remember that Christ’s redeeming work extends to all of His creation. As followers of Jesus, we are rescued from the dominion of darkness and empowered by Christ’s spirit to fulfill our original task given in Genesis chapter one. To be vice-regents who rightly rule over creation. We are to care for creation and use our God-given agency, imagination, creativity, and language to form even greater beauty, diversity, order, resources, and abundance for the glory of the King and the good of our neighbors. 
79:55 04/05/2022
Poverty Reframed
Mother Teresa, who spent years ministering to the dying and homeless in Calcutta, India, once said that New York City was the most impoverished place she had ever been. Why would she say that? She clearly saw poverty as more than a lack of money. She was using a broader biblical definition. In this episode, we examine the question: What is poverty? How we answer this question depends on our worldview. The biblical worldview sees poverty as more than material lack. When we look at the subject of poverty through the lens of a biblical worldview, we will begin to see the poor in new ways. We may even find that they are in our neighborhoods and our families in ways we never saw before. All of us are faced with poverty every day. What can we do to help the poor around us in our daily lives? 
73:04 03/29/2022
Hijacked Freedom: Bonus Episode
This is a short debrief discussion Dwight, Darrow, and Scott had after recording episode 14, "Hijacked Freedom: with Os Guinness."
13:49 03/28/2022