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Bastard Tapes: The Worst & Weirdest Audio of All Time

The Internet’s “Found Footage Festival” (VCR Party, Shaturday Morning Cartoons) digs up the unlikely, unfortunate, and just plain unlistenable mistakes littering music history - If it shouldn’t have been recorded, it should be here. Hosted by The Onion’s, Tim Harrod.


When Comedians Sing
Being funny doesn’t mean you can do it all- here are some sharp wits aiming for chart hits with a hard miss! Admission is free, but there is a two-strong-drink minimum.
56:44 3/5/24
TV Cash-Ins III
We had no idea how many fictional TV characters have made records! Here’s the newest batch of cathode-ray croonings by yesterday’s stars. Just keep your hand on that remote - some of these get really dumb.
49:43 1/16/24
Disco Disasters
Grab your boogie shoes and slam them over your ears - we’re digging up the worst from a genre whose GOOD stuff drove some people berserk! Give a listen and get nostalgic for when the 70s finally ended!
55:35 12/5/23
The first one rivaled the tribulations of Job, but we’re back with an All-New Testament of God songs gone wrong. You might prefer 40 years in the desert to this!
42:54 9/26/23
When Actors Sing
Some of the biggest names in Hollywood listened to Top 40 radio and thought “I can do that”. We’ll sort out how wrong they were as we spin some tracks by treasured tragedians!
50:51 6/13/23
Star Wars Stupidity!
You are unwise to lower your defenses- we’re playing some of the worst-ever Star Wars audio, by trend-chasing cretins and sometimes from the franchise itself. Exegol appears on more charts than this crap!
45:39 5/16/23
Crazy Covers II
What is the sound of lightning not striking twice? Some of the biggest hits in history manage to still be bad when they’re dropped into the wrong throats, and we’ve got the tapes to prove it.
48:01 4/10/23
Fast Food Follies
Get in the car, we’re going out listening to tracks that came with Macs! Flexidiscs, Happy Meal cassettes, anything and everything to distract you from the nutritional information. Ba da ba da ba, you’re listenin’ it!
48:30 3/7/23
VCR Party's Greatest Hits
VCR Party Live is now over 250 episodes old, and it’s time to hear the classics you won’t hear anywhere else somewhere else! We’ve got ten of Joe & Nick’s best, worst, and wackiest tracks cued up!
37:57 2/7/23
Music By The Insane
Now headlining the rubber room: rockers who were off their rockers! Tighten those straps for 10 musical flavors of crazy.
49:13 1/9/23
More Christmas Ear Aches
We’re going home for Christmas, revisiting the topic where we got started- holiday carols from bottoms of barrels. Make the eggnog grown-up style for this one!
43:29 12/12/22
Worst Rap Of All Time, VOL. II:
One episode was too much, so of course we’re back with some vintage raps that might be even godawfuler this time.
51:21 11/15/22
The Monstrous Career of Bobby "Boris" Pickett
Bobby Pickett followed up his colossal hit “Monster Mash” by living 45 more years. Did he spend them chasing the ghost of that fame?
53:05 10/4/22
The Rappin' Trucker
Our special guests, The Found Footage Festival’s Nick & Joe, take Tim on a musical trip down the American highway, with a few unexpected stops along the way.
64:17 9/6/22
Beatles Covers
We finally confront the walrus in the room- the Himalayan mountain of Beatles covers littering the earth, many of which still go unpunished. Having been some days in preparation, a cringey time is guaranteed for all.
48:30 7/12/22
Fictional Musicians
This time, we’re listening to songs that barely stuck to the tape, because the artists barely exist. Pretend-sizzling-hot, fictional-chart-topping bands and solo acts hold a mirror up to how some TV writer thinks music works.
40:40 6/14/22
Toys & Games!
This time, we suffer through some tunes about classic toys & games- ones you played with, and maybe even sang along to. Grab a play date… this might get rough.
55:47 5/24/22
TV Cash-Ins VOL. II
You asked for it, and 50 years ago came through for you, except you didn’t ask for it! It’s another show jammed with fictional TV characters caterwauling toward the goal of your amusement. Hope you like catch phrases!
41:58 5/4/22
Bad-apted for the Musical Stage
Just because people like something doesn’t give you a license to add singing and dancing to it. This episode squirms through a few of the worst known musical adaptations of pre-existing works. We’re going out there a podcast, but we’ve got to come back a star!
45:26 4/13/22
Crazy Cover Songs
Today, we crack into Crazy Cover Songs. The talentless and clueless biting off more than they can chew… plus a few legends who made very bad choices.
47:20 3/22/22
Religious Records
Today, we dig up some of the worst religious recordings on God’s green Earth. Whether you’re luring people to a small congregation or global cult, here’s what NOT to do. And yeah, there’s puppets.
42:35 2/23/22
Worst Raps of All Time: Volume 1
Bastard Tapes is keepin’ it real bad with the Worst Rap Music of All Time: Volume I- our oh-hell-no-est episode yet. If you like white people, you’ll love this!
47:43 2/9/22
Television Cash-Ins
A surprising number of real records have been recorded by fictional characters from popular TV shows. From the 60s to the 90s, a quickie novelty disc was a viable way to keep your show on the viewing public’s mind, and we’ve curated a dozen of the strangest and silliest.
43:54 1/11/22
Christmas Ear Aches
No bad music is bad like bad Christmas music is bad, and for the inaugural episode of "Bastard Tapes," we've dug up ten musical lumps of coal that time should have forgotten. If you think you hate the holidays now, listen to how they've sounded in years past. ERRATUM: Donnie Wahlberg actually had several songwriting credits prior to "Funky, Funky Xmas".
38:28 12/21/21

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