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We share the biggest stories from the biggest names in the beauty industry for everyone to learn from.


The Making of Hard Lotion with Renee Harris 30:32 07/03/2022
Hanieh Sigari: The Making of Personalized Skincare 31:59 06/19/2022
Stacey Levine: Game-Changing Teeth Whitening for Professional and Personal Oral Care 39:44 06/05/2022
Pamela Springer: Chemical Peels for Skin of Color 46:14 05/30/2022
Holly Brown: Running a Non-Profit in the Professional Beauty Industry 31:37 05/23/2022
Jessica Doolin: From Fast Food Shops to Celebrity Makeup Artist 44:00 05/16/2022
Joni Leahy: Servicing Clients with Cutting-Edge Treatments 18:24 05/01/2022
Diedre Mikkelson: Giving Clients an Experience They Love 27:58 04/24/2022
Christina Fernandez: Raising a New Crop of Passionate Makeup Artists 42:29 04/17/2022
Pamela Springer: Working on Skin based on its Ethnicity 52:09 04/10/2022
Gabriela Hernandez: The History of Cosmetics 43:37 04/03/2022
Jenn Michelle: The Journey to Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist 23:36 03/27/2022
Courtney Faga: The Journey to Award-Winning Makeup Artist 32:55 03/20/2022
Liana Blomquist: Sustainable Skincare from New York's Rooftops 59:19 03/13/2022
Rene Stufano: Treatments That Would Increase Your Revenue and Success 54:52 03/06/2022
Brooke Kennedy: The Story of 12-hour Workdays 46:03 02/27/2022
Sandi Simmons: How to Increase Revenue Using Teeth Whitening 31:40 02/20/2022
Jennifer Dover: From Nursing to Esthetics 29:36 02/13/2022
Kelly Wolcott: How to Manage Your Clients and Time 37:54 02/06/2022
Tiffany Medois: Showcasing Estheticians to The World 34:50 01/30/2022
Gigi McConnell: The Muse of South Bay Beauty 17:08 01/23/2022
Mayada Rezek: The Evolution of MayaLash 42:30 01/09/2022
Kelly Wolcott: An Esthetician That Keeps on Learning 47:55 12/19/2021
Alma Valladares: The Lash Artist That Keeps Evolving 34:51 12/12/2021
Christine Heathman: From Esthetician to GlyMed Plus founder 77:17 12/05/2021
Jessica Cooley: The Reverse Journey 32:20 11/28/2021
Andrea Snyder: Lessons for Growth 36:16 11/21/2021
Cheryl Zen Miller: The Zen Story 37:46 11/14/2021
Jennifer Rosenblum: The Skin Games Story 28:51 11/07/2021