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Episode 263: Nasiphi and Meagan get to know die skitterendste synth-pop duo in hierdie dorp - Mymymy. Jana and Conrad chat about becoming a team over time, missing anchors in the local scene and the new role of music labels in the age of social media. Met ’n vonkel in ons stap, we learn about Mymymy as a celebration of the self, practising what you teach and the voice notes that’ll never be heard. Pour a glass of wine and break in those new heels; die partytjie begin.Mymymy Zwane Meagan King Track: Mymymy - “Vonkel"Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove Support the show
65:35 10/05/2022
Episode 262: Nasiphi and Meagan scratch the surface with Cape Town’s eternal optimist - Stereoculture. The Gemini gem spins stories about inheriting the weird and wonderful, resourcefulness beyond royalties and the original electronic underground. Digging into the woodwork, we learn about the power of cover art, mixtape activism and quelling the politics with collaboration. Pierre passes on the passion by treating us to the legend of Durban David. Carpe your DMs and mind your mantra, this needle is about to drop.Stereoculture Zwane Meagan King Track: Lemon Dove - "Wednesday Friends"Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove Support the show
59:24 09/28/2022
Nu Edison
Episode 261: Nasiphi and Meagan get the golden hour from your favourite lightkeeper - Nu Edison. Tune in to hear Jozi’s wordsmith speak about being a student of the game and his journey of spiritual health as an antidote to the pressure of mass appeal. Together, we find out how letting go of things that no longer serve your purpose is key to understanding the eddy essence. We get privy to the origins of EMG, as well as the tea on his upcoming release. The honest rapper digs way down to deliver the most, proving that no matter the damage, Nu Edison is still here shining. Brew a cup, settle in and get your full dose of vitamin NE.Nu Edison Zwane Meagan King Track: Nu Edison - “Rain"Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove Support the show
53:14 09/21/2022
Tamagotchi-JEEZUS & Venus Vulani
Episode 260: Nasiphi and Meagan catch up with your pending cult classic, Tamagotchi-JEEZUS, and front-footed scroll-stopper - Venus Vulani. The playful pair tell us about late nights turning into early mornings, leaning into the culture of play and the trust it takes to keep artistic vision intact. Pulling threads, we discuss safety in the distance of a persona, pleasing the re-invested crowd and collaborating across the hemispheres. Finally, canon as promised, the origins of Mr Jeezus. Feed your Tamagotchi, post some memes about your weekend & prepare for some long-form chill; this one is best served cold.Recommended ListeningEpisode 157: Tamagotchi-JEEZUSTamagotchi-JEEZUS Vulani Zwane Meagan King Track: Tamagotchi-JEEZUS & Venus Vulani - “Bedtime at 3AM”Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon DoveSupport the show
83:39 09/14/2022
Werner Bekker
Episode 259: Nasiphi and Meagan get to know your resident songsmith - Werner Bekker. The chilled luthier speaks about sharing love in the performance space, being married to his muse and his back-to-roots 8-track; Wrong Side Of Twenty. Together, we rummage around his cluttered head to explore the thin lines between heritage and inspiration. Grab a coffee and join us this side of the wild.Werner Bekker Zwane Meagan King Track: Werner Bekker - “Run”Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove Support the show
64:00 09/07/2022
Ashlinn Gray
Episode 258: Marcel had a chat with SA singer/songwriter Ashlinn Gray based in LA recently. Join us as we chat about her journey Ashlinn Gray the show
47:48 08/31/2022
Wayde Flowerday
Marcel has a chat with award winning live photographer Wayde FlowerdayWayde Flowerday the show
53:21 08/24/2022
OB Magik
Episode 256: Lunathi & Durban Hip-Hop artist, OB Magik breakdown his name, doing a song with the great Phuzekhemisi, his mom's initial ambitions for him, steering away from trapping about money & women, fatherhood in relation to how he makes his moves & a whole lot moreOB Magik the show
25:48 08/16/2022
Leigh Zoochi
Episode 255: Lunathi chats to Hip-Hop artist Leigh Zoochi about what inspired her to dive into conscious rap, being the only girl amongst boys in her family, being a plus sized model, scriptwriter, actress & musician all at once, dealing with producers with ill intentions & a whole lot moreLeigh Zoochi Drops the show
18:11 08/09/2022
Welcome To Sludge Underground
Sludge Underground is here to do three things:- To provide quality interviews that build the portfolios of upcoming & undiscovered musicians- To archive stories of contemporary professionals that reveal the depths of the music industry- To broaden the listener palette & demand for independent artWe're here for the one stream wonders, the hidden gems, the day one believers, the first uploads of your future favouritesGet your weekly dose of the Underground, the ultimate early bird access to rising talent and the best way to discover new names in the South African music sceneSludge Underground, Alternative & First Of Its KindWritten by Meagan KingProduced by Lemon Dove & Nasiphi ZwaneSupport the show
00:40 08/06/2022
Episode 254: We're catching up with Durban artist, PEGG, after the release of his debut EP 'In The City', which boasts features from the likes of Raheem Kemet & JABZinsanity. We'll be breaking down his name, his work with PosterBoy, his recent Joburg tour & more. He'll also be sharing his opinion on the state of Hip-Hop & collabs in Durban, plus future plansPEGG Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSludge Merch the show
43:31 08/02/2022
Sincerely Anne
Episode 253: Nasiphi and Meagan transcend to new heights with your preferred alt-pop protagonist - Sincerely Anne. The multi-instrumentalist speaks about developing a healthy relationship with her creative team, standing her ground when it comes to artistic vision and not allowing external validation to control her motivations. Leaning in, we focus on what it means to be your own pioneer and the idea that, in the forest of creativity, the path unfolds as you walk it. Grab a snack and join us for a lesson in the school of life, class is now in session. Sincerely Anne HostsNasiphi Zwane Meagan King Merch Track: Sincerely Anne - “Dying to Love You”Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove Support the show
54:28 07/27/2022
Ava like Lava
Episode 252: Nasiphi and Meagan spend 60 minutes in space with your number one global citizen - Ava like Lava. The sludge empress serves pearl after pearl about growing up as a third culture kid and embracing all versions of the self through every era. If that’s not enough, we get precious details on Ava’s future musical offerings and a slice of what it’s like when we’re receptive to chance encounters. Sip on some lemonade and join us for a joyride. It’s Leo season, feel me?Ava like Lava HostsNasiphi Zwane Meagan King Merch: Track: Ava like Lava - “$ummatime”Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove Support the show
60:23 07/19/2022
Cherry Pill
Episode 251: Nasiphi and Meagan speak to South Africa's bittersweet sensation - Cherry Pill. The duo provides a perfect dose of antidotal anecdotes and hard-to-swallow stories about their experiences in the performance realm of local music.Digging into their material, we learn that even though things fall apart, the wheel keeps turning.Heed the call and grab a cup of coffee -  this could be your turning point.Cherry Pillhttps://cherrypillband.comHostsNasiphi Zwane Meagan King Merch: Track: Cherry Pill - “Things On My Mind”Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon DoveSupport the show
49:23 07/13/2022
Dubblé Amount
Nasiphi and Meagan get murky with your favourite independent musician - Dubblé Amount. We earn our Loyalty Cards as the smiley face behind the Dubblé sound reveals his Achilles heel - vulnerability. Shifting gears, we find out what it means to double the vibe and double the talent in an inclined city.  Put your sunglasses on & blend in, before you know it, you'll be in the executive seat, so get ready for a rush!Dubblé Amount Zwane Meagan King Merch: Track: Dubblé Amount - “Michelangelo”Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon DoveSupport the show
61:48 07/06/2022
Llewelyn Screen
Episode 249: Join Marcel as he has a chat with booking agent and music blogger Llewelyn Screen about his process and working with a variety of artists as well as a discussion about the overall SA music scene. Llewelyn Screen Underground https://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
49:18 06/22/2022
Episode 248: South African Hip-Hop artist VenusRaps on why she cut ties with her record label, the story behind her face tattoo, what she has to say to those that have been biting her style, her feelings towards artists that lie about their numbers, being an upcoming artist since 12 years old & a whole lot moreVenusRaps Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comLimited Edition Sludge Merch the show
55:53 06/14/2022
Lukin Joshua
Episode 247: Guitars, Sitars, and a general love for music. Join in as Marcel and Lukin chat about a variety of musical topicsLukin Joshua Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comLimited Edition Sludge Merch the show
50:05 06/07/2022
Dank Neighbourhood
Episode 246: Dank Neighbourhood are the most must see South African creative collective at the moment so on this episode we're finding out about their origins & where they're headed Dank Neighbourhood Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comLimited-Edition Sludge Merch the show
30:10 05/31/2022
The Southport
Episode 245: Marcel has a chat with Damien Lindecke of The Southport. Join in as they chat about musical preferences, How to get your music out there, and how any genre can be used as inspirationThe Southport Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comLimited-Edition Sludge Merch the show
34:09 05/25/2022
Collett Dawson
Episode 244: Publicist & founder of The CoLab Network, Collett Dawson recently celebrated 30 years in the cut throat South African entertainment industry. Find out how she has managed to work her way up to being on of the most highly sought after strategists for both musicians and actors alikeCollett Dawsonhttp://thecolabnetwork.comSludge Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
50:40 05/17/2022
Future Radio
Episode234: Marcel is chatting to brazen rock outfit Future Radio & together they’re taking a looking at the band’s journey since forming 2 years back, don’t miss out on all the tea☕️Future Radio Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
46:47 05/11/2022
Minnie Mhlongo
Episode 242: On this Mother's Day episode, return guest Minnie Mhlongo touches on the controversial party group that led to her widespread popularity in Durban, her new baby food business, the shocking revelation behind her not getting into media again, motherhood & moreMilani Mealshttps://www.milanimeals.storeSludge Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
24:47 05/03/2022
Money Badoo
Episode 241: PI$TOL POP hitmaker & Johannesburg artist Money Badoo takes us on her journey from recording over YouTube beats in her friend’s room, to being one of the biggest South African female artists right now. She also drops some exclusive info on her upcoming debut project PORN$TAR Money Badoo Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
34:17 04/26/2022
Axsion II
Episode 240: Former Palmtree Paradise member & Durban musician Axsion talks Wolves Only, Creative Market, The Werehouse, his latest project Kwaito Child Saga and moreAxsion Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
28:10 04/19/2022
DJ Tremaine G
Episode 239: Artist, DJ & Producer, Tremaine G is on the show to chat about his upcoming EP, the artists he's collaborating with, how the late Solo introduced him to his management team, plans for 2022 & moreDJ Tremaine G Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
25:09 04/12/2022
Khan Khalii
Episode 238: Singer-Songwriter, actress & content creator Khan Khalii talks about spirituality, being born in Tongaat but raised in Pretoria, her latest single ISONO, Game Of Thrones, her soon to be released podcast & moreKhan Khalii Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
28:31 04/05/2022
Episode 237: Yashna & Neo Ndawo
Andile is back with Chyna The Artist joining in as co-host & together they're chatting to Durban royalty,  singer-songwriter Yashna & producer/artist Neo Ndawo. In this episode they touch on mental health, the pros & cons of record labels, what led to the decline of the Durban Hip-Hop from 2018 onwards & more. They also close out the show with 'Hype Or Clout', the lead single off Yashna's latest EP titled 'Yah She' Yashna Ndawo Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
80:11 03/29/2022
Episode 236: Fear Of Falling
Join Marcel as he chats with Brendon from Fear Of Falling about their beginnings as a super group, Their music and his journey as an artistFear Of Falling Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
44:46 03/23/2022
Episode 235: S B X
S B X  is a South African R&B singer & songwriter that was born in Pretoria and later relocated to a small town called Empangeni in KwaZulu-NatalOn this episode we take a look at her latest project titled ‘These Songs Are About You Too’, tackle her experience juggling music & studies, her seamless transition to Johannesburg & moreTune in as we take a deep dive into the life of an artist that has over 45 000 Spotify streams & over 33 000 streams on Apple MusicS B X Undergroundhttps://www.sludgeunderground.comSupport the show
37:53 03/15/2022