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My Love Letter Time Machine - Victorian History

Unfolding the Victorian historical drama within the love letters of Fred and Jane, a young couple from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Each week we travel 140 years back in time to discover the latest happenings. This is a true story, a love story, a family drama, all contained within Victorian social history. Ingrid has both sides (extremely rare) of a correspondence spanning 1878 to 1882 that her great great grandparents sent one another. They were ordinary working class people, trying to make their way in the world, first in the city of Sheffield and later in the town of Middlesbrough. There is a whole 'cast' of characters too from Fred's industrial innovator of a boss who advanced the steel making process - and took Fred with him, to Jane's sister Emma, who had her life splashed across the newspapers through no fault of her own. Against the background of the dramas going around them, Fred and Jane overcame family objection to their match and through their own will and determination, made a new life together. Ingrid's blog:


Village gossip, and more pillow talk 27:43 08/06/2022
Janie's confirmation, and Fred's ex caught in the act 26:05 07/30/2022
An inquest, and Fred has no head for whisky 31:13 07/23/2022
The Cleveland Cup, a poisoning, and a suicide 31:06 07/16/2022
"Emma has been as nasty as possible!" 23:56 07/09/2022
A sackable offence 26:26 07/02/2022
Pillow talk - Victorian style 28:18 06/25/2022
A Victorian intervention? Our William talks to Emma. 28:39 06/18/2022
All I want is a dining room somewhere 25:04 06/11/2022
Good health is in short supply 31:35 06/04/2022
"She is killing him by inches" 23:26 05/28/2022
Your good angel 29:19 05/21/2022
The possible health benefits of a conjugal visit 34:53 05/14/2022
'Human Magnetism', and Emma's steals Janie's keys! 22:26 05/07/2022
Catching up with all the news 22:57 04/30/2022
Making up is hard to do 26:06 04/23/2022
Partying - Victorian style 27:55 04/16/2022
Lemonkolly 26:52 04/09/2022
Several young men in want of wives 24:23 04/02/2022
Fred dashes back to Sheffield 20:07 03/27/2022
Fred gains respect, and Emma loses a suitor 25:45 03/20/2022
From City of Steel to Ironopolis (Sheffield to Middlesbrough) 23:50 03/13/2022
Q&A Bonus Episode (Season 1) 22:49 03/06/2022
Season 1 finale: Fred Leaves 27:17 02/27/2022
Trouble at the steel mill, and divorce at Westminster 26:29 02/20/2022
'Artificial Sunshine' at the Seaside, and Sunday Best 24:08 02/13/2022
Meeting Samuel Plimsoll, and did Janie propose? 25:48 02/06/2022
Autumn 1879 Secrets, and when Fred beat Aston Villa 20:07 01/30/2022
City of Steel, and Victorian Selfies 25:34 01/23/2022
A Seaside Rendezvous, and a Family Scandal 21:44 01/16/2022