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No More Leadership BS

Welcome to the No More Leadership BS Podcast Where we expose the gap between what leaders think they SHOULD do and what actually BS Join us each week as we irritate some, inform others, and challenge all leaders to discover a better path to leadership excellence with unvarnished insights and dry-eyed suggestions.


Mental Health is Health 30:07 08/10/2022
The Ham-Fisted Leader 27:19 08/03/2022
The Ripple Effect of Sink or Swim 22:36 07/27/2022
Ship is Afloat, Set a Heading for… Somewhere Else? 36:04 07/20/2022
Life Saver or the Briny Deep? 22:36 07/13/2022
Dependence, Independence, or Interdependence...Is One More Important Than the Other? 21:53 07/06/2022
Who's Rocking The Boat? Saving The Ship From A People Perspective 31:52 06/29/2022
How On Earth Did Things Get In Such A Mess? 27:34 06/22/2022
What To Do When You (or Your Team) Rub Someone the Wrong Way? 23:37 06/14/2022
Don't Change That - It's The Way We've Always Done It! 19:49 06/08/2022
Are You Suffering From A Victim Mentality? 25:52 06/01/2022
This Is What Happens When We Finally Get Together After A Year and a Half! 30:06 05/25/2022
How True Leaders Survive and Even Thrive In Chaotic Situations 26:05 05/18/2022
Resilience - it's not the fact that you got knocked down, it's if you get up again. 28:32 05/11/2022
Find Leadership Gold With Silence 20:33 04/28/2022
When Setting Goals May NOT Be the Pathway to Success 37:49 04/20/2022
Bosses That Make Your Life A Living Hell 29:32 04/13/2022
Do You Know the WHY Behind Your WHAT? 26:19 04/06/2022
If You Want to Motivate Your Team, Stop Managing and Start Leading 20:17 03/30/2022
You can't're FIRED!! 23:13 03/23/2022
I Quit!! 30:41 03/16/2022
Empathy Just Might Be the Most Important Characteristic of a Great Leader 28:00 03/09/2022
Do You Really Need Thick Skin To Be An Effective Leader? 25:40 03/02/2022
Creating a Life You Don't Need To Retire From 26:48 02/23/2022
What Happens When Personal and Company Values Clash? 26:44 02/16/2022
Taking Risks Are In a Leader's Job Description 23:27 02/09/2022
Dependence, Independence, or Interdependence...Which One Does Every Great Leader Need? 21:53 02/02/2022
Managing Your Team Can Be The Worst Way To Get The Results You Need 20:35 01/26/2022
How to Create an Optimism Epidemic 21:20 01/19/2022
Burnout Sucks 28:39 01/12/2022