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Self-professed bohemian weirdo and fiction author George Penney welcomes writers, performers, artists and other fascinating people who’ve forged an unconventional life. George’s warmth and humour provide guests with a space to talk about what they’re most passionate about in whatever way they’d like. Episodes dropping every Tuesday.


Episode 47: Kathryn Burnett - Award-winning Screenwriter and Author
George talks to the lovely and talented Kathryn Burnett about what it takes to be an author and screenwriter in New Zealand. This is a wonderful chat with an industry veteran with a lot of excellent advice. To learn more about Kathryn's new book, The Productive Writer Guidebook, click here.For more about Kathryn:
76:38 3/7/24
Episode 46: James Wallis - Award Winning Games Designer, Author and Publisher
Today's an absolute treat. George is chatting the the lovely James Wallis about his 30 year long career as a games designer, author, publisher, podcaster, critic and many other things. This is an absolute geekfest and a delight. You can find out more about James at
84:49 12/5/23
Episode 45: A.E. Kincaid, Author of the Widdershins Series
Today George is talking to the delightful A.E. Kincaid, author of one of her favourite series. This is an excellent, fun chat that roams all over the place. If you want to check out A.E. Kincaid's books (and we'd strongly encourage you to because they're awesome) just go to
86:29 11/19/23
Episode 44: Award Winning Horror Author Dave Jeffery
Dave Jeffery is one of the absolute pillars of the British horror writing community. He also writes some of the most cutting edge and excellent books in the business. This podcast was a year in the making. For more info go to
68:57 10/8/23
Episode 43: Sarah Painter, Bestselling Urban Fantasy Author
Today George is chatting to the wonderful bestselling urban fantasy author, Sarah Painter in a really fun episode that ranges all over the place when it comes to the business of writing. To learn more about Sarah's books, check out www.sarah-painter.comAnd to read her non fiction book on writing, check out:
68:44 10/8/23
Episode 42: Tammie Painter - Comic Fantasy author of The Cassie Black and The Circus of Unusual Creatures series
Today George is talking to the wonderful Tammie Painter. This is an excellent conversation with one of the funniest comic fantasy people in the business today. Tammie's brilliant and hilarious new novel Beast or Famine is coming out on 19 October 2023 and is available for pre-order. You can get your copy by going to's also the launch day for George's novel OverLondon, a post-Tudor comic fantasy whodunnit which is rather good, we promise you! To buy your copy, just go to
79:55 9/12/23
Episode 41: Kim M. Watt - Author of the Beaufort Scales and Gobbelino London series!
Today George is talking to the hilarious and fun Kim M. Watt, author of rollicking comic fantasy whodunnits and genuinely good egg. This is an excellent conversation that roams all over the place in the best tradition of Bohemiana and may include the joys of being a weird kid and having pet sheep that really want to swim! We can't recommend Kim's books enough and you can find out more at can also go to for all things OverLondon. 
73:47 8/14/23
Episode 40: Travis Baldree, author of Legends and Lattes
Today's episode is a fantastic conversation with overnight cosy fantasy success and all-round nice guy, Travis Baldree. This is a great, rambling chat. We talk about Travis's arc from writing Legends and Lattes for NaNoWriMo to it becoming an international mega-hit, how focusing on the small things in life is important and everything in between. This is an excellent conversation with an author who has had multiple successful careers while still keeping his feet firmly on the ground. The fact that it's a whole lot of fun too is an added bonus! Travis's next novel, Bookshops and Bonedust is coming out on the 9th of November 2023 and is a must-read. You can learn more at
79:56 8/14/23
Episode 39: Kimberly Lemming author of That Time I Got Drunk And Saved A Human
Today George is talking to the wonderful Kimberly Lemming about all the things that inspired her to write possibly the funniest romance series on the market. They talk anime, author names, how sometimes the right thing happens at the right time and why Kimberly's covers are possibly best in the business. You can find Kimberly at
66:22 7/25/23
Episode 37: Bjorn Larssen, author of Storytellers and Why Odin Drinks (Part 1)
Season 2 of Bohemiana is here! Today's episode is with Spec Fic and literary Viking Bjorn Larssen. This is a fantastic chat about everything that inspires him, writing across genres and much, much more.  You can find Bjorn at
64:26 7/11/23
Episode 38: Bjorn Larssen talks to Tony Johnson (Part 2, Bonus!)
In this special bonus episode to kick off season 2 of Bohemiana, Bjorn Larssen talks to our producer, Tony Johnson who loved his book, Why Odin Drinks. This is a super fun little episode that will leave you smiling.  You can find Bjorn's books at and everything Tony at
33:25 7/11/23
Episode 36: Dan Rabarts - Author of the Path of Ra series
Today's episode is with the lovely Dan Rabarts. George and Dan talk about their love of fantasy and speculative fiction, Terry Pratchett and ttrpg gaming. This is a really great conversation with one of New Zealand's excellent speculative fiction authors, who just happens to also write some really hilarious fiction too!
56:18 11/22/22
Episode 35: Kirstyn McDermott: Author of Contemporary Gothic, Horror and Dark Fiction
Today's episode is an excellent conversation with the lovely Kirstyn McDermott. Conversation ranges from the joys and limitations of being a contrarian, writing a book to procrastinate on a PhD and why and how a lot of Aussie authors end up doing post grads (it's all about the scholarship) with side-step into how wonderful it is to click with a challenging book. This was a really fun, bubbly chat with a phenomenal Aussie author. 
75:33 11/8/22
Episode 34: Jason Nahrung - Horror and Speculative Fiction Author
Today's episode is a really fun one. George is talking to Jason Nahrung about vampires in Australian fiction, environmental activism in speculative fiction, with a sidestep into talking music. This is such a fun conversation with a brilliant writer and fellow lover of all things goth! 
61:07 11/1/22
Episode 33: Jerry Stahl - Author and Screenwriter
George talks to author of Nein, Nein, Nein! and Permanent Midnight, Jerry Stahl about his inspiration behind his latest project and navigating the current climate in the publishing industry. This is a bucket list episode with one of the best gonzo writers living today. 
55:07 10/24/22
Episode 32: Kathleen Jennings - Artist and Award Winning Author
Today George is talking to the delightful, bubbly Kathleen Jennings and it's an absolute treat. They talk about growing up in rural Australia. The inspirations for Kathleen's art, how she got into designing book covers and her writing process. It's an excellent chat.
81:39 10/18/22
Episode 31: Susan White - Author of Cut
Today's episode is with the lovely Susan White, author of the medical suspense thriller, Cut. This is a really great chat about sexism in the workplace and how that inspired Susan to write her book. There are also the usual fantastic tangents. It's a wonderful conversation with the perfect feel after a one-month gap while George has been travelling. 
60:01 10/11/22
Episode 30: Christopher Shevlin - Author of the Jonathon Fairfax series
Today's episode is with the lovely Christopher Shevlin, author of the Jonathon Fairfax series.  The conversation is excellent and covers the topic of shame and success, succeeding despite yourself and the pitfalls of being a comedy fiction author. 
71:54 8/30/22
Episode 29: J.S. Breukelaar - Award Winning Dark Fantasy Author
Today's episode is with J.S. Breukelaar, author of The Bridge.  This was a great chat about having a hybrid national identity, writing and everything in between. 
63:55 8/23/22
Episode 28: Sasha Cottman - Author of Regency Romance
Today's episode is hilarious. George is talking to the wonderful Sasha Cottman about all the things romance authors chat about when no one's around, starting with dino porn, with a side step into Sasha's thriving career as one of the best regency romance authors today. This is an excellent, super fun conversation. 
84:18 8/16/22
Episode 27: Rachael Johns - Award Winning Best-Selling Author.
Today's a big episode. George's guest is Australia's leading author of women's fiction and life lit, the wonderful Rachael Johns. This is a fantastic episode that covers a lot of the nuts and bolts of what it's like to be successful in the Australian publishing industry. 
64:13 8/9/22
Episode 26: Grace Chan - Author of Every Version of You
Today's episode is with Grace Chan, debut author of Every Version of You, a post-apocalyptic-utopic wonder of a novel that George wants to know more about. This is a great conversation that ranges from talking about the importance of utopias in literature, Grace's experiences writing the novel and what could happen if people lived forever! 
58:46 8/2/22
Episode 25: Caimh McDonnell (C. K. McDonnell) - Author of the Dublin Trilogy and the Stranger Times Series
Today's a massive episode. George is talking to one of her favourite authors, Caimh McDonnell (C.K. McDonnell) , the author of the Dublin Trilogy and the Stranger Times Series. This is a brilliant talk that ranges from Caimh's stand up career to his screen writing career to his current successful writing career. This is such a marvellous, cracking conversation!
79:51 7/26/22
Episode 24: Heide Goody and Ian Grant- Authors of The Sam Applewhite Series
Today's chat is with the delightful comedy writing duo, Heide Goody and Ian Grant. Conversation spans from George discovering that they're amazingly civil when they work together, how Heide loves absurd stuff and how Ian provides the warmth. This was a really lovey talk with two of the most charming comic fiction authors in the business. 
57:15 7/19/22
Episode 23: Anna Brooke - Interdisciplinary Healer, Author and Burlesque Dancer
Today's episode is the divine Anna Brooke and it's so much fun. The conversation starts with Brad Pitt's rather interesting recent GQ shoot and goes from there, ranging from David  Bowie to burlesque, to creativity, to being American. This is a wonderful conversation with someone who is full of joy, creative and profound. 
65:51 7/12/22
Episode 22: Alison Reynolds - Author of The Near Daphne Experience
Today's episode is a chat with the lovely Alison Reynolds. She's a successful children's author who has just released her first adult fiction debut, "The Near Daphne Experience" and it's a corker. George and Alison talk about the twists and turns the novel took to publication, its wonderfully unconventional format and their mutual  love of a strong older female character. 
76:01 7/5/22
Episode 21: Lee Murray - Bram Stoker Award Winning Author
This episode is a big of a bucket list one! George is talking to the delightful Lee Murray, Bram Stoker Award winning writer and poet. Lee is our first interviewee currently living in New Zealand and it's so great to hear her perspective on her artform. 
69:17 6/28/22
Episode 20: Suzanne J. Willis - Author of dark fantasy, speculative fiction and mythological stories
Today's episode crackles with laughter and excellent stories told by the lovely Suzanne J Willis whose novels and short stories explore other worlds through myth, fairytale and the dark, weird and wonderful. This was such a fun, wide-ranging conversation with someone whose creativity and warmth is electric. An amazing episode that is guaranteed to leave you smiling.
71:44 6/21/22
Episode 19: Kaaron Warren - Multi-Award Winning SFF and Horror Author.
Today's episode is with the wonderful multi-award winner Kaaron Warren, whose horror and sff novels and short stories crackle on the page . Kaaron is a wonderful guest, hilarious and game to chat about anything. This conversation is all about the sheer enjoyment of words in all forms, embracing the similarities and differences between comedy and horror and everything in between. 
64:07 6/14/22
Episode 18: Louise Guy - Author of Everyday Lies
Today's episode is with the lovely Louise Guy, author of women's fiction, romance and children's fiction. This one is a look behind the scenes at what it takes to be a successful independent author writing in multiple genres. If you've ever thought of going indie, this is the one to listen to!
65:50 6/7/22