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Welcome to "Inspire" - the podcast that sparks your curiosity and fuels your ambition! I'm your host, Ambesh Tiwari, and I'm your host, Ambesh Tiwari, and I'm on a mission to bring you thought-provoking conversations with industry experts who share their knowledge, experiences, and insights. Each episode of "Inspire" features in-depth interviews with successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators who have turned their dreams into reality. Together, we'll uncover the stories behind their accomplishments, explore their unique perspectives, and reveal practical tips and strategies that you can apply to your own journey. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore diverse topics, uncover hidden gems of wisdom, and reveal the secrets of the world's most inspiring and influential individuals. Tune in to "Inspire" and ignite your passion for greatness!


Seize the opportunity as you live only once Ft Saji Mathews
Saji Mathews is a seasoned integrated marketing executive with over 2 decades of people management experience delivering highly successful performance marketing campaigns. In each of the roles in last 12 years, he has put-on the entrepreneurial hat by successfully setting-up strategic business groups from scratch ranging from a full service advertising agency in Africa, Worldwide Centralised Marketing Services Hub for IBM, Marketing departments for 2 start-ups besides co-founding a design & content company.
36:44 2/6/22
Don't follow your passion blindly ft. Amitabh Tiwari aka Political Baaba
DON'T FOLLOW YOUR PASSION BLINDLY Yes, you heard it right. Amitabh Tiwari aka Political Baaba, is sharing his life journey and experience on Ambesh Tiwari Show. He followed his passion and became a political strategist from investment banker. He have shared deep inshights on following the passion.
51:51 1/6/22
When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade ft. Rishi Tanna
After a long wait, we are here with the second season of “Ambesh Tiwari Show” podcast. The podcast is aimed at one who are at the beginning of the race track and are passionate to grow in their life. With a mission to impact the lives of as many young entrepreneurs as possible and help them kickstart their journeys. And what better way to achieve it by the most compelling and ancient method of stories? In Season 2, ZERO to ONE, listen to the success stories of inspiring personas and get a chance to dig the hidden gold behind their challenging stories and learn how they all made the leap from Zero to One.
36:09 12/5/21
Life of Digital Marketer ft. Prabhakar Alok
Prabharak Alok is one of Youngest Entrepreneur from Bihar known for creating digital marketing trends in his own City Bihar. He is the founder of DigiwaleBabu & DigitalGuruCool. He has motivated more than 5K students to come in the field of Digital Marketing.  Listen to his story only on Ambesh Tiwari Show : Popular business Podcast on iTunes (hindi) Connect on Social Media: @AmbeshTiwarishow  visit my website :
29:50 4/27/20
How to survive as a startup in this LOCKDOWN ? Interview of Yadunandan Sharma
A Defense aspirant who has only dream to join Special Ops. He got nothing else for himself except his dreams but fate had decided something else for him as he couldn't make it. After a year and the help of his friend, he started his own dairy farm. ( Toughest Market to survive as a startup). But why he did it? Listen to the story of Yadunandan Sharma, Co-founder of Nature's Gift Farm on Ambesh Tiwari Show.  I Ambesh Tiwari, request you to stay at home, stay safe and stay productive. Do it for yourself, your loved ones and for your country... We can save our nation from Covid-19 ( Corona Virus ).  PS: If you are wondering how you can be productive then here is good news for you. My consultation is free until this lockdown. Connect with me and I will suggest how you can be productive. It will be 1-1 consultation and suggestions will be as per your situation. So Connect with me now. 
52:36 3/30/20
How to stay productive in Corona Virus LOCKDOWN?
This is a Special episode on Corona Virus. How can we save ourselves from it. How to make our days productive in these days. I have shared my knowledge of it. Please let me know if anything is missing or wrong. I am continuously sharing information on my social Media Channels... Connect with me on Social media @iAmbeshTiwari . Stay Safe ... Stay Productive...
18:21 3/23/20
Thank you for 1000 listeners
Within 2 month of span I got army of 1000 listeners.. I never expected it. Thank you so much.
01:04 3/17/20
How to survive and grow your startup ? Story of Vivekanand Prasad
An engineering student who dropped out his college in final year with a vision to educate the school children beyond formal education system and started a company in 2017, named TechProLabz. Techprolabz is recognized by Bihar startup and incubated in IIT Patna.  Listen to his the Journey of Vivekanand Prasad, Founder of TechProLabz and Mentor of Change at ATAL Innovation Mission Connect with me on Instagram: This Podcast is available on all leading Podcast Channels.
29:54 3/9/20
How to deal with rejections in your career? on Ambesh Tiwari Show
A 21-year-old entrepreneur who is also the Youngest Trainer for a company like Gillette and Danik Bhaskar. He started his journey of Public Speaking with rejections but still, he delivered 20 speeches in 8 days at different places.  How did he do? Listen to the story of Vinay Kumar, Founder of Inspiromind only on Ambesh Tiwari Show Connect with me on Facebook Messenger This Podcast is available on all leading Podcast Channels.
29:43 3/2/20
Which place is suitable for you to start a business?
An engineer from top college left the job at UBER and started his entrepreneurial journey with a vision of Digital education for everyone.  Interview of Kaushik Sharaf, founder of Cymatic Edutech on Ambesh Tiwari Show. Connect me on social media : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Website : This podcast is available on all the leading podcast channel.
22:34 2/24/20
When you should start your own start-up ?
Everyone is trying to start their own venture/start-up. But the question is " When to start" ? Listen to the story of the Youngest Entrepreneur of Bihar who started their Journey 3 years back when they were just 17 years. Interview of Vivek and Prashant, Co-founders of on Ambesh Tiwari Show. Connect me on social media : @iAmbeshTiwari Website : This podcast is available on all the leading podcast channel.   
15:18 2/17/20
Have you ever missed GYM subscriptions ?
A 24-year-old sportsperson who missed his 9-months Gym subscription plan. He thought to work on this problem and after a great struggle, he started GYM SCROLL. Listen to his story only on Ambesh Tiwari Show. Interview of Manish Kumar, Founder of Gym Scroll on Ambesh Tiwari Show.  Connect me on social media : @iAmbeshTiwari  Website :   This podcast is available on all the leading podcast channel.
11:50 2/10/20
Interview of Digital Dhairya on Ambesh Tiwari Show
Dhairya Singh Chauhan was a model who turned into a Digital marketer and named himself as "DIGITAL DHAIRYA" . He quit Modeling and started a Digital Marketing job for a girl but why he left that girl to start his own agency.  Listen to the inspiring of DIGITAL DHAIRYA. Link to the website: Connect me on social media Linkedin : Facebook: Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Website : This podcast is available on all the leading podcast channel.
18:41 2/2/20
Interview of Nilanjay Ghura, Co-founder of VigyapanTree on Ambesh Tiwari Show
A future Chartered accountant turned into GROWTH HACKER and founded a company within a year. Listen to the story of Nilanjay Ghura who believes in Learn and Apply.  Link to the magazine: Connect me on social media Linkedin : Facebook: Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Website : This podcast is available on all the leading podcast channel.
20:31 1/27/20
How I started my business with Zero Investment?
A girl who started her business with zero investment and within a year of Span her business is touching the height. How she did it.? What is her success formula? Listen to the story of Deepanshi Tiwari who is running her own fashion and lifestyle magazine. Interview of Deepanshi Tiwari, Co-Founder of Souranshi Magazine on Ambesh Tiwari Show . Link to the magazine: Connect me on social media Linkedin : Facebook: Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Website :  This podcast is available on all the leading podcast channel. 
19:10 1/19/20
Interview with Abhijeet Raj Founder of Mensco on Ambesh Tiwari Show
Mr. Abhijeet Raj is the founder of, A men community focused digital media. He chooses to go beyond the rule of 'one life one job'  and started his career as a Middle Class Entrepreneur. Listen to this episode to know his entrepreneurial journey. Check out more about MENSCO on : Connect me on social media Linkedin : Facebook: Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Website :
31:31 1/12/20
Interview with Amol Anand, Co-Founder of LOOM SOLAR on Ambesh Tiwari Show
Mr. Amol Anand is Co-Founder and CEO of LOOM SOLAR. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up, a manufacturer of Mono crystalline solar panels and AC Module. It was started in the year 2018 at Faridabad, Haryana. Loom Solar ® has won the prestigious gold and silver award in the 11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards at the United States of America. Check out more about loom solar on : Connect me on social media Linkedin : Facebook: Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Website :
31:54 12/31/19
Interview with Aditya Chandra, Founder of BookmyMeal on Ambesh Tiwari Show
Aditya Chandra is the Founder of Book My Meal. The company was incorporated in 2016 and within 3 years of span, they got shortlisted as FoodTech 500 Finalist! Listen his story only at Ambesh Tiwari Show Book My meal Pvt Ltd : Connect me on social media Linkedin : Facebook: Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Website :
33:12 12/22/19
Introduction of AMBESH TIWARI SHOW
I am Ambesh Tiwari, your host for this show. I'm founder of BDA Technologies Private Limited and Working a personal Branding consultant. This SHOW aims to help entrepreneurs who are from MIDDLE CLASS background. Start-ups are trending everywhere , people are starting their venture without knowing the basis of the Business. ENTREPRENEURSHIP is very hard way to life the life because Success needs sacrifice and in this fast moving era ... It needs right decisions at right time.. If you are a entrepreneur and planning to entrepreneur then you must listen this podcast. It will help you to run you start-up sucessful. In case if you have any doubts then feel free to ask me. I will be happy to help you. 😊
02:54 12/19/19
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