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Sales Team Rescue with Jeremy DeMerchant is the #1 podcast for sales leaders who want to turn their sales teams from overwhelm and frustration to a well-oiled sales machine.


Unlocking College Funding Strategies with Brian Appleton and Sean Thomas from the Parents College Planning Network
In Episode 136 of "Sales Team Rescue," host Jeremy DeMerchant invites Brian Appleton and Sean Thomas, co-founders of the Parents College Planning Network, to discuss innovative strategies for college funding. The episode provides a deep dive into the creation and benefits of college refund plans, which help parents reclaim substantial portions of college expenses tax-free. Brian and Sean share their personal journeys and how they leveraged life insurance as a dynamic tool for financial growth, previously accessible only to the wealthy. This engaging conversation is crucial for parents facing the financial challenges of college planning and sales professionals seeking smart financial strategies. The episode also explores the importance of financial literacy, especially for high-income professionals. The "Lightning Round" adds a personal touch, offering insights into the guests' inspirations and daily practices. Concluding with actionable steps for listeners interested in the Parents College Planning Network's services, this episode is a compelling blend of financial advice and personal development, encouraging a proactive approach to college funding and financial planning.
28:45 1/22/24
Turn Cold Emails Into 5 Figure Contracts with Nigel Thomas
Have you ever put a ton of effort into an email only to receive a disappointingly low open rate after sending? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Learn how to stand out and optimize your email strategy with today’s guest, Nigel Thomas, CEO of Alpha Inbound.
34:59 9/7/22
The Root of Your Sales Team’s Struggles with Jeremy DeMerchant
Leading a sales team can be very frustrating, especially with all the moving parts involved. In this episode, I discuss the factors that affect a struggling sales team and where you need to be looking in order to lead them to success.
24:14 8/12/22
How Financing Benefits You & Your Client with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever thought that offering financing to a client was unethical? Well, tune in to hear me obliterate that sales stereotype. In this episode, I discuss everything financial and why you need to be careful that your biases are not only costing you sales but potentially blocking someone else's opportunity for success.
20:02 8/3/22
Why You’re Missing Your Sales Quota with Navid Momeni
Have you been struggling to dominate in your sales field? Are you failing to meet quotas? While there’s no quick solution to fix that, we can lead you to the path that leads you there.
25:19 7/27/22
Learning to Love Follow-Up Calls with Mostafa Hosseini
Do you hate follow-up calls? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. So if you struggle with follow-ups, just don't like doing it, or maybe don’t do it at all in your business then join us in this episode. With the help of my special guest, founder of Presio Inc, Mostafa Hosseini, you will not only find out how to shift your thinking about a follow-up, but discover a way to have it taken care of for you!
36:13 7/20/22
What Makes People Buy Now with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever waited around for a client to come around? Isn’t it just soul-crushing to get a no after continuous back and forth nurturing? In this episode, I teach you how to help them pull the trigger, and do it fast!
24:44 7/6/22
The Right Amount of Sales Talk with Jeremy DeMerchant
You’ve just wrapped a sales call but now you’re overthinking: did you say too much or too little? In this episode, I break it down for you and teach you how to talk less, show more and sell more.
24:37 6/29/22
The Fastest Way to Train Your Sales Team with Jeremy DeMerchant
Congratulations, you’ve hired your first sales rep and now your business is ready to grow bigger than ever! If only it was that easy, huh? Well, it is if you know how to train your rep properly. In this episode, I teach you the most efficient way to do that, saving you both time and money!
23:02 6/16/22
3 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition with Jeremy DeMerchant
What happens when you’re competing in a space with similar services? How do you stand out? In this episode, I give you 3 hacks to help you stand out, no matter what price point you’re working with!
09:59 6/8/22
How to Book Like A Closer with Jeremy DeMerchant
You might be confused by what I mean by the subject and it may sound a little bit tongue in cheek, but it only means that most people who are closers aren't usually great prospectors or don't love prospecting. But booking shouldn’t even feel like a chore if you know how to do it right. So in today’s episode, I will teach you the skills you need to nail your prospecting process with as little effort as possible!
22:48 6/1/22
3 Key Things You Need to Master for Success in Sales & Life with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever found yourself stuck in a loop of bad sales calls? Or just in a rut in your life in general? Today’s episode is meant to break that streak and change your mindset towards work & life. I narrow these steps into three easy things to remember and apply.
25:07 5/25/22
Achieving Level Five Selling with John Hoskins
Have you ever wanted to grow and learn more with your team, but found you were all too busy to do so? We understand that it can be exhausting to include coaching and education in an already hectic work week, but what we can tell you is: it will make all the difference!
38:27 5/18/22
The 15 Minute Productivity Hack for Sales with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever found yourself scrambling at the end of the day to get all your admin tasks done after multiple sales calls? And by the time you realize you need to work on those tasks, you’re already exhausted? That’s happened to the best of us which is why in this episode, I share a 15-minute productivity hack every sales rep should know!
12:34 5/11/22
The Compensation Model That Works for Sales Reps with Jeremy DeMerchant
What is the right way to pay sales reps? Is it salary and commission or the ultimate: commission-only? Today, we discuss which payment model works best in the long run and keeps your reps motivated to do their best.
25:43 5/4/22
Just Admit You’re Selling Something with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever gotten on a long call with a client only to feel like you got nothing in return? Perhaps it's because you keep pretending you have nothing to sell. But you do!
18:54 4/27/22
Journaling for Sales Growth with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all the sales calls, follow-ups and to-dos that you catch yourself not accomplishing anything? Well, I highly recommend you take a seat and try jotting everything down.
13:04 4/20/22
The Number One Rule of Sales with Jeremy DeMerchant
Want to know what your sales pitch is missing? You could have everything right but if you’re missing this one thing then you’re already bound to fail. Find out what the number one rule of sales is and how to integrate it into your process seamlessly!
19:59 4/13/22
Building Brand Awareness in Sales with John Morris
Have you ever wanted to put yourself out there but were unsure how it helped your brand? Good communication, content creation and promotional products can help!
46:01 4/6/22
Let’s Talk About Stress with Sarah Alysse
Have you ever caught yourself putting off a small task such as an email for days? Or worse, have you ever found yourself dragging yourself to work? Those are both signs of burnout, which can be caused by the lack of proper stress management. In the long term, can affect your work and personal relationships and your mental and physical health, which is why we’re discussing it on the show today.
30:00 3/30/22
Dealing with a Complex Sales Process with Jeremy DeMerchant
Let’s say you offer multiple services or solutions and you happen to have a strong client base for one product, but everything else you offer is overlooked. Perhaps it’s your brand message that doesn’t push the other products or it could also be an intricate sales process. Let’s figure it out together!
10:38 2/23/22
How to ​Measure the Success of Your Workflow with Jeremy DeMerchant
We’ve all had that one sale we were sure to close, only to lose it somewhere in the process. It’s brutal and has left some of the best of us overthinking where we lost that sale. Well, with the help of automation and data (I promise not to bore you!) you can find exactly where your client dropped off. So today, I will teach you how to analyze your process and tweak it technologically based on your client’s behaviour.
14:37 2/16/22
Sales Process vs. Sales Reps with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever reached a stump in your sales and wondered which to blame: the sales process or the sales representative? Is it really your team’s fault or is there a problem in your process that blocks you from closing a sale?
14:25 2/9/22
​My Top 5 Sales Software with Jeremy DeMerchant
As salespeople, we are always trying to juggle multiple things and apps or programs make all the difference. Not only do they make our lives a bajillion times easier, but they also help improve our sales processes.
20:13 2/2/22
Prioritizing Yourself in Sales with Jeremy DeMerchant
Are you 100% focused on prioritizing work and making that sale? I respect that, but sometimes do you forget to take care of yourself? If your back aches, you don’t feel like answering that email or the thought of your phone buzzing puts you off–you might be burnt out.
09:06 1/26/22
Problem Solving in Your Sales Process with Jeremy DeMerchant
Have you ever let a problem at work pass because you’ve been too busy? Do these challenges seem so daunting that you push them away until they become urgent? Or worse, create even more problems?
15:47 1/12/22
Three Major Sales Lessons from 2021 with Jeremy DeMerchant
In this episode, I reflect on 2021. Looking back I’ve had so many changes happen in both my personal and professional life, sales goals I’ve met, this show and more.
11:45 12/29/21
Creating Your First FAQ Guide with Jeremy DeMerchant
Are you tired of answering the same questions? Have you ever thought of creating a Frequently Asked Questions guide?
10:01 12/22/21
Time to Abandon your CRM with Nicolas De Swetschin
You’ve probably used a lot of Sales CRMs, or even just dabbled in a few. But what if we told you that success can also be found in lead management. Today I’m introduced to noCRM–the anti CRM! Just kidding, but it’s something like that…
29:30 12/15/21
How to Humor Clients at Trade Shows with Jeremy DeMerchant
Ever had a sales conversation gone straight into awkward silence? It’s happened to the best of us. But today I will teach you how to avoid that pitfall forever and guide you along so you can smoothly talk to your client and rake in that sale
19:38 12/8/21