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The bi-weekly podcast about aquarium plants, aquarium fish and the fish keeping hobby in general. Hosted by Bart, who is the passionate hobbyist behind Aquarium Genius. This podcast is all about sharing experiences through conversations with fellow hobbyists.


How I Got Aquarium Inspiration From Scuba Dive Session
This week is a holiday special! Two weeks ago I was on vacation with my good friend Jan-Lucas, who owns the website, and we went scuba diving. It was an amazing experience. We saw loads of colorful fish and I got inspiration that I can apply in my own aquariums.I hope you enjoy this podcast!
21:24 6/24/22
Planted Tanks: No Ferts, No CO2 and No Filter
Is it possible to build a healthy and thriving aquarium without additional fertilization, CO2 or filtration? Today I share my though on this subject with you guys!
23:54 5/27/22
Does Your Aquarium Have Old Tank Syndrome? Causes, Cure and Symptoms
Today I tell you about my experience with Old Tank Syndrome. How I sadly killed 2 beautiful fish because I did not do my own research properly. OTS is sneaky, and it can happen to your aquarium too if you're not careful. Check out my Youtube video about OTS here.For more written information about OTS, check out my website article here.Follow me on Instagram: @aquariumgenius
31:58 4/29/22
The Planted Tank Triangle: What Your Aquarium Plants Need to Do Well
In this podcast episode I dive into the Planted Tank Triangle. What do aquarium plants need to thrive? How can you increase plant growth rate without immediately inviting algae into your tank? This episode is absolutely packed with aquarium information for people just getting into this hobby as well as more experienced aquarium hobbyists. Check out Aquarium Genius here.If you are interested in some of the video's that are on my Youtube channel, you can check it out here.
28:04 4/15/22
Low Tech vs. High Tech Aquariums and More With Christine (@aquascape_neophyte)
Today Christine joins us on the Aquarium Genius Podcast all the way from Calgary, Canada. According to her Instagram handle she's still a neophyte, but her home office tells a different story. We talk about Christine's experience getting into the aquascaping hobby, about her current aquariums and about how to get the most enjoyment out of your tanks.Check out Christine on Instagram: @aquascape_neophyteCheck out myself on Instagram: @aquariumgeniusMore information on the Aquarium Genius Community can be found here. 
32:38 4/1/22
How Did a Post-it Start My Planted Tank Journey?
Let me know what you thought of the podcast! Send me an email at or find me on Instagram @aquariumgenius to send me a DM. More information on the Aquarium Genius Community can be found here on my website.
29:36 3/18/22
Passionate Aquascaping with @Alexscapes from Toronto
In today's episode I talk with Alex about aquascaping! We talk about the importance of having a supportive community, the ridiculous prices of hardscape and much more. Alex's Instagram page: @alexscapesAlex's Youtube Channel: The Aquascaping TypeJoin the community: me on Instagram: @aquariumgenius
41:28 3/4/22
As Long as We Live We Learn About Aquascaping With Ryan Noel
In this episode I get to talk with Ryan Noel, an aquascaper from Indianapolis. We talk about the benefits of being willing to constantly learn more about our beautiful hobby. Check out Ryan's Youtube Channel: The Aquascaping TypeMake sure to follow him on Instagram: @Aquascaping_RynoFor more information about the Aquarium Genius Community, visit my site here.
36:10 2/18/22
Starting a Fishroom Filled With Tanks: Experience From Canadian Breeder Nick
Today's guest is Nick from @nicksfishroom om Instagram. He's converted an empty room to a fish room and has been growing plants and breeding shrimp ever since. We talk about fishrooms, low maintenance aquariums and some good habits that help make a fishroom manageable. Visit Nicks website at: nicksaquatics.caNicks Instagram page: @nicksfishroomVisit my website
31:14 2/4/22
Conditioning Rather Than Quarantining: What 35+ Years of Experience Sounds Like
Deborah Cheney is vice president of New England Aquarium Services and has working in the aquarium servicing industry for over 35 years. She agreed to be on the show and we talked about common problems that occur while maintaining a fish tank. You can find Debby on instagram @deborahsfish and online at 
25:21 1/21/22
A Chat with a Passionate Aquascaper: Andrian Jutba
In this episode I talk with Andrian, who is a passionate aquascaper from the Phillipines. He's got a lot of experience under his belt and shares images of his plants and tanks on his instagram: @andrianscaper
37:10 1/5/22