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Every Sunday night we chat with a different person from the world of Adult Entertainment. You must belong to our Facebook Group - to get the LIVE Zoom Link or check in here to get the replay! Support this podcast:


Sonny Malone - 7/14/2024
Our good friend Tod Hunter came to me a few months ago with an idea for our show -- let's talk more ABOUT the business of Adult Entertainment! So I reached out to his friend Sonny Malone who just wrote a book called "Smut Cutter: How I Survived Porn!" and she is our guest for our 7/14/2024 show. Sonny drops some names on who she's worked with and what it's like to "make magic" in what we view. Sonny is the only Film Editor in the AVN Hall Of Fame! Along with Sonny we were joined by Lorenzo, Richard Pacheco, Jamey Bell, Darby Dee and Tod Hunter. --- Support this podcast:
58:11 7/15/24
Tom Byron - 7/7/2024
Our guest for our 7/7/2024 was the legendary Tom Byron. After a few struggles, book and a relocation to the East Coast, we had the chance to have him on our show! Tom is also starting a new podcast as well, so we urge you to get in on that. It was a fun night with Tom who told many stories and we had a lot of laughs. Stopping by to chat with Tom included Christy Canyon, Richard Pacheco, Cathy Brown, Sean Elliot, Lorenzo and James Bartholet. --- Support this podcast:
91:07 7/8/24
Miami Exxxotica Wrap-Up Show 2024 - 6/30/2024
Our Miami Wrap-Up show for 6/30/2024 was a bit different as Exxxotica officials didn't want us broadcasting from the hotel lobby, so we found the Inside The Industry booth with some electricity and just did interviews on the final day. There was no interaction with anyone on Zoom, as we just filmed this and then edited the interviews to appear back-to-back. The video is NOT good quality, but the sound is OK, considering the loud stage shows. We hit the highlights and next time I will record it in a different way to bring the video and sound quality up to a better standard. This may be the way we do this in the future as well with our wrap up shows, as people may not have time to stop by and chat if we are in the hotel bar or lobby. Enjoy this new wrap up show concept! --- Support this podcast:
35:06 7/2/24
2024 Miami Exxxotica Preview Show - 6/30/2024
Our Exxxotica Preview Shows are some of the most popular because we invite stars who will be at the show to participate and tell us what they will be up to at the show. Our 6/23/2024 show featured many of the stars who will either have booth space or who will be filming content at the Miami Exxxotica event. Joining us for the show were a whole lot of folks who WILL be there and a few who won't be there including Christy Canyon, Nikki Dial, Foxxxy Darlin', Sean Elliot, Victoria Peaks, Lorenzo, Darby Dee, Michael Ramos - ASN, Danni Jones, Tad Pole, Rebel Rhyder, Rex Radiation, Sal Shooter and James Bartholet! A big crowd for sure! --- Support this podcast:
62:24 6/24/24
Wisconsin Tiff - 6/16/2024
I have been asked to have Wisconsin Tiff on our show for at LONG time and finally we got that accomplished on our 6/16/2024 show! This Midwestern gal is fun to watch on social media and has her ducks in a row when it comes to the business. She talked about how she got to where she is now and what the future will bring. Joining us in the conversation were Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot and Darby Dee. Due to technical difficulties, we didn't get the video from my standard computer, so I had to go with the laptop as a backup, but glad we could get it up and running! Wisconsin Tiff says in 2025 that she will be at the AVN in Las Vegas and in Chicago for Exxxotica, so don't miss out on seeing her when she cums to town! --- Support this podcast:
63:00 6/17/24
Mondo Heather - 6/9/2024
At first blush, Mondo Heather looks so innocent, but come to find out, she's got a secret!!! As our guest on our 6/9/2024 show, she talks about what she's been up to and what she has planned for the future in the adult entertainment business -- AND it may be different than what you think it is! Joining us were Jason Heath from Squeaky Clean Adult Films, Lorenzo, Darby Dee, Richard Pacheco and Cathy Brown! --- Support this podcast:
70:05 6/10/24
Daisy Chains (Hoopsy Daisy) - 6/2/2024
One thing that is uncontrollable is an internet connection and we fought two different internet connections and I finally had to throw in the white flag. We'll have to have Daisy Chains back on sometime because we didn't get everything talked about in this session. Our 6/2/2024 show was plagued by Portland, Oregon's internet -- plain and simple. This young lady is so full of energy and smiles that if you do get a chance to see her in person, she will light up your life, OR she'll spank you with her custom paddle that has her name on it in raised letters! We did get to know Daisy a bit and find out what makes her tick! For those going to Exxxotica in New Jersey, she will be there. Thanks to Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco for stopping by as well as the rest of the group! --- Support this podcast:
40:08 6/3/24
Victoria Vale - 5/19/2024
I was scanning my Twitter (now X) Feed the other day and something caught my eye! It was Victoria Vale!!! I knew that we had to have her on our show, so she appeared on our 5/19/2024 show! She talked about her start and where she thinks she'll be in the next 5 years or so. In addition, we talked about the challenges of having size 36-O breasts! Along to help with the discussion were Lorenzo PLUS two people from outside of the United States, which was pretty neat! We look forward to getting a hug from Victoria at the next Exxxotica! --- Support this podcast:
58:33 5/20/24
Heather Austin - 5/12/2024
As soon as I heard that voice and met that personality, I KNEW we had to have Heather Austin on our show. So, we had a chance to get inside the world of Heather Austin, "The Banned Girl" on our 5/12/2024 show. She went into depth about being banned from various websites AND places. She talked about future plans AND including future plans with her education! A fun filled show for sure with some "financial flirting" between Heather and Charles that had to be broken up!! Richard Pacheco, Lorenzo and Jiggy "I Hate Zoom" Jaguar were also on the show with us to help us out. Find Heather on line at and see all of her ORIGINAL content! --- Support this podcast:
57:35 5/13/24
Jason Heath - Squeaky Clean Adult Films - 5/5/2024
In early 2024, I was flipping through the billions of YouTube videos and came across Jason Heath with Squeaky Clean Adult Films and I immediately knew I had to have him on our show. So, on 5/5/2024 my wish came true and so Jason came on the show. I also knew that since he was doing CLASSIC adult films, I better have some Golden Age Adult Film Stars on as well. We talked about how Jason got his start and where he thinks he'll be taking his show down the road. It was great to have him with us and you can find his shows on his Barefoot & Independent channel - Along for the trip down memory lane were Richard Pacheco, Alan Adrian aka Naked John, Sean Elliot and Lorenzo. A special visit from Heather Drain made the show that much better! --- Support this podcast:
60:53 5/6/24
Angel Grave - 4/28/2024
Our guest for our 4/28/2024 show met me on a weird turn of events in regards to another performer and so a friendship was created from that. Angel Grave talks about her start in the business 13 years ago and where she sees herself in years to come. Along with Angel, a number of other folks joined us, including Micky Lynn and Richard Pacheco! Micky Lynn also had some great advice for Angel as well. Can't wait for Angel to drive the GILF Bus! --- Support this podcast:
58:45 4/29/24
Jamey Bell - LA LGBT Center - 4/21/2024
From time to time, I like to use this platform as an educational platform as much as I do a platform to recognize stars from the Adult Entertainment arena. Our 4/21/2024 show is just that. Jamey Bell is the Director of Sexual Health from the Los Angeles LGBT Center is with us to tell us about his role with the center, its history and its future. A big Thank You to Jamey for taking the time to stop by! Along to chat with us was Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco.Feel free to reach out to Jamey on Twitter at and find out more about PASS at --- Support this podcast:
55:45 4/22/24
Chicago Exxxotica Wrap Up 2024 - 4/15/2024
In traditional fashion, our post wrap up of Exxxotica 2024 happened in the lobby of the Embassy Suites on 4/14/2024. We talked to some of the folks in our autograph group and several Adult Entertainment stars. A fun time was had by all. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
45:01 4/15/24
Chicago Exxxotica Preview 2024 - 4/7/2024
My favorite time of the year is the Exxxotica in Chicago. We highlighted a few of the stars who will be at the show on our 4/7/2024 preview show, which is a great time to hear what is new with the entertainers as we kick off the 2024 round of Exxxotica events. Hope you all can stop by the Signatures After Dark / Jizz Talking booth, which is 739 and is next to the Loyal Fans Spotlight Booth. We can't wait to see you. Stopping by to say HI were Stella Carter, Lorenzo, Victoria Peaks, Billy Pilgrim, Missy Deep, Laci Foxx, Jiggy Jaguar, Brittany, Micky Lynn, Fallon Jane, James Bartholet and Evan Stone! --- Support this podcast:
60:49 4/8/24
Mallory Knight - 3/31/2024
Our most valuable player this year so far has to be Mallory Knight! Our scheduled guest didn't realize that 3/31/2024 was Easter, so Mallory stepped up from a recommendation from Fallon Jane -- which we appreciate! We talked to her about her career and where she sees herself down the road. We do give her a bit of crap for being in Hawaii at this time and missing Chicago Exxxotica 2024. Lorenzo joins us and adds a bit of insight as well. --- Support this podcast:
45:57 4/1/24
Valentina Fox - 3/24/2024
So many times we learn so much about a different area of Adult Entertainment and our 3/24/2024 show was no exception as we welcomed Valentina Fox. I fell in love with Valentina's neon signage behind her in her in home "studio" and then we learned more about her. Terms like "Ball Busting," "Gooning" and "Financial Humiliation" were just some of the many topics we covered with our guest. Along to get a further understanding of our guest was Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco. --- Support this podcast:
53:29 3/25/24
Misty Rain - 3/17/2024
After quite a bit of effort -- emails, calls, texts, smoke signals, etc -- we were finally able to get Misty Rain on our 3/17/2024 show with some Luck O' The Irish. Our 2004 AVN Hall of Fame star talked about her start and her career and what she's up to these days as well. Her hubby, Adult Film Star Chad Thomas makes a cameo appearance as well and we may feature him down the road. Thanks to a great group who came out for the show, including - Lorenzo, Richard Pacheco AND Chad Thomas (Misty's Hubby) who was in the business as well. Misty will be doing a private signing, so order/pay for your items now and we'll have that done on 5/15/2024, so just go to the website for that under SIGNINGS. --- Support this podcast:
64:57 3/18/24
Dahlia Is Dopey - 3/10/2024
Our guest for the 3/10/2024 Zoom Show is a 15 year veteran of camming, Dahlia Is Dopey! With a unique name and a unique personality, we had to dig deeper. Dahlia is a horror film addict and LOVES the old school stuff. She's a world traveler and is on several cam sites as well. Her plans are simple, just keeping on keeping on. Richard Pacheco and Lorenzo were also with us to ask questions and to seek knowledge. --- Support this podcast:
55:00 3/11/24
Jay Crew - 3/3/2024
Our guest Jay Crew had a story to tell and I thought that our 3/3/2024 show was as good a time as any to tell it. Not only has Jay been in front of the camera, he's also been behind the camera, going back to the 1980's! The adult film life has taken him all over the United States, but to Brazil and other places as well. More importantly, Jay had a bigger story to tell in our second half of the show. Several years ago, Jay was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Men, do we have your attention now? Travel back in time and find out how a successful porn star had prostate surgery and came back to his career in the adult film arena! Sharing our time with Jay was Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco. Men, get your PSA levels checked, ASAP! --- Support this podcast:
62:12 3/4/24
Fallon Jane - 2/25/2024
This year's Jizz Talking's MVP is Fallon Jane. I got an e-mail from our regularly scheduled guest, Dredd, that he had a family issue come up and could not make our show on 2/25/2024 and so I scrambled for a new guest. About that time my friend Gabe tagged me on Twitter that Fallon Jane was someone I needed to take notice of! So, on a whim, I followed her and then asked her to step in at the last minute and BOOM, she did! We are so happy to have her. We discussed her start in the business, Midwest living and future plans. Along with her we were joined by Richard Pacheco and Lorenzo! Keep an eye out for her at Exxxotica this year! --- Support this podcast:
63:22 2/26/24
ASN Lifestyle Magazine - 2/18/2024
A nice crowd was on hand for our 2/18/2024 Zoom Show that featured ASN Lifestyle Magazine and it's publisher Michael Ramos along with a couple of staff members. A great discussion was held on the history of the digital only magazine and where we will see it in the future. Beks Pineapple and Foxxy Darlin are currently two people who are also helping to promote and propel the magazine in the future. Guests and former "cover models" were with us as well including Sean Elliot, Micky Lynn, Lorenzo, Richard Pacheco and Victoria Peaks. A fun night was had by all and a lot of concepts for future editions of the magazine were discussed. If you get the chance, check out their publication! --- Support this podcast:
63:22 2/19/24
Eric Edwards - A Tribute To A Legend - 2/4/2024
As some of you may or may not know, adult film star Eric Edwards wrote to me to tell me he was diagnosed with Dementia, a cruel condition that affects memory, thinking and/or may impair a person from performing day to day functions or activities. The road will be long, as we all know someone in our lives that has suffered with this. Eric wrote me in what would be described as "making the best out of it" by saying, "I'd like one last interview as I don't know how much longer I will be able to remember things." So, I gave him an easy date to remember, 24-24. So on 2/4/2024, we brought together some of his friends and we had a night that Eric can go back to from time to time with fond memories and watch this tribute. There were laughs, tears and memories shared with some great guests including Amber Lynn, Luc Wylder, Alexandria Silk, Veronica Hart, Lorenzo, Sean Elliot, Keli Richards, Richard Pacheco and Cathy Brown. A whole lot of other friends and fans joined us as well. I thank each and every one of you for coming out for the event. --- Support this podcast:
87:54 2/5/24
Rob Spallone - 1/28/2024
Well, while most everyone has the AVN hangover, our 1/28/2024 guest was an AVN Hall Of Famer and world's best storyteller, Rob Spallone. Rob went to the School of Hard Knocks and is alive and well to talk about his days of being in the Big Apple to his move to California and everything in between. To help us out, we also had some other stars in their own right to be a part of the show, including, Lorenzo, Eric Edwards and Richard Pacheco. A side note is that we REALLY appreciated Rob being with us, because he was at work and was doing some work duty as well as walking around, and so we did have to edit some parts out. The interview is worth it for just the stories alone! --- Support this podcast:
57:11 1/29/24
All About Authors - 1/21/2024
Our 1/21/2024 Zoom Show is a special feature, dedicated to the authors who have written about their Adult Entertainment careers or who have had a hand in writing books for others in the Adult Entertainment arena. Recently, Cathy Brown wrote another book and we thought it was time to feature authors on our show. Cathy alone has had a hand in MANY books for adult stars and shares some of her secrets. Other authors on the show included Richard Pacheco, Mark Murray and Lisa Cintrice. They gave their insights and strategy in the world of book writing. Also joining us were Lorenzo and Bek's Pineapple, who gave us a quick review of the Krazy Winter Nights in Kearney, Nebraska! --- Support this podcast:
62:31 1/22/24
X3 - AVN Preview Show - 1/14/2024
It's that time of year where we talk to the stars who are headed west to either the X3 Show or the AVN Weekend Event. Our 1/14/24 Zoom Show wanted to get ahead of the action and find out what the people who are going plan do have in their booths or what type of promotions they were going to have. We've covered both before in the past, and it was always a popular show with several of our guests being named as AVN Award Nominees -- INCLUDING, "Jizz Talking!" Our guests included... Missy Deep, Victoria Peaks, Billy Pilgrim, James Bartholet, Lorenzo, Richard Pacheco, Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn for a fun filled evening! --- Support this podcast:
61:59 1/15/24
Kianna Bradley - 1/7/2024
Our first guest of 2024 is none other than Kianna Bradley! We welcomed her to the 1/7/2024 show and what a greeting she got from her friends and fans. She talked about her start in the business and what she's been up to lately. Joining us for our 5th season included Richard Pacheco and Lorenzo. We envision a few new business ventures for her, including flipping trailer houses and a new bakery project that you'll have to watch for that will hopefully open soon! A great way to start out our 5th season of Jizz Talking! --- Support this podcast:
65:08 1/8/24
Amber Lynn - 12/17/2023
What a way to round out 2023 with a visit with the iconic Amber Lynn on our 12/17/2023 show, our season finale! Amber has been around for what seems like forever and she did not disappoint. A big crowd on hand to chat up Amber, including a few "notable" guests -- Sharon Mitchell, Jon Martin, Richard Pacheco, Micky Lynn, Lorenzo and Eric Edwards. We even got to meet her dog, Little G as well. This show went well over our one hour time, but worth every minute. Again a huge thank you to Amber for making time to make our season finale the best! --- Support this podcast:
92:25 12/18/23
Ruby Lynne - 12/10/2023
As we wind down 2023, our 12/10/2023 guest was Ruby Lynne. You may have heard about Ruby and her writings about Granny Panties! We talked to her about that and many other things during her time with us. Along with Ruby, we welcomed Erika Ryko, Micky Lynn and Lorenzo! Find her writings on her page ! --- Support this podcast:
60:04 12/11/23
Lana Analise - 12/3/2023
We are slowly creeping along to our end of the year Zoom Shows for 2023 and we were very happy to have Lana Analise as our 12/3/2023 guest. A few things got out of control and the next thing you knew, everyone was showing off their hats, including the Jizz Talking hat you can order from Danny Blaq at or from our home page. Besides Danny Blaq, Richard Pacheco checked in as well and really loved Lana's energy. We wish her all the best in the years to come! --- Support this podcast:
51:56 12/4/23
DC Exxxotica Preview 2023 - 11/26/2023
It's coming up on December 1st - 3rd, 2023, Exxxotica DC and as tradition we help the stars promote what they will have at their booths the week before Exxxotica. So our 11/26/2023 is dedicated to the stars who will be involved in the show. Featured stars included Kiki D'Aire, James Bartholet, Richard Pacheco, Nikki Dial, Peach Fuzz, Lorenzo, Victoria Peaks, Heavenly XP and Bek's Pineapple! We had a fun time talking about what fans can expect and it was just a great night to ask questions of your favorite stars. --- Support this podcast:
72:59 11/27/23

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