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Every Sunday night we chat with a different person from the world of Adult Entertainment. You must belong to our Facebook Group - to get the LIVE Zoom Link or check in here to get the replay! Support this podcast:


Maestro Claudio - 9/24/2023
It's time to find out who the happy-go-lucky guy with the bushy eyebrows really is! Maestro Claudio was our guest for our 9/24/2023 show and it was a fun time for everyone. I had met our guest of the day at the Jim South 80th Birthday Party a few years back, but was never in the same area he was, so I never got to chat it up. BUT, we had a great chat on the show and he told us his secrets for staying young -- besides all of the hot women he hooks up with! He has so much energy but working with the gals he does, he needs it! A great time with a former Italian Engineer and pilot. --- Support this podcast:
47:29 9/25/23
Dr. Stephanie - Evolve Your Intimacy - 9/10/2023
We met Dr. Stephanie at Exxxotica in Miami in July of 2023 and she was an instant hit. She was not only at a booth, but was floating around like a butterfly, meeting people and making connections. After some talk, she said, "My people will talk to your people and I'll be on your show." I sent her a date for the show and she refused, saying that she had to go to the ASN Awards Show in Las Vegas. Luckily she went to the show, as she picked up 3 awards and we rebooked the show to 9/10/2023. The show was a look at what people were suffering with in their relationships and how communication is the key! Along with Dr. Stephanie, we also had Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco stopping by as part of the discussion. --- Support this podcast:
56:19 9/11/23
Debbie Revenge - 9/3/2023
Well, we battled Covid and dental work and a few other obstacles BUT we had Debbie Revenge with us for our 9/3/2023 Zoom Show. Debbie goes back in the business a few years so we had a lot of catching up to do with her. She also talked about her names change as "Debette" when she moved to the West Coast. I cannot say enough good things about the work she is doing today, at age 70, with the homeless population of Los Angeles. Joining us for the discussion were Casey Scott, Richard Pacheco, Lorenzo, Alan Adrian / John A. Mozzer, Cathy Brown and Sean Elliot.We also had a sad note as we reflected a bit on the life of Captain Jack Cannon aka Robert Aitken Jr as he passed way recently. Rest easy, Captain! --- Support this podcast:
63:15 9/4/23
Rex Radiation - 8/27/2023
Due to a last minute cancellation, we had Rex Radiation stepping up and stepping into the 8/27/2023 Zoom Show! We've seen Rex on the show several times, as he's the husband of Rebel Rhyder! While we see him a lot, we don't know that much about him, which we covered in the show! Our regularly scheduled guest will be back another week. Joining us with Rex were his lovely wife Rebel, Richard Pacheco and Lorenzo! --- Support this podcast:
60:45 8/28/23
Laci Foxx - 8/20/2023
On this HOT Iowa day, August 20, 2023 we talked to Laci Foxx, who also lives in the Hawkeye state. She was super friendly and talked about a few future trips she has coming up along with who she hopes to work with down the road. She's writing some short stories, so we hope to see them in her future endeavors as well. Along with Laci, we were joined by Sean Elliot, Lorenzo, Jiggy Jaguar and Richard Pacheco. --- Support this podcast:
58:00 8/21/23
Mandy Bright - 8/13/2023
A VERY lovely lady, Mandy Bright joined us on our 8/13/2023 Zoom Show and it was a real treat. Mandy has been in the adult business for 22 years and we talked about her start and where she hopes to take her career in the future. This self-proclaimed Elvis fan also showed us her very scary arm tattoo and says that she's an avid horror movie fan. Along with Mandy we had Jiggy Jaguar, Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco on the show as well. --- Support this podcast:
51:24 8/14/23
Lexi Luna - 8/6/2023
It rarely happens that I book any talent to appear on our show while at Exxxotica, but Lexi Luna loved the name "Jizz Talking" so much that she said she would certainly be on the 8/6/2023 Zoom Show! We covered a lot of ground with Lexi as she started out as an elementary school teacher and then moved into some more exotic activities and decided to hang up the teaching certificates for a new career in porn. We also welcomed Lorenzo and Richard Pacheco to hang out and ask questions as well. --- Support this podcast:
56:35 8/7/23
Juliette Hamilton - 7/30/2023
It's hard to live in the shadow of a name and especially if that person is named Bill Margold, BUT we had a chance to chat with his daughter Juliette Goldie Bear Margold Hamilton on 7/30/2023 and it was quite a trip down memory lane...for everyone. Juliette is in the process of writing a book about her father and so we thought it would be great to have her on to promote that AND maybe tell her a story or two about her late father Bill Margold. Our discussion was not only insightful, but heartfelt at times regarding her father. A few of Bill's contemporaries stopped by to chat as well, including Richard Pacheco, Herschel Savage, Sean Elliot, and Lorenzo. On a personal note, I hadn't talked to Juliette since her dad's memorial service, so it was nice to catch up with her. The memorial service for Bill Margold can be found here -- --- Support this podcast:
79:19 7/31/23
Trixie Dicksin - 7/23/2023
After recovering from a weekend at Exxxotica, we are bouncing back with Trixie Dicksin on our 7/23/2023 Zoom Show! I saw that Trixie had done some work with Naughty JoJo, so I just had to reach out to Trixie. Sadly, JoJo was on a shoot and couldn't be a part of the show. Even thought she downplayed herself a bit, Trixie had a roomful of people who believe in her and think she can go far! Along with Trixie, we also welcomed AVN Hall of Famer Richard Pacheco! --- Support this podcast:
57:07 7/24/23
Miami Exxxotica Wrap Up Show 2023 - 7/16/2023
A fun and hot time was had by all in Florida as we put a bow on Exxxotica Miami 2023 on our 7/16/2023 Wrap Up Zoom Show! As always, the audio/video isn't the best because of the Wi-Fi situation. We thank all who stopped by!!!! --- Support this podcast:
45:25 7/17/23
Miami Exxxotica Preview 2023 - 7/9/2023
Exxxotica Preview Shows are always fun and the 7/9/2023 preview show was no exception. A wide variety of guests and stars make the weekend a success for all who attend. Joining us tonight included Rebel Rhyder, Lorenzo, Billy Pilgrim, Sean Elliot, Rex Radiation, Victoria Peaks, Tad Pole, Missy Deep, Micky Lynn, Richard Pacheco, James Bartholet and Christy Canyon! A wide variety of questions and answers were asked and given! --- Support this podcast:
62:13 7/10/23
Kelly Nichols - 7/2/2023
One Golden Age Legend that I've been "pestering" for a while to be on our Zoom Show is Kelly Nichols. At long last for our 7/2/2023 show, she made an appearance and what a great turnout for this classy lady! We talked about her beginnings, her work behind the camera and what she is up to today! We also talked a bit about her long time partner Cass Paley who sadly passed away in 2022, but The Cass Paley Memorial Service is linked here as well. Along to join us were Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot, Lorenzo, Lisa Cintrice, Casey Scott, Cathy Brown, James Bartholet and Jose Duval. And YES Kelly, THIS is a thing! --- Support this podcast:
67:07 7/3/23
Casey Carter & Lorenzo - 6/25/2023
They've been at various Exxxotica shows since 2017, but who are Casey Carter and Lorenzo??? Well, they told us all about themselves on our 6/25/2023 show and will also be at Exxxotica in Miami in July of 2023. Casey who is a writer, also has a book out called "You Can't Get A Race Horse Out Of A Mule" that she wrote with her Mother and Sister. Lorenzo, after hearing his voice for a minute, does a lot of voice over work and is an influencer in the Social Media realm for the Adult Entertainment Industry. Joining us on the Zoom Show were Sean Elliot, Darby Dee and Richard Pacheco. --- Support this podcast:
58:39 6/26/23
Missy Deep - 6/18/2023
A BIG Thank You to Missy Deep for coming in at the 11th hour to help cover our 6/18/2023 Jizz Talking Zoom Show, as our scheduled guest was in the hospital. Her Twitter profile says she's a "BBW Mattress Actress" and it doesn't take long to scroll through her profile to see she has done a LOT of work in that area! It was sort of funny that as people would join the session Missy had to explain how she got into the business, so you'll hear that at least 3 times. Joining us for the show were Lorenzo, Sean Elliot and Micky Lynn. --- Support this podcast:
57:27 6/19/23
Madalynn Raye - 6/11/2023
Our Zoom Show guest for 6/11/2023 was Madalynn Raye. Honestly, I had no clue who she was, but LOVED some of her Twitter posts and she looked like she was into a variety of stuff online. We did learn that she loved to garden and DO NOT call her after 9:00pm at night, or she'll charge extra! A fun time was had by all as we also learned of a special digestive skill that she has. We chatted with her about how she got started and future plans. Along with us were Richard Pacheco and Darby Dee.Catch Madalyn at and see what she has to offer as all of her links and kinks are there! --- Support this podcast:
52:19 6/12/23
Dr. Reese Rideout - 6/4/2023
A BIG Thank You to Dr. Reese Rideout for stepping up to replace our other guest who came down with a very bad eye infection for our 6/4/2023 Zoom Show. Doc has been through a few changes throughout his career and we talk about his latest projects and his NEW identity. Along to discuss what's new with Dr. Rideout are our fans, PLUS Darby Dee and Richard Pacheco! In addition to talking to Dr. Rideout, we discussed the Deep Throat @ 50 screenings that were held in LA over the weekend and the upcoming events in San Francisco and Oakland. Follow the good doctor on Twitter - --- Support this podcast:
59:44 6/5/23
Keisha - 5/28/2023
If you've been around the Adult Entertainment Business for any length of time, you know there are several one-word star names that really stand out. Keisha is one of those names! We were so honored to have Keisha as a part of our long weekend Zoom Show on 5/28/2023 and the fans did not disappoint. Of course, many of her co-stars came out in force too, as they wanted to catch up with the starlet as well -- including -- Jose Duval, Richard Pacheco and James Bartholet. --- Support this podcast:
68:48 5/29/23
Billy Pilgrim - 5/14/2023
Billy Pilgrim is an example of how nice guys finish first! It was great to chat with Billy on our 5/14/2023 Zoom Show and find out more about him. I know that he was all over Exxxotica in Chicago and I saw him in MANY Twitter posts of my lady friends after the weekend! If you get a chance to meet him, just walk up and say HI as he's as real as it gets. You can find Billy on ManyVids via the search tool and he is also on Twitter - so check him out! --- Support this podcast:
61:43 5/15/23
Jay Kopita - YNOT - 5/7/2023
Our guest for our 5/7/2023 show was Jay Kopita from YNOT. If you are a frequent attendee of any of the adult conventions you are sure to see Jay buzzing around, MANY times with a stern look on his face. As we now know from our interview, that's because of him turning his thoughts inwards, being on a mission or thinking about that recent Tom Jones concert he attended! It was great to find out what Jay did and what his roles with YNOT are. Along with chatting with Jay, Sean Elliot and Richard Pacheco joined the discussion and of course Sean livened the group up with his impression of Jay! Keep up the hard work Jay -- and smile now and then! --- Support this podcast:
53:05 5/8/23
"The Gifted" w/Ginger Lynn - 4/30/2023
A new project that Ginger Lynn is involved in is called, "The Gifted" and is a horror film -- which seems to be the main thrust of Gingers "post-porn" career over the last many years. We visited with Ginger on 4/30/2023 after our trip to Exxxotica in Chicago and she talked about the film, the cast and the staff. We also talked about her many other projects that she'd had, including her adult career. Due to us moving the Zoom Shows ahead an hour, we didn't have quite the crowd, so those watching the replay will miss Ginger flashing her 34D boobs at us! --- Support this podcast:
51:25 5/1/23
Chicago Exxxotica Wrap Up Show 2023
All things considered we had a fun time in Chicago for Exxxotica 2023. Our 4/23/2023 Wrap Up Zoom Show really showcased a lot of the stars that made Exxxotica possible. Our guests included James Bartholet, Sean Elliot, Jocelyn Stone, Rebecca Love, Lily Craven, Edyn Blair, Spencer Bradley, Lilly James, Micky Lynn, Victoria Peaks, Nikki Dial, Nickey Huntsman, The Mad Harlot and Lynn LeMay! Whew! I used my 5g Internet unit here, so the quality isn't to where it should be, but enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
51:41 4/24/23
Chicago Exxxotica Preview 2023
Tis the season!! It's Exxxotica season again and we are kicking it off with our 4/16/2023 Chicago Exxxotica Preview Show!! We have a great line up at our Signatures After Dark / Jizz Talking Booth and will mix legends in with future AVN Hall of Fame ladies AND some newcomers! Joining us for the show were Richard Pacheco, Rex Radiation, Victoria Peaks, Rebel Rhyder, Christy Canyon, Erikka Ryko, Sean Elliot, Lilly James, Gigi Sweets, James Bartholet and Tad Pole. We had a great chat and not only talked about the show, but talked about first scenes and downtime after the shows are over. A lot of talent in this show!! Thanks to everyone who made it! --- Support this podcast:
74:49 4/17/23
Tad Pole - 4/9/2023
Our 4/9/2023 interview was with self-made Porn Star Tad Pole! Tad has built a brand that is a solid grassroots effort with a few other guys and a stable of women that are just out-of-this-world beautiful!! We had a great night with a lot of discussion on how everyone in the group thinks that the Tad Pole Brand is on its way to the top! Along for tonight's discussion was a plethora of folks including - Rex Radiation, Rebel Rhyder, Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot, Erikka Ryko, Lorenzo and Darby Dee. There was NO shortage of talent or praise in the room. Tad Pole will be BUSY at Exxxotica and is planning a 100 guy Gang Bang in Chicago for June 24th, 2023 -- so reach out if you want to be a part of that action! --- Support this podcast:
63:50 4/10/23
Marvellee - 4/2/2023
What do you get when you cross a fan of Marvel Comics with a BIG fan of Stan Lee? You get this week's guest Marvellee!! Marvellee was on our 4/2/2023 Zoom Show and we talked about how she got her start in early 2020 and her career in various restaurants. She was at the 2021 Exxxotica, but had "issues" staying in her booth and was more of a social butterfly. She talks about future plans as well as what is going on with her for the rest of 2023. Richard Pacheco and Erikka Ryko joined us and had a lengthy discussion of limp penises! Marvellee will soon have her website finished up at but for now you can find her on Mini Vids! --- Support this podcast:
57:41 4/3/23
Carmela Clutch - 3/26/2023
What happens when you combine the "Queen of Sweaty Sex" with the "Most Epic Ass" on a Zoom Show?? You get our 3/26/2023 show featuring Carmela Clutch! This gal has both body and brains and really impressed our group with her knowledge and drive to get ahead, not only in the adult industry, but in other aspects of entertainment. Carmela talked about some of her performances, but gave our attendees some behind the scenes info on the things that SHE is interested in and what she has picked up in the last 3-4 years of her career. This "self-described" nerd lets it all hang out when it comes to what she feels makes great content. In her words, "Content is king, but traffic is God!" We also welcomed Richard Pacheco and Sean Elliot who really enjoyed their time with Carmela as well. --- Support this podcast:
61:29 3/27/23
Gerard Damiano - 3/19/2023
When you think of the Adult Entertainment Industry and its history, all roads lead back to basically two movies -- Deep Throat and The Devil In Miss Jones. Well, we had the privilege to have a chat with the son of the brainchild of those two movies, Gerald Damiano Junior on our 3/19/2023 Zoom Show. We talked about growing up with his father, Jerry and all that entailed, PLUS what he's doing now to honor the legacy of these movies. The podcast is long, but VERY well worth the history lesson that it contains. Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot, Richard Pacheco, Cathy Brown and Darby Dee were a part of things as well. --- Support this podcast:
89:01 3/20/23
Ona Zee - 3/12/2023
We were beyond honored to have Ona Zee with us for our 3/12/2023 Zoom Show! Ona will be appearing at the Cinema Wasteland event in Ohio on March 30th, April 1st and 2nd and we wanted to help promote that event as well as chit chat with her about her career. Along the way Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot, Darby Dee, Danny Blaq and Scott Schwartz stopped by to converse. Listening in without a microphone was a first timer-- Penny Antine! Ona talked about being a pioneer in so many areas of the adult entertainment business and was given LOTS of praise and well wishes from the fans who were on the show. Ona is part of a website called in which you can meet her in person!  Ona is hoping to  do more personal appearances, as she is currently writing a book and we can't wait until that comes out! --- Support this podcast:
62:44 3/13/23
Wendy Raine - 2/19/2023
Several weeks ago I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and came across a brief scene of a sexy MILF and a young man and I was like  WOW! I knew I had to contact this gal for a Zoom show, so on 2/19/2023, Wendy Raine was on our show! Not long after getting started in 2021, she was off to the races doing scenes for Bang Bros, Reality Kings AND Brazzers!! We had to find out this MILF's secrets of her success and found her to be very humble and thankful for the strides she's made. AVN Hall of Fame Actor Richard Pacheco was along for some insight as well. We did have some technical issue  BUZZING going on and ended up giving one of our interviewers Alex a bad time for pointing out that Wendy was a blonde!   Much success to you Wendy, we know you will be a big star! --- Support this podcast:
49:09 2/20/23
Demora Avarice - 1/29/2023
Due to a last minute cancellation on 1/29/2023, Damora Avarice filled in and boy did she ever fill in!  Dressed in your favorite Lumberjack attire she talked about her career, her future and what led up to being at X3 and Exxxotica in 2022 and 2023! Along to chat with Demora was Danny Blaq, Darby Dee and Erikka Ryko. She is a great time with a beautiful lady with a big heart.  Watch and find out why she is so special! --- Support this podcast:
53:06 1/30/23
The Mad Harlot - 1/22/2023
Those eyes, the hair, that smile -- I knew we had to have The Mad Harlot on our Zoom Show at some point in time and our 1/22/2023 show seemed like the perfect time. You can fine Penelope, "The Mad Harlot" strolling around ALL of the Exxxotica locations in 2023! She talks about her life and goes back to the 1990's to tell us what she was up to then as well. There's a lot to unpack in this episode as we also talk about our weekend at the X3 Expo and some of the other events we took in last weekend with our autograph group! Along for the discussion was Darby Dee, Erikka Ryko and Richard Pacheco! Sad news, some of the audio cut out on the Zoom Show, which seemed to be Zoom's fault. --- Support this podcast:
56:45 1/22/23