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The show FOR trade business owners BY trade business owners, hosted by David Sudworth, owner and founder of Mr Soot Chimney Sweep & Training Centre. Based in the North West of England, David started his company as a one-man band. It’s now one of the fastest growing  solid fuel industry companies in the UK.On Trade Entrepreneur, David and his guests will talk about all things business, particularly related to trades and blue collar work. He’ll also share his knowledge of marketing, PR and communication which has made Mr Soot one of the country’s most recognisable sweeping and solid fuel training companies. Want to appear on the show? Email


#69 - ‘I thought COVID was the end - but we’re back stronger than ever’ - Ryan Hancock
In this episode, founder of Flue & Ducting, Ryan Hancock, talks about his background, how he brought Duraflue to the UK, and the moment he thought his business would close for good.This episode is brought to you in conjunction with Fireplace Specialist Magazine -  the official and only independent trade magazine supporting the industry. Read the latest edition at
42:35 6/21/24
#68 'From Black Tie to Black Hands!' - Gary Walker's Career Change To A HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep
Yorkshire marketing professional Gary Walker traded black tie dinners for black hands when he trained as a HETAS approved chimney sweep.He talks to David about his first 'silly season' and how his background is giving his brand the marketing edge.The Trade Entrepreneur episode is brought to you in conjunction with Advance Chimney Cameras - the quality CCTV flue inspection equipment used by professionals. Visit
62:45 5/12/24
#67 - Why I Left My Business For SIX Months - Interview with Byron Schramm of Midtown Chimney Sweep Franchise
Byron Schramm left his chimney business in Colorado behind for six months - and set out for a European adventure.David catches up with him on the British leg of his tour to discuss chimneys, entrepreneurship and the work-life balance ‘myth’.This episode is brought to you in association with Rodstation chimney rods - the equipment used by professional sweeps internationally. Visit for more information.
64:36 3/7/24
#66 - We MUST Bridge The White-Blue Collar Divide - Interview with Daniel Ezzatvar
Marketing expert Daniel Ezzatvar researched the construction sector for his Masters Degree. He tells David how he’s now using that as a springboard to help bridge the white-blue collar divide across the sector.This episode is brought to you in conjunction with Fireplace Specialist Magazine -  the official and only independent trade magazine supporting the industry. Read the latest edition at
60:27 1/28/24
#65 - ‘It was the biggest SHOCK - I almost couldn’t cope’ - James Archer, of Clock Woodburners
James Archer went from one-man-in-his-shed to being the face of one of the UK’s best known stove brands.But as Clock Woodburners underwent a meteoric rise, James found it a challenge to adapt to these new pressures.In a frank interview with David, James talks about how he started out in the industry, the secret behind Clock’s success, and his plans for the future.
72:59 9/3/23
#64 - Franchisee To Franchisor: Liam Hobbs of More Than Loft Ladders
“He liked it so much he bought the company!”In this episode, Liam Hobbs, of More Than Loft Ladders, tells David how he went from being a franchisee to buying the business outright.It’s a fascinating story from someone who has a real entrepreneurial spirit who only really acted on it a bit later in life. 
57:32 8/6/23
#63 - How British Chimney Sweeps Can Learn From The USA - Interview with Joe Gomez
Essex chimney sweep Joe Gomez sat the US chimney sweep exams - and passed. He now wants to help improve standards here in the UK. In this episode he talks to David about his experiences in America…
51:23 6/24/23
#62 - 'Chimney Sweep Associations Got It Wrong - Here's How To Fix It'
Sixth-generation sweep Josh Firkins joins David for an indepth discussion about the future of chimney sweeping, and how he feels trade associations have got it wrong...
65:45 5/28/23
#61 - Why I Made The Leap To Expand - Follow-Up Interview With Alastair Kemp
In a follow up to last year's interview about whether to grown his one-man band, Wilts chimney sweep Alastair Kemp returns to the show to reflect on what he did next...
43:57 4/2/23
#60 - Taxing Times: Why Some Businesses Are Stalling
With a sluggish economy, the UK needs small businesses to drive growth. So why are some unable to meet even their own aspirations? In this episode, David reveals a key issue which the Government needs to sort out ASAP...
19:04 3/19/23
#59 - Why I Started This Podcast, Became A Business Mentor & Now Champion Fellow Tradespeople
Focusing solely on your business means potentially missing out on opportunities. In this episode, David outlines how 'outside' interests beyond your day-to-day work can help you and your business...
22:02 3/12/23
#58 - Banishing Seasonality: How To Create All-Year-Round Business
Cashflow can be tricky in a seasonal business. But there are some steps you can take to counteract that, as David discusses in this episode...
19:33 3/5/23
#57 - The Mindset Which RUINS Business Growth...
Expanding your business can be challenging, but having a scarcity mindset can strangle any idea at birth. In this episode, David looks at how overcoming this is vital if you want to grow...
22:51 2/26/23
#56 - Five Tips For GROWTH In A Recession
It's clear we're in choppy financial waters - and adapting to survive can be a necessity. In this episode, David looks at how you can grow even when the economy is shrinking...
20:43 2/19/23
#55 - Why FAILURE Definitely *Is* An Option
Too many people are scared of failure. But it's actually an essential ingredient to any success story. In this episode, David explains why we need to redefine our relationship with it...
23:31 2/12/23
#54 - Lessons From 'The Founder' - aka McDonald's The Movie
When Ray Kroc travelled to a small restaurant in California, little did he know it would be the first step towards creating a global brand. This week, David reveals why you too should watch 'The Founder' - the story of McDonald's
17:33 2/5/23
#53 - Why Consistency REALLY Matters in Business
It's tempting to let routines slide, but the key to success often relies on the repetition of tasks which, ultimately, lead you towards your goals...
22:52 1/29/23
#52 - Why Tradespeople FAIL To Grow Their Business
Many want to expand, but when it comes to the crunch. many tradespeople just can't do it. Is it down to circumstances, or is there something else at play? In this episode, David looks at the 5 reasons why many one-person bands remain stuck...
22:49 1/22/23
#51 - Stop BORING Your Customers: 5 Things They Really Don't Care About
As business owners, it's easy to believe customers care about the same things you do. It's rarely the case. In this episode, David reveals the 5 things customers really couldn't care less about...
22:09 1/15/23
#50 - The FIVE Lessons From My Own Business Start-Up
January is a peak time for people taking the plunge and setting up a new business. In this episode, David discusses the five lessons he took from his own business start-up...
26:24 1/8/23
#49 - Christmas: A Time For Reflection & Planning Ahead
In his final podcast of 2022, David explains why Christmas and New Year provides a welcome opportunity to both look forward and back...
19:16 12/18/22
#48 - Entrepreneurship While Still 'On The Tools'
For those who aren't yet 'off the tools', this can be the hardest part of the entrepreneurial journey. In this episode, David talks about his own experiences about working both 'in' and 'on' the business at the same time...
21:42 12/11/22
#47 - Don't Let Perfect Be The Enemy of The Good
Too many great ideas never see the light of day - because people are scared they're 'not ready'. In this episode, David discusses why no idea is ever perfect...
23:11 12/4/22
#46 - Why I'm Expanding My Business Further
After starting his growth journey in early 2021, David is now ready to take it to the next level in 2023...
24:18 11/27/22
#45 - When Professionals Act Unprofessionally...
The term is widely recognised, but rarely understood. In this episode, David examines how you need to guard against so many things which could undermine you and your professionalism in the eyes of customers.
21:53 11/20/22
#44 - Everyone Is NOT Your Customer - Smart Social Media with Brianna Harvey
David returns to Ashton Old Baths in Tameside, Manchester, to chat with Brianna Harvey, of Digital Flamingo. They discuss why scattergun social media marketing doesn't work, and why you need to know your target customer
43:33 11/13/22
#43 - Celebrating Entrepreneurs: What Britain Can Learn From America
In this week's episode, David is joined by US-born Brianna Harvey,  owner of Manchester social media marketing company Digital Flamingo, to discuss the differing attitudes towards entrepreneurship in the UK and the USA. They also discuss how entrepreneurship can be a lonely business and why it's important to find a good support network.
30:57 11/6/22
#42 - Why the UK Needs MORE Chimney Sweeps
The demand for chimney sweeps this winter has been unprecedented. David believes the time has come to say what is plain for all to see... 
23:11 10/30/22
#41 - Five WORST Reasons For Starting A Business
Starting a business is an exciting time - but a dose of reality goes a long way! In this episode, David examines the pitfalls of 'head in the clouds' thinking...
22:33 10/23/22
#40 - Get Forgiveness, Not Permission: Business For Punks (Part 2)
In the second part of his review of Business For Punks, by Brewdog co-founder James Watt, David looks how you need to understand the 'rules' so you know how far to push the envelope...
26:14 10/16/22

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