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Hosted by Keith Russell and Chris Sherlock. Let the guys take you on a journey through life as they have experienced it while living with mental health issues. Keith and Chris tell some funny stories and offer some advice on how they have dealt with random daily life. Podcast Music by Mikey G Beats - Instagram: @mikey_g_beats


S2-Episode 10: Discussing PTSD, OCD, More Weekly Antics + A Positive set of inspirational stories
The Final Waffle of Series 2.  In Episode 10, The lads explain what's been going on in their lives since the previous episode as Chris had a short social media break, Keith looses his phone between the back garden decking... (What a twat)  Keith explains to Chris that he likes to thank the supermarket cashiers and believes its an Irish thing? following this Chris reveals he likes to screw with supermarkets minds in a specific way! Chris explains his experience with P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in a more in-depth detail and also chats more about his experience with what his thinks is mild O.C.D. Keith also gives his take as he Joined a panel fundraiser towards O.C.D Treatment for Emma O'Sullivan apart of the #ChangewithEmma Campaign as she also raises awareness for O.C.D. (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) For the final time, Chris has been researching on trusty google for more inspiring and uplifting stories and in this episode he has a set that has some positive change and action to them. Keith adds a great phrase/self help prayer to tie in with them. Thank you for listening!
46:17 8/22/22
S2-Episode 9: Discussing the importance of Resting, Sleeping and supportive people
In Episode 9, Keith & Chris hash out what they have been up too since the previous episode in which Chris never disappoints as he has another rant that nearly bursts a blood vessel.   Keith takes some down time to rest and relax which is always important to squeeze into a hectic lifestyle, plus he met a woman which showed her support of thanks for sharing his story. We continue to chat about chilling out and how sleep is so important for maintaining a focused mind and happier life. The lads also chat about supportive people whether it be a family member or medical health professional as its good to talk to someone you trust and reach out for further help that's not a YouTuber, Podcast or book. Finally, Chris gives us a bizarre and strange uplifting story with a Lottery twist.
44:10 8/8/22
S2-Episode 8: Discussing Reliving Childhood memories and how Pets are good for your Mental Health
In Episode 8, We chat about a bastard.... that's actually neither Keith or Chris. Keith tells us he's finally escaped from the sex dungeon and is back in Dublin with perfect WIFI and he tells us he's joined a gym and how important it is having supportive people in your life. The lads reveal what they have been up to since episode 7, Chris confesses what he used to get up to as a kid that would now get him arrested while Keith tells us how he used to play with paper as a kid.... (Yes, Very exciting) and he used to build go-karts. Also, they talk about their pets growing up and who they have apart of their families currently, it turns out Keith's not a fan of a pussy. Plus another uplifting story regarding a shooting from Chris's fine research skills!
40:59 8/1/22
S2-Episode 7: Discussing Stupid Pedestrians, Concerts, Depression Stats, Irish 90s Nostalgia and other shite!
In Episode 7, We really are just waffling about loads of shite in this episode! As usual Chris has a rant and this week it's about stupid pedestrians! The lads reveal what they have been up to since the previous episode, they talk about nostalgic 90s Irish Children's TV, Depression stats from 2019 and Keith has more info on Jack'een's and Culchies. Plus, Chris has another uplifting story that features Gordon Ramsay!
44:22 7/25/22
S2-Episode 6: Discussing Keith Latest Dentist Torcher, Going through motions of Frustration, Anger and Sadness Plus another uplifting story
In Episode 6, Keith explains his latest trip to the dentist as regular listeners would know it's never good! Chris and Keith chat how going through the motions of Frustration, Anger and having a good cry is actually good for them, Keith tell us about his latest adventure at a Lego fair, Chris explains how he met the Man Utd team and had no clue who they were... and once again another inspiring feel good story.
40:38 7/18/22
S2-Episode 5: Discussing Keith Little Wins, Elvis Puns, Chris's Foul mood so naturally the lads have more rants!
In Episode 5, Chris is certainly in a foul mood in this episode and plagues Keith with Elvis Puns in amongst that they rant about E-Scooter owners, people invading personal spaces and bank Que's, Keith explains he's recent little win overcoming daunting thoughts in dealing with anxiousness and frustration. Plus they chat about small management solutions in their own way when feeling worried and overwhelmed.  
27:22 7/11/22
S2-Episode 4: Discussing their latest antics, Mental Health wins against PTSD and Anxiety and a prank from beyond the grave!
In Episode 4, Keith has a dementia moment in his ripe old age and tell us what he got up to recently helping out on a Mental Health panel discussion fundraiser for #ChangewithEmma by Emma O'Sullivan. Chris explains about having little wins against P.T.S.D and Anxiety, within all this the usual banter applies and the lads share another uplifting/bizarre story from beyond the grave! (Literally!) 
32:47 7/4/22
S2-Episode 3: Discussing Chris's Wedding adventures, Mindfulness eating, Bullying and a strange story!
In Episode 3, Chris reveals what he got up to at his cousins wedding over in the UK, Keith and Chris chat further about eating habits and being mindful around it. Chris opens up about his bullying story for the first time on WaffleBox. Plus Keith is in charge of finding an uplifting story this week.. but actually finds a bizarre one instead.
49:18 6/29/22
S2-Episode 2: Discussing Holiday Disasters, Keith's Body Dysmorphia Disorder and a Quadrillionaire
In this second episode Keith gets the lowdown off Chris as he recently had Magician and Mentalist Keith Barry as a guest on his radio show, Chris finds out that Keith is a useless lifeguard (which comes at no surprise really). Keith explains for the first time on the podcast about his diagnosis of living with Body Dysmorphia and Chris finds another sorta feel good uplifting story.
28:59 6/13/22
S2-Episode 1: Ranting about promo emails, traffic jams, car trouble and how sleep is important
Keith and Chris are back with Series 2 of the Wafflebox podcast discussing how sleep is important, traffic jams, car trouble, ranting about advertisement emails and what we have been doing since the end of Series 1. 
37:04 6/6/22
Bonus Episode 10: Our Best Bits! Discussing our series highlights, Bloopers and one last rant of the series
In this FINAL episode of series one, Keith and Chris each pick two of their favourite stories from the series as the duo recap on their highlights. They have some bloopers and never heard before bits that didn't make the main episodes. Plus they give their final rant on hoodies and share comical stories that involve their dogs.
41:22 2/14/22
Episode 9: More pet peeves, guilty pleasures, Keith mixes up his kids, Chris tells us what his karaoke song is
The lads chat about more pet peeves. Keith explains how he gets his kids mixed up. Chris rants about skinny jeans. We have another uplifting story and plenty of waffles.  All info about The WaffleBox Podcast and co-hosts Keith and Chris are available on 
40:08 2/7/22
Episode 8: With Guest Comedian & Impressionist Al Foran Discussing His Career, Pet Peeves, sharing health stories and a Impressionist masterclass!
Keith & Chris welcome Comedian and Impressionist Al Foran on the Podcast as their first ever guest. The lads chat to Al about his career so far and what his going to be getting up too on his brand new podcast. Plus Al tell us his pet peeves, we chat about our health stories and Al gives us a masterclass on how to do impressions ! Al and Chris chat about their mutual friend Magician and Mentalist Keith Barry to which Chris reveals all about his encounter on his own radio show of Keith hacking his Bank Card Pin Code so as promised here is the link to the video Twitter: @ImpressionistAL Instagram: @alforancomedy Facebook: @alforancomedy TikTok: @alforancomedy
51:47 1/31/22
Episode 7: Discussing Keith's new Tech, more of Chris's Rants, Irish Covid Restrictions lifting along with Death & Grief
Chris rants about Irish Trains and Dublin, Keith Gets new tech & Lego. We talk about the latest Irish Covid Restrictions as nearly every restriction has lifted in Ireland and Keith and Chris talk about their experiences with Death & Grief.
31:34 1/24/22
Episode 6: Discussing Workouts, Pet Peeves, Uplifting & Harrowing Moments, Children's TV with Non-Binary Puppet!
Keith and Chris continuing on what they do best! Waffling utter shit!  In episode 6 we discuss working out at the Gym, an array of Pet Peeves to which some gets Chris highly rattled, Uplifting moments in the world of news , Keith purchases more TV Show memorabilia and tells Chris what's newly added to his collection and we also chat about how an Irish children's TV puppet comes out as Non-Binary. 
38:08 1/17/22
Episode 5: Keith & Chris discuss Accident Prone Keith , OCD, Luxury Habits and Bucket Lists
Episode 5: Keith & Chris chat about how Keith is Accident prone, Cleanliness OCD,  Luxury Habits, Facing Fears and Dream Ambitions on their Bucket Lists, Chris continues to try get sponsorship via eating products during the podcast. [Believe it or not he can be professional sometimes]
39:37 1/10/22
Episode 4: The New Year Waffle! Discussing Guilt, Social Media, Wellbeing, Anxiety, The cost of living and more
Keith & Chris bring you their New Year Waffle full of rants about Restrictions, shopping and the cost of living. Plus we chat how Christmas 2021 went along with others topics including Guilt, Social Media, Wellbeing, Anxiety and Keith's annual fainting story. Finally, you may hear Chris's live near death experience while Keith laughs his hole off! 
46:36 12/30/21
Episode 3: The Christmas Waffle! Discussing Stresses at Christmas, Loneliness, Depression and variety of festive chat
In a special festive episode, Keith & Chris discuss the stress of Christmas Shopping and filling out forms, Keith's annual Fainting story, loneliness and depression at Christmas. We chat about other festive topics like Elf on The Shelf, Christmas Movies, Christmas Songs, Self sabotage of New Year resolutions, and The Late Late Toy Show plus a special tribute to the frontline workers!
50:34 12/13/21
Episode 2: Keith and Chris discuss OCD, Anxiety, Bad habits, Multitasking and Escapisms
Keith Russell and Chris Sherlock have had their fair share of mental health struggles. They share some stories and anecdotes about like through their eyes. In episode two of The Waffle Box Podcast, the guys discuss Bad Habits, O.C.D, Lego, dealing with anxiety in situations of customer service and driving, They also talk about multitasking, their comforts and escapisms. Plus lets not forget Keith's annual fainting story and Chris's rants You can find out more about Keith and Chris at Keith is on Twitter: @Keith_Russell Chris is on Twitter: @Chris_Sherlock Podcast Music by Mikey G Beats - Instagram: @mikey_g_beats
47:07 11/29/21
Episode 1: Keith and Chris discuss self service, dentists, flying and chicken fillet rolls
Keith Russell and Chris Sherlock have had their fair share of mental health struggles. They share some stories and anecdotes about like through their eyes. In this first episode of The Waffle Box Podcast, the guys discuss using self-service checkout tills, going to the dentist, fear of flying, fainting, and the best way to make the old Irish classic - a chicken fillet roll.   You can find out more about Keith and Chris at Keith is on Twitter: @Keith_Russell Chris is on Twitter: @Chris_Sherlock Podcast Music by Mikey G Beats - Instagram: @mikey_g_beats
45:33 11/22/21
Keith & Chris's Wafflebox Podcast Trailer
Join us for a brand new podcast were we chat all things Mental Health share stories and even have the odd rant for stress relief! (That's our excuse and we are sticking to it!)
01:32 11/18/21

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