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The WaffleBox Podcast

Hosted by Keith Russell and Chris Sherlock. Let the guys take you on a journey through life as they have experienced it while living with mental health issues. Keith and Chris tell some funny stories and offer some advice on how they have dealt with random daily life. Podcast Music by Mikey G Beats - Instagram: @mikey_g_beats


S2-Episode 9: Discussing the importance of Resting, Sleeping and supportive people 44:10 08/08/2022
S2-Episode 8: Discussing Reliving Childhood memories and how Pets are good for your Mental Health 40:59 08/01/2022
S2-Episode 7: Discussing Stupid Pedestrians, Concerts, Depression Stats, Irish 90s Nostalgia and other shite! 44:22 07/25/2022
S2-Episode 6: Discussing Keith Latest Dentist Torcher, Going through motions of Frustration, Anger and Sadness Plus another uplifting story 40:38 07/18/2022
S2-Episode 5: Discussing Keith Little Wins, Elvis Puns, Chris's Foul mood so naturally the lads have more rants! 27:22 07/11/2022
S2-Episode 4: Discussing their latest antics, Mental Health wins against PTSD and Anxiety and a prank from beyond the grave! 32:47 07/04/2022
S2-Episode 3: Discussing Chris's Wedding adventures, Mindfulness eating, Bullying and a strange story! 49:18 06/29/2022
S2-Episode 2: Discussing Holiday Disasters, Keith's Body Dysmorphia Disorder and a Quadrillionaire 28:59 06/13/2022
S2-Episode 1: Ranting about promo emails, traffic jams, car trouble and how sleep is important 37:04 06/06/2022
Bonus Episode 10: Our Best Bits! Discussing our series highlights, Bloopers and one last rant of the series 41:22 02/14/2022
Episode 9: More pet peeves, guilty pleasures, Keith mixes up his kids, Chris tells us what his karaoke song is 40:08 02/07/2022
Episode 8: With Guest Comedian & Impressionist Al Foran Discussing His Career, Pet Peeves, sharing health stories and a Impressionist masterclass! 51:47 01/31/2022
Episode 7: Discussing Keith's new Tech, more of Chris's Rants, Irish Covid Restrictions lifting along with Death & Grief 31:34 01/24/2022
Episode 6: Discussing Workouts, Pet Peeves, Uplifting & Harrowing Moments, Children's TV with Non-Binary Puppet! 38:08 01/17/2022
Episode 5: Keith & Chris discuss Accident Prone Keith , OCD, Luxury Habits and Bucket Lists 39:37 01/10/2022
Episode 4: The New Year Waffle! Discussing Guilt, Social Media, Wellbeing, Anxiety, The cost of living and more 46:36 12/30/2021
Episode 3: The Christmas Waffle! Discussing Stresses at Christmas, Loneliness, Depression and variety of festive chat 50:34 12/13/2021
Episode 2: Keith and Chris discuss OCD, Anxiety, Bad habits, Multitasking and Escapisms 47:07 11/29/2021
Episode 1: Keith and Chris discuss self service, dentists, flying and chicken fillet rolls 45:33 11/22/2021
Keith & Chris's Wafflebox Podcast Trailer 01:32 11/18/2021