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The Economy, Land & Climate Podcast

The editorial team Economy, Land & Climate Insight interview thinkers and policymakers in the world of economics, land-use and climate policy. Find more on the ELCI site at


What does Australia's new Labor government mean for climate politics? 24:54 08/04/2022
Can palm oil be ethical and sustainable in Indonesia? 34:55 07/22/2022
Has environmental policy contributed to the crisis in Sri Lanka? 16:45 07/07/2022
Is a utopian future still possible with climate breakdown? 24:23 07/01/2022
How has climate change affected Lebanon? With Assaad Razzouk 22:16 06/24/2022
Is the finance industry on track for net zero? 22:56 06/16/2022
Human rights, climate change, and the Philippines - with Yeb SaƱo 21:19 06/09/2022
How are assumptions around science and migration undermining climate policy? With Sonia Shah 26:18 05/17/2022
How to tackle methane in a meat-eating world? 15:09 05/10/2022
What are the issues threatening oceans in the Pacific? With Dame Meg Taylor DBE 22:28 04/12/2022
CCS: what are the right (and wrong) ways to do carbon capture and storage? 25:54 04/08/2022
Roxane Andersen explains why peatlands are the "superheroes" of carbon storage 31:15 03/25/2022
Is climate modelling undermined by economics and ideology? 26:34 03/18/2022
How Europe funds illegal Russian logging, and why timber sanctions matter - with Earthsight's Sam Lawson 22:21 03/11/2022
Can BECCS really provide negative emissions? NRDC's senior scientist Sami Yassa presents new research 32:21 02/23/2022
Should we radically change the way we farm? Liz Carlisle talks regenerative agriculture 33:13 02/18/2022
Why bioenergy increases CO2 emissions even more than burning coal - with MIT's John Sterman 17:36 02/11/2022
Are offsets helping or deterring climate progress? Greenpeace's Louisa Casson's view 18:32 02/03/2022
Phasing out fossil fuels: is real progress being made? OCI's Romain Ioualalen explains. 29:46 01/28/2022
Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Net Zero is Not Enough with Holly Jean Buck 16:49 01/21/2022
Can the novel capture the climate crisis? ELCI talks to Dr. Mark Bould 22:05 01/07/2022
Chatham House's Duncan Brack on the huge emissions from burning US wood overseas 35:50 12/08/2021
Edward Struzik on the urgent need to restore our peatlands 30:52 11/19/2021
Is Drax UK's single biggest CO2 emitter? Think-tank Ember give us the answer 16:46 11/02/2021
Lina Burnelius on Sweden's forestry model: sustainable or greenwash? 16:05 10/08/2021
What is BECCS and what does it mean for climate policy? 61:04 09/03/2021
How are preparations for COP26 going? 20:42 07/15/2021
Ember's Phil MacDonald on powering past coal 28:05 06/29/2021
Sasha Stashwick on Biden and climate change 29:21 06/20/2021
Mike Norton on "transformative change" and science policy 28:48 04/20/2021