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A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.


Why Are There So Few Masses This Week in the Diocese of Cleveland?
Fr Dan Schlegel, Secretary and Vicar for Clergy and Religious, AKA the King of Puns.1:00:  Fr Schlegel was Fr Damian's supervisor during his internship.1:24:  The Secretary keeps all the records.1:49:  What happens at a Priests' convocation?2:39:   Speakers include: Dan Cellucci from the Catholic Leadership Institute.3:20:  Speaker:  Deacon Greg Kandra, from The Deacon's Bench.5:00:  What else goes on?  How do priests get inspired at the convocation?6:30:  The Toledo priests come and serve them for confession, etc.6:57:  Priests love to get together with each other, even if they don't think the same way at times.8:23:  We'll be recording some 8:44:  Fr Schlegel loves dogs.   Here's Mike's dog's old blog.  Fr Schlegel's dog was named Halo.9:30:  Is this Haze's last blessing of the animals? (sniff)10:30:  Are friendships with animals or plants real friendships?11:10:   Mike's condo garage is being repaired, so he is praying to Mother Cabrini the patron saint of finding you a parking spot.13:18:  Pray for our priests at convocation.  What's Fr Damian and Fr Schlegel's favorite part of convocation?13:50:  The Bishop gets to know the priests better at the convocation.14:24:   Fr. Schlegel gives us a Church Search:  Holy Angels in Chagrin Falls (Bainbridge Township)15:38:  Beautiful area at Holy Angels sez Fr. D.16:06:   Theology on Tap at Holy Angels with our pal, Alex Yates.17:07:   Readings for this week can be found here.    
18:35 10/04/2022
What do you ask a Bishop, Anyway? We're On Location (Part 2) Bishop Edward Malesic at Theology on Tap
1:10:  Fr Damian asks the Bishop for some good book recommendations on books on faith and science and the Bishop talks a bit about his thoughts on the intersection between faith and science and the upcoming Eucharistic Revival.5:27   Eucharist by Bishop Robert Barron5:54:   Joseph Ratzinger's God is Near Us.6:14:   20 rapid fire questions with Bishop Malesic:6:36  Best and worst thing about being a Bishop?8:32:  Best and worst of being in Seminary?9:18:  What do you miss about PA?10"05"  What does PA have that you wish Cleveland had?10:50:  What does Cleveland have that PA did not? 11:39  What is your favorite comfort food?12:00:  Best movie ever?12:30:  Movie where you wanted the two hours back?13:13:  What was young Ed Malesic like as a kid?14:18:  Favorite teacher or mentor? 15:48:  Favorite piece of Bishop's regalia? 18:27:  What sound do you love?18:30  What sound do you hate?18:40:  Tell us about a time that you failed at something and what it taught you?19:36:  What do you do on your birthday?19:55:  If you can cannonize one person, living or dead who would it be? 20:53:  Who do you call for spiritual advice?21:25:  What is one thing about another religion that you admire?21:53;  What's an occupation you want to try just for the heck of it?22:10: What's one thing that people don't know about you that you wish they did?   
23:48 09/30/2022
On Location: Theology on Tap: Bishop Edward Malesic: What Would You Ask A Bishop?
0:00:  We're on location at Theology on Tap at Forest City Brewery in the Duck Island Section of Cleveland.  Our guest is Bishop Ed Malesic.1:00:   What has Bishop Ed come to know about Cleveland?4:30:   What should we do about divisions in the Church?9:28:  How do we know what God's plan for us is?18:23:  Take our listener survey19:00  Give to the Matching Gift for Catholic Charities.20:30:  Church Search goes to Holy Family in Stow21:00   Readings for this week are found here.21:50:   Mustard Seed Communities can be found here.
23:03 09/27/2022
Should We Take Shia LaBeouf's Conversion Seriously?
0:00:  Calla Gill joins us for this week's cast.1:00:  Bishop Robert Barron's interview with Shia LaBeouf.3:30:  Calla's a convert!4:00:  Fr Damian considers himself part Capachin!5:25:  Have we seen this guy in a movie?6:00  Padre Pio went after him.6:35:   Fr. Jim McDermott's article on the interview in America Media. 7:30:   Bp. Barron's interview is more about his conversion.8:45:  He was cancelled; but this movie was his way back to Hollywood9:30:  Encountering the Capuchins in a non-transactional relationship.10:20:  Maybe both things are true?10:50:  Should we believe ANYONE'S conversion story?11:30  A spiritual director is a good choice.11:45:   Look for actions over words with conversion.12:15:  A note on presupposition.13:10  Would becoming Catholic give you more fans?14:10:  Kristen Chenowith's experience.14:45:  Does everything need to be discussed?15:30:   Some folks won't do an interview if you want to talk about X or Y?16:15:  Different arena's exist here.16:40:   Britney Spears conversion experience.17:10: Stephen Colbert and Harrson Butker what about them?17:40:  He seems like he's in a better place now.18:10   Shai on the Latin Mass and Mike's opposite experience.19:00  Mass in other languages20:40:  September 23 and Bruce Springsteen21:00:   Catholic Charities Matching Gift Opportunity.   Text:  CCHOPE  41444or go to 22:00:   Church Search:   St. Mary of the Falls24:25:  Readings for this Sunday can be found here.25:30   Cleveland Art Museum has a great image of Lazarus and the Rich Man.  Check it out here.
27:13 09/20/2022
How Do We get Kids to be Interested in Mass instead of Sunday Sports?
Francine Costantini joins us for this episode (1:45)  Mass times app can be found here.(2:00)  Visit different churches out of town.(3:00) What about the sabbath?(4:00) Fr. Damian invites himself to people's houses to watch the game.(5:15)   Always starts with what's good.  Be curious not judgemental.(6:00)  Athetic ability fades.(8:00)  There's more to life than being a good ballplayer.  There are different types of good.(8:50)   St Paul uses sports analogies.  (So does Pope Francis!)(9:35)   Cade York's winning FG and other athletes who make religious gestures.(10:20)  We're more than our abilities and more than our sins.(11:15):   Hallow App: Harrison Butker (12:10):   Fr. Damian's high school sports confessional and what it led him to the seminary.(13:00)  Mike's High School sport confessional and his professional career in sports that led him to ministry. (14:55) We learn more from suffering.(15:55)   What are Francine's High School extra-curriculars?(16:25)  Shania Twain's Netflix Documentary.   Ted Lasso won a few more Emmys.(17:20)   Church Search:  Our Lady of Guadaulpe in Macedonia.(18:00)   Theology on Tap (Register now)(18:50)  Take our listener survey19:00    Young Adult RetreatCheck out our New Logo(19:35):    World Youth Day and Portuguese Camino(20:00)   CLE 21:6 Tickets are on Sale for groups.(20:45)   Readings for this week can be found here.(22:00)   How often do we use shrewdness for good?  
23:48 09/13/2022
Can We Support Companies that Don't Uphold Catholic Teachings?
0:30:   Major announcement from Maria Wancata....1:05:   What's the intention?1:40:  Boycott of deli in Parma for selling porn.2:30:  Remote vs. Formal or Implicit Cooperation.3:35:  Hard to live prudently without using some of these companies.  Amazon Smile helps.6:50  Sustainable toilet paper: 7:50:  What about music?  What can I support?  How can I be salt, light and leaven?8:45:  Can you support the Browns with Deshaun Watson at QB?9:00:  How do you participate in the economy instead of sitting out completely?10:45:  Fair trade products:  Equal Exchange.11:50:  Grow your own garden and support farmer's markets.12:25:  Gardening gets you in closer touch with the scripture.12:50:  Composting13:35 Maria supports a local artist on ETSY.13:50:  League is a fair trade company that does a lot of college logo products,15:15:  Talk to local vendors in their shops.  Interacting with the proprietor helps with this kind of thing.  Build a culture of encounter!16:40:  Pitchforks at Canisius   17:45:  Lindsay Fullerman did something similar at the seminary.19:00   Ss. Cosmas and Damian Parish in Twinsburg20:30   Readings for  the 24th Sunday
22:36 09/06/2022
Why Do Protestants Pray the Our Father?
Brooke Uehlein joins us from the communications team and even provided her own question!Church Search goes to St Clarence in North Olmstead, OHReadings for next weekend can be found here.Join us for Theology on Tap on September 20 at Forest City Brewery with Bishop Malesic.Sign up for first ever Young Adult Retreat.
23:45 08/30/2022
Why do Catholics Hold Events and Invite Evangelical Christians?
Bishop Ed Malesic, the Bishop of Cleveland joins us at The Fest...a giant festival on the grounds of the Center for Pastoral Leadership each year.We talk a lot about why we gather others to be on Pilgrimage with us.1:54:  The Hillbilly Thomists and The Fest are good examples.2:19:  It takes courage for people to walk into a church when they aren't Catholic.  So we need to show them that we're normal, happy and healthy.3:00:  A billboard on a church that Bishop saw.3:50:  We had giveaways!4:19:  We have a lot in common too!4:41:  That all may be one....5:50:  On Baptism...Catholics don't rebaptize.6:29:  Here's a story of a recent convert.8:00 Another convert story.8:50:  On the ordination of Bishop Woost.Here's a link to the recording of Bishop Woost's ordination.11:50:  The Gremmiel14:10:  Why do we go outside the church?15:43:  Church Search goes to St. Christopher's in Rocky River.17:00:  Readings for next week can be found here.Send us your questions at
18:02 08/23/2022
How Can I Have Conversations With People Who I Disagree With?
On Location at the Becoming Fire Outdoor Festival.Joe Vicario, one of the hosts of Becoming Fire and the Founder of Catching Fire, a Young Adult Discussion Group in Parma, OH joins us.0:45:  What's Catching Fire?1:35:  Do people disagree?2:03:  In Philosophy "an argument" is a good thing.3:22:  Often there's no dialogue because things just appen on Twitter.3:50:  Here's a success story from a conversation on adoption.5:01:  Fr. Mike Schmitz's thoughts on defining one's opinion.5:43:  As a society, we think politically, not theologically or Philosophically.6:40:  There's a systematic way to go about having dialogue.7:17:  What are some resources that guide Catching Fire?11:00:  Mike joined a Facebook group and got attacked!12:40:  Look back at the past Presidents and see how people argued with them and how respectful people were.13:21:  Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg stories.14:20:  Another Scalia story about how he worked with the Obama administration.15:40  Church search is at St. Columbkille in Parma.Catchingfirestc.com18:30:  Readings for next Sunday can be found here.
19:37 08/16/2022
Can I Pray While I Work Out?
On Location at Becoming Fire: The Vocation Office's Outdoor Festival.Lindsay Fullerman joins us from FitFromFaith.comWe talk about how prayer and exercise are linked.Church search goes to St. Barnabus.Readings for next week can be found here.
16:37 08/09/2022
Does Changing a Word in the Eucharistic Prayer make the Eucharist Invalid?
Brooke Uehein joins us again for this week's cast.0:00:   So the priest changed the words "many" to "all"1:00:   What word was changed?  Because some are deal breakers!2:00:  Here's why you shouldn't change any words!2:50:  Pope Francis' letter on liturgy, Desiderio Desideravi.2:50:  What does "for many" mean anyway?4:55:   That's a good name for an indie Band!5:09:  In these or similar words...that's OK.5:26:  Is the Eucharist invalid?5:49:  Intention isn't enough!6:24:  What's a better question to ask?7:05:  Mike self-corrects to say what he should've said the first time!7:47:   Pope Francis' gives 7-8 examples of bad presiding.8:15:  There are other rites that say completely different words!9:00:  We trust authority on ritual.9:53:  Brooke asks "If she's doing Mass right!"11:06:  Experience the liturgy and then ask questions.12:06:   Ask your kid:  What was your favorite part?12:28:   Our grandparents workshop.13:07:   The Mass journal14:17:   The Pope's apostolic letter on Liturgy: Desiderio Desideravi14:50:   The Instant Replay Mass.15:33:  A teaching Mass.16:00:  We should do workshops on the Liturgy for the Eucharistic Revival.17:00:  Our Lady of the Angels is this week's Church Search.18:00:  9 Nights of Night Prayer August 7-15.20:50:  Readings for this weekend can be found here.22:00   Hillbilly Thomists:  August 4.  Join us.
23:06 08/02/2022
Should We Still Have Empty Holy Water Fonts?
Brooke Uhelein joins us for this week's cast.1:00:   Mike's story of an old parish where they had a liturgical practice that was not good.2:00:  Ash Wednesday...our story continues.3:00:  Brooke disinfected everything!3:30:  How to keep the fonts free from diseases that are water based.4:16: Flowing water is safe for the fonts.4:40:  Should we re-fill the fonts now that things are safer?5:08: Aqua-nascent is a cool name of an indie band.5:40:  Prudence is a virtue. 7:20:  Maybe YOU can help clean the fonts in your parish.7:45:  Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Euclid, OH.8:17: Book Recommendation for kids:   Dont Drink the Holy Water, by Fr. Joe Kempf9:15:  Movie recommendation:  Song of Bernadette9:50:  Brooke's three question ritual and her collection of Holy Water bottles.10:30:  Can I have my own Holy Water bottle instead?11:10:  Timothy O'Malley's books: Becoming  Eucharistic People and Real Presence: What Does it Mean and Why Does It Matter?11:45:  Sacramentals are important! 13:14: USCCB Eucharistic Revival Resources:  What is the Significance and Proper Useage of Holy Water?15:38: Fabulous Flub in Liturgy.17:00  Fr. D's first assignment.17:30:  Church Search: Ss. Robert and William in Euclid, OH.  Mike Cox is their super cool youth minister and amazing musician.18:44:  Free Bluegrass concert THE HILLBILLY Thomists!  August 4, 2022 at 7PM at St. Wendelin Parish.19:34:  Becoming Fire, at the CPL19:50:  Readings for this week can be found here.
21:04 07/26/2022
Who Can Receive Anointing of the Sick?
Bishop Elect Woost joins FD and Mike again this week.1:15:  So who CAN receive?2:25: What is the Sacrament really about anyway?3:00:  How does one request to receive the Anointing of the Sick?3:50   Sometimes at Mass?4:25:  Is this a "repeatable" sacrament?5:00:  Have we receive the anointing of the sick?5:25:  Fr. Damian's experience of learning how to anoint the sick7:00:  Why can't Deacons anoint the sick?7:35: Mike gives a push back!9:00   What type of healing should we expect?10:10:  FD's friend's experience at the Chrism Mass.11:10:  The Bishop's Ministry in this regard.12:10:  Mike's mom's experience of the Sacrament.13:40:   Mental Illness?14:45:   Age limit on the Sacrament of the Sick?  15:05:   Church Search:Bishop Woost's Brother's (Fr Tom Woost) Church is St. Brendan's Parish in North Olmstead, OH.His other brother (Fr. Dave Woost) is Pastor at Divine Word in Kirtland, OH. Holy Redeemer in South Collinwood we talk about this week.16:50:   Readings for this coming week can be found here.17:50  Here's a link to Bishop Woost's ordination  live stream on August 4.The Hillbilly Thomists Concert is also August 4 with Bishop Woost leading Night tickets needed for the Hillibilly Thomist concert--just show up at St. Wendelin's Parish.
18:50 07/19/2022
What the heck is an Auxiliary Bishop?
Bishop-Elect Michael Woost, the soon to be Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland joins us.0:45: A definition of "auxiliary Bishop" is given by the Bishop-Elect.2:00:  What was getting "the call" like for the Bishop-Elect?4:30:  Bishop Elect teaches at the seminary and more on his reaction and early days of him knowing about his appointment.6:20:  Two of Bishop-Elect's brothers are priests!  And another is in Deacon formation.  When could he tell his family?8:00:  His family gifted him with a Crosier.  Here's how they got it made.9:27;  What is the Bishop's new motto?9:50:  On his Coat of Arms.11:25:  Why do Bishops get some Bishop regalia and not some other regalia?12:25:   August 4 is his ordination date and it will be live-streamed on the Diocesan website.13:20:  We will also host the Hillibilly Thomists on the evening of August 4th and Bishop Woost will preside at Night Prayer to end the evening,.14:25:  What is Bishop-elect Woost most looking forward to as Bishop?15:10:  What about his liturgy background?16;30:  Check out Bishop Woost's homily during the XLT at the kickoff of the Eucharistic Revival here.  "Who's looking at who?'16:50:  Bishop Woost leads the Church Search this week with the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.18:10:  Cathedral has been renovated and it's nearly done.18:45:   Readings for this week:  Are you more of a Martha or Mary?
20:17 07/12/2022
How Do I Know When I'm Too Old for Young Adult Ministry?
Dene Hummon from our education office joins us this week.We explore the question of age-appropriate ministry in the church.0:20 - 1:00:  It's Hot in Arizona isn't it?1:00 -  2:39: We're not talking about mentors or leaders...but what about those folks?  Like Mike or JPII, or Dene's old youth minister?3:00 -  3;20:  Hillbilly Thomist it just for young adults?  August 4 at 7PM at St. Wendelin.3:30 - 4:20:  Singles group or young marrieds or what?  Intergenerational Ministry?4:20-  5:00: What about creepy guy?5:15 -5:40 Some folks are ok who are older but appropriately attending.  But with limits.5:45 - 6:50:  Dene met her husband at Theology on Tap, but then what happened?7:00 -8:30: Most young adult groups are aimed at an early life stage, not an age, per se.8:30 - 9:05:  The Domestic Church?9:05 - 10:00: This is a post modern issue.  Things aren't as clear with vocation.  But it's needed.10:00 - 10:30:  Seeking companions for serious conversations at deeper levels and volunteer with others.11:00- 11:45:  It's about finding your place and what's not your place.11:45 -12:00:  Self awareness and prudence.12:00:   Church Search goes to Sagrada Corozon.13:00:   Who is my neighbor is the theme of this week's readings,
14:33 07/05/2022
Roe v. Wade Is Overturned....Now What?
Mary von Carlowicz joins us for this week as we review what the Diocese of Cleveland has planned now that Roe v. Wade is overturned.You can find a number of resources for pregnancy assistance at this link on the Office for Human Life's Diocesan Website.   We'd also like to call attention to these resources below:Homes for Pregnant MothersZelie's HomePhone: 440-886-2620 or 216-282-8053Laura's Home - Cleveland (West)Phone: 216-472-5500Hannah's Home - MentorPhonje: 440-209-9615In an Abusive RelationshipJourney Center for Safety and HealingPhone: 216-391-4357 (HELP)Financial Assistance for those who are pregnant.ProLove MinistriesPhone: 888-550-1588 (call or text)Pregnancy Centers throughout the Diocese of ClevelandAlternatermPhone: 216-371-4848Monday -Thursday 9am-5pm14077 Cedar Road, Suite 100, South EuclidServices: Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, post-abortive counseling, fatherhood counseling, and community referrals for medical, housing, material assistance, or legal needs.Cleveland Pregnancy CenterPhone: 216-631-0964Monday-Wednesday 9am-4:30pm, Thursday 9am-5pm3924 Lorain Avenue, ClevelandServices: Baby supplies, life coaching, life skills classes for pregnancy and motherhood, life development, CPR training, post-abortive support and counseling, and fatherhood counseling for men.Cornerstone Pregnancy ServicesPhone: 440-284-1010364 Griswold Rd., ElyriaFaith, Wellness & Pregnancy CenterPhone: 216-881-8816Open Saturdays 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.2355 East 55th Street, ClevelandHealth for HerPhone: 216-371-484814077 Cedar Rd., Suite 100, South EuclidLilli Women's CenterPhone: 216-650-6133Thursdays 1pm-5pm3920 Lorain Avenue, ClevelandServices: Pregnancy testing, assistance with adoption agency placement, ultrasound, abortion education.Oaks Family Care CenterPhone: 330-220-77774196 Center Road (Rte 303), BrunswickOasis of HopePhone: 330-723-3600710 N. Court St., MedinaWomankindPhone: 216-662-5700Monday 9am-7pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-4pm5350 Transportation Blvd., Suite 18, Garfield HeightsZOE HousePhone: 216-465-903024/7 via phone – No published business hours5454 State Rd., Parma---More show notes:7:20:  Free Street Evangelization Training is available:  July 6 2p-5p St Emeric 1860 W. 22nd Street.Church search goes to St. Cyprian.This week's readings are found here. 
18:00 06/28/2022
Is Pope Francis Going to Retire?
Maria Wancata joins Fr. Damian and Mike for this episode where they discuss the possibility of Pope Francis retiring.0:00:   Fr. Damian weighs in right away on the possibility of Pope Francis retiring.1:00:  Pope John Paul II's final years.2:00:  Mike points out that the Pope just has a bad knee.3:00  Maria reminds us of the dignity of the elderly and the appointment of the new Cardinals and the canon law implications of this.4:15:  Mike talks about the latest consistory of Cardinals as a possible sign of his retirement.5:05:  The new Cardinals are from the peripheries!5:30:  Is this clickbait?6:00:  Celestine V's gravesite?6:35:  How have we cared for older relatives?7:25:  The Pope on Wrinkles!7:50:  Every day is gift--so memento mori!10:50:  Church Search goes to St. Stanislaus.13:00  Readings for the 13th Sunday in OT.
14:31 06/21/2022
Is Baseball the Most Catholic of Sports?
0:00:  What do we mean by 'the most Catholic of Sports'?1:45:  We each give our reasons for why baseball is "more Catholic" than other sports?4:00:  Mike's subway ride with a MLB player6:40:  Rules and records.8:00  Maria's Irish friend liked the 7th Inning Stretch and the wave.8:50:  How did the 7th Inning Stretch start?  Catholic origins!!!9:35:   Baseball is a "natural sport."10:40:  Speeding the game up?11:10:  Baseball is often about "what's not happening."12:20:  Teamwork12:55:  Situational Baseball - preparing for situations and signs and gestures.14:00  Cities on the road and visiting stadiums and Cathedrals.15:00:  Baseball movies.17:00  Are we a baseball or a football town in Cleveland?17:30:  Have you been to other stadiums?18:30:  Baseball food. 19:20:  Church Search goes to St. Ambrose.   Check out the Fest.19:50:  Promo: The Hillbilly Thomists ConcertHere's a sample of the Hillbilly Thomists.20:20:   Gospel for the Feast of Corpus Christi21:40:  Video of Eucharistic Revival.
22:17 06/14/2022
Did Jesus Ask Judas to Betray Him?
Miguel Chavez rejoins us again this week.(0:00 – 2:20)  We look at what the Synoptic Gospels say (Matthew, Mark, Luke) and then the Gospel of John about Judas.(2:20 – 3:20)   Pope Francis and Flannery O’Connor’s favorite book.  Guarino’s interpretation of Judas’ corruption.(3:20 – 4:20)    Miguel talks about Judas’ Free will. (4:25-5:00)  Mike reminds us that Judas wanted a political messiah. (5:00 - 5:30)   John’s gospel and the interpretation of this incident.(5:30 – 6:40)   Fr Damian compares Judas and Peter.(6:40- 7:30)    Mike compares John and Peter(7:30 – 8:10)   Jesus doesn’t cancel Peter.(8:10 – 8:50)   Miguel talks about Peter’s repentance.(9:00 – 9:40)   JPII and Crossing the Threshhold of Pope on Judas and hell.(9:50 -10:10)   Pope Benedict on “Jesus Descending into Hell”(10:20 – 11:15)    Balthazar vs Rahner on if the church has definitively stated that anyone is in Hell?(11:15 – 12:30)   Some final thoughts on this question.(12:30-13:30)   Miguel’s parish Our Lady of Victory in Tallmadge, OH(13:30)  -   Readings for Trinity Sunday
15:05 06/07/2022
BONUS: What is a Eucharistic Revival? Join us June 11 for one!
Join us LIVE for our Eucharistic Revival on June 11th at 4PM at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist for Mass and then a Eucharistic Procession Down Superior to St. Peter Church on 17th where we'll also hold an XLT.Francine Costantini joins us for this Bonus Episode0:30:  Congrats to Francine on her hubby's ordination to the diaconate.1:00  What is a Eucharistic Revival and when is ours?3:40:  Francine explains what XLT or Exalt is.7:20:  We give further details on the June 11th event8:20:  What is a Baldacchino?8:45:  A Flower carpet will also be on site.9:45:  Schedule for the day of the Eucharistic Revival10:00  Check out the schedule for the next three years. 10:45:   Other possible events happening.
13:39 06/02/2022
Is it Catholic Culture to Engage with Cancel Culture?
Miguel Chavez, Director of Missionary Discipleship joins the conversation on Cancel culture.(0:35) Miguel had recoved from Covid.(1:00 - 3:50)   We talk about our experience with understanding what Cancel Culture means.(3:50-5:25 ) References:   Pope Francis on Cancel Culture, the need for Dialogue, Dangers in Social Media. (5:25 -6:20) Thomas Aquinas on laying our arguments via dialogue.  (6:25- 7:25)   Fr. D talks about "Admonish the Sinner" vs. "Scapegoating."(7:25-7:40) Fr Mike Schmitz on Cancel Culture(7:40 -8:40)   Do I reject people whose ideas are contrary to mine or do I stay  in relationship?(8:45 - 13:20 )  Miguel and Mike point out the importance of listening and how many people have a mistaken notion of the synod.(13:20 -14:30)   Fr. D notes that when we listen we enter into the Paschal Mystery and learning from our mistakes and our experience of mercy.(14:30- 14:55) Miguel talks about accompanying others.  15:00 - 15:55  Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation16:00 - 16:55   Ariel Castro and Michelle Knight's forgiveness of him for kidnapping her.  Here's a youtube interview with Michelle.17:00 - 19:05 Mike's car accident and his forgiveness of a 10 second mistake.19:05 - 19:20   The Golden would you want to be treated?19:25 - 20:05   You can't give mercy if you haven't received it.20:05 - 21:25 Church Search goes to Blessed Trinity in Akron21:25-21:50 Readings for Pentecost can be found here and here's a lovely lyric video on the Pentecost Sequence.21:50- 23:00    Miguel offers his image of the Holy Spirit.
23:14 05/31/2022
Is Talking with Jesus a Violation of "Stranger Danger" with Kids?
Question comes from one of the participants in our Grandparent Workshop.Guest: Brooke Uehlein joins us from the Communications Dept. once again.0:25   Happy Anniversary, Brooke.0:40:  Latest trends:  Lemons?1:30:  Mike's not trendy, even his wife knows it.1:55:  So what's up with this week's question?2:30:  The Comforts of Friendship3:25:  Share the big Catholic celebrations with your kids/grandkids.4:00:  Qualifying question:  But what if I'm a grandparent and the parents don't introduce their kids to Jesus?4:30:   Brooke's nephew and the Crucifix.5:30:  A creative Christmas Card project that can be done all year from Brooke's friends.6:00: |  | Home - Catholic All Year Three new candle designs for 2022 are available individually as PDFs, and one design is available as a professionally printed tissue paper sheet that will ship, and as a completed pillar candle that will ship out!Note: CAY Lent + Triduum + Easter mega boxes include one 2022 Paschal candle. catholicallyear.com6:55:  Celebrating Saint Days7:40:  Introducing things like Spy Wednesday and Holy Week to Children.8:00:  Fr. Damian discusses the liturgical year.8:30;  What are some theological questions around this topic?10:00:  Goal: Intorudce people to Jesus11:05:  Friendship is fun:  St. Patrick's Day13:50:   Using the Ignatian Examen:  Colloquoy14:30:   Seeing Mass like a date.15:05:  Relational vs. Transactional foci.15:30:  Use the pictures on the Missal.16:10:   Magnifikid:  Get a subscription here.17:40:   Holy Trinity Parish18:00:  Catholics use all their senses in prayer.18:50:  Role of Science in Faith19:00:  Frozen Spinoff:  Olaf's Frozen Adventure21:00:  Brooke's friend who stopped taking the Lord's name in vain.22:35:  Church Search: Our Lady Of Grace, Hinkley, OH24:00: Readings for Sunday can be found here.25:00 :  Send your questions:  mhayes@dioceseofcleveland.org25:25:   Rate and review our podcast so others can find us.
26:00 05/24/2022
How Do You Approach Friends Who Have Had a Bad Experience with the Catholic Church?
Diocesan Archivist Emily Ahlin joins Mike and Fr. Damian for this week's discussion.   Emily was a Focus Missionary at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvannia before coming to the Diocese of Cleveland.0:50:   Our ad for open positions in the diocese, featuring our colleague Dene Hummon.1:00:   What is a Focus Missionary?   2:00:  Mike makes a reference to the Gross Anatomy Lab at the Medical School where he served as a chaplain at the State University of New York at Buffalo.3:30:   Missionaries and Campus Ministers often face rejection.7:00:  Why don't many college students go to Mass?  Mike's results from his unscientific experiment.10:00:  How do we talk about faith with people that we meet outside of work?11:00   Mike and Emily often have to explain what it means to work in lay ministry and administration in the Catholic Church.12:00:  But every encounter is an opportunity.14:00:  Emily talks about drawing people into the church.15:00 :  Mike talks about the "Plus 1 Mass" that they created at Canisius College.16:00:   Pope Francis' invitation to people alienated from the the Acts of the Apostles.18:00:  Who are we most surprised by when we get an acceptance of our invitations?19:30:  Fr. Damian talks about the importance of praying for people who we try to evangelize.21:10:   St. Augustine Parish in Tremont.22:00:   Gospel for the 6th Sunday of Easter. 
25:02 05/19/2022
What is a Christian Response to the Buffalo Shooting?
Fr Damian and Mike discuss the Shooting incident in Buffalo.Editor's note:  Mike served as a Campus Minister in Buffalo for 11 years before coming to Cleveland.Run Down:1:00:  Mike discusses knowing the location well.1:30:  Our initial reactions to the incident. 2:05:  The Onion's satirical take on shootings?  2:20:  A shooting also in a California Church also happened over the weekend.  Pray for them.2:50 -  7:20:  How did we respond?7:20:  Shooter was there before.   8:00-9:30:  Gunman targeted an African-American neighborhood.  9:30:  Senseless violence.  9:45:  Authorities found links to the Great Replacement Theory.11:20:   Sin and the attempt to rationalize behavior.12:30:  What will the shooter say on the stand?12:45:   What will we say about this as Christians?13:00  USCCB's Journeying Together Process.14:55:   Statements from the Bishop of Buffalo, the USCCB, and Bishop Malesic of Cleveland on the shooting.16:15:  Church Search:  St. Adalbert in Cleveland. America Media's story on St. Adalbert.17:15  Gospel reading for the 6th Sunday of Easter.
18:37 05/17/2022
If Roe vs. Wade is Reversed What Happens Next in the Diocese of Cleveland?
Mary von Carlowitz, the Director of the Office of Human Life joins us.  You can reach out to Mary at mvoncarlowitz@dioceseofcleveland.orgShow notes:(3:20):  We talk about our initial reactions to the news of the Supreme Court leak on the majority's work thus far on the case.(4:04)  Diocesan Resources are available.  Find them here.(5:40) Mike talks about his friend's experiment with her High School class on finding resources for unexpected pregnancies for teens and debunking some myths.(8:10)   Mary discusses some of the parish resources and the need for individuals to support women in need.  More sample resources are found here.(8:50)  There are pregnancy help centers in every county of the diocese!  (10:18)   St. Ignatius of Loyola on making decisions in desolation.(10:42)   How can individuals help?(12:00)  What should men who are unexpected fathers do?(14:00)  Fr. Damian talks about the principle of complimentarity between the sexes.(15:00)   There are PARENTING CLASSES?  Who knew?(16:30)   The need for a joyful response.(18:02)  Church Search goes to St. Anthony of Padua in Fairport Harbor, OH(20:00)   Scripture readings for the 5th Sunday of Easter are here.
21:11 05/10/2022
Bonus: Did Carrie Underwood Make Axl Rose Smile?
Mike and Fr. Damian got together to do this extra podcast on Carrie Underwood and Axl Rose.  Coming soon: A Podcast on the overturning of Roe v. Wade.0:00:  A Bonus Episode on Carrie Underwood and Axl Rose (Guns and Roses) performing together at Stagecaoch over the past weekend.4:00  Bruce Springsteen's Rosalita and Stump the Band.6:00: The Sandlot7:00:  Axl Rose thanks Carrie Underwood at 12:30 into this video8:45: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform togetherAnd earlier here11:00:  Deacon Bill Merriman and Ben Jimenez, S.J.13:00   Pro-life March Experiences14:30   Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade - we plug our upcoming interview with Mary Von Carlowicz, Director of the Office of Human Life. 
20:14 05/04/2022
How Do You Share Your Faith With Children Who Have Rejected Catholicism?
Happy Mother's Day! (this weekend) Especially to Terri Yohman, Director of Marriage and Family Life who joins us on the podcast.Check out the EWTN story on our Grandparent Workshop called Anne and Joachim Workshops here in the diocese of Cleveland.  To register for an encore presenation of this workshop click here.2:35:  "Be Curious; Not Judgemental" scene from Ted Lasso. (note: PG-13 language in spots)Fr Damian quotes "The Joy of the Gospel" (EVANGELII GAUDIUM)  by Pope Francis.6:00:  Fr. Stu is the latest Mark Wahlberg movie.  Catch the trailer here.7:05:  Fr Damian also quotes Evangelization in the Modern World (EVANGELII NUNTIANDI) from Pope Paul VI.10:35:  Mike talks about the Landings Program for people alientated from the church.Church Search goes to Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Grafton, OHReadings for this week can be found here.
22:20 05/03/2022
Bonus Cast: Should I Fast During the Easter Season?
Question: Should I fast during the Easter Season?We explore fasting and feasting.  What did we learn from Lent during the fasting of the Lenten Season?  How do we accentuate different parts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus throughout the entire year?How does the experience of Spiritual Direction help us discern these questions?
20:46 04/30/2022
How did you do this Lent?
Maria Wancata joins us as we "post-game Lent."  How did we do and how did you do this Lent.Church Search goes to St. Stephen's in Cleveland.Sunday's Scriputures focuses on Peter.
21:01 04/26/2022
After Communion Do We Stand or Kneel?
Brooke Uehlein from the Commuications Office join us.  Fr Damian points out the policy that the Diocese of Cleveland uses with regards to postures during Communion.We aint making this up!  Here's the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.Divine Mercy Sunday Readings:  The Gospel is Doubting Thomas (19:20)Church Search goes to St. Joseph in Avon Lake and Quo Vadis Young Adult Group.  (21:20)
22:17 04/19/2022