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Phoenix and Flame is about pushing through and transforming even when you feel like a pile of ash. Are you depressed, anxious, sad, angry, or hopeless and would like to feel content, peaceful, happy, confident, or victorious? This podcast will directly tackle these issues with snarky humor and visual examples for effective life application.


The Struggle Is Real: Leveling Up
Are you trying to accomplish more, rise higher, or expand your horizons and wonder if you have what it takes to cross the finish line?  Are you worn out and about to give up?  This episode may help!
27:22 10/02/2022
A Journey Through Bipolar Disorder: An Interview with Susan Johnson
Have you ever struggled with significant mood swings that cause problems in your relationships or jobs or are you in a relationship with someone who sometimes seems like three people in one?  This episode may help!
43:09 09/25/2022
Sara Webb: Her Triumphant Journey Through Rape, Addiction, and Coming Out As Gay
Do you have traumas you don't want to face?  Are you reaching for alcohol, sex, or work to numb the pain?  This episode may help! Instagram @SaraWebbSays  
37:54 09/11/2022
Victory Over Quadruple Amputation: Interview with Wendy Wallace
Have you ever thought you couldn't go on?  Did you feel so overwhelmed you saw no way out?  Listen to this episode and how Wendy persevered after having both hands and feet amputated.  
38:08 08/28/2022
Our Body's Trauma Experience: Amanda Love's Journey
Have you experienced events that scared you or caused you to feel helpless?  Did long-term insecurity, sensitivity, or physical ailments follow?  This episode may help!   Amanda Love's podcast (and fb page) "Physical Emotional Health Secrets"
33:55 08/14/2022
From Rock Bottom to Mountain Top: Interview with Kevin Palmieri
Do you feel discontent, hopeless, or stuck?  Does it seem like everyone else is moving on but you?  Check out this episode and Kevin Palmieri's practical steps to breaking through and leveling up.
47:14 07/31/2022
Codependency, Boundaries, and Teaching Pigs to Sing
"Don't try to teach a pig to sing.  It wastes your time and annoys the pig."  --Mark Twain   Are you wasting your time trying to get someone else to change?  Check out this episode!
12:11 07/24/2022
Mindset and Success: an Interview with Kyle Gillette
Have you intended to make progress but just never got around to it?  Are you afraid of risking too much?  Do you want to be successful?  This episode may help you!  
47:08 07/17/2022
Say The Words: Be That Person (the Encourager)
Remember that time someone complimented you?  Maybe not since it's so rare but if you do I'm sure it still makes your heart warm.  Why aren't we more intentional about such a simple but wonderful action?  This episode investigates some of our obstacles and how to overcome them so we can participate in making the world a brighter place (it certainly needs it).  
30:18 07/11/2022
The Happiness Quest: Interview with Tom Glaser
Have you wondered if happiness is actually obtainable?  Are you tired of feeling blah and humdrum?  This episode may help you!  Listen and share!!   Full Heart Living:  Conversations with the Happiest People I Know by Tom Glaser
42:11 07/03/2022
Transforming body, mind, and spirit: Interview with Jennifer Pilates
Have you experienced trauma?  Do you feel it is holding your body, mind, or spirit hostage?  This episode may help!
50:39 06/19/2022
Transforming through Chronic Pain: Interview with Dr. Alan Weisser
Have you or someone you love been struggling with chronic pain for years?  Do you feel misunderstood, judged, or discounted? Are you frustrated with the medical community and feel hopeless?  This episode may help you find hope, resilience, and effective coping strategies. 
46:46 06/05/2022
Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Connection: An Interview with Coach Lee Hopkins
Do you feel marginalized, rejected, or afraid to be authentic?  Do you crave connection but fear the necessary vulnerability?  This episode may help!
43:47 05/22/2022
Releasing Your Tension: Interview with Mary Welp (RISE)
Do your shoulders feel like concrete?  Are you weary of carrying negativity around in your body?  This episode may help you find release and empowerment! RISE - Hypnotic Meditation by Mary Welp  
42:15 05/09/2022
Turning Adversity Into Victory: An Interview with Klyn Elsbury
Do you feel as if you can't win, that the cards are stacked so high against you there isn't reason to keep going?  Klyn's story may help you gain strength, resilience, and stubborn courage to forge ahead into victory.   I AM - The Untold Story of Success, by Klyn Elsbury Unstuck Yourself, by Klyn Elsbury
33:27 04/24/2022
Interview with Todd Nyholm: A Ladder to a Healthier/Happier Life
Do you feel a disconnect between your internal and external realities?  Have you given up hope on feeling joyful?  This episode may help you on your journey. Ah, Food, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much? Ah, Brain, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?  
29:14 04/10/2022
"You're Not Alone" Interview Series: Communication Drought (Diana Indries and the Better Topics card game)
Are you and your partner in a communication drought?  Have you lost the spark because your conversation is repetitive and boring?  This episode may help you see your partner in a brand new light!
35:59 03/27/2022
You're Not Alone Interview Series: Dr. Amy Novotny and Pain Awareness Breathing Relief (PABR)
Have you experienced trauma and no matter what you've tried your body still feels trapped in pain?  Do your shoulders feel like concrete?  Do you feel unsafe in your own body?  This episode may help! Don't Quit:  Stories of Persistence, Courage, and Faith by Amy Novotny Success Habits of Super Achievers by Amy Novotny    
42:02 03/13/2022
"You're Not Alone" Interview Series: Gender Identity with Lesli Hudson-Reynolds
Are you or someone you know struggling with gender identity?  Do you feel marginalized, misunderstood, ignored, or judged?  This episode may help you find your way. Feb is BOGO for digital seminars ALSO use "Phoenix20" for 20% off Guiding Families expanded and essentials editions!  
28:21 02/28/2022
"You're Not Alone" Interview Series: Dr. Debi Silber - Transforming After Betrayal
Dr. Debi Silber, founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute, discusses the stages of how we can not only survive betrayal but thrive through transformation From Hardened to Heal, by Dr. Debi Silber Trust Again, by Dr. Debi Silber
38:38 02/13/2022
"You're Not Alone' Interview Series: Rodolfo DeAngeli
Rodolfo describes his life-long journey from abandonment, prison-time, homelessness, and suicidal plans to understanding, forgiveness, and peace. Rodolfo's podcast Life Artists Radio
48:17 01/30/2022
The Jungle of Forgiveness and Boundaries - Can They Co-Exist?
Is there someone in your life who wants forgiveness (or you want to forgive) but continues to treat you abusively?  This episode may help you navigate that jungle.   Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend Bible (Matthew 18:21-35)
15:31 01/16/2022
"You're Not Alone" Interview Series: Heather Hutchison's journey through blindness, depression, and suicidal plans and how music became her safe haven
Listen to Heather describe her experiences of using music as safety from the negative reactions to her blindness, her lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression which culminated in inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, and her transformation into a light for others.   Holding On by Letting Go, by Heather Hutchison "Where the Ocean Meets the Sand" - CD by Heather Hutchison
46:34 01/03/2022
Christ, Christmas, and Lessons from Whoville
Personal musings about Christmas (bonus episode)
21:49 12/23/2021
Emotional Freedom Technique 101
This episode breaks down Emotional Freedom Technique into basic, easy-to-follow steps   Carl Rogers' quote 101 Trauma-Informed Interventions by Linda Curran The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
29:35 12/19/2021
"You're Not Alone" Interview Series: Finding physical release from emotional bondage with EFT (Ann Hince)
Listen to Ann Hince describe how she found physical release from the emotional trauma trapped in her body using Emotional Freedom Technique   A Pathway To Insight by Ann Hince Ann Hince Youtube videos on EFT
39:27 12/05/2021
Divorce Interview Afterthoughts
Did you relate to what my guest shared about her divorce trauma?  This episode unpacks some of my thoughts about relationships and how they sometimes end in divorce.
27:36 11/22/2021
"You're Not Alone" Interview Series: Surviving Divorce
Are you in an abusive marriage?  Do you feel isolated, angry, embarrassed, or ashamed?  Listen to my guest's story and know you are not alone.     Love Is A Choice by Drs. Robert Hemfelt, Frank Minirth, Paul Meier, Deborah Newman, and Brian Newman A House That Grace Built by Stephanie Tucker
40:37 11/05/2021
The Martha Syndrome - Part Two
Is your to-do list a mile long?  Are your neck muscles tight as drums as you strive to finish it?  This episode examines how to live a more relaxed and enjoyable life.     Bible, Luke 10: 38-42 
18:45 10/24/2021
The Martha Syndrome - Part One
Are you pathologically busy?  This episode unpacks what may be driving the perpetually kinetic.     Bible - Luke 10: 38-42
19:58 10/04/2021