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Phoenix and Flame is a podcast by Dana Skaggs, M.A. She is called the "Queen of Boundaries" as well as the "Sassy Psychotherapist." Her podcast is about pushing through and transforming even when you feel like a pile of ash. If you feel alone in your struggle, check out the candid interviews with inspiring guests. You’ll hear their authentic journey through struggle, what helped them, what hurt them, and how they finally rose from the ashes. Dana asks direct, thought-provoking questions infused with snarky humor and therapeutic commentary, designed so her listeners will take away useful and applicable rubber-meets-the-road coping strategies.


"Sigh, See, Start": The ShouldStorm Antidote
Are you a parent living in fear of "messing up" your child?  Do all the "shoulds" have you in a stranglehold?  Listen as pediatrician, Dr. Alison Escalante, describes her prescription for the ShouldStorm. Dr. Escalante's book
36:08 4/7/24
Trauma Impact: From Codependency to Self-Mastery
Are you keenly aware of others' moods?  Do you struggle to validate your own thoughts and feelings due to threatened rejection and abandonment by others?  Have you been told what is acceptable behavior and try your best to please those around you?  Listen as Amanda Kate discusses her trauma, resiliency, managing the 5 F's and learning the value of Self-Mastery.
39:47 3/24/24
Entrepreneurial Success: Habits of a Maverick
How does a 30 yr-old become an entrepreneurial success?  Listen as Eric McHugh, president of SHOPX web3 ecommerce, describes his persistent habits of setting boundaries, prioritizing peace, and training his thought life.
35:08 3/10/24
Finding Yourself: Ascension From Childhood Dysfunction
Do you feel tethered to childhood dysfunctional dynamics?  Would you like to know who you are without all that baggage?  Listen as Lolita Guarin explains how she finally found herself and set liberating boundaries so she could strengthen and grow. Lolita's book on Stress Management for ACOA Lolita's book on work stress
36:33 2/25/24
My Life: The Rewrite!
Is your life script in desperate need of a rewrite?  Are you frustrated and irritated with all your life's narratives that seem to keep you in bondage?  LIsten as Deanna Moffitt explains how liberation, peace, and strength can be yours by challenging your life "stories."
38:40 2/12/24
I Get To Be Me! The Freedom of Inclusion
Do you view your diagnoses as disabilities?  Learn how to experience your unique qualities as assets designed to help you thrive!  Katherine McCord discusses how neurodiversities should be not only accepted but embraced!  
36:01 1/28/24
From Drug Dealer to "Good" Man: The Transformation
Nico Lagan shares his transformational journey from being an addict and drug dealer to living a life of faith while being a fearless champion of strong men.  He addresses toxic masculinity and what traits make a "good" man and why.  
41:35 1/14/24
From the Edge of Suicide to the Grace of Grief
Are you frustrated by trying to live your life as defined by others?  Have you ever been pushed to the point of suicide or felt totally adrift in the pain of grief?  Listen to Portia Booker's story of navigating a toxic work environment followed by her mother's death and how she found grace in her grief.
37:29 12/31/23
Say "No" Like It's Your Job!
Do you struggle with people-pleasing?  Is it hard for you to say "No?"  Listen to Jennifer Schwytzer's story of using boundaries to reduce stress, honor her own opinions, and extend kindness to herself.  
35:00 12/10/23
Vision Boards, Comedy, and Motivational Firewood
Do you feel stuck, discouraged, or hopeless?  Listen to Steve Gamlin's experience of losing his job, relationship, home, and financial stability.  Find out why his phoenix rides a pogo stick and how he found inspiration and motivation to rise from the ashes.  
36:36 11/26/23
Transforming Trauma: Interview with Marshall Zweig
Have you experienced trauma and feel there is no way out?  Listen as Marshall Zweig, a survivor of sexual, emotional, and psychological traumas, speaks about his transformational journey through manipulation and gaslighting to forgiveness and love.
39:05 11/12/23
Journey In My Body: Interview with Rachel Lavin, author of "The Doughnut Diaries"
Do you simultaneously love and hate your body?  Have you lost the directions to the Land of Body Positivity?  Listen as Rachel Lavin talks about her 3 Pillars of Fitness:  Nourishment, Movement, and Rest.
35:13 10/29/23
Change Is Possible! Dai Manuel and the Five F's
Dai Manuel shares his journey from obesity and alcohol use struggles to finding resiliency and transformation with his five F's:  Fitness, Faith, Family, Finances, and Fun.
38:13 10/15/23
Listening To Your Body's "Voice": Interview with Falyn Morningstar
Falyn Morningstar connects the dots between sexual trauma, emotional shut-down, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, and more!  Learn how to shift from disconnection and self-loathing to power and vitality.  
35:02 10/1/23
Journey To Success: Eradicating Stress with Lori Saitz
Are you frustrated with your life and wish you could be more successful?  Listen as Lori Saitz describes rising above stress, practicing gratitude, and centering via meditation can elevate your vibration frequency and magnetize success!
36:22 9/17/23
Teaching Outside the Box: Lois Letchford's Identity Salvation
Were you ever labeled "stupid" or "slow?"  Do you know someone who struggled to keep up in school and was subsequently ostracized and called demeaning names?  Listen to Lois Letchford's champion journey of helping her son transform from "the worst child ever" to achieving a doctorate!
37:28 9/5/23
From Fragile to Fierce: Rebecca Whitman's 7 Pillars of Abundance
Do you feel beaten down, hopeless, or lost?  Rebecca Whitman shares her 7 Pillars of Abundance which may help you shift your mindset, make stronger choices, and step into your own power!  
35:41 8/20/23
Blair Abee: How Meditation Saved His Sanity
Blair was fired from a 25-year job after whistleblowing against an abusive situation.  After losing his job, income, and identity in one fell swoop, he relied on yoga and meditation to restore his peace, strength, and hope.  
34:23 8/7/23
From Toxic Family to Triumph: Interview With Susan Gold
Susan's journey begins with a toxic family environment and traverses through alcohol abuse, depression, suicidal ideation, and codependency before culminating in her resilient triumph of finally standing in her own victory and value.
38:41 7/24/23
Superhuman - Adam Lucero's Rise From the Ashes
After Adam Lucero was brutally stabbed in a movie theatre he was reduced to the cognitive level of a four year-old.  This is his story of a resilient rise from the ashes and refusal to become a victim.
38:58 7/9/23
From Suicide Plans to 20 Years as Tony Robbins' Firewalk Captain: Dave Albin's Amazing Journey
Have you ever thought you weren't going to make it, that you didn't have it in you anymore?  Have you been beaten down by life and your own choices?  Listen to Dave Albin's honest, transparent, and genuine account of how he went from planning his own death to going on a Tony Robbins' firewalk then being promoted to Firewalk Captain and helping others face their fears for 20 years.
43:07 7/2/23
Walking Away From Big Law Success: Danielle Sunberg's Journey of Transformation
Are you burnt out at your job?  Do you feel like something is missing or you lack the passion of your co-workers?  Do you wonder if there is something else out there for you?  Danielle Sunberg walked away from a successful law practice to embark on a journey of self-discovery and realignment of her life goals. Atlas of Being by Danielle Sunberg The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
43:44 6/19/23
Food, Love, Hate, and Your Body: Interview With Shelley Loving
Have you ever punished yourself with food?  Do you see food as your enemy, life preserver, or buffer against pain?  Do diet plans seem too complicated?  Shelley Loving helps clear the fog and encourages us to develop a positive relationship with food and our bodies.   @shelleyloving
28:09 6/12/23
Troy Hadeed: A Yoga Expert's View on Christ, Religion, and Divine Connection
Have you struggled with different views on Christ, religion, and spirituality?  Do you hold some resentment for "church hurt" or wonder why you've struggled with forgiveness?  In this episode Troy Hadeed shares his wonderful insights including his poignant question re dysfunctional relationships:  WHAT is being loved?  
46:52 5/28/23
Surviving HIV, an Abusive Marriage, and Fostering a Teenage Daughter: Interview with Martina Clark
Martina was diagnosed at age 28 (3 decades ago) with HIV and told she had 5 years to live.  This is her story of navigating the stigmata of HIV and the isolation of being a female with HIV.  Her memoir, "An Unexpected Life" follows her journey of being marginalized, ignored, and then emotionally abused by a mentally ill husband while trying to foster a teenage daughter.
39:22 4/2/23
Queer Rights, Mental Disability, and Suicidal Ideation: Zane Landin's Journey of Advocacy
Have you ever felt that you don't "fit in?"  Do others criticize and judge you?  Are you struggling with thoughts of suicide?  This episode may help!
44:55 3/19/23
Overcoming Two Back Surgeries: Interview with Brad Williams, Personal Trainer and Gym Owner
Have you had surgery and feel as if you'll never be the same?  Are you over 40 and fighting to stay in shape?  Check out this episode!
30:29 3/13/23
Thriving After Loss: Kim Sorrelle's Story of the Transformational Power of Love
If you've lost someone close to you and can't imagine moving forward then this episode is for you!  If you have perhaps become confused or jaded about love and wonder if it's even real then this episode is for you!      
43:08 2/27/23
Coaching the Parents Coaches the Child: Interview with Austin Wheeler
Coach Austin Wheeler takes us behind the scenes of youth coaching and how reaching out to the parent can be key to helping the child reach his/her potential.
45:25 2/12/23
Healing Beyond All Expectations: Interview with Danielle Matthews
After being hit head-on by a drunk driver and sustaining a traumatic brain injury, Danielle was amazingly able to recover and heal far beyond her doctors' predictions.  Listen to her story! InstaGram:  _daniellematthews_
36:35 1/30/23

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