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From porn stars to pastors, we interview people from all walks of life seeking advice and wisdom for men on topics about sex, relationships, money, careers, mindset, health and fitness, and more. What defines masculinity?Being a man can be tough in today's age. It's okay to feel confused and dispirited sometimes. You are not alone. The Uncensored Advice For Men podcast is a testament to that statement. What makes a man? Join host Josh Wilson and our variety of guests to learn what it means to be a man through the eyes of others. This is hands down the best Podcast for men striving to come to terms with their own feelings and further understand themselves. How many podcasts out there really focus on the true nature of what it means to be a man? Dissecting, and disproving today's society's distorted view of what a man should be, This is a place for men seeking honest answers through open, vulnerable conversations with men and women. Our host Josh Wilson offers an open forum for honest conversations about what it means to be a man today. Josh has interviewed over 750 entrepreneurs and CEOs across eight podcast shows, reaching the top of the iTunes charts. He draws from his own experience as a former firefighter, entrepreneur, mentor, college instructor, real estate broker, father, and podcaster in order to help other men reach greater self-understanding on their own unique paths to the best versions of themselves. Here's a podcast for men's health that you can listen to to gain knowledge on every aspect of being a man. Need help with addiction? We've interviewed people who have been there. Need help with sex? We've talked to intimacy coaches about that. Need a parenting guide? Josh is a father of 3! Men have traditionally placed emphasis on appearing to be self-reliant and strong and so have been reluctant to reach out for help. This has resulted in a spike in the wrong direction for men's mental health. If you need some advice or perhaps you have gained wisdom the hard way and you want to share your story with other dudes, head over to to join in on the conversation.Here are some questions and topics that men have told us are important to them—and we cover all of these on the podcast.- Do Men Have Feelings?- How men handle breakups.- How do I get my confidence back?- How do I make more money?- What addiction is- How addiction works- How do I Overcome addiction?- How can I be a better father?- How not to be insecure?- How to be the best parent?- How to be a better husband?- How to sustain a relationship?- How can I express my feelings?- how to get over commitment issues?- how to deal with body image issues?- how to achieve financial freedom- relationship stability- How to last longer in bed?- How to lose weight?- How to get in shape?- Sexual expectations- Performance anxiety- Sexual dysfunction- How to get your sex drive back?- How to deal with different sex drives in a relationship?- How to prepare for fatherhood?- How can I be better at communicating?- How to be more reasonable?- How to be more appreciative?- Mental health and wellness- How to overcome depression- How to deal with aging?- How to build good habits- How to have great values?- How to have faith? (even when life is difficult)- How to respond to loss?- How to quit your job?- How To Become Resilient- How to be vulnerable?- How to get help?- How to take control of your life?- How to trust yourself?- Self-acceptance- How not to compare yourself to others?- How to face adversity- How to be kind to yourselfIf you would like to get some advice on these topics or perhaps come on the show and share your wisdom and advice with our audience of men—go to and connect with us there


From Soldier to Soap Opera Star: An Identity Rebirth with JR Martinez
The Transformative Journey of JR Martinez: Embracing Vulnerability, Humor, and RebirthJR Martinez is a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, actor, and fellow podcast host, JR's story is one of resilience, humor, and rebirth.From Tragedy to TriumphJR's journey is nothing short of remarkable. During our conversation, he opened up about his time in the military and the life-changing injury he sustained when his humvee hit a roadside bomb. Trapped for five minutes in the blaze, JR faced what many would consider an end but for him, it was a new beginning. The physical scars, as he shared, were not the most challenging part of his recovery. It was the mental, emotional, and spiritual healing that truly tested him.The Power of Humor and Coping MechanismsJR and his fellow service members found solace in humor—a survival tactic that helped them cope with their reality. He recounted the story behind his wrist tattoo of a watch, which miraculously shielded his skin from burns during the explosion. The time on the watch, 2:30, became a symbol of his second chance at life.The Struggle Beyond the BattlefieldJR didn't shy away from discussing the darker times post-injury. He talked about his battles with drinking, anger, and isolation, and the journey to overcome these challenges. His story is a testament to the human spirit's ability to heal and grow, even from the deepest wounds.The Importance of Emotional PaymentsOur conversation took a deeper dive into the impact of trauma on the body and mind. JR stressed the importance of continuously addressing our emotions, likening it to making payments for happiness, love, and connection. He shared a touching anecdote about a football player's celebratory gesture, reminding us that fulfillment requires continuous effort.The Transformative Power of LoveJR recounted a personal story of being emotionally triggered and how his best friend's response with love and understanding changed his perspective. He emphasized the significance of vulnerability and the power of unconditional love in transforming not only oneself but also in being a support system for others.Embracing Authenticity in the SpotlightJR's unexpected foray into acting led him to a role on a soap opera, where he faced the challenge of maintaining fitness and dealing with body image issues, especially regarding his scars. His decision to remain authentic and not alter his appearance for others' approval is a powerful statement on self-acceptance.The Dream of Superhero StardomAs our conversation wound down, JR humorously expressed his desire to play a superhero, drawing parallels to the character of Deadpool. He envisioned a movie where we could use our podcast's premise to help others, a testament to his enduring spirit and creativity.JR Martinez's story is a profound reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of vulnerability, humor, and genuine connection. His journey inspires us to face our own adversities with courage and to find strength in the support of those around us.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
80:42 3/28/24
A Prayer for Men Facing Challenges 3/24/24
I hope this message finds you in good spirits. Today, I want to share something close to my heart. In the latest episode of our podcast, we're taking a moment to pause, reflect, and offer a prayer for those among us who are facing challenges.Life can be tough, and sometimes, we as men find ourselves struggling, feeling lost, or carrying wounds that are hard to heal. It's in these moments that we need support and strength the most. That's why I dedicated this episode to send out a prayer for all of us who need that extra bit of encouragement.Good morning boys, this prayers for you Father God in heaven. Thank you for bringing your boys together through the airwaves, through the podcast world, through the YouTube thing. And I pray that you help these men who are struggling, who are lost, who are hurting, who are wounded. Lord, help them to have strength. Help them to have hope. Help them to have men that are orientated towards you and towards good,, surround them and help carry them through the dark spots that they're in. Lord, I pray for wisdom. I pray for direction. I pray for,, the hearts of men to. Move towards their families, to move towards what is good, to move towards standing up for what is right, to standing up for you and to helping others. I pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
00:54 3/24/24
Shaping a Positive Mindset in our Kids with Scott White
Embracing a Positive Mindset: Lessons from "The Life is Too Short Guy"In one of our most enlightening episodes, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott, the author of "The Life is Too Short Guy." Our conversation delved deep into the principles and stories behind his book, and I'm excited to share the insights and practical advice that emerged from our discussion.Finding Humor and Living in the MomentScott's approach to life is refreshingly authentic. His book isn't a product of academic research; it's a reflection of his personal beliefs and experiences. He shared a story about his 50th birthday trip to Europe, which underscored the principle of living in the moment and seizing opportunities. It's a powerful reminder that life is fleeting, and we should make the most of our time.The Power of PerspectiveDespite being known as the "life is too short guy," Scott doesn't shy away from acknowledging his bad days. He recounted the inspiring story of Eric, a man paralyzed from the neck down who has achieved remarkable success by focusing on his abilities rather than his limitations. This story is a testament to the power of choosing and owning our attitudes, which can profoundly shape our life's trajectory.A Morning Ritual for PositivityScott advocates for starting each day with a positive mindset. He suggests a simple yet effective exercise: upon waking, focus on gratitude and positivity. It may feel odd at first, but this practice can significantly influence our daily outlook and attitude.Attitude in ActionDuring our conversation, Scott shared how he applied the principles from his book to his training for a half ironman. The mental fortitude required for such an endeavor is immense, and it's a prime example of how small shifts in mindset can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.Parenting with PositivityAs a father, I understand the importance of instilling a positive mindset in my children. Scott and I discussed how our attitudes as parents can influence our kids. He shared his experience with his own daughters, emphasizing that while they live their own lives, the principles of positivity, living in the moment, and taking chances are evident in their actions.Advice for DadsWhen asked for advice for fathers looking to train their children in positivity, the answer was clear: live it. Our children reflect our attitudes. If we embody a positive, proactive approach to life, our kids are likely to pick up on that and incorporate it into their own lives.Discovering "The Life is Too Short Guy"For those interested in exploring all ten principles in Scott's book, "The Life is Too Short Guy," it's available on Amazon, Barnes &, or directly from Scott's website, Scott is also actively speaking across the country, sharing his powerful message with various organizations and conferences.Final ThoughtsHaving Scott on the show was a profound reminder of the importance of attitude in shaping not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us, especially our children. I'm grateful for the tools and insights he has provided, and I encourage you all to reach out to him and express your appreciation for his contribution to the show.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
33:50 2/26/24
Understanding School Safety and Security: Insights from a Secret Service Expert
I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out with some heartfelt thoughts and crucial insights from the latest episode of "Uncensored Advice for Men," where we tackled a topic that's close to my heart as a dad and deeply relevant to all of us who care about the young minds shaping our future: school safety and security.In a candid conversation with Daniel Dluzneski, author of "The First Five Minutes," we dove into the complexities of keeping our schools safe. Daniel's background in the Secret Service and his expertise in school safety management shed light on the importance of communication, the role of school resource officers, and the necessity of layered security measures.Here are some key takeaways that I believe every parent and educator should ponder:Open Communication: It's vital to talk with our kids about safety protocols and emergency procedures. Yes, it can be tough with teenagers, but it's a conversation we must have."Run Hide Fight" & "ALICE" Training: We discussed the effectiveness and flaws of these strategies.Safety First: Daniel stressed the importance of not rushing into a potentially dangerous situation at school. Instead, we should have a plan and work with school administration to ensure the safety of our children.Proactive Parenting: We can't sit back and hope for the best. Engaging with school boards and advocating for improved safety measures is a step we all need to take.Beyond Metal Detectors: Daniel pointed out that metal detectors alone aren't enough. We need proper training for school staff and a comprehensive approach to security.The Role of Teachers: The responsibility on educators is immense, and we discussed the support they need to protect our kids effectively.I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Daniel for sharing his wisdom. His passion for school safety is infectious, and I'm confident that our discussion will inspire positive action.If you're as moved by this topic as I am, I encourage you to listen to the full episode. Daniel's insights are invaluable, and together, we can contribute to creating safer environments for our children.Stay safe, stay informed, and let's keep this conversation going. Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.P.S. Don't forget to check out Daniel's book, "The First Five Minutes," available on Amazon, for more in-depth strategies on school safety. And as always, feel free to reach out to Daniel with any questions or to continue the discussion on school safety.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
38:45 2/14/24
Finding Purpose and Joy in Work and Life with Richard Haddrill
Embracing Personal Growth and Finding PurposeHello, gentlemen, and welcome to my blog. I'm Josh, your host at the "Uncensored Advice for Men" podcast, and I'm thrilled to share with you a conversation that's not only enlightening but also deeply personal. My mission is to challenge you, to broaden your horizons, and to support you on your journey of personal growth. Meet Richard : From Detroit to CEOIn a recent episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Richard, a man whose life story is a testament to hard work and dedication. Richard grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Detroit and climbed the ladder of success to become the CEO of three different companies. He's a man who's seen the business world from the top and now enjoys a balanced life of work and play in what some might call "retirement mode."Identifying Potential: The Green, Yellow, and Red FlagsWith experience managing over 10,000 employees, Richard has developed a keen eye for spotting potential winners—and warning signs. He warns against the "I" person who claims to have achieved everything alone, as teamwork is crucial. Failures aren't necessarily a red flag; they're learning opportunities. However, a pattern of failures or a lack of commitment can be concerning. For key hires, Richard even recommends psychological profiles to ensure a good fit with the team.The Journey to Self-DiscoveryI got candid with Richard about my own journey. I've been called a "dumpster fire" due to my varied career path, but it's been a process of self-discovery. I've learned the importance of finding one's gifting and talent, and it's a message I want to share with all of you. It's never too late to find your way.The Importance of Purpose and Enjoyment in WorkRichard and I discussed the critical role of purpose in a man's life, especially after retirement. He believes in planning for what comes next and finding joy in your work. Whether it's engaging employees on the manufacturing line or empowering field techs to be consultants, making work meaningful is keyThe Game of Life and the Joy of MentorshipLooking forward, Richard cherishes watching his sons grow and contributing to charitable causes. He finds joy in mentoring others and advises men to make a difference in the lives around them, not just through charity but through everyday actions and guidance.Conclusion: Embrace Life and Share Your WisdomTo all the men out there, young and old, remember that your experiences are invaluable. Don't hesitate to mentor and share your wisdom with the next generation. If you're interested in mentoring or sharing your story, reach out to us at Stay tuned for more episodes, and remember, life is a game to be enjoyed—stay fully alive in your pursuits.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
39:06 2/9/24
Escaping Communism and Finding Success in America with Joel Gandara
From Struggle to Success: The Joel StoryA Journey from Cuba to Entrepreneurial TriumphI recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Joel, a South Florida native with a remarkable story of resilience and success. Today, I want to share with you the insights and life lessons from our conversation.The Early Years: A Leap of FaithJoel's journey began in the communist country of Cuba, where his family faced the harsh realities of a life without freedom. In search of a better future, they embarked on a perilous 12-hour boat ride to America during the Mariel boatlift of 1980. Joel's parents took a significant risk, but their courage laid the foundation for the incredible life that awaited them.Overcoming Adversity: The American DreamGrowing up in California, Joel faced the challenges of poverty and cultural assimilation. Despite these obstacles, he was determined to seize the opportunities his new home provided. His gratitude for being in the United States fueled his drive to succeed without making excuses.A Turnaround at 19: Hard Work Pays OffJoel candidly shared his early missteps, including getting arrested at 18 and 19. These experiences were pivotal, leading him to a decision that would change his life. At 19, he committed to working two full-time jobs, saving diligently, and by 22, he achieved his goal of buying a house. This accomplishment was a testament to his work ethic and determination.The Million-Dollar Milestone: A Lesson in FulfillmentOne of Joel's most significant achievements was reaching a net profit of $1 million with his business. While this milestone was emotionally significant, it also shifted his perspective on success. Joel realized that true fulfillment comes from internal growth and meaningful relationships, not just financial gains.Beyond Material Wealth: The Pursuit of HappinessJoel's story took an interesting turn when he sold his successful underwear business, which catered to a market he didn't personally resonate with. This decision allowed him to align his professional life with his true passions, emphasizing the importance of authenticity over material success.The Essence of Personal GrowthThroughout our conversation, Joel stressed the value of focusing on what truly matters in life. He warned against the pitfalls of chasing external validation and material possessions, advocating for a life centered on personal values and inner growth.Conclusion: The True Meaning of SuccessJoel's personal journey is a powerful reminder that success is not solely defined by what we own or achieve externally. It's about who we become, the relationships we nurture, and the lives we touch along the way. As men in 2024, we face unique challenges, but Joel's story inspires us to pursue a path of authenticity and meaningful fulfillment.Thank you for joining me on this episode of Uncensored Advice for Men. I hope Joel's story has inspired you as much as it has inspired me. Remember, it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey and the lessons we learn along the way.I hope this condensed blog post captures the essence of the podcast episode and provides valuable insights for your readers. If you need further assistance or more detailed contSupport the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
45:22 1/31/24
The Need for Competition with Michael Russo
I'm thrilled to share with you some highlights from a recent conversation I had with Mike Russo on Uncensored Advice for Men. Mike's a jack-of-all-trades from Jacksonville Beach, Florida—a devoted husband, father, business owner, and a sharpshooter in competitive marksmanship. We dove deep into topics that hit home for all of us: fear, uncertainty, perseverance, fatherhood, and the thrill of competition.Here's a sneak peek of what we unpacked:🎯 Facing Fears and Embracing Uncertainty: Life's full of surprises, and Mike and I chatted about how to tackle them head-on. We shared stories and strategies on how to keep pushing forward, even when the path ahead is foggy.👨‍👦 Fatherhood First: Mike opened up about his role as a dad to two young boys and how it shapes his identity more than anything else. It's a reminder that our jobs don't define us—our relationships do.🏆 The Competitive Edge: Mike's journey into professional marksmanship is nothing short of inspiring. He gave us the inside scoop on what drives him to excel and how a strong support system (shoutout to his amazing wife!) is crucial for success.💪 Perseverance Pays Off: Whether it's running his own headhunting firm or hitting the bullseye, Mike's dedication is a testament to what we can achieve with hard work and passion.🤝 The Power of Support: We got real about the importance of having someone in your corner, especially when chasing your dreams. Mike's story is a powerful example of how love and support fuel our ambitions.🎶 "Everything is the Best for Me": This phrase, borrowed from a song lyric, has become a mantra for Mike. It's about finding the silver lining and making the most of every situation.I can't wait for you to join us on this episode. Mike's insights are not just for the fellas; they're universal lessons we can all learn from. So, if you're looking for a dose of motivation, a touch of camaraderie, and some genuine conversation, tune in to the latest episode of Uncensored Advice for Men.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
42:03 1/18/24
Out of the Psych Ward with Shawn Lesser
In this episode of Uncensored Advice for Men, I had the privilege of sitting down with Shawn Lesser, a man whose journey through the peaks and valleys of mental well-being is both harrowing and inspiring. Shawn bravely opened up about his personal battle with depression, his time in a psych ward, and the crucial turning points that led him to seek help.Here's a glimpse of what we delved into:🧠 The Stigma of Men's Mental Health: We tackled the tough topic of why society often forces men to suffer in silence and how breaking this cycle starts with open conversations.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Observations: Shawn shared the impact his mental state had on his family, revealing the often invisible ripple effects of our internal struggles.🌱 Growth Through Adversity: Shawn's story is a testament to the idea that sometimes our darkest moments can lead to profound personal growth and a renewed sense of purpose.🔄 The Power of Community: We discussed the importance of finding a supportive community where men can speak freely about their feelings without judgment.📓 Journaling & Gratitude: Shawn offered practical tips like speaking into his phone each morning to clear his mind and regularly practicing gratitude to maintain mental balance.🤝 Helping Others to Help Yourself: Shawn found solace and strength in reaching out to others, a reminder that our own healing can be found in service to those around us.I'm incredibly grateful to Shawn for his vulnerability and wisdom. His experiences remind us that no one is alone in their struggles, and together, we can create a space where seeking help is not only accepted but encouraged.If Shawn's story resonates with you or if you're curious about the tools and habits that can help navigate the complexities of mental health, I invite you to tune in to the full conversation. Your journey to understanding and healing might just begin with this episode.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
50:44 1/15/24
Facing the Blitz with Jeff Kemp
I'm excited to share with you some highlights from my recent podcast episode with Jeff Kemp, a former NFL player turned men's advocate.🏈 From NFL Stardom to Life's Real Mission: Jeff's journey from the NFL to various career pivots is a testament to his resilience. His story of confronting his identity post-NFL is a powerful reminder that our worth isn't tied to our careers.🔄 Pivotal Moments & Perspective Shifts: Jeff's wife, Stacy, played a crucial role in shifting his perspective during a challenging time. Her reminder of their blessings and God's constant presence helped Jeff appreciate life beyond football.🙏 Surrendering Control to God: Jeff's journey taught him the importance of surrendering control to God. He encourages us to let go of worldly attachments and recognize that God is the true owner of everything.🌟 Finding Identity in Humility: Jeff's struggle with discontentment led him to a profound realization - his true identity lies in being a son of God. His book, Receive: The Way of Jesus for Men, explores this concept further.🤝 The Power of Level Five Friendships: Jeff emphasizes the importance of deep, honest friendships for men. His Level 5 Friendship Playbook is a fantastic resource for those looking to build such bonds.🎧 Your Voice Matters: If you have a story to share or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Visit to potentially be featured in a future episode.I hope Jeff's story inspires you as much as it did me. Remember, our identity isn't tied to our careers or worldly success, but in being humble and finding our worth in God.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
46:10 1/3/24
Grieving the Exit with Mike Fata
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, Uncensored Advice for Men, where we had an enlightening conversation with Mike, a high-school dropout turned millionaire entrepreneur.Mike's journey is nothing short of inspiring. From being an overweight teenager to building a $100 million business, his story is a testament to the power of determination and resilience. Now, he's an investor, advisor, and mentor, helping others navigate their own paths to success.Here are some highlights from our conversation:The Sweet Taste of Success: Mike's favorite chocolate bar is Midday Squares, a nutritionally balanced, low-sugar treat that's part of his investment portfolio. It's a new age of chocolate that's as delicious as it is healthy!Hitting Rock Bottom: Mike's transformation began when he decided to take control of his health. His journey to wellness involved regular workouts, a healthier diet, and a strong will to change.The Best Day Ever Plan: Mike's strategy for those feeling stuck involves a focus on nutrition, exercise, positive relationships, personal growth, and quality time with family. It's a holistic approach to wellness that can help anyone, regardless of where they're starting from.Spiritual Awakening: Mike's spiritual journey involved exploring mindfulness, spirituality, and psychedelics. Incorporating yoga, meditation, and breathwork into his routine helped him become more mindful and connected to his flow state.Monk Mode: After hitting rock bottom, Mike went into "monk mode," focusing on self-improvement and reflection. This period of introspection led him to his current role as a mentor and advisor.Imposter Syndrome: Mike shares his experience with imposter syndrome and how he overcame it. His advice? Share your experiences and learnings, and don't take it personally if not everyone connects with them.Videography Venture: Mike's current focus is on videography, a new skill he's learning as part of his personal growth plan for 2024.Podcast Insights: Mike's podcast, "Founder to Mentor," shares the growth stories of world-class founders. With 70 episodes already published, it's a treasure trove of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.I hope these snippets pique your curiosity and inspire you to tune in to the full episode. Mike's story is a powerful reminder that it's never too late to turn your life around and chase your dreams.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
53:13 12/26/23
Finding Your Fire with Scott Bowen
I'm Josh, your host at Uncensored Advice for Men, and I'm thrilled to share some insights from our latest podcast episode. We had an enlightening conversation with Scott, a real estate professional and the founder of a nonprofit in Uganda.Unmasking Vulnerabilities: Scott opened up about the pressure men face to appear strong and knowledgeable, often leading them to hide their true selves. It's a reminder that it's okay to be vulnerable and honest about our lives.The Lazy River of Life: Scott shared his personal journey of feeling stuck in the American dream, lacking a true passion. His transformative trip to Africa ignited a sense of purpose within him, inspiring us all to actively pursue meaningful paths in our lives.Making a Difference in Uganda: Despite numerous challenges, Scott and his partner, Tom, started a soccer academy and mentorship program in Uganda. Today, they've mentored over 17,000 boys and employed 70 staff members. It's a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact we can make when we step out of our comfort zones.The Power of Mentorship: Scott's nonprofit connects middle school boys with older mentors, providing them with positive role models. It's a reminder of the significant impact we can have on others' lives when we take the time to guide and support them.Combining Business and Ministry: Scott and Tom use their business acumen to run their nonprofit, proving that business and ministry can work hand in hand to create sustainable change.Finding Your Passion: Scott believes that being open to opportunities and experiences can help shape our passions. His story encourages us to be open and surrendered to whatever life has in store for us.Stepping Out of Comfort Zones: Scott emphasizes the importance of being open and praying for opportunities. Even small steps outside our comfort zones can lead to significant growth.I hope these insights spark your curiosity and inspire you to listen to our podcast. If you resonate with Scott's message, don't hesitate to reach out to him on LinkedIn. And remember, if you have something helpful to share, we'd love to have you as a guest on our show.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
37:30 12/22/23
Turning Pain Into a Platform with Fitz Koehler
I'm thrilled to share with you the highlights of my recent Uncensored Advice for Men episode where I had the pleasure of interviewing Fitz Koehler, a fitness expert, author, and cancer survivor. Her story is one of resilience, positivity, and an unyielding spirit that I believe will inspire you.Fitz's Journey with Cancer: Fitz opened up about her battle with breast cancer, sharing the whirlwind of treatments and appointments that followed her diagnosis. She emphasized the loneliness that comes with the journey, but also the importance of having supportive loved ones by your side.Supporting Loved Ones with Cancer: Fitz highlighted the significance of being proactive in our support for those battling cancer. She encouraged listeners to offer help, even if it's not explicitly asked for, and to be a beacon of positivity.Facing Fear: Fitz shared her perspective on fear, encouraging us not to let it hold us back from living our lives to the fullest. She shared a personal story about overcoming her fear, which led to her mantra: go for anything that doesn't cause physical harm.Public Speaking and Connecting with People: Fitz shared her experience as a public speaker and how she prepares for her keynotes. She emphasized the importance of storytelling and preparation, and how connecting with people energizes her the most.Living Better and Longer: In her podcast, The Fitness Show, Fitz discusses various topics with the main theme being living better and longer. She encourages listeners to prioritize their health and make positive changes in their lifestyle.Being Unstoppable: Fitz believes that by pairing a healthy body with a healthy mind, we can become unstoppable and achieve everything we want in life. She suggests aiming to be 1% better each day and starting small.I'm sure you'll find Fitz's story as inspiring as I did!Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
35:16 12/4/23
Mentoring Young Boys with Jamie Gilmore Jr.
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of Uncensored Advice for Men where I had the pleasure of hosting Jamie, a man of God, mentor, and former football player. Our conversation was a deep dive into our personal journeys, the importance of vulnerability, and the power of mentorship.The Culture Shock and Self-Realization: Jamie's move from Ocala to Philadelphia for college was a culture shock, but it opened his eyes to new experiences and perspectives. It was a conversation with an older gentleman that made him realize that Ocala is known as the "horse capital of the world," a fact he was unaware of growing up.Redefining Masculinity: Jamie's involvement with the Black Male Achievement Network changed his perspective on what it means to be a man. He saw successful black men who were open about their feelings, which made him question his own understanding of masculinity and the importance of vulnerability.Finding Purpose in Mentoring: After football ended for Jamie, he found his purpose in mentoring young boys. He founded his nonprofit organization, Kut Different, to fill the gap in their understanding of accountability. He realized he didn't need to leave his hometown to make a difference.The Power of Vulnerability: Jamie's journey with Kut Different taught him the importance of humility and asking for help. His organization focuses on prevention rather than reaction, aiming to get in front of the problems that young boys may face.Embracing Uniqueness: My own journey of self-discovery led me to realize the importance of embracing my uniqueness. I tattooed the question "Who am I?" on my arm as a reminder to constantly explore my identity and purpose.Jamie and I are calling for ten individuals who are willing to contribute their time, money, and wisdom to help empower young boys. If you're interested in learning more about Kut Different and supporting the organization, visit their website at the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
54:58 11/23/23
Warrior Encounter with Alexander Doose
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where I had an enlightening conversation with my twin brother, Alexander, a dedicated medic at Zoweh Ministry.The Invisible Pain: Alexander sheds light on the often overlooked emotional pain that men carry. He shares how he helps men acknowledge their suffering, even when they themselves are oblivious to it. His mission? To make sure no man feels unheard or uncared for.From Shadows to Light: Alexander's personal journey is a testament to the transformative power of healing. He went from feeling unseen to becoming a beacon of hope for others. His story is a reminder that it's okay to prioritize our healing and be transparent about our struggles.Courage to Confront: It takes bravery to face our buried pain. Alexander emphasizes this, encouraging men to muster the courage to start their healing journey. Remember, it's never too late to seek help.A Message to the Hidden: If you're a man hiding in the shadows, Alexander has a message for you: Trust in God's love. Show up, share your pain, and rest assured that you will be listened to without judgment.The Power of Forgiveness: Alexander highlights the importance of forgiveness in the healing process. He suggests taking that first step towards healing, even if it's as simple as making a medical appointment.Wisdom Passed On: Alexander underscores the invaluable wisdom older men can impart to younger generations. It's a call to action for all men to share their experiences and insights.A Prayer for the Hurting: The episode concludes with a heartfelt prayer for all men battling their inner demons, urging them to trust in God's love and guidance.This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the silent struggles many men face and the path towards healing. I invite you to tune in and join us on this enlightening journey.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
17:17 10/18/23
Warrior Encounter with Darrell Tolbert
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where we delve into the extraordinary life journey ofDarrell Tolbert, a man of many personas.The Power of Transformation: Darrell, once known as "Pretty Boy," shares his transformative journey from behind bars to becoming an inspirational figure. His story is a testament to the power of change and the strength of the human spirit.The Man Behind the Mask: Darrell opens up about the challenges of living behind different personas, from "Pretty Boy" to "Facebook the Preacher Man," and "Iron Termite." He reveals the loneliness that comes when people fall in love with the mask, not the man behind it.The Impact of Forgiveness: Darrell recounts the profound moment he extended forgiveness to the person who killed his cousin. This act of forgiveness not only liberated him from the shackles of his past but also emphasized the transformative power of forgiveness.The Value of Every Individual: Darrell's commitment to reaching out to those still on the streets is a powerful reminder of the inherent value of every individual. His prayer for them is a testament to his belief in their potential for change.The Bond of Brotherhood: The love and respect between Darrell and my co-host is palpable, reminding us all of the power of genuine connection and mutual support.I invite you to listen to this episode and join us on this journey of transformation, forgiveness, and love. It's a story that will challenge your perceptions, touch your heart, and perhaps even change your life.Follow Darrell Tolbert on Facebook: Darrell Tolbert on Twitter: the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
09:32 10/17/23
Warrior Encounter with Blaine Whitt
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where I had the privilege of interviewing Blaine Whitt, a remarkable individual who has dedicated 18 years of his life to ministry behind bars.In this episode, we delve into Blaine's calling to serve incarcerated individuals and the joy he finds in witnessing transformed lives. Here are some key takeaways:The Joy of Transformation: Blaine's mission is to reach out to those who have been abandoned, wounded, and lost. The joy he finds in his work comes from seeing these men transform their lives, walking out of prison as new individuals, filled with hope and ready to rebuild their lives.The Reality of Setbacks: Not every story has a happy ending, and Blaine is no stranger to the heartbreak that comes with this work. But he believes his role isn't to fix them, but to provide tools, resources, and love, trusting that the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual.Unwavering Faith: Despite the challenges, Blaine's faith remains unshaken. He trusts that no matter the setbacks, Jesus will never let go of these men and they can always find their way back home.A Prayer for the Incarcerated: The episode concludes with a heartfelt prayer from Blaine for those currently in prison, asking God to guide them and provide comfort.This episode is a testament to the power of faith, hope, and transformation. It's a reminder that everyone deserves a second chance and that change is possible, even in the most challenging circumstances.So, are you ready to dive into this inspiring journey? Click here to listen to the full episode!Visit Xtreme Soulutions: with Blaine Whitt on LinkedIn: the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
08:27 10/16/23
Warrior Encounter with Ronnie Santana
In this episode, I had the pleasure of conversing with my good friend and former colleague, Ronnie. We took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about our first event together and the whirlwind of emotions that came with it.The Perfect Timing: Ronnie shared how the invitation to the event came at a time when he was weathering a personal storm and seeking a deeper connection with God. It was a beacon of hope, a chance for personal growth and transformation.Battling Insecurities: Like many of us, Ronnie had his share of fears and insecurities. Would he fit in? Would he be judged? But he realized these fears were obstacles, not truths, and that God was working in his life.The Power of Showing Up: Out of 10,000 men invited, only 240 showed up. These brave souls, including Ronnie, pushed past their fears and insecurities, proving that real growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones.Self-Reflection and Growth: Ronnie's journey led him to a deeper understanding of his emotions and behaviors. Through self-reflection, he learned to recognize when he was acting out of character and used these moments as opportunities for self-improvement.The Power of Writing: Ronnie found solace and understanding in writing down his thoughts and emotions. He encourages everyone to embrace this practice, regardless of whether you consider yourself a writer or not.A Prayer of Gratitude: We ended our conversation with a prayer, expressing our gratitude for the lessons learned and extending blessings to our listeners.I invite you to listen to this episode and join us on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. And if you feel inspired, share your writings with us. We'd love to hear your stories.Connect with Ronnie Santana on LinkedIn: Ronnie Santana on Instagram: the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
14:36 10/12/23
Chasing the Next Thing With Casey Cavell
I'm excited to share with you some insights from my recent podcast episode with Casey Cavell, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for scaling businesses. We had an enlightening conversation about his journey, the importance of finding one's niche, and the intersection of passion, proficiency, and profitability.Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:The Power of Problem-Solving: Casey's success stems from his ability to identify and solve problems within businesses. His journey began in the apartment complex and self-storage industry, and he has since scaled multiple businesses across various sectors.The Importance of Purpose: Casey emphasizes the need to find a mission or purpose that drives you to work, rather than solely relying on financial incentives. He calls this the "hedgehog principle" - the intersection of what you love, what you're great at, and what makes you money.Building the Right Team: Casey believes in building the right structure for a team before considering the people. He introduces the 80/20 principle, suggesting that a significant portion of the workforce may not contribute much. By identifying what needs to be done to achieve the long-term vision of the business, you can simplify the organization and focus on tasks that truly matter.Letting Go of a Business: Casey shares his experience of the uncertainty that comes after exiting a business. He encourages entrepreneurs to define what they want out of life and restructure their business and daily routines accordingly.The Pursuit of Fulfillment: Casey reflects on the phenomenon of people who chase success their whole lives, only to find themselves unfulfilled when they finally attain it. He believes that fulfillment comes from meeting our fundamental needs: love, acceptance, worth, and security.The Power of Honest Feedback: Casey emphasizes the importance of having trusted friends or counselors who can provide honest feedback and help identify areas for personal growth.Playing the Long Game: Casey encourages us to maintain a long-term perspective and reject the messages that tell us we're not good enough. He shares his own experiences and challenges with material possessions and the temptation to rush towards goals.I hope these insights spark your curiosity and inspire you to listen to the full episode. Casey's journey is a testament to the power of purpose, the importance of building the right team, and the fulfillment that comes from meeting our fundamental needs.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
54:28 9/28/23
The Art of Self-Delusion with Brent Perkins
This episode of Uncensored Advice for Men features an enlightening conversation with Brent Perkins, a former CEO, author, and a man on a journey of self-discovery. Brent's unique perspective on advice is that it's more about sharing experiences and emotions than dictating what to do. It's a refreshing take that I found myself relating to, as I've often realized the advice I give to others is what I need to hear myself.Brent's book, Papercuts: The Art of Self Delusion, was a fascinating topic of our discussion. He didn't initially plan to write it, but it became a crucial part of his personal journey, helping him uncover his struggle with self-love and the lengths he'd gone to hide his insecurities.We also delved into Brent's experiences as a CEO, his personal growth, and how he believes our responses to life's challenges shape who we become. He shared his journey through divorce and how it led him to become a better person.One of the key lessons from Brent's book is Show Up and Surrender. It's about allowing others to have their experiences without trying to fix them and setting boundaries to protect oneself. It's a dance of empathy and self-preservation that I've personally found significant in my life.We also touched on the importance of self-love and its impact on our relationships. Brent shared his journey of self-discovery and how true self-love is about taking care of oneself without seeking constant validation from others.Brent's upcoming project, the Bold Men Fellowship, aims to teach men how to show up in life boldly and authentically. It's about choosing to live life on your own terms and giving everything you never had before.I hope these insights spark your curiosity and inspire you to listen to our latest podcast episode. It's a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and learning to love oneself that I believe many of us can relate to.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
45:09 9/21/23
Stepping Out Of Dad's Shadow with Chad Hagle
 I'm thrilled to share with you some highlights from my recent podcast episode with Chad Hagle, a second-generation commercial real estate developer and philanthropist. Chad's unique insights into retail development, philanthropy, and mentorship are truly inspiring and I believe you'll find them as fascinating as I did.Retail Development & Philanthropy: Chad's journey in commercial real estate is a testament to his resilience and commitment. He's not only a successful developer but also a passionate philanthropist, particularly in the field of education.Dadages Podcast: Chad hosts a podcast called Dadages, where he focuses on mentorship and passing down wisdom. If you're looking for some valuable life lessons, I highly recommend giving it a listen.The Value of Failure: We had an enlightening discussion about the importance of sharing failures and learning from them. Chad believes that responding well to failure sets you up for future success.Financial Independence: Chad emphasizes the importance of financial independence for achieving stability, freedom, and flexibility in life. His journey to financial independence is both inspiring and instructive.Strategic Philanthropy: Chad's approach to philanthropy is strategic, focusing on tangible outcomes and metrics. He believes in actively managing and investing in causes that are important to him.Balancing Family and Success: Chad shares his perspective on defining success as an entrepreneur and offers advice on balancing work and family. His insights are based on his experience growing up in a successful family and now building his own legacy.Breaking the Cycle of Generational Wealth: Chad reflects on his journey as a father and his concerns about breaking the cycle of generational wealth. He believes in supporting his children's individual paths and allowing them to chart their own course.I hope you find these topics as intriguing as I did. If you're curious to learn more, tune into the full podcast episode. And don't forget to subscribe to Chad's podcast, Dadages, for more wisdom and mentorship insights.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
41:57 9/7/23
Leveraging My Anger with Jason Criddle
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where I had the pleasure of hosting an inspiring conversation with Jason Cradle. Jason's story is a testament to the power of transformation and resilience, and I'm sure you'll find his journey as captivating as I did.The Man Behind the Toys: Jason's love for collecting toys is more than just a hobby. It's a cherished form of enjoyment, a connection to his childhood, and a teaching tool for his son. His choice to save his kids' toys in a hypothetical flood scenario speaks volumes about his values and the sentimental value he places on these items.From Software Investments to Fitness: Jason's professional journey is as diverse as it is impressive. His dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, despite coming from an obese family, led him to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. His commitment to health and fitness is truly inspiring.A Father's Love: Jason's transformation into a loving father and husband is a heartwarming story. His decision to fight for his daughter's custody and break the cycle of abuse in his family is a testament to his strength and determination.Turning 40 - A Milestone: Jason's reflections on turning 40 and the transformative moments in his life are thought-provoking. His ability to communicate effectively and succeed in various endeavors is a result of the experiences and principles he has accumulated over the years.Challenging Conversations: Jason's views on the lack of open-mindedness and genuine conversation in today's society are worth pondering. He believes in the importance of embracing differences and promoting social change.Maximizing Returns: Jason's upcoming book, "Maximizing Returns: The Use of Convertible Notes in Small Business Investing," is a must-read for anyone interested in investments. His passion for helping men and advocating for honesty and responsibility is truly commendable.I encourage you to listen to this episode and reach out to Jason on his website, You might even get a chance to be a guest on his podcast, Uncensored Advice for Men.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
50:06 9/4/23
Overcoming Anger with James Clemmons
I'm excited to share with you some insights from my latest podcast episode, where I had the pleasure of hosting James, a Marine veteran and founder of "Freedom from Anger". His story is a testament to the transformative power of personal growth and the importance of finding one's purpose.The Power of Anger: James and I delved into the topic of anger, a powerful emotion that can drive both destructive and constructive behavior. We both shared our personal experiences with anger and how it shaped our lives. James' journey from a Marine to a behavioral health professional is a testament to the power of self-reflection and personal growth.Finding Purpose: James emphasized the importance of finding your true calling. He believes that many people experience anger because they are stuck in unfulfilling jobs. His advice? Don't settle for a job that brings frustration and unhappiness. Seek out your purpose and find fulfillment.Road Rage Education: We discussed James' innovative program developed in response to the high rates of road rage incidents in Tennessee. The program focuses on forgiveness and understanding, reminding us that everyone makes mistakes.Free Anger Management Assessment: James offers a free anger management assessment and consultation on his website. This four-part process covers anger styles, perceived stress, and other related factors. It's a great starting point for anyone questioning whether they have an anger problem.Red Flags: Increased arguing with a spouse or family members is a significant red flag, according to James. He emphasizes that these arguments can build up over time and lead to explosive situations and even legal consequences.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: James introduced us to rational emotive behavioral therapy, which focuses on how thoughts and perceptions shape our reality. He emphasized the need to reframe negative thoughts and cultivate gratitude to avoid getting trapped in a cycle of negativity.Connect with James: If you're interested in connecting with James, you can reach him via his website, He offers a free assessment and consultation to help you understand and manage your anger.A Vital Point on Anger: James shared a thought-provoking perspective - no one can make you angry; it's how you perceive and react to others' actions. This concept requires self-reflection and personal accountability, but it's a crucial step in managing anger effectively.I encourage you to listen to this enlightening episode and take the first step towards understanding and managing your anger. Remember, it's not about suppressing your anger, but channeling it into something constructive.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
42:36 9/1/23
Signs of a Pending Divorce with Carrie Cohen
I recently had an enlightening conversation with Carrie, a relationship expert who runs couples groups and programs for people on the brink of divorce. We delved into the signs of an impending divorce, how to assess the health of a relationship, and the importance of communication. Here are some key takeaways from our chat:Signs of a Pending Divorce: Carrie pointed out two common signs - the loss of friendship between partners and putting the relationship on the back burner, especially when children are involved. It's a wake-up call for all of us to keep the flame of friendship alive in our relationships.Assessing Relationship Health: Carrie introduced her framework of the four pillars: trust and commitment, friendship and play, communication and conflict resolution, and love and intimacy. She emphasized the importance of having sturdy legs to withstand life's challenges.The Role of Love Languages: We discussed how love languages play a crucial role in relationships. Physical touch and words of affirmation are important for many, including Carrie's husband. It's a reminder to understand and respect our partner's love language.Open Conversations: Carrie stressed the importance of having open conversations with your partner and regularly checking in on each other's needs. She recommended setting aside time for weekly dates to discuss what's going on in each other's lives.Sex Initiation in Relationships: We acknowledged the disparity in how often men and women think about sex. Carrie encouraged couples to have open conversations about their sexual needs and desires, emphasizing the importance of addressing feelings of rejection.The Impact of Pornography: Carrie believes that pornography itself is not inherently harmful as long as it doesn't replace intimacy with a partner. She suggests that couples negotiate their boundaries around pornography.Building a Relationship Blueprint: Carrie compared this to an architect having architectural plans before building a house. It includes understanding each other's dreams, fears, worries, and desires.I found this conversation with Carrie incredibly insightful and I hope you do too. If you're interested in hearing more about these topics, I invite you to tune into our podcast. And remember, seeking assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
44:37 8/24/23
How Do I Find My Dream Job with Adam Hardt
I'm thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where I had the pleasure of hosting Adam, a life coach with an inspiring journey. This episode is a treasure trove of insights about finding purpose and the transformative power of passion.The Corporate Conundrum: Adam spent 13 years in the corporate world, feeling unfulfilled and lacking passion. His experience is a stark reminder that success isn't always synonymous with fulfillment.The Dark Days: Adam's struggle with anxiety and bad habits, born out of a lack of purpose, is a story many of us can relate to. It's a wake-up call to recognize when we're merely surviving, not thriving.The Leap of Faith: Adam's decision to become a life coach wasn't an easy one. He faced doubts and fears, but his passion for psychology and helping others led him to take the leap. His journey is a testament to the power of following your heart, even when the path isn't clear.The Transformation: Adam's transformation from feeling like a fraud to becoming a successful life coach is nothing short of inspiring. His story emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself and seeking guidance from the right mentors.The Power of Purpose: Adam's work revolves around helping individuals rediscover their sense of purpose and align their careers with their true selves. His approach is a beacon of hope for anyone feeling drained and disconnected in their current job.Breaking Free: Adam's role as a coach is to help people break free from limiting beliefs and societal conditioning. His work is a reminder that we all have unique strengths and superpowers waiting to be unleashed.The Ideal Client: Adam loves working with open-minded individuals ready to step out of their comfort zones. It's a call to action for all of us to be brave, embrace change, and chase our dreams.This episode is a must-listen for anyone feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or unsure of their path. Tune in to hear Adam's incredible journey and learn how you too can find your purpose and ignite your passion.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
41:51 8/9/23
The Discipline of Self-Love with Mike Palma
I'm excited to share some insights from a recent episode of my podcast, "Uncensored Advice for Men". I had a heart-to-heart conversation with my friend Mike, owner of Palma Productions, about a topic that's close to our hearts - self-love.The Journey of Self-Love: We delved into our personal experiences with self-love, reflecting on the wisdom of Stoic philosopher Seneca. We discussed the importance of being kind to ourselves and seeking validation from within. It's a gradual process, influenced by our relationships and childhood experiences, but it's worth every step.The Discipline of Self-Love: Mike shared his daily practice of positive self-talk, especially during challenging times. He spoke about overcoming fear and the shift from being hard on oneself to being encouraging and kind. It's about finding the balance between confidence and ego.Learning from Mistakes: Mike's business, Palma Productions, is all about telling engaging stories through video. He drew parallels between the importance of healthy revisions in video production and in life. It's about learning from our mistakes and making improvements.Books That Inspire: We shared some books that have been impactful in our personal growth journeys. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Codependent No More" are two that have helped me understand the need for approval and validation.Breathing Exercises: Mike shared a simple breathing exercise that helps him stay present in the moment. It's a technique that I've found useful too, even during heated moments.The Importance of Feedback: For creatives like Mike, feedback is crucial. It's about seeking constructive criticism from trusted peers and using it to grow and improve.Finding Joy: We discussed the importance of rediscovering activities that bring joy and happiness. It's about surrounding ourselves with positive influences and challenging ourselves to grow.I encourage you to listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these topics. And if you feel inspired, reach out to Mike and express your gratitude. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or look for Palma Productions 1995.Remember, the journey to self-love is a personal one, but you're not alone. We're all in this together.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
48:46 8/4/23
Gray Area Drinking with Kari Schwear
"Is Gray Area Drinking Becoming a Problem in Your Life?"In this podcast episode, Josh and guest Kari discuss gray areas in life, focusing on drinking. Kari shares her personal journey of quitting alcohol and becoming a coach. They discuss the concept of gray area drinking and the importance of paying attention to one's relationship with alcohol. Kari explains the stages of change and her experience with Alcoholics Anonymous. They also talk about the significance of tattoos and the challenges of breaking habitual behaviors. Kari shares her decision to pursue coaching full-time and the key elements necessary for making lasting changes in life. They encourage listeners to trust their intuition and make conscious decisions for positive change.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
57:24 7/13/23
Why People Suffer with Brad Chandler
In this podcast episode, Josh interviews Brad, a successful real estate investor and happiness coach. They discuss the importance of self-love and its connection to success in real estate investing and other areas of life. Brad shares his personal journey of transformation, overcoming his anger issues, and helping his clients overcome their limiting beliefs and childhood programming. They delve deeper into the topic of self-love and how it affects one's actions and motivations. Brad encourages listeners to take his three-minute quiz to determine their level of self-love and how it affects their actions. He also talks about his passion for helping others achieve self-love and happiness, and his dream of impacting a million people through his coaching program.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
42:01 7/6/23
Motivation VS Discipline with Jeff Higgins
The podcast episode features a conversation between the host and Jeff, a real estate investor and mentor in the Fraternity of Excellence, a group for men focused on personal growth and accountability. They discuss Jeff's experiences in real estate investing, his involvement in the Fraternity of Excellence, and the importance of relationships and personal satisfaction beyond just chasing money. Jeff shares his personal journey towards self-belief and resilience, and how the Fraternity of Excellence has helped him and other men achieve personal growth. The episode emphasizes the importance of personal growth, authenticity, and accountability in various aspects of life.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
40:09 6/27/23
King Me with Michael Thompson
In this episode of "Uncensored Advice for Men," host Josh talks with author Michael Thompson about his new book "King Me" and the importance of men having mentors to guide them through life's challenges. They discuss the need for men to have safe spaces to share their regrets and struggles without fear of judgment or shame. They also touch on the difficult question of where God was during moments of abuse and trauma. Michael emphasizes the importance of men having a range of skills and abilities to be effective leaders and mentors, not just the ability to fix problems. They end the episode by discussing the importance of accurately interpreting one's life and seeking guidance from mentors.Support the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
65:33 6/13/23
Harmony in Family Businesses with Kris and Kristine Goebel
Friends for over 35 years and married for 23 of them!  They live life on a mission to meet people wherever they are and think every person should have someone who believes in them. Whether clients work with Kristine inside of the workplace or work with Kris on life issues, their mission stays the same: Restoring God's design for work and relationships. Together they have grown up, gotten knocked down a few times, and have never quit picking each other back up. Still reading? Here's some work history:KRISTINEAfter the first 10 years of her career learning how to build systems and processes from some of the best minds at Toyota, Kristine spent the next 14 years developing and continuously growing the internal systems, processes, and teams inside a CPA firm. During that time, she launched a business consulting company to help support the many business clients of the firm. In 2020, the time came to take the consulting arm to a new level and Accompany Suite was founded. She knew that statistically, soft skills make up 85-90% of overall career success (Neff & Citron, 2001; Ruff, 2016). So, she and her team set out to train, coach, and mentor other businesses to grow in these skill sets, in addition to offering fractional COO services designed to increase production and engagement, while decreasing turnover. She and her team help get everyone moving in the same direction! KRISSince the age of 8, Kris has been working. Raised to help in the family business when he wasn't in school, he has learned the value of a hard-earned dollar and the need to believe anything's possible. He has gained a wide perspective when it comes to parenting. He's been the dad who worked long hours and hardly saw his wife and kids, and also a stay-at-home dad who homeschooled, too! This unique experience has made it possible for him to help men and women better connect with the root issues that so many marriages and parents face. Kris is drawn to working with people who are stuck. He may not have met you yet, but he already believes in you. Every person has the ability to push past the lies they tell themselves and achieve the things they desire. Through hard work, dedication, and encouragement he works to guide others through whatever is standing in their way. ReferencesNeff, T. J., & Citrin, J. M. (2001). Lesson from the top. New York: Doubleday Business.Ruff, K. (2016). Soft skills highly prized by employers. Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal, 31(6), 28. the showNext Steps Share your thoughts with a review - Let's connect on LinkedIn - Subscribe and Watch on YouTube -
52:32 5/26/23

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