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From porn stars to pastors, we interview people from all walks of life seeking advice and wisdom for men on topics about sex, relationships, money, careers, mindset, health and fitness, and more. What defines masculinity?Being a man can be tough in today's age. It's okay to feel confused and dispirited sometimes. You are not alone. The Uncensored Advice For Men podcast is a testament to that statement. What makes a man? Join host Josh Wilson and our variety of guests to learn what it means to be a man through the eyes of others. This is hands down the best Podcast for men striving to come to terms with their own feelings and further understand themselves. How many podcasts out there really focus on the true nature of what it means to be a man? Dissecting, and disproving today's society's distorted view of what a man should be, This is a place for men seeking honest answers through open, vulnerable conversations with men and women. Our host Josh Wilson offers an open forum for honest conversations about what it means to be a man today. Josh has interviewed over 750 entrepreneurs and CEOs across eight podcast shows, reaching the top of the iTunes charts. He draws from his own experience as a former firefighter, entrepreneur, mentor, college instructor, real estate broker, father, and podcaster in order to help other men reach greater self-understanding on their own unique paths to the best versions of themselves. Here's a podcast for men's health that you can listen to to gain knowledge on every aspect of being a man. Need help with addiction? We've interviewed people who have been there. Need help with sex? We've talked to intimacy coaches about that. Need a parenting guide? Josh is a father of 3! Men have traditionally placed emphasis on appearing to be self-reliant and strong and so have been reluctant to reach out for help. This has resulted in a spike in the wrong direction for men's mental health. If you need some advice or perhaps you have gained wisdom the hard way and you want to share your story with other dudes, head over to to join in on the conversation.Here are some questions and topics that men have told us are important to them—and we cover all of these on the podcast.- Do Men Have Feelings?- How men handle breakups.- How do I get my confidence back?- How do I make more money?- What addiction is- How addiction works- How do I Overcome addiction?- How can I be a better father?- How not to be insecure?- How to be the best parent?- How to be a better husband?- How to sustain a relationship?- How can I express my feelings?- how to get over commitment issues?- how to deal with body image issues?- how to achieve financial freedom- relationship stability- How to last longer in bed?- How to lose weight?- How to get in shape?- Sexual expectations- Performance anxiety- Sexual dysfunction- How to get your sex drive back?- How to deal with different sex drives in a relationship?- How to prepare for fatherhood?- How can I be better at communicating?- How to be more reasonable?- How to be more appreciative?- Mental health and wellness- How to overcome depression- How to deal with aging?- How to build good habits- How to have great values?- How to have faith? (even when life is difficult)- How to respond to loss?- How to quit your job?- How To Become Resilient- How to be vulnerable?- How to get help?- How to take control of your life?- How to trust yourself?- Self-acceptance- How not to compare yourself to others?- How to face adversity- How to be kind to yourselfIf you would like to get some advice on these topics or perhaps come on the show and share your wisdom and advice with our audience of men—go to and connect with us there


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