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Women of Substance Music Podcast

Weekday Podcast featuring the best new music by Female Indie Artists in all genres. Bree Noble hand-picks the featured songs from the list of songs de...


#1079 Music by Deborah Crooks, Mae Krell, Catherine M Thompson, Emma Jedow, Adapt, Shawn Thies, Kiani Alexandra, Paula Jeanine Bennett & Richard X Bennett, Liza King, Doreen Pinkerton 49:56 04/10/2020
#1078 Music by Kristen Englenz, Tenna, writer Bill Law, Millaze, Soul Filter, Danielle Moody, Jessamyn Rains, Sami Lin, Lucie & The Perfect Wave, TIMMS 48:23 04/08/2020
#1077 Music by Rachael Sage, Caroline Kole, Amanda McCarthy, Kate Vogel, Annie Young, Robin Anderson, The Northern Belle, Luna Harley, Michelle Parsons, Steroman 43:04 04/06/2020
#1076 Music by Elizabeth Lockhart, Amy Anglim, Olivia Henry, Suzanne Grzanna, John Huhn feat. Elan Noelle, Denise Dimin, Port Lucian, Sally Tomato, Shelly Rann (writer Glen King), Baby Chemist 43:09 04/03/2020
#1075 Music by Natalie Jean, Sami Lin, Amy Gaudia, Val Giamo, FUSE Funk Band, Kylie Fox, Halie Loren, Catherine M Thompson, Doreen Pinkerton, Laurie Miller 43:50 04/01/2020
#1074 Music by Kristen Englenz, Athena Joy, Shawn Thies, K.LINA, Night Thieves, Soul Filter, Ireland, April Kane, floss, PWR CPL 46:54 03/30/2020
#1073 Music by Amalie Skriver, Tiffany Smith, Yvette Medina, Yvonne Perkins, Ashy Akakpo, Doreen Pinkerton, Mia Deneen, Bree Noble, Yvette Medina, Doreen Pinkerton 50:10 03/29/2020
#1072 Music by Jolene Dixon, Laura Suarez, Fiona Quinn, Carlene McDearis Wentworth, Elizabeth Goodfellow, Doreen Pinkerton, Meg Blumberg, Stargurl, Rose Augustine, StarChild Kayla 45:48 03/27/2020
#1071 Music by Riah Lena & Bobby Crane, Alyssa Caroline, Kate Vogel, Jay Unknown, Just Jillian, Elimarit, With Love, Eve Minor, writer Dale Lawrence, Secret Treehouse 42:10 03/25/2020
#1070 Music by Shawn Thies, Neev, Sami Lin, Anna Belle, Mary & James, Amy Gaudia, Penny Shreve, Tiffany Hammel, Francine Jarry, PWR CPL 46:28 03/23/2020