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Do you believe your friend can be your soulmate? We say, yes! Welcome to the Four Souls Flo podcast! This podcast is birthed from friendship, family and love. We are Allison, Kimberly, Susan and Tosh, women who have let our souls flow with every get together, girl’s trip, phone call and milestone for 30 plus years. It is our hope that as you tune in and listen to the Four Souls Flo podcast you will be emotionally and intellectually inspired by our real-life conversations. The Four Souls Podcast is committed to having conversations that will encompass, Real Talk, Real Life, and Real Love.


Season 1 Final Episode: Thank You!
It's a wrap! Thanks to each and every one of you for your support of our inaugural season! Take a moment to listen as we offer our appreciation for every download, share, like, review and every way that you have shown support!
04:14 07/27/2022
Honoring Our Fathers - Love, Life, Strength and Legacy
Happy Father's Day! In this bonus episode the co-hosts take a moment to honor and celebrate their fathers! Today we recognize their roles in our lives. Wishing all fathers and those who stand in the gap, a wonderfully blessed Father's Day!
13:10 06/15/2022
What's Your EQ?
Welcome to Four Souls Flo, we’re so excited to be back with our latest episode titled, What’s Your EQ? We’re exploring not the INTELLECTUAL but the importance of EMOTIONAL Intelligence in our life. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions. People who possess this trait also have the ability to understand and influence the emotions and behavior of others. With this understanding, some are able to enjoy greater success and balance in life. Listen in as the hosts discuss their strengths and weaknesses as it relates to their EQ? Have you gotten to know the hosts? You may be surprised with this conversation!
70:51 06/01/2022
What's On Your List?
We all have a laundry list of to-dos and responsibilities. Let’s kick back for a little me time and discuss some fun facts! What are you watching, what are you listening to, and what are you reading? In this episode the co-hosts discuss what's on their list! Grab a drink and listen in on this fun discussion all about television, music, movies, and books!
43:07 05/16/2022
Honoring Our Mothers - Life, Love, Legacy
Happy Mother's Day! In this bonus episode the co-hosts take a moment to honor and celebrate their mothers! Mothers often carry families, neighborhoods, and nations. Today we recognize their roles in our lives. Wishing all mothers, a wonderfully blessed Mother's Day!
14:04 05/08/2022
The Skin We're In
In this episode the Four Souls Flo hosts have a candid conversation about the skin we're in! No matter our age, as women, most of us are always looking for better ways to take care of our bodies. Listen in as we discuss some old and new self-care rituals, the menopausal changes, some of our favorite products, and taking care of our bodies from head to toe!
41:29 05/02/2022
Girl's Trippin'
In episode 6, the Four Souls Flo co-hosts break out of the studio and are on the road! Yes, it's Girl's Trippin'! This working retreat is our first girl's trip as a podcast! Sit back, listen, and grab your cocktail, because we are toasting, talking, and laughing as we discuss all things Girl's Trippin'!
37:06 04/17/2022
Spring Cleaning...and we don't mean your house!
It’s that time of year when we start to think about cleaning out closets, taking down drapes, reorganizing the garage, cleaning windows, and refreshing our living spaces. In this episode, the Four Souls Flo co-hosts discuss a different kind of spring cleaning…one that involves our physical, spiritual, and mental refreshing! Join us as we divulge our spring cleaning tips!
37:53 04/01/2022
A Family Affair!
In episode four, the Four Souls Flo co-hosts discuss how our family dynamics have shaped who we are! “Close and supportive family units tend to provide emotional support and overall well-being. Whereas the opposite is true when families are layered by ongoing conflict and various stressors.” Join us as we unpack these family dynamics! We hope you’ll see a little bit of your family in ours!
51:01 03/15/2022
Mental Health: It's Time to Talk
The Four Souls Flo co-hosts welcome you to this special episode focused on mental health. In the past few weeks, we have lost the lives of four young, smart, talented, and beautiful souls to suicide. We felt the urgency to use this platform to put a spotlight on mental health. The co-hosts are joined by a licensed professional counselor, Jasmin McCloud. Link to bio at The following episode is intended for conversational and educational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose mental illness. Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussions of suicide and other mental health concerns that some may find triggering. Listener discretion is advised.If you or someone you know needs mental health support, please consult a mental health professional.
49:58 02/28/2022
Mature Love
In episode two, the co-hosts share their perspectives on what makes a MATURE LOVE! Be forewarned, emotions run high in this episode as the co-hosts discuss their personal experiences and give personal examples of immature and mature love. We invite you to sit back, enjoy our conversation, and explore love with us. Listen in for this Real Talk, Real Life and Real Love conversation!
46:31 02/16/2022
Soul II Soul
Do you believe your friend can be your soulmate? We say yes! Welcome to the Four Souls Flo podcast! In this inaugural episode listen in to meet the co-hosts! We introduce ourselves and give the background on our friendships. Don't miss this candid conversation which includes, how and why we decided to create a podcast. Listen in for a discussion that includes Real Talk, Real Life and Real Love!
25:57 02/01/2022