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A one hour, nationally syndicated (Native Voice One) weekly show that shines a spotlight on Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island. Produced and Hosted by Brett Maybee (unenrolled Seneca)


Miesha and the Spanks
Miesha Louie (mixed-Secwépemc) is one half of the award winning duo Miesha and the Spanks. Based out of Calgary, they’re equal parts Patsy Cline and Patty Smith. Combining serious topics with high energy and infectious grooves, the Spanks have opened for the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above 1979. Their single Dig Me Out addresses the tragedy and crimes of the Residential School system. It went to number 1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and received heavy airplay on CBC Radio. Miesha joins me to discuss their latest album, Unconditional Love in Hi-Fi, the complicated nature of identity in the neo-colonial state, teases an upcoming project and so much more. Enjoy! https://mieshaandthespanks.nethttps://nativeartistdirectory.comTrack Listing00:00:01 | GAENO MIESHA INTRO 00:00:03 | Clouded Formation | Zoon00:01:08 | Dig Me Out | Miesha and the Spanks00:04:15 | GAENO MIESHA INTERVIEW 1  00:10:12 | Heart Is On Fire | Miesha and the Spanks00:12:46 | Blue | Black Belt Eagle Scout00:15:54 | When They Were | Status/Non-Status00:18:43 | GAENO MIESHA INTERVIEW 2 | 00:27:15 | Bully | Miesha and the Spanks00:30:37 | Residential School House Blues | Burnelvis00:35:02 | ôtênaw | nêhiyawak00:39:13 | Stay Wild Child | Jade Turner00:41:16 | GAENO MIESHA INTERVIEW 3 00:44:59 | I Wanna Be Your Dog | Miesha and the Spanks00:48:41 | 40 Days | Khu.éex’00:54:23 | Creatives Rebuild New York, Onöhsagwë:de' Cultural Center, nativeartistdirectory.com00:54:48 | Rumble | Link Wray & His Ray Men
56:57 11/13/23
Mike Lazore
Mike Lazore is a talented Onondaga singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist. Like many young people, he played in a number of bands but as is too often the case, he had to find work outside of his main passion. He took a 10 year break from music but last summer he felt inspired to get back into the game. He's released a flurry of great music since the beginning of 2023. In fact, since the time of our recording, he's already released two new singles, On My Own and Searching for Something. Tune in to hear an insightful conversation with Mike about the challenges of navigating the music industry in the age of streaming and so much more. Enjoy! 00:00:02 | Just Another Day | LAZORE | Single 00:03:55 | Mike Lazore Interview 1 00:07:53 | Wanted Man | LAZORE | Wanted Man - Single 00:10:33 | Across Seas (feat. Isel & Jared Corder) | Mozart Gabriel | Eager Within the Fire 00:13:20 | The Things That I Do | Makiyah Lazore | The Things That I Do - Single 00:16:33 | Mike Lazore Interview 2 00:23:23 | Break Slowly | LAZORE | Break Slowly - Single 00:26:44 | Truth and Time | Elemantra | Only Momentary - EP 00:30:14 | Mr. Business Days | Side Montero | In the Loop 00:34:08 | Child of the Government | Jayli Wolf | Wild Whisper - EP 00:37:33 | Mike Lazore Interview 300:40:59 | Searching For Something | LAZORE | Searching For Something - Single 00:43:57 | My Blood Runs Through This Land | Black Belt Eagle Scout | The Land, The Water, The Sky 00:49:00 | Got It Bad | Shawnee Kish | Got It Bad - Single 00:52:20 | Creatives Rebuild New York & The Onöhsagwë:de' Cultural Center00:52:30 | Clouded Formation | Zoon | Bleached Wavves 00:53:31 | Listening? | Sihasin | Fight Like A Woman 
56:56 10/9/23
Shawn Michael Perry
After a summer off to attend to the massively successful launch The Mainstream with Brett Maybee, it feels great to kick off a brand new season of Gaënö’! Nya:wëh to everyone for your continued support! It’s with great pleasure that we kick things off with Shawn Michael Perry (Mayan Decent Mestizo and probably African as well*). Shawn’s an accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, educator and consultant. On the screen he’s been featured in Last of the Mohicans, Star Trek the Next Generation, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman just to name a few. Musicially, he’s opened for or has shared the stage with the likes of Redbone, Bill Miller, Keith Secola. Additionally, he and his wife Belinda own and run the Only the Brave music consultant firm and educational services through All That Culture Music of the Americas. Today, Shawn joins me to discuss his latest album Brave, which is up for consideration at the this years GRAMMY’s! *disclaimer- this is part of an ongoing discussion. Shawn’s claims are being investigated.https://www.shawnmichaelperry.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comTrack Listing0:00:01 | ROCK STEADY | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE0:04:25 | Interview Pt 10:08:34 | RAIN COME DOWN | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE 0:13:21 | Beautiful | Segweh | Segweh 0:16:52 | Move Me | Crystal Shawanda | Church House Blues 0:21:35 | Interview Pt 20:26:15 | BRAVE | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE 0:29:18 | World on Fire (feat. Karl Perazzo, Andy Vargas & Cindy Blackman Santana) | Micki Free | Turquoise Blue 0:33:44 | Find My Way | Blackbird | Find My Way - Single 0:37:01 | Interview Pt 30:43:23 | Fight | Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave | Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave Special Edition 0:49:27 | Just Like That | Stevie Salas | Colorcode 0:53:08 | CRNY/Onöhsagwë:de'/NativeArtistDirectory.com0:53:16 | Running With Wolves | Digawolf | High Arctic 
57:01 10/2/23
Brock Stonefish Turtle Island
2023 GAËNÖ’ BROCK STONEFISHBrock Stonefish- (Lenape, Oneida, Chippewa) has been North America for the last 20 years as a performing singer/songwriter and Blues/jazz guitarist. He’s opened for BB King and has shared the bill with the likes of Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Barenaked Ladies. He tours regularly with film legend Gary Farmer. As a result of their close friendship, Farmer has produced Brock’s debut studio album, Turtle Island (  In addition to his work as a musician, he’s a master guitar builder that has started the Indigenous Youth Guitar Giveaway. Brock knows the healing power of music and has dedicated considerable time and resources giving back to youth from Indigenous communities across North America ( Tune in to hear our chat about all of this and so much more. Enjoy!https://www.brockstonefish.com Brock Stonefish- Talking Tree02 Janel Munoa- Glowing Flowers03 Gary Farmer & the Troublemakers- Stripped Me Naked04 Brock Stonefish- Residential Redemption05 DDAT- Losing My Mind06 Pappy Johns Band- Be There When I Need You07 Brock Stonefish- Mom’s Jingle Dress08 Beatrice Deer- You’re With Me09 PJ Vegas- NSOM Outro
57:00 6/5/23
Kristi Lane Sinclair's Super Blood Wolf Moon
Kristi Lane Sinclair (Haida/Cree), raised in British Columbia, currently living along the Campbell River in Vancouver is a classically trained rocker. With 5 albums already under her belt, she’s made waves in the Indigenous Music Scene, particularly with her previous release, The Ability to Judge Distance. Born out of pain, her latest offering, Super Blood Wolf Moon, embodies the true spirit of Rock and Roll.. “Anger and love are the main driving forces at the heart of the album” and it “reflects the harrowing experiences women suffer at the hands of domestic abusers.”  Recorded at Jukasa Studios in Ohsweken with Juno nominated singer/songwriter Terra Lightfoot producing, Kristi expertly balances thoughtful lyrics with catchy hooks and beats in a way that’ll keep you captivated from start to finish. Tune in to our hear our chat and enjoy some of the finest new rock tunes from the one and only Kristi Lane Sinclair. Enjoy!https://www.kristilanesinclair.ca Kristi Lane Sinclair- Dogfish Woman02 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Heartbites03 Pura Fe Trio- Woman Sacred04 Andrina Turenne- See Me Through the Night05 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Break (Ft Kelly Fraser)06 Raye Zaragoza- Fight Like a Girl07 Edzi-u- Warrior Song08 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Desire09 Dalannah Gail Bowen- Lullaby for the Missing and Murdered Women10 Kelly Fraser- Immamiit
58:41 5/30/23
Rob Ludgate Dead Precedents/Khu.éex The Magic of Noise
2023 GAËNÖ’ ROB LUDGATE DEAD PRECEDENTS/KHU.ÉEX THE MAGIC OF NOISERob Ludgate- (Blackfoot) lives and works on the Lummi Territory in Washington State. He’s a long time member of the Seattle artist collective, Khu.éex. For a full introduction check out our discussion in Jan of 2022 ( This time around Rob joins me to discuss his latest solo effort, Captain Raab’s Dead Precedents and Khu.éex’s new documentary, The Magic of Noise, not to mention their 3 or 4 upcoming albums. The great thing about the experimental/jazz/funk nature of of Rob and Khu.éex is the opportunity to change the production style to fit the music. Turn it up and sing along. Enjoy the music and the chat! Khu.éex- They Forgot They Survived    (A- Captain Raab- Scene 1 from Dead Precedents) 03 Khu.éex- Before the Raven Call    (B- Captain Raab- Scene 2 from Dead Precedents)05 Khu.éex- The Concept of Time Itself    (C- Captain Raab- Scene 3 from Dead Precedents)07 Khu.éex- Spiritual Warfare 
57:04 5/22/23
Marc Merilainen and the Great Sea
2023 Gaënö’ Marc MerilainenMarc Merilainen (Ojibway, Finnish), has been the leader of the band Nadjiwan for the last 3 decades. Their latest album, The Great Sea was released in April (2023) and is already gaining traction in the scene. Additionally, he and his wife, Laura, have established a successful record label called Merilainen Music. Not just a record label, they also specialize as an artist incubator, help with artist management and place an emphasis on the need for musicians to be educated in the music industry. Over the last several months, a number of Gaënö’ guests have been Merilainen Music artists. This week, to commemorate the new album and the recent successes of the label, Marc joins me in a celebration of all things Merilainen Music. Enjoy!https://www.headingnorthmusic.comhttps://www.merilainenmusic.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Nadjiwan- Break to the West02 Nadjiwan- Anymore03 Sandy Scofield- George04 Stoik- Awakening05 Nadjiwan- Animikii06 Berk Jodoin- That’s Love07 1 Gram- Anybody Everybody08 Nadijwan- Beautiful Darkness09 JC Campbell- Walk in Love
57:02 5/15/23
Graeme Jonez Creatures and Criminals
Graeme Jonez (Anishinaabe) is a member of the Sheguiandah Ojibway First Nation and grew up on Manitoulin Island. As an alumni of the Manitoba Musics Indigenous Music Residency, his single Black Magic Goldmine on the 2009 Dig Your Roots compilation. He took a break from songwriting for over a decade but he’s back with a brand new collection of tunes thats sure to keep you entertained from start to finish. This week, Graeme joins me to discuss some of the stories found on Creatures & Criminals (2023), his love of the studio and so much more. Enjoy!Playlist01 Graeme Jonez- The Flood! 02 Graeme Jonez- 100 Days Deep03 Bebe Buckskin- Baby Blue04 Blue Moon Marquee- Hound Dog on a Chain05 Graeme Jonez- Mary the Diamond Runner06 Samantha Crane- Holding to the Edge of Night07 Celeigh Cardinal- Wrong Love08 Graeme Jonez- Black Magic Goldmine09 Levi Platero- One Day10 Cary Morin- Dire Wolf
57:02 4/24/23
Mimi O'Bonsawin's Willow
Mimi O’Bonsawin, Abenaki/Francophone, is a long returning guest to Gaënö’. Whether talking about culture or the land, hers is a story of reconnection. Throughout the years, her musics been featured in TV and film, including APTN’s Mohawk Girls and Showtimes Ray Donovan. In 2019 she won the Best Pop Album award at the Indigenous Music Awards. 2023 has already been a huge year for her. On March 3, she released her album, Willow, she got married, played her first shows in Ireland and is releasing another album later this year. This week Mimi joins me to discuss all this and so much more. Enjoy! Mimi O’Bonsawin- Here’s to the Women02 Mimi O’Bonsawin- Willow03 Keith Secola- Kokopelli Blues04 Elexa Dawson- Speak Again05 Mimi O’Bonsawin- The River06 Aysanabe- Nomads07 Joy Harjo- Earth House08 Mimi O’Bonaswin- I Wish I was a Farmer09 Julian Taylor- Seeds10 Buffy Sainte Marie- With You Honey
57:07 4/17/23
Hataalii- To Sing
My featured artist this week is Hataaliinez Wheeler, Dine, from Window Rock Arizona. He’s been described as a “modern kind of crooner…” and a “pensive, deep voiced troubadour.” Now residing in Albuquerque, NM, Hataalii, was recently signed to Danger Bird Records out of Los Angeles with his first album with the label set to be released later this summer. This week he joins me to discuss all of this, his latest indie surf pop singles, Presidents Got Me All Night Long, Land of Poor Chance, his acting debut on AMC’s Dark Winds and so much more. Enjoy!Playlist01 Hataalii- I’m Right02 Hataalii- President’s Got Me All Night Long03 Mimi O’Bonsawin- Where My Roots Grow04 Jakob- I Want to Feel Alright05 Hataalii- Land of Poor Chance06 The Tewa & Jacob Shije- With You07 Nick Sherman- Winterdark 08 Jakob & Hataalii- Lonesome09 Graeme Jonez- It’s a Cold, Cold Place10 Digawolf- The Undiscovered World
57:00 4/10/23
Chantil Dukarts Lady and the Champ
Chantil Dukart, Eagle Clan- Tsimshian & Aluutiq, has been writing music since the age of 7. She was born in Denver, raised in Alaska and went to school in Miami. Her style perfectly reflects the eclectic nature of her upbringing. Combining elements of jazz, R&B, funk and Motown, Dukart knows how to captivate an audience with her sultry voice and smooth stylings. This week she joins me to discuss her latest album, Lady & the Champ, what it means to be both a lady and a champ and her upcoming collaborations with the Julia Keefe Indigenous Big Band. Enjoy!http://www.chantilmusic.com 01- Chantil Dukart- Situation02- Chantil Dukart- Understated03- DDAT- The Move04- Hataali- Lover Call05- Chantil Dukart- Save Me From Myself06- Mali O’Bomsawin- Wawasint8da07- Morgan Toney- First Flight08- Chantil Dukart- Chickenz09- Julia Keefe- There’s a Small Hotel
57:02 4/3/23
Sunburnt Stone's 5th World
This week I welcome my friends from Sunburnt Stone back on to the show. I first got caught up with frontman/songwriter, Andrew “Buzzy” Wilson (Navajo), in January ’22. This time around the bands drummer, Nichole Tsosie (Navajo) also joins us. We’re following along on the bands dystopian storytelling with listening from this Albuquerque bands two albums from 2022, 5th World and XXXX. Throughout the course of our conversations, I think we’ve settled on a new term by which to describe these righteous rock offerings.. The Spaghetti Acid Western.. Tune in to hear our chat and of course, Turn it up and sing along! Enjoy!http://sunburntstone.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist 01 Sunburnt Stone- Mirage02 Sunburnt Stone- Gun Smoke03 Breakwater Band- Waves04 F Sharp- Omega Occurring 05 Sunburnt Stone- Falling Me06 Divide & Dissolve- RVR07 Xit- I Am Happy About You08 Sunburnt Stone- House of Dreams09 Miesha and the Spanks- Dig Me Out
56:57 3/27/23
Who is Plex to Judge?
Doug Bedard, Ojibwe/Cree, has been recording as Plex for the last 3 decades. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, he’s established himself as one of the OG’s of Indigenous Hip Hop. His newest release, Who Am I to Judge?, is Plex’s return to the mic after a 10 year hiatus. Of the album he’s said, “The album speaks directly about my struggles with drugs and alcohol, the evolution of hip-hop, cultural appropriation, and the state of the planet — all while pondering what it may take to fix it.” Red Flags, his latest single, addresses the pretendian phenomenon and just last week went to #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown. This week on Gaënö’ Plex joins me to discuss the album and so much more. Enjoy!Playlist01 Plex- Suspect (ft Drezus)02 Plex- Great Ones (E’s Up) ft Kryple- 03 War Party- You Better Ask Yourself04 Sten Joddi- Dream Catcherz05 Plex- Red Flags- ft Aleah Belle06 Redcloud- Tapatio (ft Pigeon John)07 Curtis Clearsky- Turtle Island (ft Murray Porter)08 Plex- Lost in the Cycle (ft Rex Smallboy)09 Stoik ft Jahkota, Plex & Drezus- Behold a Pale Horse10 Def-i ft. Tanaya Winder- Scatterlight
57:01 3/13/23
Sandy Scofield's Red Earth
A multi-Juno Award nominee, Sandy Scofield is an equally multifaceted performer. With experience in bands as stylistically varied as rockabilly, Cajun, jazz, vocal, and zydeco, Scofield (a Metis/Cree/Saulteaux) began her professional music career in 1986. She’s performed her soulful songs around the world and on some of the most prestigious stages. This week, Sandy joins me to discuss her latest album, Red Earth, and our travel plans to Africa this fall. Enjoy! https://sandyscofield.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Sandy Scofield- 1000 Miles02 Sandy Scofield- DNA03 Russell Wallace- I Rise (Ft S Scofield and Murray Porter)04 Kinnie Starr- Right Here With You05 Sandy Scofield- George06 Shelley Morningsong- Quiet Place07 Digging Roots- Cut My Hair08 Sandy Scofield- Famous09 Joanne Shenandoah- Circle of Friendship 
58:01 3/6/23
Cliff Cardinals Suicidal Valentine
Cliff Cardinal- Cree/Metis, son of legendary actor/activist Tantoo Cardinal was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Growing up mostly in Ontario he was drawn to the theatre at a young age. Known for his “black humor and compassionate poeticism” he’s won multiple awards for his solo theatre productions. His one man show, Huff, has been performed over 200 times. The Guardian Observer has called that production a “hard hitting tour de force.” Known for his black humor and compassionate poeticism, he combines his signature wit and catchy riffs with his ban, The Sky-Larks. This week, Cliff joins me to discuss the bands latest release, Suicidal Valentine (October 2022). Enjoy!http://www.cliffcardinal.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist 01 Cliff Cardinal & The Sky Larks- Your Dress02 Cliff Cardinal & The Sky Larks- Supersonic Velocity03 Special McKinley- Fifty Shaded Blur- 04 Chris Derkson- Mozarts Ghost05 Cliff Cardinal & the Sky Larks- Suicidal Valentine06 Digging Roots- AK4707 Sihasin- We the People08 Tara Williamson- Neon09 Cliff Cardinal & the Sky Larks- Unhappy Life10 The Ollivanders- The Shade11 Ya Tseen- Get Yourself Together
57:03 2/27/23
Gary Farmers a Troublemaker
2023 Gaënö’ Gary Farmer 022023Gary Farmer, Hayëntwas Hayasöh, Wolf Clan of the Cayuga Nation is an internationally acclaimed actor, musician and producer. You might recognize him from big screen classics like, Pow Wow Highway, Smoke Signals or Deadman. He’s also slated to return to Reservation Dogs as everybody’s favorite crazy uncle, Uncle Brownie. Currently he’s filming the next season of SciFi’s Resident Alien in Vancouver. This week Gary takes a few minutes to chat with me about his lifelong love of music and his latest album with the Troublemakers, Fool For Love (2022). Enjoy! Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- Cadillacs Don’t Care 02 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- Need a Gun03 Cheri Maracle- 100 Cigarettes04 Murray Porter- 1492- Who Found Who?05 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- Nobody’s Reclamation06 Brock Stonefish- Residential Redemption  07 Levi Platero- Good Man08 Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers- What You Gonna Do?09 Derek Miller- God Don’t Ever Change10 Pura Fe- Hiyo Stireh
57:02 2/20/23
Ailani's Mortified
Ailani, Santa Clara Pueblo. At just 19 years old, this talented singer songwriter/producer has already carved out her place in the Indie Pop scene. She’s released 6 projects in the last 3 years, has become a staple at the Native Guitars Tour and occasionally guest hosts radio shows.  Today, Ailani joins me to discuss her 2022 album, Mortified and her very specific goal for 2023. https://ailanimusic.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Ailani- Vastplay02 Ailani- Honestly03 Mato Wayuhi- Pity04 byjoesroom- I Don’t Need You (Ft Aly)05 Ailani- I’m Not the One06 The Tewa- I Want You Now07 iiwaa- Tangerine Lamborghini08 Ailani- Be the One09 Black Belt Eagle Scout- Treeline10 Samantha Crane- There’s No Mail Today 
57:02 2/13/23
Berk Jodoins Half Breed
Berk Jodoin, Metis, has accomplished a lot in a relatively short amount of time. A breakout artist with Meriläinen Music, he’s recently won the 2022 Indigenous Artist of the Year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards and his album, Half Breed, claimed the #10 spot on the Best Album of the Year list of the same awards. He’s currently nominated for the best Indigenous Songwriter of the Year at the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards to be in Vancouver this coming March. Never one to shy away from heavy topics, his country rock sound is reminiscent of the legendary Steve Earle. This week Berk joins me to discuss his journey thus far, Half Breed, and future plans. Enjoy!https://www.berkjodoinmusic.nethttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist 01 Berk Jodoin- The Devil 02 Berk Jodoin- Half Breed03 Buddy Redbow- Piscalero 04 The Northsound- Young, Dumb, Drunk & Not Doing So Well05 Berk Jodoin- Walking with the Angels06 Trixie Matel- Jackson ft. Orville Peck07 LJ Tyson- Home on a Rainbow08 Berk Jodoin- The Sailor09 Wyatt C Louis- Dancing with Sue10 Joanne Shenandoah- Poker Face 
57:00 1/23/23
Rex Lyons of The Ripcords
Rex Lyons (Eel Clan, Onondaga) is a man of many talents. He’s the founding guitarist, vocalist and band leader of The Ripcords. Recently inducted into the Blues Archive Hall of Fame, he is a respected veteran of the Syracuse music community. Rex’s musical style is equal parts country, blues, rockabilly, and swing. He has a rich history in playing live music as a member of several bands in Syracuse. Never one to rest on his laurels, he also sits on the board of The New York State Blues Festival among many others. This week Rex joins me to discuss the Ripcords most recent releases, including their ongoing collaborations with legendary session guitarist, Earl Slick. Turn it up and sing along. Enjoy! http://www.fabulousripcords.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPLAYLIST 01 The Ripcords- The Bottle Let Me Down02 The Ripcords- Crush on You03 Jeremy Keyes- I Wanna Know04 Jimmy Wolf- Tail Dragger05 The Ripcords- Thick as Thieves06 Butch Mudbone- Tipi Creepin07 Cornbred- Jingle Dress Dancer08 The Ripcords- Winds of Change09 Appleby, Reinhardt, Mahfoud- Blues is My Friend
57:09 1/16/23
Mali O'Bomsawin's Sweet Tooth
2023 GAËNÖ’ MALI O’BOMSAWIN MALI OBOMSAWIN (they/she) is an award winning bassist, songwriter and composer from Abenaki First Nation at Odanak. With an expansive background in American roots, rock, and jazz, Obomsawin’s musical practice is a testament to the continuum of American music traditions. This week, Mali joins me to discuss her debut solo album, Sweet Tooth. Released to critical acclaim, its received glowing reviews from The Guardian, Jazz Times, NPR, etc.. In addition, we discuss her band, Lula Wiles, and upcoming projects, including a film score for the documentary, We Are Warriors. Tune it up and sing along! Enjoy. https://www.maliobomsawin.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Mali O’Bomsawin- Odana 02 Lula Wiles- Everybody (Connected)03 Khu.éex- Collective Memory04 Divide & Dissolve- Mental Gymnastics05 Mali O’Bomsawin- Pedegwajois06 Julia Keefe- You and the Night and the Music07 Jeremy Dutcher- Honor Song08 Mali O’Bomsawin- Fractions09 Jim Pepper- Habi Ba
57:01 1/9/23
Ha'degaënögeh- End of Year Review 2022
2022 was a great year for recordings by Indigenous musicians across Turtle Island, which can only mean that it was Gaënö’s best year yet! If you haven’t tuned in yet, today’s Ha’degaënögeh (End of Year Review) is the perfect introduction to the various kinds of music and conversations found on the show. Nearly 40 new episodes of Gaënö’ this year, from pop to rock, hip hop to EDM, traditional to folk and most everywhere in between with conversations ranging from the lighthearted to the hard issues facing all of our communities. As I reflect back on this last year, I want to thank the hardworking folks at NV1, all of the amazing affiliates carrying Gaënö’ and you the listener- Gaënö’ would be incomplete without all of you! Nya:wëh to Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) and the Onöhsagwë:de’ Cultural Center for your continued support. A special thank you to Keith Secola, Ansley Simpson, Sunburnt Stone, Nimkish, JuQ, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Ombigiizi, Neon Natives, Bebe Buckskin, Micki Free, Elexa Dawson, Paul Steward, Jir Anderson, Melody McArthur, December Wind, Def-I & Ariano, JC Campbell, Julia Keefe, Nakoa Heavyrunner, Ghostkeeper, Blackbird, iiwaa, Mike Bern, Shawnee Kish, Digging Roots, Nadjiwan, The Halluci Nation, Crystal Shawanda, The Tewa, Blue Moon Marquee, Elemantra, Joy Harjo, Julian Taylor, Blue Mountain Tribe and Sandra Sutter! Happy New Year and Cheers to 2023! Great things are coming and I can’t wait to bring you along on the journey! Aeswadënöda:je’s! You outta sing along! Playlist01 Keith Secola (Ojibwa)- Waves of Gitchi Goomi (Portals) (Originally aired January 10, 2022)02 Ansley Simpson (Anishinaabe)- Mourning Keeps Coming Back (Spirit to Soar) (January 24, 2022)03 Nimkish (Cree)- Bad News (single) (Feb 07, 2022)04 JuQ (Oglala Lakota)- Frybread Booty (single) (Feb 14, 2022)05 December Wind (Mohawk)- 215 (single) (May 09, 2022)06 Nakoa Heavyrunner & Darron Heavyrunner (Assiniboine/Blackfoot)- Told You Before (Ft Taya Heavyrunner) (Lie No More) (June 16, 2022)07 iiwaa (Piipaash, Quechuan, Gila River)- Boys Don’t Cry (Dysmorphia) (August 01, 2022)08 Shawnee Kish (Mohawk)- Mr Tie (single) (August 17, 2022)09 The Halluci Nation (Cayuga, Mohawk)- Collaboration Not Appropriation (One More Saturday Night) (September 19, 2022)10 Elemantra (Seneca)- Plastic World (Only Momentary) (November 6, 2022)11 Joy Harjo (Mvskoke)- Calling the Spirit Back (I Pray for My Enemies) (November 14, 2022)
57:19 1/2/23
Sandra Sutters Midnight Serenade
Sandra Sutter, Cree Métis, traces her lineage back to the 1800s. Raised in a loving non-Indigenous family, Her story is one of reaffirmation and reconnecting with her cultural roots. This week Sandra joins me to discuss her albums Cluster Stars and Aurora 12. We’ll squeeze in a holiday track and check out her latest single, Midnight Serenade! Turn it up and sing along- Enjoy!https://sandrasutter.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Sandra Sutter- Mountain Song02 Sandra Sutter- Midnight Serenade03 Don Amero- What Do You Wanna Do04 Indian City- Storyteller05 Sandra Sutter- Aurora Borealis06 Shelley Morningsong- California Dreamin07 Indian City- Wannabe08 Sandra Sutter- Winter Wonderland09 Peter Sackaney-After All This Time
57:02 12/12/22
Blue Mountain Tribes O Great Warrior
Back in the mid-2000s in Tehachapi, California, father and son duo Robin and Caleb Hairston (Chiricahua Apache) set out to create an all-Native American blues and rock band—and that’s exactly what they did. Along with drummer, Pat Mata (Northern Chumash) and bassist Jeff Cooper (Cherokee) the Blue Mountain Tribe began creating original songs focused on Native American experiences and they instantly became a hit. The band was one of the big winners at the 20th Native American Music Awards, held November 21 at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino. Due to record breaking weather conditions in Western New York, Pat was the only member of the band able to attend the show. This week on Gaënö’, Pat joins me to discuss Blue Mountain Tribes recent adventures, including their brand new album, O Great Warrior! Recorded at the Legendary Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, this collection of tunes is sure to impress blues and rock fans alike. Turn it up and sing along- Enjoy! https://www.bluemountaintribe.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Blue Mountain Tribe- Mountain Down Blues 02 Blue Mountain Tribe- Pray For Our Planet03 Crystal Shawanda- Hold Me04 Logan Staats- Deadman05 Blue Mountain Tribe- You Better Watch Yourself06 Marc Brown & The Blues Crew- Been So Long07 The Ripcords- Sweet Road Stomp08 Blue Mountain Tribe- Keep On Shining09 Mali O’Bomsawin- Fractions
57:03 12/5/22
Julian Taylors Beyond the Reservoir
Julian Taylor (Mohawk, West Indies) has been at it a long time. He learned some hard Industry lessons with his band Staggered Crossing, regrouped with the excellent and funky Julian Taylor Band and is now wowing listeners with his folk stylings on his most recent releases. His 2020 album, The Ridge, was nominated for two Junos and most recently won a Native American Music Award in the Best Country Video Recording category at the event held November 21 at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino. This week, Julian joins me to discuss his latest release, Beyond the Reservoir. Enjoy! https://juliantaylormusic.cahttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist 01 Julian Taylor- Moonlight02 Julian Taylor- Seeds03 K Bang & Raye Zaragoza- The Coast04 Crown Lands- Inner Light05 Julian Taylor- Murder 1306 Ya Tseen & Samantha Crain- Look at What the Light Did Now07 Brenda Thomas Diablo- Cry Cry Cry08 Julian Taylor- The Ridge09 Willie Dunn- Son of the Sun
57:03 11/28/22
Joy Harjo's I Pray For My Enemies
Joy Har­jo, the 23rd Poet Lau­re­ate of the Unit­ed States, is a mem­ber of the Mvskoke Nation and belongs to Oce Vpofv (Hick­o­ry Ground). She is only the sec­ond poet to be appoint­ed a third term as U.S. Poet Laureate. In addi­tion to serv­ing as a three-term U.S. Poet Lau­re­ate, Har­jo is a chan­cel­lor of the Acad­e­my of Amer­i­can Poets, holds a Tul­sa Artist Fel­low­ship, directs For Girls Becom­ing, an arts men­tor­ship pro­gram for young Mvskoke women, and is a found­ing board mem­ber and Chair of the Native Arts and Cul­tures Foun­da­tion. She has recent­ly been induct­ed into the Amer­i­can Acad­e­my of Arts and Let­ters, the Amer­i­can Philo­soph­i­cal Soci­ety, the Nation­al Native Amer­i­can Hall of Fame, and the Nation­al Woman’s Hall of Fame. Enjoy!Har­jo is the author of 13 books of poet­ry, two children’s books and countless awards. Har­jo per­forms with her sax­o­phone and flutes, solo and with her band, the Arrow Dynam­ics Band, and pre­vi­ous­ly with Joy Har­jo and Poet­ic Jus­tice. Har­jo has pro­duced sev­en award-win­ning music albums includ­ing Wind­ing Through the Milky Way, for which she was award­ed a NAM­MY for Best Female Artist of the year, and today she joins me to discuss her latest  album, I Pray for My Enemies. Enjoy!  https://www.joyharjo.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Joy Harjo- One Day There Will Be Horses02 Joy Harjo- An American Sunrise03 DDAT- Roadrunner04 Julia Keefe- Nobody Else But Me05 Joy Harjo- Calling the Spirit Back 06 Cosmically Shonna- Gratitude07 Khu.éex- Captain Cook Gets It08 Joy Harjo- Mankiller Honor Song09 Pamyua- Drum I Carry (Version B)10 Cheri Maracle- 100 Cigarettes
57:35 11/14/22
2022 Native American Music Award Nominees
The Native American Music Awards are back and ready to celebrate and honor their most powerful voices on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino in Niagara Falls, New York.  This will be the organization’s 20th Awards event following the Covid-19 pandemic's devastating impact on Indigenous communities across America.  Commemorating National Native American Heritage month, the host of the 20th Awards ceremony will be actor Robert Mesa (Navajo/ Soboba) who most recently played the character James Chee, the first Indigenous doctor onGrey's Anatomy.  The Awards will proudly recognize and honor Oren Lyons as a Living Legend. Oren, who is 92, is the Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan, Onondaga Nation.  He is an artist, speaker, author and environmental activist for Indigenous peoples worldwide and holds the title of Wisdom Keeper. He has advocated at the United Nations to recognize Indigenous rights and has addressed the United Nations General Assembly. He is also an All-American Lacrosse Hall of Famer and Honorary Chairman of the Haudenosaunee Nationals Lacrosse program.  This year’s Hall of Fame inductee is Micki Free, a Grammy Award winner & multiple Native American Music Award winner of Comanche and Cherokee descent. Originally discovered and managed by Gene Simmons of KISS, Micki was the guitarist in the R&B sensation, Shalamar who boasted mega platinum hit songs like "Dancing In The Sheets" from the movie soundtrack "Footloose", and won a Grammy for "Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills"  from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.  Micki is currently on tour supporting his latest album, Turquoise Blue, which features members of The Santana Band, Steve Stevens of Billy Idol and Gary Clark Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are: Paul LaRoche of Brule/AIRO and Robert Tree Cody. Paul LaRoche is the founding member of Brulé, the epic Native American rock show. Brule’ has won eight Native American Music awards, released 20 CDs and  sold over one million CDs worldwide.  Robert Tree Cody is a five-time Native American Music Award winner, and a multi-talented flutist, singer, dancer, actor and educator. He has released 13 albums and is the son of Bertha Parker Pallan Cody (Seneca/Abenaki), who is largely considered to be the first female Indigenous archaeologist.  Tune in to enjoy a preview of some of the amazing artists nominated at this years Native American Music Awards! https://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist00 R Carlos Nakai-(Dine/Ute) Nocturne (Intro Bed) (nominated for Artist of the Year)        BEST DEBUT ARTIST01 Charles Wood III (Saddle Lake Cree/Confederated Tribes of Umatilla)- Honest to You (clip)02 Elexa Dawson (Citizen Potawatomi Nation)- I See Me (Full Song)03 Matthew Hawk (Navajo)- Overcome (clip)04 Melody McArthur (Cree)- Bon Vivant (clip)05 Mike Bern (Tobique First Nation)- Waponahkew (clip)06 Zachariah Julian (Jicarilla Apache)- It’s Alright (clip)07 Julian Taylor (Mohawk)- The Ridge (Full Song)        BEST DEBUT GROUP OR DUO08 Alton Tsosie with Lincoln Josley (Navajo)- Spiritual Blessings (clip)09 Ancient Voices (Choctaw/Cherokee)- Honey Bee (clip)10 Bear Fox (Mohawk)- Water Song (Full Song)11 Blue Flamez & YL (Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs)- Warrior (clip)12 Jason Lee Wilson (Cherokee)- Tennessee (clip)13 The Breakwater Band (Alutiiq)- Let It Rain (clip)14 The Buffalo Weavers (Dakota)- The Dark is Getting Light (clip)         BEST GROUP/DUO OF THE YEAR15 Blackbird (Cherokee/Dakota) Two For Three (Clip)16 Black Lodge Singers (Blackfoot)- Across the Plains (clip)17 Crazy Flute (Cherokee)- Rise (clip)18 Eagle and Hawk (Ojibway) Liberty (clip)19 The Groovalottos (Mashpee Wampanoag)- The Storm (clip)20 The Ripcords (Onondaga)- Sweet Road Stomp (clip)21 Twin Flames (Inuit, Mohawk/Metis)- Battlefields (Full Song)22 Young Spirit (Cree)- Angel Eagle (Clip)         ARTIST OF THE YEAR23 Aaron White (Navajo/Ute)- Moonlight Love Songs (clip)24 Connor Chee (Navajo)- Passage 4 (clip)25 Fawn Wood (Cree, Salish)- Kakike (clip)26 Irv Lyons Jr (Oneida)- Private Invitation (clip)27 Jace Martin (Mohawk)- Rainboworld  (Full Song)28 Kelly Derrickson (First Nations)- I Am (Clip)29 Sten Joddi (Mvskoke Creek Nation of Oklahoma)- Sacred Woman (Full Song)
57:01 11/7/22
Elemantra's Only Momentary
Elemantra was formed by first cousins Justin Woodmancy (lead singer, guitar) and Nick Beiling (bass), both Wolf Clan, Seneca Nation, Ohi:yo’ (Allegany) Territory. It’s an incredible honor to feature a band from my home town, especially as we’ve forged our respective paths on a similar trajectory and timeline. Their new album, Only Momentary is the first released on the Admirable Traits Records label and its the last (for the time being anyway) to feature Nick’s bass chops. This week Justin joins me to reflect on their origins, and what makes Only Momentary a truly special release from a great up and coming band. Enjoy! Elemantra- Feel It Float02 Elemantra- No Shadow03 Leanne Betasamosake Simpson- Viscosity04 One Way Sky- Reap & Sow05 Elemantra- Plastic World06 Black Belt Eagle Scout- Don’t Give Up07 Elemantra- A Good Man08 Buff Sainte Marie- God is Alive, Magic is Afoot
57:01 11/7/22
Blue Moon Marquee
 Blue Moon Marquee writes and performs original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves.  A.W. Cardinal (Cree/Metis) (vocals/guitar) and Jasmine Colette a.k.a. Badlands Jass (vocals/bass/drums) have played for a vast gamut of crowds at jazz clubs, Lindy Hop dance halls, folk venues, blues haunts, hospitals, prisons, markets, motorcycle joints, dive bars and prestigious festival stages. This week the band joins me to discuss their brand new album, Scream, Holler & Howl. Produced by blues legend, Duke Robillard, this album is the cure for whatever ails ya. Also of note since the time of our discussion- Scream, Holler & Howl is up for consideration at this years Grammys in the best Traditional Blues Recording category. If nominated, A.W. will be the first Indigenous musician ever nominated in that category. Tune in to hear hear about Blue Moon Marquee’s incredible journey thus far. Enjoy! https://bluemoonmarquee.comhttps://nativeartistdirectory.comPlaylist01 Blue Moon Marquee- Scream, Holler & Howl02 Blue Moon Marquee- Hound Dog on a Chain03 Paul Steward- Send My Baby Back04 Little Walter- Rollin & Tumblin05 Blue Moon Marquee- Country Man (Ft Duke Robillard)06 Julian Taylor- Opening the Sky07 Appleby, Reinhardt and Mahfoud- No Date08 Blue Moon Marquee- Fever Flickering Flame09 Lakota John- The Strange Man10 Richard Inman- Redemption
57:54 10/24/22
The Tewas a Flying Squirrel
David Adrian Nunez Brenes, Cherokee and Purhepecha, grew up in various places throughout Southern California. Because of his family’s frequent moves he found it difficult to make friends, and so like many others, he turned to music. Since recording as The Tewa (Cherokee for flying squirrel), he’s become a staple in the underground music scene, both in So Cal and Albuquerque, NM. He frequently collaborates with Mato Wayuhi (music director) on Reservation Dogs and they’re currently gearing up to score an upcoming Major Motion Picture release. D.A. joins me this week to discuss all of this and his latest album, Under the Moonlight. Enjoy! The Tewa- Under the Moonlight02 The Tewa- Make You Mine03 Ailani- Starry Eyed04 Side Montero- Indio05 The Tewa- Tewa the Type Foo06 Elemantra- Feel It Float07 Nehiyawak- Copper08 Mozart Gabriel- Hold Back09 The Tewa- Take Things Slow Wit Me10 Mato- Pity11 Silver Jackson- Perfect Mistake (Ft Iska Dhaaf)
57:01 10/3/22
Crystal Shawandas Midnight Blues
Crystal Shawanda, Wiikwemkoong First Nation, started her career as an award winning country musician. She had a hit on the US charts, won a Juno in Canada and was on a fast track for country superstardom before starting over as a blues artist. Now, based out of Nashville and 8 albums in, she’s had an equally impressive blues career with her husband/creative partner, Dewayne Strobel. This week, Crystal joins me to discuss her brand new album, Midnight Blues (September 30th) life on the road and plans for after the tour. Turn it up and sing along- Enjoy! http://crystalshawanda.co 01 Crystal Shawanda- Midnight Blues02 Crystal Shawanda- Rumpshaker 03 Irv Lyons Jr- You Knock Me Out (ft Melanie Khramer)04 The North Sound- Wild Rose Country 05 Crystal Shawanda- Take a Little Walk with the Moon06 Marc Brown and the Blues Crew- Damn Right I Got the Blues07 William Prince- The Spark 08 Crystal Shawanda- Get it On/Come and Get Your Love09 Emma Donovan- Don’t Give Up on Me10 Jimmy Rushing- My Buckets Got a Hole in It
61:28 9/26/22

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