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Welcome to the Covenant Eyes Podcast! Each week Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard with Covenant Eyes interview world-class guests who provide practical, relevant, and biblical perspectives on topics that matter to you and your church. In a digital age filled with endless temptations and distractions, our mission is clear: to empower individuals and families to navigate the online landscape with integrity and accountability.Each episode features engaging conversations with thought leaders, ministry leaders, cybersecurity experts, therapists, and individuals who have triumphed over or helped others find freedom from pornography and sexual brokenness. We dive deep into topics like pornography, marriage, betrayal trauma, culture, parental controls,  and the importance of accountability in the virtual realm. Together, we'll uncover the secrets to fostering healthy relationships, nurturing personal growth, and embracing a digital world that empowers rather than ensnares.Subscribe to the Covenant Eyes Podcast today!Join us:


Guarding Your Soul & Your Browser History | The Babylon Bee | Seth Dillon
Welcome to The Covenant Eyes Podcast with your hosts Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard! In this episode, they sit down with special guest Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, to talk about the fascinating world of Christian satire and the challenges of upholding free speech in today's culture.Join the conversation as they explore how The Babylon Bee emerged as a conservative Christian response to mainstream satire, dissecting the delicate balance between humor and sensitivity in addressing cultural and political issues. Discover the power of humor in engaging with challenging topics while maintaining respect and empathy.Seth shares insightful anecdotes about The Babylon Bee's journey, including their encounters with social media censorship and fact-checking controversies. Gain valuable insights into the threats facing free speech, particularly within privately owned digital platforms, and the importance of standing firm against censorship.With engaging discussions on the impact of satire on public discourse and the role of humor in promoting understanding, this episode offers a thought-provoking exploration of navigating today's cultural landscape with wit, wisdom, and unwavering principles.CHAPTERS:00:00 - Introduction and Background01:03 - The Birth of the Babylon Bee02:29 - The Purpose of Christian Satire03:25 - Engaging in Cultural Conversations06:50 - The Threat to Free Speech10:08 - Using Comedy and Satire to Bridge Divides13:47 - The Struggle with Censorship18:07 - The Relationship with Elon Musk20:24 - Where to Find the Babylon Bee CHECK OUT THE BABYLON BEE:Website: #FreeSpeech #WokeCulture #Humor #BabylonBee #SethDillon #ElonMusk #CulturalEngagement #SocialMediaCensorship #Conservatism #PoliticalSatire #Comedy #DigitalPlatforms #PodcastEpisode #TheCovenantEyesPodcastTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
21:44 2/21/24
Overcoming Sexual Sin and Finding Freedom | Jonathan Pokluda
In this episode of The Covenant Eyes Podcast, Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard engage in a powerful conversation with Jonathan ‘JP’ Pokluda, lead pastor at Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, and bestselling author. The focus is on the journey of overcoming sexual sin and addiction through the power of faith and spiritual renewal. The host and guests share personal experiences and insights into the challenges of battling lustful desires and the destructive cycle of addiction. They emphasize the importance of self-control, confession, and seeking support from a community of believers.The conversation jumps into the spiritual warfare aspect of dealing with temptation, highlighting the need for vigilance and reliance on God's strength to resist the allure of sinful behaviors. Courageous confession is also emphasized as a pivotal step towards healing and restoration, as individuals open up about their struggles in a safe and supportive environment. Through the lens of Christian teachings, the episode explores the path to finding freedom in Christ and embracing life-giving virtues that lead to a transformed and fulfilling life.VIDEO CHAPTERS:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Back to The Covenant Eyes Podcast00:45 - Guest Introduction: Meet Jonathan ‘JP’ Pokluda03:14  - The War for Your Soul: JP's Sermon at Auburn University05:50 - Finding Healing and Recovery: JP's Personal Journey07:25 - The Importance of Confession and Prayer: Overcoming Sexual Sin09:50 - Addressing Taboo Topics: Why Pastors Must Speak Up13:32 - Exploring JP's Book "Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do?" 15:46 - Pursuing Virtue: Self-Control and Humility 16:06 - Spiritual Warfare: Understanding the Enemy's Tactics18:44 - The Path to Freedom: Sharing Your Story21:46 - Connecting with JP: Resources and Contact InformationThroughout our conversation, JP shares practical insights, biblical wisdom, and personal anecdotes that inspire hope and empower listeners to embrace the journey of restoration and freedom. Tune in to discover how you can break free from the bondage of sin and step into a life of purpose and fulfillment.🔗 CONNECT WITH JP:Instagram: @jpokludaWebsite:📚 RECOMMENDED RESOURCES:Jonathan's latest book: "Why Do I Do What I Don't Want to Do? Replace Deadly Vices with Life-Giving Virtues"🎙️ Subscribe to "The Covenant Eyes Podcast" for more impactful conversations on faith, freedom, and overcoming challenges.#JonathanPokluda #SexualFreedom #AddictionRecovery #ChristianLiving #CovenantEyes #GospelTransformation #CourageousConfession #FreedomInChrist #AbundantLife #PodcastInterview #SexualSin #AddictionRecovery #SelfControl #OvercomingTemptation #SpiritualWarfare #FreedomInChrist #ConfessionAndHealing #CourageousConfession #LifeGivingVirtues #ChristianPodcastTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
27:41 2/16/24
Rebuilding Trust After Betrayal: With Troy and Melissa Haas
Join hosts Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard on a compelling episode of The Covenant Eyes Podcast as they welcome back long-time friends of Covenant Eyes, Troy and Melissa Haas from HopeQuest Ministry. In this candid conversation, Troy and Melissa share their powerful journey of healing and rebuilding trust after betrayal. Discover valuable insights, practical tips, and real-life experiences that can guide individuals and couples on the path to restoration. Don't miss this episode filled with wisdom, vulnerability, and the hope that comes from authentic connection.For more information about HopeQuest Ministry and its transformative resources, visit their website at #HopeQuestMinistry #CovenantEyesPodcast #RelationshipHealing #BetrayalRecovery #AuthenticConnection #MarriageRestorationTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
27:44 2/15/24
A Candid Conversation with Lina Abujamra - On Sex & Shame
Welcome back to the Covenant Eyes Podcast! In this powerful episode, hosts Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard engage in a candid conversation with special guest Lina Abujamra. Lina, a pediatric E.R. doctor and founder of Living with Power Ministries, shares her personal journey and insights on a crucial topic that often remains in the shadows within Christian communities.Join us in this compelling discussion as we break the silence and address the struggles many Christians face, providing insights and perspectives to navigate toward freedom and healing. Subscribe for more insightful discussions and share this episode with those who may find encouragement and guidance in these important topics. Visit Living with Power Ministries for more resources and information.Don't miss this candid and revealing conversation that aims to unmask the hidden struggles Christians face. Join us in breaking the silence and fostering a culture of openness and accountability.Website: her book#hiddenstruggles #Christianity #CovenantEyesPodcast #LinaAbujamra #SexualStruggles #Accountability #CultureShiftTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
30:44 2/9/24
Mastering the Art of Intimacy: Insights from Dr. Carol Tanksley
Welcome to another insightful episode of The Covenant Eyes Podcast! In this episode, we have the honor of hosting the accomplished Dr. Carol Tanksley – author, speaker, personal coach, and licensed OB-GYN physician. Dr. Carol shares her unique journey, highlighting the profound impact of personal growth and overcoming challenges in her life.Discover the depths of Dr. Carol's ministry as she discusses her latest book, "Sexpectations: Reframing Your Good and Not So Good Stories about God, Love, and Relationships." This candid conversation delves into the complexities of sexuality, relationships, and intimacy, offering valuable insights for individuals seeking freedom from pornography and sexual brokenness.Join our hosts, Rob Stoddard and Karen Potter, as they explore the transformative power of addressing matters of the heart. Dr. Carol unpacks the distortions and challenges surrounding intimacy, emphasizing the need for a deeper understanding beyond surface behaviors. The episode includes riveting vignettes from real-life experiences, providing a relatable perspective on the struggles many face.Dr. Carol introduces her groundbreaking approach to sexual wholeness, emphasizing the importance of reframing past stories and healing deep-seated wounds. The discussion touches on the role of Jesus in reshaping our narratives and the beauty that emerges when authenticity meets compassion.The conversation extends beyond the book, offering a glimpse into Dr. Carol's ministry and additional resources for those seeking guidance. Learn about the 30-day free email devotional, quizzes, and a five-part prescription for finding sexual healing God's way available on Dr. Carol's website.As the episode concludes, Dr. Carol leaves listeners with a powerful takeaway – the pursuit of intimacy. Recognizing the core need for connection and intimacy, she encourages individuals to go beyond surface-level behaviors, offering a challenging yet rewarding path to healing.Tune in to this episode for an enriching discussion on intimacy, healing, and the transformative power of reframing your story. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a journey towards sexual wholeness with Dr. Carol Tanksley on The Covenant Eyes Podcast!Check out Dr. Carol's ministry resources for further support and growthCONNECT WITH DR. CAROL:Website: Dr. Carol Ministries Relationship Prescriptions Resources: YourSexpectations.com #SexualWholeness #DrCarolTanksley #CovenantEyesPodcast #SexpectationsBook #Transformation #RelationshipPrescriptions #YourExpectationsTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
20:14 2/7/24
Trafficking Awareness: Interview with Dan Emr, from Worthwhile Wear
In this powerful episode of the Covenant Eyes Podcast, hosts Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard engage in a heartfelt conversation with Dan Emr, founder and executive director of Worthwhile Wear. Discover the inspiring story of how Dan's life took an unexpected turn toward combating human trafficking, leading to the creation of Worthwhile Wear.Learn about the comprehensive and holistic approach taken by the organization to serve survivors, with a focus on healing and restoration. Join the movement to raise awareness and make a difference in the fight against trafficking. Don't miss this episode filled with stories of transformation, hope, and the pursuit of a greater purpose. Connect with Worthwhile Wear: @worthwhilewearFacebook: Worthwhile Wear: Get involved with the movement:1. Discover how your church can host the "Worth It" program to make a local impact.2. Follow the ACT Challenge from May 1st to July 30th, raising awareness and support against trafficking.Stay tuned for more impactful episodes! Subscribe and share to spread the message of restoration and hope. Together, we can break chains and make a lasting difference.#HumanTrafficking #Restoration #CovenantEyesPodcast #WorthwhileWear #Awareness #Hope #SurvivorStoriesTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
21:53 1/31/24
Protecting Innocence: NCOSE VP Haley McNamara on Combatting Sexual Exploitation
In this eye-opening episode of the Covenant Eyes Podcast, join host Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard and special guest Haley McNamara, Vice President of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE). As January marks Sex Trafficking Awareness Month, Haley sheds light on the interconnected issues of sexual exploitation and shares insights into NCOSE's impactful work. Discover the latest advancements in legislation, including the Earn It Act and device filter bills aimed at holding online platforms accountable. Learn how you can take action, advocate for change, and protect the vulnerable. Join the movement to end sexual exploitation now! Resources mentioned:NCOSE Website: Action on Device Filter Bill: Dozen List#SexTraffickingAwareness #ProtectChildren #Legislation #EndExploitation #CovenantEyesPodcastTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
24:29 1/24/24
Reviving Hope: Dr. Mark Denison's Journey to Freedom and Recovery
Join us in this powerful episode of The Covenant Eyes Podcast as Dr. Mark Denison shares his inspiring journey from the shadows of unwanted sexual behaviors to becoming a beacon of hope for men and their wives through the ministry "There's Still Hope."Dr. Denison discusses his new book, "Recovery Rules: 100 Truisms That Will Change Everything" and unveils essential truisms that can change everything on the path to healing.Discover the transformative impact of his "90-Day Recovery Program" and gain insights into his latest course on the Victory app, specifically tailored for pastors in recovery.Don't miss this insightful conversation filled with practical wisdom and the assurance that, indeed, there's still hope.#Recovery #Hope #CovenantEyesPodcast #AddictionRecovery #PastoralCare #VictoryApp #DrMarkDenisonFor more information and resources, visit and explore the Victory app at to feature: out Mark's course in the Covenant Eyes Victory App today! Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
24:43 1/18/24
From the Depths of Addiction to the Heights of Redemption: Steve Etner's Journey to Purity
 In this powerful episode of The Point of Purity Podcast, join host Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard as he interviews renowned Purity Coach and author Steve Etner, from Pure Man Ministry. Discover the transformative journey of overcoming a 30-year addiction to lust, porn, and masturbation. Gain insights into Steve's 12-week study on sexual impurity, "The Point of Purity," and learn the key principles to break free from the chains of addiction.CONNECT WITH STEVE ETNERWebsite:https://thepuritycoach.comMy Purity Coach App:iOS: by Steve Etner: The Point of Purity Podcast:'t miss this insightful conversation on breaking free from porn addiction and finding hope in God's Word. Share this episode with anyone seeking support on their journey to purity.#PurityCoach #AddictionRecovery #ThePointOfPurity #HopeInGodsWordTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
26:49 1/10/24
Season 3 of The Covenant Eyes Podcast with Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard
Ready to elevate your Christian journey with insights from leading voices in faith? Season 3 of the Covenant Eyes Podcast is here to arm you with powerful conversations and essential tools that will enrich your spiritual walk. Join Karen Potter, and our new co-host Rob Stoddard, as we engage in meaningful dialogues with guests like Father Mike Schmitz, Pastor Alan Parr, and the incomparable Kirk Cameron. Plus, we're teeming with excitement for what's in store with Dallas Jenkins, whose work on "The Chosen" continues to inspire millions.This season is set to be a treasure trove for leaders and laity alike, as we unveil our Five Stones campaign and introduce the transformative Victory app—a free resource overflowing with invaluable content for personal and communal growth. We're inviting you to be part of the conversation; reach out and let us know which guests resonate with your faith journey. Through our shared stories and resources, let's forge a path toward victory together with wisdom, encouragement, and a spirit of community that's stronger than ever.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
06:46 1/3/24
Confronting Pornography: A Discussion with Charlie Kirk
Ever thought about the societal implications of porn addiction? Today, we're going to take a deep dive into this complex subject with none other than Charlie Kirk, an advocate who has walked this challenging journey to freedom himself. He shares his personal struggle against pornography, how faith and Covenant Eyes technology played a pivotal role in his victory, and his ongoing mission to help others wrestling with similar struggles. Kirk's insights about the prevalence of pornography in our culture and the need for individuals to take a stand are riveting and illuminating.As we journey through this conversation, it goes beyond just personal battles. We unpack the broader impacts of porn addiction on society, touching on associated issues like domestic abuse, broken relationships, and adultery. Charlie also opens up about his belief that pornography should be outlawed and the transformative power of repentance. Listen in as we discuss the significance of church leaders in addressing this issue head-on and promoting tools like Covenant Eyes. This episode is not just about acknowledging the destructive nature of pornography, but actively working towards a healthier, more respectful perspective on sex and relationships. Tune in and discover how you can join the fight.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
20:55 12/29/23
The Effects of Porn Addiction | Interviews and Testimonies from TPUSA
Discover how Ross triumphed over a nine-year battle with pornography, reclaiming his life through faith and the indomitable strength of the Holy Spirit. His compelling story kicks off our heartfelt conversation about the silent struggle within the church, underlining why a genuine relationship with God is paramount in overcoming such addictions. We join forces with Joshua Broome and Victor Marx to champion direct, compassionate dialogues in our faith communities, paving the way for confession and healing without the fear of judgment. I also propose that pastors embrace regular 'hot conversations' to fortify themselves and their congregations against these pervasive temptations.Seth Gruber steps into our circle to dissect the vicious addiction-shame-guilt cycle, especially prevalent among Christian men, and shares key strategies for breaking free. We navigate through the historical influences of sexual liberation, from Augustine to Margaret Sanger, and the profound societal shifts these ideologies have spurred. Our discussion extends to the intellectual and spiritual tools necessary to master primal urges, inspired by the wisdom of C.S. Lewis. We close by showcasing the significant role of Covenant Eyes software in fortifying personal faith journeys, an invaluable resource that has become foundational to our church's leadership development and accountability structure.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
23:28 12/27/23
From Olympic Ice to Life's Vice: Anthony Watson on Overcoming Addiction with Faith and Empowering Gen Z through the Church
When former Olympian Anthony Watson stepped into our studio, the energy was palpable. His journey from the warmth of Jamaica to the icy tracks of skeleton racing is more than just a story of athletic prowess; it's a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit. Today's conversation took unexpected turns, delving into the very real and pressing issues of how pornography affects our youth and the hard-earned victories over addiction through a life anchored in Christ. Anthony's candidness offers a beacon of hope for those wrestling with similar challenges.Our dialogue took a reflective shift as we explored the current influence of Gen Z on the church. The give and take between maintaining core scriptural values and adapting to the digital age is a dance that both the church and individuals are learning. I shared my own path to discovering my identity within the embrace of faith, the pitfalls of insincere living, and how the church can act as a compass for young people searching for authenticity in a sea of online facades. The episode is rich with the wisdom of those who have walked through fire and emerged with a message of enduring truth and discipline.In the episode's closing moments, we touched upon the transformative ability of adversity to shape our lives and how it can deepen our relationship with God. Comparing my experiences to biblical figures like Paul, we acknowledged the universal struggles that we all face and the profound ways in which collective worship can unite and uplift communities. Wrapping up, I invite listeners to consider the lasting impact of purpose-driven living and my continued commitment to mentoring youth, ensuring that the next generation is empowered to overcome life's obstacles through faith. Join us for this inspiring journey that reaffirms the timelessness of spiritual resilience.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
27:08 12/20/23
Christmas at Keestone: Heartwarming Holiday Film with Pastor Ben Graham
Join hosts Karen Potter and Rob Stoddard from the Covenant Eyes Podcast in a festive episode filled with holiday cheer! In this special edition, they are joined by Pastor Ben Graham, lead actor, and producer of the heartwarming Christmas film, “Christmas at Keestone.” Get ready for a delightful conversation about the movie, Christmas traditions, and the joy of the season.Watch “Christmas at Keestone”: Available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Zulu, DirectTV, and Dish.  Search “Christmas at Keestone” for a heartwarming holiday experience for the whole family. Connect with Pastor Ben Graham:Visit Pastor Ben Graham’s website for more information on his films, ministry, and podcast. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on their inspiring projects. Follow Covenant Eyes Podcast:Explore more episodes of the Covenant Eyes Podcast on their official website and stay connected on social media for upcoming episodes and insightful discussions.Spread the joy of the season by sharing this festive episode with your friends and family. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Covenant Eyes family! Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
18:39 12/18/23
Wimpy, Weak, and Woke: Challenging Assumptions with John Cooper
Join us on a thought-provoking journey with John Cooper, the lead singer of Skillet, in this compelling episode of the Covenant Eyes Podcast. The conversation revolves around his latest book, “Wimpy, Weak, and Woke,” tackling the challenges Christians face in a world gripped by confusion.Cooper sheds light on the evolving complexities of living a Christ-centered life amid societal upheavals. Reflecting on the past’s simplicity, he explores the current confusion, addressing the clash between utopian ideals and eternal truths from the Kingdom of God.  Cooper passionately emphasizes the need for the church to break its silence and actively engage in today’s cultural battles. The discussion extends to the revolutionary idea that Christ owns the world, challenging believers to reclaim their role in transforming society. Cooper outlines the power of Christ’s rule and the importance of resisting cultural challenges. This episode provides profound insights into pressing issues and offers a roadmap for Christians navigating the complexities of the modern world.Subscribe, like, and share to be part of this crucial conversation that addresses the intersection of faith and culture. Join us in understanding the transformative potential of embracing eternal truths in a world yearning for clarity. Don’t miss this compelling episode that addresses pressing issues and offers a roadmap for Christians navigating the complexities of the modern world. #johncooper #WimpyWeakWoke #CovenantEyesPodcast #ChristianLiving #UtopiaVsTruth #PodcastInterviewTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
26:59 12/15/23
Addressing the Damaging Effects of Pornography: A Discussion with Trent Horn
Are you grappling with the harsh effects of pornography on your life or someone you care about? We discuss this topic with Trent Horn, a renowned apologist. We also take a hard look at the sinister side of the pornography industry, underscoring its alarming connection to human trafficking and the exploitation of the most vulnerable among us. In light of recent measures like Utah's ban and age-verification laws, we explore the role of platforms in regulating content and the responsibility we all share in tackling this issue. This episode promises to be a blend of thought-provoking dialogue and tangible advice on a topic often left unspoken. Step in for a necessary and courageous conversation on the harms of pornography.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
25:59 12/13/23
Exploring the Intersection of Faith and Science Fiction with Filmmaker Brock Heasley
In this exclusive interview, we dive into the world of 'The Shift,' a powerful and thought-provoking film directed by Brock Heasley. Learn about the journey behind the movie, its connection to the book of Job, and the unique blend of sci-fi and faith. Discover how Angel Studios and crowdfunding played a pivotal role in bringing this feature film to life.Watch 'The Shift': more from Brock Heasley: X/Twitter : you enjoyed the interview, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more engaging content. Join the conversation in the comments below!#TheShiftMovie #SciFiFaith #BrockHeasleyInterview #AngelStudios #FaithFilm #SciFiTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
20:38 12/11/23
Protecting Youth and Strengthening Faith: The Role of Covenant Eyes with Founder Ron DeHaas
How do you safeguard your children's spirituality in the age of the internet? As our world becomes increasingly connected, our resolve to protect our youth from harmful content faces escalating challenges. Our latest conversation with Ron DeHaas, founder of Covenant Eyes, provides invaluable insights into navigating these murky waters. From the heart-wrenching tragedy that led to the creation of Covenant Eyes in 2000, to its current role in helping individuals and families foster a closer relationship with God, we walk you through the company's commendable journey.We can't ignore the elephant in the room – the pervasive influence of pornography on our Christian youth. As we share startling experiences of young people grappling with this addiction, the importance of proactive parenting and open dialogue becomes glaringly evident. We introduce you to Covenant Eyes as a beacon of hope, a tool that transcends the realm of monitoring to become a supportive framework fostering gratitude and trust.The church has a crucial role in this battle against pornography addiction, and it's time we addressed it. Despite a shocking 93% of churches having never broached this topic, we believe in the potential of faith communities to bring about healing and change. Join us as we inspire pastors and leaders to take action, explore resources available through Covenant Eyes, and discuss the necessity of a supportive church environment. Listen in, let's grow together as we protect our youth and strengthen our faith communities.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
38:57 12/7/23
Grace, Accountability, and Holiness: A Riveting Conversation with Pastor Matt Chandler
When unexpected trials test your personal integrity, where do you turn? Join us for a profound discussion with Pastor Matt Chandler about life’s unforeseen challenges and the significance of maintaining personal guardrails. Expect to gain unique insights as we delve into the hidden contours of the devil's schemes. Matt shares his experiences on the importance of transparency, accountability, and the grace to withstand accusations and criticism. This conversation isn’t about painting a rosy picture. Instead, it is about embracing the thorns and navigating through life's thorny paths with the armor of grace and truth.Shining a spotlight on leadership, we journey through Matt's riveting experiences and the challenges that come with the position. A conversation marked with wisdom, Matt emphasizes the necessity of surrounding oneself with godly people and keeping egos in check. The episode concludes on an inspiring note, underlining the power of accountability and holiness, and demonstrating how obedience to God’s commands can lead to human flourishing and joy. This conversation is a riveting expedition that promises to leave you with an altered perspective, a deeper understanding of life's trials, and a renewed appreciation for accountability and holiness.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
34:33 11/29/23
Engaging with Tim Strickland: Fostering Growth for Christian Men
In this episode, we're engaging with Tim Strickland, the visionary behind Christ in the Smokies, an organization that's shaking up the world of spiritual guidance for men and their sons. Imagine a journey that takes you from personal sorrow to a place of powerful transformation; that's exactly what Tim has experienced and what he's now sharing with others. His organization is all about fostering personal growth, developing deeper relationships, and instilling a sense of authentic masculinity through challenging adventures and memorable experiences. The Passage to Manhood Camp, central to their work, provides a space where fathers and sons can bond and learn together. But that's not all. Tim also shares some profound advice for fathers grappling with addictions, especially pornography. With nearly two decades of experience in a men's group, he understands the importance of acknowledging the issue, seeking help, and inviting God into the healing process. He stands by the power of community and transformation, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people for accountability. This episode is an insightful look into the influence of a father's spiritual life on his family and the significance of passing down faith to the next generation. Join us for this enlightening conversation and see how you can benefit from it.FacebookTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
21:41 11/21/23
Exploring Vulnerability, Healing, and the Power of Conversation with Tim Ross
Have you ever felt the power of vulnerability in breaking the chains of past traumas? We’ve got a guest with us today, Tim Ross, who has fought his battles with childhood abuse, pornography, low self-esteem, and insecurity and found his liberation in speaking his truth. A once hesitant influencer, Tim has now become a beacon of strength for many, using his podcast "The Basement" as a vessel to hold non-judgmental and sensitive discussions.Tim's journey of healing and self-discovery is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. He shares how the discovery of pornography at a tender age of 12 led him towards a path layered with self-esteem and insecurity issues. But, the night his family found freedom through Jesus marked a turning point in his life. The power of his vulnerability resonates not just within him but also echoes in the hearts of the younger generation, encouraging them to voice their experiences and struggles.But, how does one ruminate these disturbing truths and find peace? We discover the answer in conversations and the power of the Gospel. From the significant impact of sermons to the courage of a young woman sharing her bisexuality, every narrative is a testament to the power of dialogue. We also delve into an intriguing twist of the pornography industry seeking Tim for prayers and his unique approach of merely being present rather than fixing things. So, join us, and let's navigate through these profound conversations together.Check out Tim Ross on YoutubeLearn more about Tim RossTikTok: @UpsetTheGram#covenanteyes Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
34:33 11/15/23
Addressing the Struggle: Women, Pornography and the Path to Grace with Jessica Harris
Picture this: A 13-year-old girl, curious and eager to understand her burgeoning sexuality, finds herself descending into the throes of hardcore pornography. Sounds shocking, right? But this isn't a scene from a disturbing novel, it's the real-life story of Jessica Harris. A long-time friend, Jessica joins us in an exceptionally candid discussion about her own struggle with pornography and how it led her into a vortex of shame and addiction. We delve into the often-overlooked aspect of female interaction with pornography and how it can seem like a "safe" exploration of sexuality.Together, we bring to light the power of God's grace for women battling with pornography, shattering misconceptions and addressing the unusual challenges pornography can impose on a marriage. We emphasize the importance of vulnerability and the magic of open communication in a marriage when dealing with struggles like these. Jessica's insights into how pornography can hinder our innate desires for acceptance, intimacy, and unconditional love are both enlightening and thought-provoking. But far from a gloomy discourse, our conversation is ultimately infused with hope and optimism. We assure you that freedom and God's grace are attainable, even in the midst of the struggle with pornography. So lean in, listen closely, and prepare to see this issue from a whole new perspective.Learn more about Jessica: Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
26:29 11/8/23
Understanding Human Brokenness and Faith with Father Mike Schmitz
Ever been intimidated by the thought of reading the Bible from cover to cover? You're not alone! Perhaps you're one among the many who crave a more meaningful understanding of spirituality and religion. Be prepared to be enlightened as we sit down with Father Mike Schmitz, a leading voice in spiritual broadcasting. His chart-topping "Bible in a Year" podcast is reshaping how many perceive and engage with the Holy Scripture.Drenched in 19 years of college ministry experience, Father Mike discusses the various ways students grapple with these issues. He observes how the technological explosion has led some students to burn out, while others feel stuck and desolate. However, he insists, there's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. By placing faith in Jesus and fostering a deeper relationship with Him, an individual can find the courage to break free from the shackles of pornography. Encouraging patience and altering one's environment can do wonders in this process. So, join us for this insightful episode, and don't forget to share, like, and leave your valuable feedback.Check Out Bible in A Year with Father Mike Father Mike on Youtube#fathermike #catholicchurch Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
31:53 11/1/23
The Power of Acknowledging Sin: Lessons from an Exorcist with Father Vincent Lampert
We've got a captivating episode for you today with Father Vincent Lampert, the Exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Prepare to have your mind blown as Father Lampert unravels the devil's four-stage plan of attack: deception, division, diversion, and discouragement. We dive into the deep end of spirituality, discussing how sexual sins like pornography can lead us further into isolation and into the devil's schemes, and how we can guard ourselves from falling into this trap. With Father Lampert's guidance, we learn how God is always looking out for us, ready to meet us where we are, even when we've been deceived.Finally, we venture into the topic of the occult - an area that often invites deception and destruction into our lives. Father Lampert asserts how dabbling in the occult can lead to dire consequences.  So, tune in to this thought-provoking episode and equip yourself to stand strong against the devil's influence in your life.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
32:39 10/25/23
From Engineer to Pastor: The Intersection of Ministry and Technology with Allen Parr
Are you ready to uncover the fascinating journey of a man who found his calling in an unexpected field? This episode features an incredible guest, Pastor Allen Parr, who navigated from a career in engineering to a life devoted to ministry. We'll accompany him from his roots in Detroit and witness his decade-long pursuit to discover his passion within ministry, all the way to Dallas Theological Seminary. We'll also learn about his innovative approach to spreading the truth through the power of technology, particularly his YouTube channel "The Beat," which boasts an impressive 1.1 million subscribers.Tune in and get ready for inspiration, challenges, and perhaps a new perspective on the intersection of technology and ministry.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
29:10 10/17/23
Misled: A Conversation on Distorted Gospel, With Allen Parr
Calling all truth-seekers! Ever felt like you've been told half-truths about your faith? Ever questioned the "truths" you've been taught about your spiritual gifts? Our guest, Pastor Allen Parr, speaks from his heart about his experiences of being misled during his college years, and shares valuable insights from his latest book, "Misled: Seven Lies That Distort the Gospel and How You Can Discern the Truth". This intimate chat is a must-hear for anyone seeking clarity and discernment in their Christian journey.In the second half of our conversation, we take a deep-dive into the darker side of Progressive Christianity and how it can distort one's faith journey. Pastor Parr shares his views on embracing suffering as a part of our fallible lives and the importance of striving for holiness as an ongoing journey, not a final destination. Whether you're grappling with false teachings or wrestling with the struggles of faith, this episode promises to enlighten your path with much-needed insights and guidance.Connect with Allen Parr on YouTube: the book today! Get more insights from The Covenant Eyes Podcast:’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more engaging discussions on faith, culture, and personal growth. Connect with our hosts:Karen Potter, MA Ed.Director of Marketing, Church-Influencer-Affiliate Channels@KarenPotterCEFacebookLinkedInBrandon ClarkAffiliate Marketing, Host of the Covenant Eyes PodcastIG: @bmpclarkTwitter/X: @bmpclarkceLinkedInTry Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
26:05 10/11/23
Unveiling Sex Nation: A Bold Dialogue on America's Morality Crisis and Pornography Normalization
Prepare to be challenged and engaged as we welcome Jaco Booyens founder of Jaco Booyens Ministries, in an eye-opening conversation about his groundbreaking documentary, Sex Nation. This powerful film journeys deep into America's history, unveiling the steep moral decline that has led to societal quandaries like human trafficking and child exploitation. We explore the disturbing realities, yet also discuss hopeful, tangible solutions, that the film brings to light.As we forge ahead, we discuss the empowering tools that Sex Nation offers viewers to take a stand and spark change. The documentary serves as more than just a film - it's a catalyst for community gatherings and crucial conversations. Looking towards the future, we share the promising plans for Sex Nation and its potential to inspire individuals to protect their families from similar pitfalls. Join this essential dialogue that boldly addresses pornography and sexual exploitation, and discover how you, too, can contribute to creating a safer community.More Information/Resources:Jaco Booyens MinistriesAttack on Nuclear Family — Jaco Booyens MinistriesAfter Eden Pictures – 8 DAYSMain Website: More about our Hosts:Karen PotterDirector of Marketing-Church, Influencer, Affiliate ChannelsCovenant EyesX /Twitter  @KarenPotterCELinkedIn: Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
35:09 10/4/23
Renowned Influencer and Former Boxer, Ed Latimore Talks About Overcoming Addiction
In this eye-opening episode of The Covenant Eyes Podcast, co-hosts Karen Potter and Brandon Clark are joined by the renowned influencer and former boxer, Ed Latimore. Together, they dive deep into the world of pornography, its potential pitfalls, and the powerful tool that Covenant Eyes provides to combat its grip. Ed Latimore shares his personal journey and invaluable insights into the dangers of pornography, drawing from his own experiences and struggles. He sheds light on how Covenant Eyes can be a game-changer for those seeking to break free from the clutches of pornography addiction or those looking to safeguard themselves from its allure. Tune in to this enlightening conversation to discover the wisdom and guidance that Ed Latimore offers on this critical issue and learn how Covenant Eyes can help you, or someone you care about, take control of their digital life. Covenant Eyes for Free for 30 days! Visit: and enter FREEPODCAST and get 30 30-day free trial!Follow Ed Latimore on Twitter: @EdLatimoreDon't miss this episode - subscribe now for the latest insights on living a healthy and empowered digital life.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
24:37 9/27/23
Phil and Kay Robertson on Overcoming Dark Past "The Blind"
In an exclusive interview, Phil and Kay Robertson sit down with us at their "Unashamed Podcast" studio in Louisiana to talk about: the inspiration behind their new movie, The Blind; Phil’s battle with addiction; how God brought their family back together when satan tore it apart; and inspiring others to run toward Christ.🎙️ Join us on the Covenant Eyes Podcast as hosts Karen Potter and Brandon Clark sit down with the beloved stars of Duck Dynasty for an exclusive interview that's bound to touch your heart. 🦆💞 In this heartfelt episode, Phil and Kay Robertson open up about the early challenges they faced in their marriage. From struggles and setbacks to triumphs and timeless love, their incredible journey is a testament to faith, family, and unwavering commitment.🎬 And that's not all! We're excited to share that the inspiring details of their story are a significant part of the upcoming nationwide release, "The Blind" — a movie that promises to captivate audiences and inspire love and resilience. Get ready to mark your calendars for September 28th!🍿📽️ "The Blind" is a powerful film that showcases the strength of Phil and Kay's love and their unbreakable bond through thick and thin. Watch the trailer and learn more about this must-see movie here: in as we delve into the heartfelt journey of Phil and Kay Robertson, offering you an intimate glimpse into their love story and the making of "The Blind." You won't want to miss this special episode. 🔗 For more Covenant Eyes Podcast episodes and exclusive interviews, visit our website: https://podcast.covenanteyes.comSubscribe, like, and share this episode to help us spread the word about "The Blind" and the Covenant Eyes Podcast. Together, let's celebrate love, faith, and family through the inspiring story of Phil and Kay Robertson.Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
41:19 9/19/23
How Every Man and Woman Can Find Total Victory in Sexual Purity, With Fred Stoeker
In this episode, we visit with Fred Stocker, author of Battle On, Battle Over: How Every Man and Woman Can Find Permanent and Total Victory in Sexual Purity, about:The challenge for men to become sexually pure and to reconnect in intimate relationships with their wives.The hard losses and mounting setbacks that many people have to work through.The frank and honest approach this book takes and how it differs from other messages out there.The joy of writing a book together with his wife, Brenda.More Information/Resources:Book: on Social Media:Facebook: @FredStoekerMinistriesInstagram: @fredstoekerCovenant Eyes offers a clear path to freedom through trusted relationships and free resources. TRY COVENANT EYES FREE FOR 30 DAYS: (Promo Code: FreePodcast) Stay up to date on the latest news and guests on The Covenant Eyes Podcast by signing up for our newsletter: Try Covenant Eyes for FREE today!Use Promo Code: FreePodcast
22:34 9/13/23

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