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Mike and Sarah are journalists obsessed with the past. Every week they reconsider an event or person or trend that's been miscast in the public imagination.


D.C. Snipers Part 2
Mike tells Sarah how a nice Jamaican kid became the disciple of a mean American adult. Digressions include Tonya Harding (of course), “Sliding Doors” (again) and Anne of Green Gables (Sarah has an English degree). Mildred re-appears just after the hour mark. We are unable to conceive of a content warning comprehensive enough for all the horrors contained in this episode. There is less crying in this episode than the last in this series, but only slightly. Continue reading →
98:12 2/3/20
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Kato Kaelin Part 2
Sarah tells Mike the ending to the story of the mimbo and the alibi. Digressions include O. Henry, Nigerian e-mail scams and Dave Coulier. Mike wildly over-simplifies the Brexit vote. Continue reading →
83:35 1/20/20
The D.C. Snipers
“If you’re black, you can’t get work as a serial killer even if you’re manifestly qualified.” Mike tells Sarah how a military veteran became an abuser, a murderer and, eventually, a footnote in his own crime spree. Digressions include Jim Jones, the Addams Family and “The Gillooly Gang.” The episode gets super dark about two-thirds in, but brightens just before the big twist. We describe—again, unfortunately—domestic abuse in great detail. Continue reading →
110:20 1/6/20
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Kato Kaelin
Sarah tells Mike how an aspiring actor protected and then betrayed Nicole Brown Simpson without knowing he was doing either. Digressions include '80s movie tropes, ski-resort etiquette and the need for a process of "un-faming." Unfortunately, this episode contains graphic descriptions of violence and abuse. Continue reading →
68:18 12/16/19
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Paula Barbieri Part 2
"There’s no precedent for women in this family being treated like they matter." Sarah tells Mike about the Bronco chase as Paula Barbieri experienced it. Then, she recounts  how a poor kid from Panama City, Florida, made it all the way to the high-fashion world of Paris, France—and discovered that she had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Sarah continues to compare everyone to Erin Brockovich. This episode begins with a lengthy discussion of O.J. Simpson's suicide attempt on the day of the Bronco chase. We go on to describe scenes of domestic violence and attempted sexual assault; Paula deserved better. Support us! Continue reading →
85:58 12/2/19
Human Trafficking
Mike tells Sarah how NGOs, activists and George W. Bush resurrected the 'stranger danger' panic for the modern era. Digressions include Reply All, muffins and Yelp for massage parlors. Mike's vocal fry is even worse than usual. Continue reading →
97:48 11/25/19
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Marcia Clark
Sarah tells Mike how Marcia Clark got the slam-dunk case that ended her career as a trial lawyer. Digressions include string cheese, "Inception" and what calling women "difficult" means in 2019. We go on the record in favor of a wide range of frivolous hobbies. Continue reading →
80:23 11/14/19
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Paula Barbieri
"Centering conversations around blame is not the most useful thing for us to be doing." Sarah tells Mike about the woman who broke up with O.J. Simpson on the morning of the murders — then stayed by his side through the trial. Michael Bolton makes an extended cameo appearance. Continue reading →
82:22 11/1/19
Re-Release: Poisoned Halloween Candy and Other Urban Legends
Few topics have been suggested to us in the last year as often as the razor blade in the apple. Luckily we've got you covered with last year's Urban Legend Spectacular! Come for the poisoned candy, stay for the high beams and rainbow parties. Continue reading →
75:51 10/31/19
Halloween Re-Release! Ed Gein and Slasher Movies
Sarah takes Mike on a grisly journey from Wisconsin bachelor Ed Gein's house to the horror movies he inspired. This is a re-broadcast of our 2018 Halloween episode, whose themes are evergreen. Continue reading →
50:39 10/30/19
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Nicole Brown Simpson Part 2
“You can’t expect people to know the exact kind of help they need.” We continue our deep dive into the O.J. Simpson case with the history of Nicole Brown Simpson's marriage to O.J., their 1992 divorce and the last weeks of Nicole's life. Digressions include Julia Roberts, Malibu real estate and Madonna’s "Erotica." Mike is fighting a cold and apologizes for his raspiness. This episode contains even greater detail on the violence and domestic abuse Nicole suffered. Plus, a correction! Sarah forgot to mention that O.J. Simpson received two years of probation for the 1989 incident. Continue reading →
96:37 10/17/19
The O.J. Simpson Trial: Nicole Brown Simpson Part 1
Mike and Sarah begin their epic journey into O.J. Simpson's trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, beginning with the story of Nicole's life with O.J. until their marriage in 1985. This episode contains descriptions of violence and domestic abuse. Like so many of the women we talk about, Nicole deserved better. Continue reading →
63:29 10/3/19
The Wardrobe Malfunction
Our first live show! Mike tells Sarah about Janet Jackson, the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show and the 9/16ths of a second that destroyed her career. Digressions include Puff Daddy, Jessica Simpson and Edward James Olmos. Like all positive developments regarding this show, performing live is something we feel weird about and so we spent the first few minutes talking about it! Continue reading →
44:01 9/19/19
‘Yoko Ono Broke Up The Beatles’
Mike tells Sarah how the myth of meddling wives serves to exonerate terrible husbands. Digressions include "50 Shades of Grey," Marie Antoinette and the end of the 1960s. This episode, we’re sorry to say, contains descriptions of domestic abuse. Continue reading →
79:07 9/10/19
“Isn’t it amazing how we can only imagine our monsters capitalistically?” Mike tells Sarah how police, prosecutors and journalists accidentally conspired to invent the perfect suburban menace. Digressions include IKEA, the "Godfather" trilogy and Fleetwood Mac. Mike takes big gulping breaths when he reads out loud. Continue reading →
77:13 8/22/19
The Victims’ Rights Movement
“When you allow emotion into the courtroom, bias rushes in alongside it.” Special guest Rachel Monroe tells Mike and Sarah how a good-faith critique of the justice system led to a decades-long crackdown. Digressions include Charles Manson, Ronald Reagan and a billionaire mugshot. Mike’s similes are worse than Sarah’s. Continue reading →
53:59 8/16/19
Sex Offenders
“Things are not going to get better if we make the people who scare us seem more powerful.” Mike tells Sarah about the myths of sex crimes, the reality of child abuse and the importance of unsympathetic protagonists. Digressions include frozen pizza, millennials (obvs) and vaccination rates. Mike can only name one state that borders Nevada. Continue reading →
63:18 8/7/19
Tonya Harding Part 2
“The story that did the most damage to the people in it was the one that made the most money.” Sarah tells Mike about the low-rent conspiracy that sparked a ratings bonanza.  Digressions include "Out of Sight," Robert De Niro and the ancient sexting technology known as landlines. Mike continues to laugh confusedly at references he does not know. Continue reading →
75:16 7/26/19
Tonya Harding Part 1
Sarah tells Mike the story of a world-class figure skater who worked at a mall potato restaurant. Digressions include “Sleepless in Seattle,” mall walkers, synchronized diving and the difficulty of skating a perfect pentagram. This episode unfortunately contains descriptions of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Tonya deserved better. Continue reading →
72:49 7/18/19
The Stonewall Uprising
“Humans aren’t good at remembering what got us where we are.” Mike tells Sarah how a turning point in the gay rights movement became an immediate controversy, a lasting inspiration and a never-ending debate. Digressions include “Newsies” (of course), “True Romance” and “Norma Rae.” Mike's creaking chair and Sarah's rustling blanket-fort are heard throughout. Continue reading →
79:01 6/27/19

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