Show cover of A New You Tomorrow - musical audiodrama

A New You Tomorrow - musical audiodrama

A college drop-out, troubled by bad dreams, seeks answers at his aunt’s space-rock store in the Mojave desert. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something? A new musical comedy about finding hope for the future, in seven episodes, by James Walker Reid & Julian Jahanpour. Original Concept Cast (in order of appearance): Ayesha Mendham, Adam Jacques, Carrie Lewis, Ella Galt, James Walker Reid, Julian Jahanpour, Jose Luis Lugo, Bérénice / Epiphanysoundz / Nissi J, Billy Jeffries, David Chevers. Script and more at © 2022 Contenu Clé Inc. All rights reserved.


Teaser Trailer
One day I saw Planet Earth through a window …
01:11 6/29/21
1. Troubled
Adam has bad dreams. Maybe the universe is trying to tell him something?
16:53 1/1/22
2. Seduced and abandoned
A windy night brings a visitor.
08:08 1/1/22
3. Investigation
The team tries some inexact science.
16:21 1/1/22
4. Probers
Everything is connected.
15:01 1/1/22
5. Storm and vision
Life on earth requires some action.
11:26 1/1/22
6. Second chances
A bunch of stuff needs to unhappen.
10:41 1/1/22
7. Hope
The big wheel keeps on turning.
10:53 1/1/22