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Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris

"Helping those in grief (and the advisors who support them) navigate financial matters."In 2008, at the peak of the recession, I lost my mother to cancer in August and my father to a broken heart in November. In 2010, my grandmother passed away after a stroke. Then a heart wrenching experience in 2012 of losing my oldest child.I became a financial planner in 2003 during the process of helping my parents in their declining health. In 2011, three years after my parents passed, I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to better help families in need. In 2021, I became a Certified Financial Transitionist® to complete my personal and professional experience with formal education and scientific theory. My personal experiences and knowledge of grief and loss of loved ones helps me to understand and assist families enduring similar situations. I’ve helped over 400 families navigate many financial issues and life circumstances such as grieving loss of loved ones.


Dealing with Minutia 15:29 07/18/2022
Advisor's Guide to Grieving Clients 18:35 07/18/2022
Widowhood Timelines 11:58 07/11/2022
Life After Losing a Spouse with Daniel Kopp, CFP®, MA 26:58 07/11/2022
Grief and Incarceration 17:01 07/11/2022
Hall of Fame Coach Empowers Young Women--Cindy Richardson 27:20 07/11/2022
The Art of Giving Back Through Mentorship with Mike Jackson 32:39 05/24/2022
The Best Medicine for Grief---Volunteering 13:55 05/16/2022
Hospice - Get the Facts 18:23 05/03/2022
Terminal Illness (and Cancer)-Delivering News to Children 18:56 04/06/2022
Setting Healthy Boundaries Before and After Grief 19:53 04/06/2022
My Home Was Raided By the Police... 12:55 03/28/2022
A Conversation with Someone Who Prevents Grief--Heidi Burnett 42:11 03/21/2022
A Black Man's Perspective on Racism and Discrimination in America 31:54 03/14/2022
A Conversation with a Financial Planning Pioneer--Susan Bradley! 35:16 03/07/2022
Financial Planner vs Financial Advisor vs Fiduciary--What the heck does Chris do? 18:58 03/01/2022
Special Conversation with a Trailblazer, Amy Irvine CFP®, EA, MPAS®, CCFC, CDFA® 58:57 02/23/2022
Ending the Family Feud With My Brother--Real Life Tips and Tools 20:19 01/26/2022
What to Say and Not to Say to a Griever 14:08 01/19/2022
Fireside Chat with Fellow Life After Griever, Daniel Kopp, CFP® 30:33 01/11/2022
Helping Fellow Financial Planner, John Chesbrough, CFP®, Support a Client in Grief 21:37 01/11/2022
Grief Normalcy and Timelines 13:10 01/11/2022
Resources, Practical Tips and Steps After the Passing of a Loved One 13:40 01/05/2022
Grief and My Dysfunctional Family 09:55 12/28/2021
Sandwich Generation Grief and Handling the Guilt 10:36 12/21/2021
Vetting the Dreaded Nursing Home 08:26 12/15/2021
Elder Care Helpful Hints 12:06 12/07/2021
Child Loss and Grief 16:59 12/01/2021
Identity Theft and the Holidays 10:48 11/24/2021
Navigating Holidays Through Grief 15:42 11/17/2021